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The iconic Wolfman look was created by Jack Pierce for the 1941 classic Universal Studios film "The Wolf Man", starring Lon Chaney, Jr. as the cursed Larry Talbot. Pierce popularized the use of extensive foam latex prosthetics and glued-on yak hair to bring his werewolf to the screen. He originally intended to use the make-up six years earlier in "Werewolf of London", but lead lycanthrope Henry Hull refused to tolerate the laborious, uncomfortable application process.

With a few exceptions, Pierce's design was imitated in movies, comics, TV, toys, masks and other merchandise with little variation right up until the 80's. Two new breeds eclipsed the familiar Wolfman: Rob Bottin's bipedal, long-snouted beast in "The Howling" and Rick Baker's quadrupedal hellhound in "An American Werewolf in London". These landmark werewolves were brought to life with a combination of suits, animatronics and puppetry. Modern werewolf artists now slavishly imitate these two movies, and cinematic werewolves are usually rendered with CGI.

WOLFMANIACS is dedicated to showcasing werewolves who are just as much human as wolf.

We're paying homage to the creativity and staying power of the Wolfman look. Pierce had to overcome technological limitations, and without the success of his design, werewolves probably wouldn't be as popular as they are today. Also, for a lot of werewolf fans who grew up watching classic cinema and reading older books and comics, the Wolfman style is the default look for werewolves.

And some of us prefer the Wolfman style for aesthetic reasons. Without the human element, a werewolf is just another big, snarly, drooling, anonymous creature. It's the reminder that this monster is also a person just like us that gives the werewolf archetype its fascination and power - an aspect that's obscured when the animal features are too dominant. Note that the group has nothing against lupine-style werewolves; it's just not what we're focused on.
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Not sure if your art counts as a Wolfman? Check out our visual guidelines:…

Art must be of good quality. No doodles on notebook paper, no crappy cell-phone pictures, and generally no WIPs.

Original artwork only – no screencaps or images you found on google.

Trolling, harassment, art theft and violations of DeviantArt TOS will not be tolerated.

“WolfMAN” refers to the style of werewolf, not a specific gender or age. Wolfwomen and wolfkids count as wolfmen, too.

Other species will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, as long as they adhere to the general wolfman style.

Submit to the correct folder. Nothing goes in featured!


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