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FlutterWolf Danger and Cute

By wolfmarian
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I worked a lot on this, in fact i had the image in my head. But im not really happy with the second illustration (the cute one). I think i should had used another perspective... and i tried on the colours but they look a bit dark. Ah... well.

Happy New Year 2015 and Merry Christmas!

I will edit this description tomorrow to add more things.
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I have an idea, when Pip runs into a dead end, and if Fluttershy tries to eat him, she realizes what she was doing and comforts him, telling him she's sorry, and everything will be okay.
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so can you make a conic out of this?
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I could, but i prefer to keep doing only one comic at the moment.
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And we thought a vampony was bad
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Pretty cool idea! :)
vaya es genial me encanta.
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Sorry, but I hate MLP, so I disapprove. :thumbsdown:

(Don't be mad at me, I respect your opinion.)
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Okay sorry to say this
But if you hate mlp what are you doinv here?
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You do realize this was a comment from long ago, right?
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I predict that with some made for real MLP FiM that this will be Fluttershy's next big change.. Yes I'm serious.. It wouldn't surprise me one bit...
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te quedo brutal!!!!O.O
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RUN PIP RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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As a brony and werewolf lover myself, this is freaking awesome! Love this picture!
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Thank you very much :)
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