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In NEVERMORE: HARRY POTTER 1980s RPG we live mainly the 1980s & early '90s. Other than the canon events we don't have a site wide plot but we're character driven and you can set threads to any year in any timeline order. Also outside the site timeline. This is a 3-3-3 site which means no restrictions on content, though we don't focus on extreme violence, language or sex. But you must be at least 18 years old to join.

Please, note also the "Other notes" at the bottom of this ad.

If you don't know what forum roleplaying is but would be interested in one or more of these, don't worry, I have written a thorough guide for forum roleplaying and it's on our site. It's also not difficult at all, it's basically interactive creative writing.

And if you're a new Harry Potter fan and don't feel confident about joining an RPG yet, see if my guide for the Harry Potter Universe Basics helps. It's located at the top of the INFO page.

Contact info: On our guest friendly Wanted! board, or you can register on the forum and send a private message my way, or just send me a note here.


It would be awesome to find an active player for either Newt Scamander who is my original character Phoenix's great-uncle, or for Newt's brother Theseus Scamander who is Phoenix's grandfather. Both are turning ninety years old on the site's timeline, but seeing to the doubled life expectancy of the wizardkind you could choose someone a few decades younger as his play-by if you wanted to use a play-by. My Phoenix is 1 to 14 years old on the site's timeline but I mean to RP him between ages 10 and 14 starting from the time after his Auror father's sudden but heroic death. Like his great-uncle Newt, my Phoenix is very much into caring for and studying fantastic beasts and even has a niffler as a pet.

I left Newt's character basically open - apart from the canon info, (occupation, blood status, name and that suitcase full of magical creatures), it's all an open slate. You may make use of the new Fantastic Beasts movie as long as you take note that in this RPG's universe the Obscurus and Obscurial don't exist because I feel they contradict the book-canon wherein children so young can't control their magic that much which is why accidental magic often happens. And that practising Legilimency is not as easy as the movie makes it seem - you can't just look at a person and read their thoughts...In other things that film's events might as well have happened if Newt's possible player so wishes.

But you may as well ignore the whole film and make up his history all by yourself - though, I would like to have him have that suitcase where he protects and cares for all sorts of magical creatures. Even if not all through the sixty years, at least these days again. Rowling has also visioned him to have a wife and a son who marries Luna Lovegood, but you can ignore them too and make him more your own in those terms, too. For that possibility I left them out of Phoenix's bio.

In addition to Theseus' canon facts - (name, blood status, occupation and participation in the battle against Grindelwald), I visioned some family history because he's in direct generation line from my character, but 95% about him and his history has so far been left up to his possible player.

----> Phoenix's biography

Other notes:

* If you do pick this, please be sure you're inspired enough and have the time to stay and develop plots actively for a long time – as well as play on the site in general and not just with me. I understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and you may have to take a longer break or quit but I'd rather not see everything fall apart just because the other player lost interest. It already happened once with one of these plots.

* Please make sure you're comfortable with our activity rule and how I enforce it. We are not one of those who can always post multiple times a week nor do we require it or any specifics. I personally can post from twice a day to many times a week but I may just as easily sometimes post only once a week, while sometimes I need 2-3 weeks to vision my next post or let my brain breathe. However, 2-3 weeks between a post is rare from me.

* I'm a passionate writer; I love to dig into my characters heads and into situations, advance the plots reasonably slowly as in not hurry from a situation/moment to the next. I need you to have the same or similar passion / writing preference in those terms.

* Characters must be fleshed out already in the application. Our app is small as in there aren't fifty different fields to fill in, but vaguely outlined short apps won't pass unless it's for a side character which can't be applied for before creating at least one main character. I have provided questions to help in character creation.

* Pottermore should be ignored when it comes to this RPG's universe. This RPG is based on the seven HP books adapted with our own visions. More details on all that on the main website in the Basic info's Base field.

Thank you so much for checking out this Ad! :heart:
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December 19, 2016


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