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I found this questionare from here

Let's start – what's your FC's name?
Stephen Hunter King

Is the name a play on words of any sort (eg; name meaning matches the character's personality)?
No, not really. But I named him after Stephen King, my favourite horror novelist. And Hunter I chose because it's a name I love. Although, it does also suit the fact that he's a werewolf, and loves being one.

What universe did you drop them in?
Harry Potter.

Does your FC have any attributes to match the universe they are in?
Yes, he's a half-blood wizard.

Friendly face, intense eyes, big ears, and really cute smile with dimples. He's got black hair usually in a swishy/spikey style, his eyes have strong brown, greenish-gray, and clear blue when looked really closely but usually appear just brown/green. The blue takes completely over in his wolf form.

Around and after age 9, up until early 20s, he may easily be mistaken as two or three years younger than he really is. Because at age 10 he's the size of an average 7-year old and therefor also his voice sounds like one. And though his growth does pick up speed back to normal at age 10, the onset of puberty is delayed even outside the normal range. (Average onset of puberty is around age 12 and even the late bloomers usually onset at 13,5-14 years old - but Hunter's onset is at age 15.) As in, at age 15 he looks and his voice sounds like an average 12-year old, at age 16 like a 13-year old and so on. (This is because the monthly werewolf transformations impacted his growth rate for a few years, he grew only one year's cents in three years, pushing his rate to the lowest ranks of normal range. Out-of-normal delay of puberty is also because the werewolf years messed with his body since age 7. All that is my personal werewolf vision and individual choice for this character, as in is not canon to the universe.)
At fully grown, in early twenties, he'll finally look his age again - though he'll be short, only 168 cm...Had it not been for the wolf he would've grown to be tall like his dad.

The looks come from a certain celebrity whom I imagine him to look like, but their growth rates are of course different as my charactar's is made-up for my vision.

Any special powers overall? Weapons?
Well...first I'd like to stress that all these powers mentioned in this paragraph are canon to the universe, as in standard or advanced skills of any witch or a wizard. But they can still be called special powers, as magical blood in that universe is rare.
So, yeah, he is a wizard, therefore he can cast spells and brew potions, and in late teens he learns to apparate/disapparate which is a magical form of teleportation - just faster. In time he'll also be able to "read" other people's thoughts, memories and emotions related to those memories and correctly interpret them, by intruding their minds - but this is actually a special form of a spell...And there's actually a whole lot more one could do with people's minds, such as to alter or erase/repress their memories...or even one's own. That is one of the creepiest aspects in the Harry Potter universe. The "mind-reading" (really can't be called that as it goes so much deeper than just thoughts) an ability better practiced by very powerful/skilled wizards and witches. But my character is such, although he's still not among the best in that mind-read skill. But he is remarkably skilled in closing his mind against this magical form of intruding.

He has no weapons if his wand isn't counted as such.
Hm, I guess I could also mention that he has heightened sense of smell, hearing and eye vision all year round. (Not canon but part of my personal werewolf vision.)

What about weaknesses?
His love for werewolves is too passionate and blind for his own good. (Those whose minds may have just gone into the gutters, you can drag them back up. It's nothing like that and never will be.) It's a kill/death-risk/mental-health/emotional-capacity thing. But I love him deeply, so I'm giving him relatively bright future.
Also, the delayed puberty affects his originally high self-esteem remarkably during teenage years, but as it was originally high and he has soem good friends and supportive family, it probably won't be too terrible. But of course the matter of delayed puberty itself will make his teen life remarkably more complicated than it normally would be.

What's their relationship to the main cast? Are they friends/relatives with any of them?
Not ralated to, not even almost. His godparents' last name is Potter but I usually point out that they're not related to Harry.

The decision I made right from the start is that even if I link my characters to a chracter from the books they will never be close enough for my characters to get much involved in the books' main plot. Some distant invlolvement may become unavoidable for several reasons but really nothing major. Because I prefer keeping my original characters walking their own paths, bringing alive other parts of the universe's story and leave the books' plot to the books' characters.

Hunter meets Harry Potter in the end of summer of '91 before they start Hogwarts and they do become friends. Hunter drops out of Hogwarts at the end of the first year for personal reasons, but the boys keep owl posting each other and visit each other and hang together on holidays.
Harry may even spend some weeks at my character's home instead of Ron's, as the books don't say that Harry'd been at the Weasley every single holiday.
But as said they won't become so close that Hunter or his family would have any part in the big events of the war or anything like that...I'm not even sure if Harry will ever learn about Hunter's werewolfness. Also, the plan is that Harry's family will never be told that the King family are magical folk, although the Dursleys may think less of them simply because they like Harry.
And because my character and his family live a very muggle-like life style and think of Harry as just a boy who for some mysterious reason survived something no one else ever has...I believe their friendship may offer grounds for exploring Harry in a different light.

He also befriends Remus Lupin, who's also a werewolf. They have such a huge age difference and they're not all that much alike so they likely won't become close, but the plan is that they'll become nonetheless true friends and important persons in each others' lives. Hunter might be the one to pull Remus out of his depression and lonely ways and to introduce him to the ways of the current society. Hunter is only a little boy when they first meet, and Remus is his first and for a long time only werewolf friend and as Remus is nice and loveable personality, his eventual death will hurt Hunter deeply.

How about with the bad guys? Is your FC working against the good guys with the villains?
No. Basically and for the most parts, he's "Switcherland". He isn't interested in fighting the war on either side particularly, but mainly worries for his own family's and friends' safety and tries to contribute to its benefit. But, if it came down to participating in the war on more than personal life level, it'd be on the good guys' side. He may go through his dark times as his werewolf love tempts him, but he is his father's son at heart. (His dad is a very proficient police officer/former detective, and it's not just a job it's a calling. Not to Hunter though, but he's very proud of his dad.) So yeah, at the end of the day, Hunter's relationship with the bad guys is: an enemy.

Any love interests or crushes going on?
Not yet. I'm currently focusing on his childhood, and his first love won't come along until his teens. And it certainly won't be anyone from the books, I prefer creating original love interestes for my own characters.

Does your FC have any hobbies? How do they spend their free time when they're not getting on with the plot?
He's a hopeless (and good) prankster, loves movies (especially horror), reads books (horror, fantasy, adventure, and detective novels), plays football and baseball with friends, generally just spends time at active play.
And he sings. He may take random chances to perform but mostly he does so in events held by family or friends or his school. He's also in the Hogwarts Choir during his only year at the school between the ages 11 and 12. In my vision the Hogwarts Choir is not just polyphonic but partially homophonic, so I could add my character in it as his singing voice texture is homophonic. Actually he's not really the choir boy type, but it was an interesting chance to sing (even in Latin!) so he wanted to try it and he did well. After all his voice is powerful and special enough to stand its ground in a choir. Here is a sample of it.
But he won't join any choirs after Hogwarts, as it wasn't as fun as he'd thought it might be but will continue single performances at events by family and friends and so on. He was taught voice control and helped keep his voice strong, by his school music teachers and his godmother.

What's their biggest fear?
It naturally changes as life situations do and maturity develops. This character is still in his baby shoes when it comes to his development, therefore I haven't decided his bigGEST fears yet.

Is your FC a good samaritan or the neighbourhood douchebag?
Neither. I think he's one of those children you''d come to like or love if you got to know them better, because at his best behaviour he can be very sweet and polite, respectful and clever, and he has a rich mention a few things...But you probably still wouldn't envy his parents because he's also very spirited, hard-headed and complicated, and in addition all the issues the wolf brings.
Such as how by age 12 he has developed empathy/compassion issues towards strangers...(which is not canon to the universe, just part of his personal development)...
He could never be called a douche but he certainly isn't that other end case either.

Someone is most likely going to find your FC humming to:

Their most overused word/catchphrase?

Every character has a theme song/tune! Pick one for your FC!
Here- (from him to his father)
Should that link ever stop working, it's Nickelback's "Savin' Me".

Uh oh, the main cast has to fight your FC for whatever reason. Pick a kickass boss theme for your FC too!
Well, I couldn't find anything with lyrics that would fit well enough, so here.

Is your FC helping save the world with the cast, or are they hanging around doing something unrelated in their own time?
The last mentioned, as refered to in the answer to some earlier questions. He's focusing on his own life and demons as much as he can seeing to that it is a war going on duting a few years of his mid-teens, and especially when his muggle-born mother must leave the country for the family's safety.

The world is saved, with or without their help! What's in store for your FC now?
That's too far for me too see at this point. ^^

+ He filled out a Childhood questionare when he was 12.
And his dad filled out a Family and Parenthood questionare that same year.

* * * * *

(I write about him mostly in 1-chaptered stories as a series.)

(about or including him and/or his family members)
^ Said Dracula in the incredibely cheesy but totally entertaining film titled Dracula 2000 and I think that line is one of the best deep movie lines ever. Anyway, I just want to cast a little light on the backgrounds of my (main) screen names on english sites.

wolfMancub refers to my love of werewolves and inspired by my original character who became a werewolf as a child. Also partly inspired by Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

BenDaImmortal, (former name here and still on Fanpop). It's one which I have mixed feelings for; I think it's somewhat stupid but then again it makes me sweetly nostagic. It origins from New Year's Eve a long, long time ago when my friend introduced me to the Japanese anime series Ginga and I found it hilariously stupid but/and I didn't get into them, other than that specific series.

This screen name is supposed to stand for "Ben Da Immortal". Otherwise I would've phrased "Da" as "The", but
a.) the name was inspired by the dog named Ben who had an enormous pile of huge rocks fall on him, and after a loooong scene where the other dogs wept and mourned for him, he broke out and appeared a little dizzy, but in perfect bodily health and a huge rock literally flew off of his head like a feather. That scene was nowhere near the funniest, it was just funny enough at the moment. But the bottom line is, that ridiculousness doesn't deserve a "The".
b.) it wouldn't look good in a screen name where you can't insert spaces, and lower dashes are annoying.

Apart from Gin, I try to avoid manga and anime to the best of my ability. I like animated stuff, the Japanese style just isn't my thing. (Well, Pokémon I can stand, because I liked the first tv-episodes when I was a kid.) I'm not a fan of or knowledgable about either of them, I just enjoy watching and may discuss Gin occationally. Becasuse, as said, Gin is hilariously stupid. We laughed our asses off all through the series, made up numerous inside-jokes and I coldn't stop laughing for half an hour afterwards.

Kieran, (The Lion King Origin Forums, The Lion King Pride Forums, Animation Source, and Peter Pan Origin Forums. On Photobucket and HorrorMovieFans.Com I'm KieranTheWolf.) These are out of my love for werewolves. I also love the irish name Kieran which means "little dark one".


In addition to these I have some more accounts on YouTube, all listed on my main account, (Little Bad Wolf), profiles.
(Some of these questions I found from… and…, and changed some of them around a bit. Just so you know that I didn't make up all of these questions.)

1. Do you write both original fiction and fanfiction?
Yes, but mostly fanfiction. Yet I enjoy fanficcing best with my original characters. So I guess in a way I'm somewhere in between original fiction and fanfiction.

2. Your pen name?
Angel'JR (at FanFiction.Net and FictionPress)

3. When did you first start writing fiction?
Original fiction, well, in elementary school for school projects, as I imagine most people did. And while I liked writing, I don't recall being especially into it until my teenage years when I wasn't so much into running and playing outside anymore. Fanfiction I started around 14 years of age.

4. What website do you use most?

5. Ever got anything published/self-published as a book, or have plans to?
Never even tried for an entire book, but yes, a poem and a short (one-page) story of mine were chosen for an anthology which was taken a very small print of.
And I've plans to self-publish a fanfiction novel one day if the canon's creator permits. Someday in the far future. Either about certain canon characters I've passionately studied for nearly a decade even by now, or more likely about my original characters in that universe. (I could easily take my characters out into a non-copyrighted universe without having to change their personalities and life stories, but I enjoy them a lot in their current universe.)

Some people say fanfiction novels can never be taken as seriously as original novels and that you can't get paid for a fanfiction novel. I disagree. Just look at, for example, "Phantom" by Susan Kay. That's a fan's self-published retelling of The Phantom of the Opera and it became very popular and is widely considered to be "the secound Leroux". (Leroux is the original story's author.) Be talented and passionate enough and you can do well with your story in a book form, original or fanfiction.
Hell, these days you don't even need to be but less than great author to get insanely popular and sell millions. (*coughtwilightcough* and even fanfiction porn can climb to a number one rank on best-seller lists.)
And I personally am not about fame and tons of money if I ever self-published or tried to have some publisher publish a fanfiction novel. I'm about art appreciation and wishing to share my love and views with my fellow fans. And let's face it, a published book is always a bit more noteable way than online sites where they're in the middle of fifty-thousand other stories. ^^
A published fanfiction novel isn't very important goal to me, but it's just something I might try if the canon's owner permits. And as said, most likely featuring my original characters.

6. Fanfiction writers: What fandoms have you written in?
Harry Potter, Peter Pan (not Disney's), The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King. Will likely write also on Lord of the Rings and Wes Craven's Scream.

7. Do you use a beta reader?
No, unless I have to. (Like when trying to get a story up to MuggleNet FanFiction, they're extremely strict even with the smallest grammar details.)

8. What ratings do you write?
PG-13 and Mature Teens. Sometimes PG.

9. Do you role-play online, (storytelling form roleplay on forums)?
Yes. It is one of my dearest and favourite hobbies. :love:

10. Favorite fandom to write/read?
Harry Potter! :love: :love:

11. Favorite authors, (of those who have published at least one book)?
J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice, Stephen King.

12. Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?
Of course not. By all means they might be all quite negative. The only thing it tells about the story is that it apparently provokes many readers want to say something.

13. What do you think of Mary/Gary Sues?
Well, they're not the end of the world and may even be entertaining, but I'd advice people to avoid writing them because it takes a heck of a talented writer to write an entertaining Mary Sue / Gary Sue and without such the story is of course much better.

14. What genres do you write?
Drama, Angst, Romance, Horror.

15. Fanfiction writers: Do you write about your original characters or canon characters for fandoms?
Both. Equally much actually, if not a bit more about my originals as I enjoy it most when I'm writing about my original characters. And I never pair my original characters with any canon characters.

Your Stories

Choose your top three stories you like best our of your currently published stories. (If you have many favourites from your original and fanfiction, feel free to pick a top3 from both.)

What's #1 about?
Screaming In Our Hearts  (Rated PG-13) - - is a Harry Potter one-shot about the day when Barty Crouch Jr. was saved from Azkaban by his parents, and takes also a look into his tortured year in the prison.

Number 2?
Wolf Like Me (Rated M)- - is a Harry Potter one-shot about my original werewolf/wizard character (as a child in this story.) What's a genuine full moon like to a spirited, horror fan wizard/werewolf child in muggles' London? While the ladies of his family have disturbing issues with werewolves?
Video trailers for the story:…,… and…

Or All Through The Night (Rated M) - - a one-shot about that same original werewolf character as a teenager, but more from the point of view of his traumatized mother and her trust issues, and more of a horror genre.

Number 3?
The Destroying Angel (Rated PG-13) -… - is a Harry Potter short story (2 chapters) about how Barty Crouch Jr. became a Death Eater in summer 1981.

Why do you like them?
- Screaming In Our Hearts is about the part of the Crouch family's timeline that always fascinated me the most in the canon, so I was happy to get to write it down in my own vision and I managed to really pour emotion into it.
- Wolf Like Me partially because it was fun to write about a free werewolf that had not been tamed by the Wolfsbane Potion and I think this story introduces the darkness in him and his family history quite intriguingly. But what do I know, I only created and wrote it--and to the author it of course is. All Through The Night because it's more dynamically psychological and horror, and my verbal skills have clearly improved between these two stories. I can't decide which I like better because they're both about the same character at different ages and different style stories...
- The Destroying Angel is another part of the Crouch family timeline that has always fascinated me a lot and this was probably the best roleplay game topic I've ever played with a canon character--as in the story became very good quality seeing to its topic.

What genres are your favorite stories?
I guess I'm most drawn to Drama/Angst and Romance/Humour or simply Humour. And Suspence and Horror.

Will you read someone's stories if they asked you to?
If the idea/plot intrigues me even a little, yes. If not, then probably no.
I moved back to this old account from my BratPrinceFan account:
----> Do NOT start watching that account as I will NOT submit anything new there anymore. Everything new will be submitted to this BenDaImmortal account.

All the art that is submitted to that other account will remain there and I won't upload them to this one. I will continue logging in there to check on possible feedback, and feedback on that other account's submittions is warmly welcome just as before - but this BenDaImmortal will be my active account all in all.

This username is an old inside joke related to the japanese anime series Ginga. I do NOT draw anime/namnga art. Gin and Pokemon are the only ones of such I care for at all but I do not make fan art nor werite fanfiction of them.

My main fandoms are: Disney animation / The Lion King, Harry Potter / Barty Crouch Jr., Peter Pan, The Phantom of the Opera, The Vampire Chronicles. And many others.