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Hey wolf fans! How's it going?

I didn't even realize how long it has been since this group has had a blog update. We're way overdue for an update! 6 years? Holy moly guys.

So to put it bluntly, the project IS NOT DEAD. We are slow going but always working hard.

What is the progress status of the movie??
I cannot give an accurate number for this. Not because I'm not allowed but it just isn't physically possible.

When will the movie be finished??
Again, I have no idea. the more people we can get to help us though the faster it will go.

What do you guys need help with right now
We could really use some people to help us with backgrounds. That's what's most needed at the moment. We are always open to animators, inkers, colorists too.

A few things to keep in mind regarding the project:

1) NO ONE IS PAID. This is all on a volunteer basis. However you can work at your own pace, and we absolutely don't want you to choose us over schoolwork or your day job. Life always comes first!

2) ANYONE CAN WORK WITH US. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you can do the work you will be accepted. If you're under 18 though you'll need a parent signature to sign our contract (a simple non-disclosure) but  seriously if you have the skills you will be accepted!

Youtube channel:…
More spoilers you guys!  Enjoy the latest progression from our movie, up on Silver Sky's youtube page:…

Janus sure is getting a lot of attention in these isn't he???
Did you guys see this yet?  There's a new clip release from Wolf Movie, of one of the scene composite processes!  Check it out!…

Time for more Janus fanart!
Congratulations to :iconkanutgl: !!!

They are our winner for the wolf icon contest!  Check out that new, shiny icon, isn't it lovely?  HOORAY!
Hey guys!  Only a few more days before the deadline for the fanclub icon!  Check out the details below!


CONTEST DEADLINE: February 1, 2010, 12:00 AM EST

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: February 10, 2010, 12:00 AM EST


- The winner will be chosen as the WolfMovie Fanclub icon here on DA!
- and if that is not enough, the winner will also get one full-color piece from Wolf staffer :iconmarji4x: (can be anything you like, rated PG or under please!)

- a full-color piece by wolf staffer :iconuzuri: !!!

ICON DIMENSIONS: 100x50 pixels

MEDIUM: whatever works! Seriously, digital, traditional, yarn, dried pasta, as long as it scans so you can make it into an icon! Or work digitally and save yourself the trouble ;D

STYLE: There is no set style, so go wild! We'll consider anything that looks cool, and we'll probably favor things that feature the Wolf Movie characters. Pixels, animated, photoshopped, etc, all are welcome!

GUIDELINES: Please only use your own artwork OR official Wolf art (i.e. the stuff on the website: You may NOT use another person's artwork, with or without permission.

Questions? Comments? General excitement? Please comment below!

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