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Yes.. I did.. by 


1. You have to post all the rules, no exceptions!

2. Answer the twelve questions you have been asked, then create your own questions for who you tag.

3. Choose twelve people.

4. Actually tag these people.

5. Can’t say you don’t do tags.

6. Tag backs are allowed.

~Now for the questions!~


1.  How old are you?

Currently I'm 30. In December I'll turn 31.

2. Cute or cool? What do you prefer?

Uuhm.. depends on what is cute or cool? It's really hard to pick one or the other.
If it's about myself I don't consider myself to be one or the other either... uuhm.. next question?

3. Silly humor, dark humor or no humor?

Silly humor.. My humor is so low. Puns are the best, yet I'm very bad at making them myself. But I do like dark humor too.

4. Favorite Tv-Show/Anime/Manga, why?

I don't watch so much as I used to.. but my favorite manga is still "Petshop of Horrors" (the first season as the second one isn't as good). Since they are all separate stories, they are easy to read. Oh and I love "Bride stories" as the drawings are so beautiful and filled with details!

5. Your top 3 Movies, why?

Uhm.. don't watch much movies.. so this is a bit hard. Also.. depending on my mood this varies a lot.. I do love fantasy / adventure movies!

6. Favorite fictional character?
Uhm... do.. I really have to pick one? Hmm...
Vlad Taltos, from the book "House of Jhereg". He is a criminal with a dragon! How can you not love him?

7. Cute or Cool? What do you prefer?

Uhm... see question #2?

8. What is your dream job? Realistic or not

Professional puppy and kitten cuddler? Is that a job? I hope it is!

9. What inspires you to draw/make art?

I roleplay a lot. Mostly on World of Warcraft. My guild is really active and they are my biggest inspiration. Trying to recreate their action into art, or silly talk into silly pictures.. that is what makes my brain tickle to make my artworks!

10. Do you listen to music or something similar when you create your art, and if so what?

I.. actually hardly listen to anything specific when making art. I enjoy music of course, but I don't actively listen to music while drawing.

11. Chimpanzees or Orangutangs?

Chimpanzees, I can watch them for hours!

12: Who is your favourite out of your own OCs? Post an image! (If you have none that's ok!)

 Asthalan "Dice" FlamebringerSummer Vibes with Dice by WolfjeLina

-Alright Time For My Tags!-

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Feel free to ignore this!

My questions to you are (stealing some questions out of lazyness):

1. Your Favorite Artwork? (Yours or someone's else)

2. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

3. Where do you find your inspiration for your artwork?

4. If you could be an animal for 1 day, what would you be?

5.What would be your role in a zombie-apocalypse?

6.What is your favourite fictional character?

7.Any movie, series or book you think everyone should watch/read?

8. In a videogame: What would your class be? Why?

9. What makes you happy?

10. What is the best pet ever?

11. Sweet, Sour or Salty?

12. Who is your favourite out of your own OCs? Post an image! (If you have none that's ok!)

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Thank you for the tag.
WolfjeLina's avatar
You are most welcome ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I'm a fan of your art btw :3 I really like the one of the night elf standing in front of the waterfall!
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Thank you kindly! That really made my day to read that. blush icon