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Runaway Pony - MLP:FiM Based



NOTE: It's a game! Start clicking away and exploring after enjoying the looping animation! =3
Use the spacebar to pause.
If you haven't discovered, you can gain more point by repeatedly clicking on the already floating items before dropping them into the cart.

Update 26 August 2011:
-Score submission via DeviantArt now available after you click download file and have it run full size in the browser.
-Slightly improved the game's performance. Minor adjustment to scoring system.
-Ultimately, you still need a decent processor and graphics card to play this game.
-If you have previously downloaded the game, please replace it with this new version.

This is a game based upon the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" series.

This game runs best at 30 frames per second. If you're getting reduced frames (less than 25fps), please disable night-mode and do not play in full screen.
Use the Spacebar to pause the game. Click on the Cutie Mark and then the About Ponies section for more options.
Why is the Pony Kodi Sad? Because he does not like being a pony. It started out as a drawing in flash then grew to a walk cycle and now this. You might have noticed how I designed this game to appear just like an ordinary looping animation.

Oh and for poniez' sake, for those who comment on the rope's placement, that cart is very light. It has four wheels so no gravitational force is applied directly to the pony. I was just trying to keep things simple by using only one rope tied that way. You could reason that it was the longest rope he could find. XD

Anywayz, do enjoy! ;P

Deviant Art does not allow flash in full screen mode. To play in full screen, head over to the Facebook App version: [link]
Also please help rate my app over there: [link]

Animation, Game Engine © ~WolfKodi
Background Song © One Republic - Prodigal
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro Studios
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Cute, and nice animation. Very fluid!

I'd like to see more games by ya in the future! Maybe some platforming collectible games.    ^^