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Wilderness Training

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If you ever wondered where the term "Wildfires" originated from, look no further.

First, I'd like to congratulate Zoootpia on their win for Best Animated Feature in the Golden Globes last month. This is a sorta gift for them, with that said...

Two weeks later and I finally get this done, I didn't expect to take this long. This will be quick he said, a couple of days he said.
But I digress, here's a little love for the young Nicholas Wilde in his days as a Junior Ranger Scout member. Showing initiative, determination and utter lack of public, environmental & self safety precautions. Showing off his impeccable practical skills.  
I wanted to give the little guy some scouts experience, before he evidently leaves the group as pertained in the film.

So if you recall, Nick mentioned in his story about his mother buying him a new uniform... Now you know why. 
Can't blame him though. Can't keep a clever fox down. Just look at George Clooney 
(And before you say "The Fantastic Mr Fox". I was referring to "Oceans 13", cause you know when Reuben Tishkoff is conned and nearly dies, Clooney goes and cons the conner...Never mind.)


Young Nick Wilde (characters & logos) © "Zootopia" (2016) Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Clark Spencer, Jared Bush, Phil Johnston (Walt Disney Studios, Pictures & Animation Studion ™ )
wolfjedisamuel © 17
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Me and wolfjedisamuel keep a safe distance.
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Acastaneda24Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Idk its cheateing or straight up dumb funny 
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SlasH19872018Hobbyist Artist
When in doubt, LIGHTER FLUID!
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TheNightManagerHobbyist General Artist
As a scout, I find this extemely accurate.😅
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Exactly why my parents never let me into Boy Scouts.
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Adorable and nicely done.
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chipperwolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, now we know why he wasn't part of the Ranger scouts and why they wouldn't trust a fox!
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Me: NO NO NO! WRONG WRONG WRONG! you don't use a lighter! You use this blowtorch! And this rocket fuel!
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70% irish. thats not irish.
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The tiny text under drawing is nice add-on. TF2 reference, woo-hoo!

Does he have 2 hats on top of his head? More TF2 references?
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ZerotheWritingBearStudent Writer
Nick? wh- CRAP!!! *dashes into nick before the gasoline ignites, saving him but igniting my tail in the process then dashes to the lake nearby to put my tail out then teaches Nick all about everything in the Zootopia Junior Rangers*
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DragonesSaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
I'll unleash all my wilderness explorer training lol
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I like the "what if Nick was accepted to the scouts" coming true through this drawing.
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Bonniefnaf258Student Digital Artist
Super Cute
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Jacksepticholic? 🤔
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tffgmughnveStudent Artist
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FeatherSpiralHobbyist General Artist
Oh my god... you're right!
I didn't even spot that until I saw your comment. I was only checking back on a comment chain I'd joined a couple months ago.
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BoobDropPopHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey that's me trying to start a fire XD 
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XCwolfStudent Traditional Artist
Me tring to start a fire 
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Lucario337Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jackseptic Alcohol
70% Irish
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FeatherSpiralHobbyist General Artist
That may leave a nick on his hat.




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may or may not have been hustled from Smokey the bear ... fuckin glorious Jontron Echmote - MUAW 
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LalaNorisuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks awseome 
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