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Pixel Rusty Animation by WolFkId27 Pixel Rusty Animation :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 1 0 Marmalade (Gift) by WolFkId27 Marmalade (Gift) :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 3 2 Otters of the Clans of the River by WolFkId27 Otters of the Clans of the River :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 5 1 Face the Mountains by WolFkId27 Face the Mountains :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 2 0 Taking Flight by WolFkId27 Taking Flight :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 7 3 Follow Me Into the Wilderness by WolFkId27 Follow Me Into the Wilderness :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 5 0 Sun Wolf by WolFkId27 Sun Wolf :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 4 2 Icarus by WolFkId27 Icarus :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 4 0 Tienala (Com) by WolFkId27 Tienala (Com) :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 3 5 Cody by WolFkId27 Cody :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 2 2 Wind-Up Arturo by WolFkId27 Wind-Up Arturo :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 0 0 Dan Kusi Dance by WolFkId27 Dan Kusi Dance :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 6 2 Yu Tendo Dance by WolFkId27 Yu Tendo Dance :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 3 3 Sensei Garmadon Dance by WolFkId27 Sensei Garmadon Dance :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 27 5 Howl by WolFkId27 Howl :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 5 16 Argyle Smiles by WolFkId27 Argyle Smiles :iconwolfkid27:WolFkId27 1 2
Browse my gallery of weirdness. XD I keep all my stuff clean and free of dirty stuff. Not free of blood, but I don't have much of that in my gallery.

I really like to draw, and I also like comments XD I value comments over favs!

Also now introducing... COMMISSIONS!

I have commissions open in a few categories. I hope my prices are the lowest you'll find. ;) I think they're quite fair considering.

:bulletgreen: Open Commission
:bulletred: Closed Commission

Traditional Art Commissions
:bulletred: Fully-shaded ballpoint pen-inked character drawing: 15:points:*
:bulletred: Fullcolor character drawing: 20:points:*
:bulletgreen: Traditional character badge: 15:points:

Digital Art Commissions
:bulletgreen: Dancing Chibi Character Icon: 2:points: :wow: NO JOKE!
Dr. Cooper Chibi Dance Icon by WolFkId27

:bulletgreen: Digital Character Badge: 15:points:
:bulletgreen: Basecolor Character Drawing: 10:points:*
:bulletgreen: Sharp-shaded Character Drawing: 12:points:*
:bulletgreen: Fully-shaded/lit Character Drawing: 15:points:*

Tradigital Artwork
(Meaning art done with both traditional and digital mediums)
:bulletgreen: I'll set the price at 20pts; may go up or down depending on size of commission.

Play-Doh Figurines
:bulletred: 2-Inch Tall Human/Anthro Figurines: 30:points:+
:bulletred: Miniature Chibi Animal Figurines: 10:points:
:bulletred: One Grecko: 20:points:

*If you want more than one character per picture, add 2:points: per extra character to the price.
+The 2-inch figurines take a LONG time to make and even longer to fully dry out, so if the price seems a bit steep, it's because of how long it takes to make them. It's a fair price considering the work.

ALSO! If you want to commission me for something that I don't have up here, you can say what it is and I'll give a price for it. : P


Alas, my favorites gallery :3 I have a lot of favorites XD Cause I really like looking at awesome art from other people.



So, I've been quiet for an entire year. You haven't heard from me. I've gone radio silent. No, I'm not dead. This isn't my ghost. XD

I've been staked out elsewhere on DA. I've been elsewhere on YouTube. I've abandoned all my old social media places for a whole year! I just knocked my massive message count of 15,000-something to 18!

I'm also moving out.

This account has become old... and stressful... which is why I was gone for an entire year. I just got so overloaded with stress that I moved to a backup account I got as a gift. Then it became a total horror show!


And it turned into a fandom account. So, in an effort to rebrand myself and continue interacting with y'all and giving you brand new art without returning to the madhouse every day, I've created a brand new central account to REPLACE WolFkId27 and my base of operations. If you want to contact me, this is the account you want to watch:


:) I hope you'll go watch me over there, because about the only thing I'm going to keep doing on this account now is periodically signing in to clean up my message box.

You'll probably be surprised to see how much I've improved within a year.

Se you on the other side!

-WK Cyrokin


WolFkId27's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
l-l-t-k ~ Wk27 ~ 2015

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
-Romans 12:2, my theme verse

Be sure to visit my sciency website, Professor Flannigan's Lab! It's a website designed to make sciences such as chemistry easy to understand, brought to life with fun cartoons and (cheesy) puns and humor! It's still a work-in-progress, but I encourage you to check it out! There's even a forum to ask questions on.

Hey everyone!
I'm Cyrokin, but you can call me Cy. I'm an author, artist, and rebel against the world--- not to mention a self-proclaimed eccentric. I'm a sci-fi nerd and I love obscure stuff from the 90s, particularly the likes of Argyle Park (band) and Sliders (TV show). :D

WolFkId27 is not my only DA account. I draw Danny Phantom on my account PoisonIVy10 and Doctor Who on my account StellarTheSquirrel. I now have another account called yeIIer but I donb't know what to do with it yet; I thought maybe writing-only, icons, or anthro. I could also use it to post my silly Sliders webcomic idea.

I write fiction stories (My very first ever being Wolf Pack*2004 or 2005*) and enjoy doing it. Unfortunately, though I was once proficient at writing fanfiction, I seem to have lost that ability. D: I primarily write for people now, but I'm still good at writing for animals.

My stories

The Inventor is a steampunk-style story set in my AU fantasy earth, nicknamed Altearth, in which I dump all of my ideas without having to be historically accurate or anything. The main characters include young David Archer, an apprentice, and Dr. Henry Cooper, an eccentric doctor and inventor. If you look in my gallery, you'll see who's my favorite character. XD *I love Dr. Cooper so much* :heart: Dr. Cooper Chibi Dance Icon by WolFkId27:heart:…
Status: On hiatus due to writer's block

White is also set in my Altearth, but much earlier on in its history. The people live in three distinct "clans", the Kalens, Adons, and Morvans. The main character is Visai, an albino adopted into the Kalen clan by a man named Jakub. Visai wants to fight but, since he is an albino, he is thought to be a demon, and therefore liable to curse the clan in battle. The story is basically about a series of events that help Visai actually be able to be accepted by his clan.…
Status: On hold

Timeless is a story most of you probably don't know. It was inspired by a dream I had once. The story is written first-person and casually by Matt Vint, the main character. It's set in the 2090s and is basically Matt Vint telling you his story with WULF (Workers' Underground Liberation Foundation) and how he ends up in the hectic world of time travel with his mother, her coworker/boyfriend, and his robot dog Rolly. (Derived from ROLLI, to which I forget what the letters stand for, except for "LLI", which is Learning and Locating Instrument)
Status: On hold

Land of the Unfree is one of my personal favorites. The main character is Russ Sterling, who gets pulled into an alternate version of America by his own reflection. Once there, he gets in trouble with the tyrannical government pretty much right off the bat and becomes a fugitive, and eventually joins up with Sector 9 of the Freedom Force, 15 regiments of people willing to fight for their freedom and protect the citizens of their nearby cities. It started as a Government class project and grew into a full-blown story idea! (Currently being posted on Wattpad but will be eventually posted on Fictionpress as well)
Status: On hold

The Factory is very slowly being progressed in. I don't know where or when it takes place. It's just about this kid named Danny Reever who, by the laws of his culture, becomes a miner, doomed to work in the dark mines until he dies or grows too old to work, which is rare. There, he learns of plots surrounding the death of his father, which may not have been an accident, and of plots of rebellion and conspiracy. Danny wants no part of it, but as the son of Mark Reever, he is almost required to be part of it. But will he stay and be forced to be what he's "supposed" to be, or will he take a chance and flee before the Factory's clutches or the miners themselves force him into something he doesn't want to be?…
Status: On hold

The Watchkeeper series is a collection of oneshots and short chapter stories revolving around the mysterious Henry the Watchkeeper and the people he encounters in his wanderings. He either affects them positively or negatively, depending on whether the Watchkeeper approaches the person or whether the person approaches the Watchkeeper. Fans of Doctor Who should enjoy this series. (Also, I may be getting the original story, "The Watchkeeper", published in a local student magazine. Read it while you can!)…
Status: On hiatus due to writer's block

Also, watch the Watchkeeper "Story Teaser" now on YouTube!…

You don't have to be afraid of who you are. Always remember: The more you run from who you are, the more you become like somebody else. And often that somebody else isn't the best. Be yourself! Don't try to be somebody else...especially if that someone is a total jerk.

Don't run from your past, learn from it. Find out what you did wrong and turn it around. Don't be afraid to face yourself.

Everyone else is trying to fit in, so why should you? Be different. Don't follow the crowd...follow the wolves.

If a jerk hates you for doing nothing wrong, then you must be doing something right.

Words are living creatures that you tell what to do. Words have incredible power: The power to make or break a person, the power to shape one's opinion and worldview, the power to mess with the emotions of a human soul, and, ultimately, the power over life and death. I pray you, choose wisely what you do with these words, for they're deadly bullets in the wrong mouth.

I'm no longer a FeralHeart wannabe! :D Add me as PoisonIVy12. I'm fairly active in the forums as Cyrokin.

Here's my favorite bands (In order of addition and the year I added them rather than favorite order)

tobyMac (2007 or 2008)
Skillet (2009)
Red (2009 or 2010)
Pillar (2010)
Thousand Foot Krutch (2010)
Demon Hunter (2011)
We As Human (2012)
Manafest (2013)
Dead Poetic (2013)
Argyle Park (Later called AP2) (2014)
Narnia (2014)

I hope you enjoy looking at my art! I enjoy making it. =)

Buddy list(No particular order):


Won't bow to man
Won't bow to government
Won't bow to greed
Won't bow to false hope
Won't bow to self
Won't bow to modern code
Won't sell my soul to a dead world
I defy
-Demon Hunter, "The World is a Thorn"

-Love at first sight
-Shipping wars
-A zombie apocalypse
-Perfect people... we're all human.
-Social welfare... I'd rather take care of myself!
-Being mean for no reason
-Being rude

-Everything happens for a reason
-Good, clean shows, books, and movies
-The style should never trump the lyrics.
-The lyrics and style don't matter at all when it comes the the music's "spirit".

-My loyalty and friendship for life
-Presents for Christmas. :D
-Free artwork
-My complete and full attention when you rant about your life
-Love to you as a person
-Encouragement when you're upset

-Diddly-squat about your opinion when compared to fact
-My soul to everything that strikes my fancy
-Harsh words
-My time to foolish arguments
-My attention to dirtbags

¸ 서론

Proud hater of Slappy-yapism! XD

Food: Mac 'n' Cheese
Band: Skillet
Website: and XD
TV Character: Danny Phantom
Ship: DannyXSam (Danny Phantom)
Book character: Give me some time on this
Sweathog: Arnold Horshack! XD He had issues, but... still.
Doctor: Tenth, with 11 a close second.
Guilty pleasure: Collecting LPS toys (And playing on Webkinz almost every day XD)
Warrior cat: Brightheart

I make Meep icons! Meep meep meep meep...

Meep is that cute little brown thing that looks like a rabbit and a mouse. (Or, as I saw one person call him, a "fat corgi") Ya know, this guy?

Meepbounceplz by WolFkId27 MeepNumaNumaplz by WolFkId27 Meepplz by WolFkId27 Meeplaplz by WolFkId27 Meep-A-Boo by WolFkId27 Meepsleepplz by WolFkId27

Also, I think making icons for Welcome Back, Kotter is fun. XD Here's the ones I've got as of now:

Whutplz by WolFkId27 Soconfusedplz by WolFkId27 Kotterplz by WolFkId27 Halloplz by WolFkId27 happydanceplz by WolFkId27 Gimmeplz by WolFkId27 Waaahplz by WolFkId27 Ababaplz by WolFkId27 Madplz by WolFkId27 Arnold Intensifies by WolFkId27 Fail Kotter by WolFkId27 Psycho Horshack by WolFkId27 Kotter Intensifies by WolFkId27


The Socky Box! Featuring my silly wolf Socky.




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