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I serve only two slots at the time.

Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon Offers and Prices
(open for discussion!)

Payment can be done though PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra or you can choose to send me WoWgold (ArgentdawnEU only).

-Render without background

               - €15 /150k gold
Commission: Beryl by WolfjeLinaCommission: Alaindia the Sentinel by WolfjeLinaHollow by WolfjeLina

Commission: Snake (with facepaint) by WolfjeLina

- Render with background

               - €25 /250k gold

Secret Artgift for Saph Driftweaver by WolfjeLina
Sixty Thieves Easter gift for Beef by WolfjeLina

Extra fee for specials:

+ €3 (30K gold) for every extra character added
+ €3 (30K gold) big changes to your characters model

First changes are free, after that it will be +€3 (30k) for every change that's need to be made to the model itself (not including making a piece darker or lighter).

cherry blossom Beware

Making renders is a hobby and thus I can only make renders in my free time.
For that reason to finish a commission it may take me a day or two weeks. I do try to work as quickly, but mostly as best as possible of course. Please be patient with me!
In return I will send you regular updates and keep in touch with you.

Also do keep in mind that there are certain things I just can't do: Some poses are not possible with the models I use. Some armor might also be bugged. I will inform you if it's the case.

I don't do NSFW pieces (yet).

 What do I need from you? 

1: Armory link of the character in the gear you want in the piece.

2. Fill in the and provide me the finished link. This way I know what you want your character to wear.

3: Does your avatar look like your character? Does your character has any scars? Glowing eyes? Anything different that isn't displayed by your avatar? (Some things I might not be able to do, but do tell me and I'll inform you about my possibilities. Some big special changes might be charged with the above mentioned price).

4: Pose description or reference (I'll mimic it as well as possible). Every extra reference of your character or pose is welcome!

5. What is your character like? And I mean not only appearance with this, but I like to know a bit of his/her/they personality to get a feel of the character. Remember: there is no such thing as too much information!

mail.... You can contact me here by sending a note!mail.... 

Thank you for your time to read this! Saheara the Happy Blood Elf

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