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Taken Monarchs

Give us back our elements...

Phew! Second major predicament on the throne for Princess Sparkle, what a crowning moment. *Sounding so Discord* If she thought finding Luna & Celestia was difficult, wait until she tackles Health Care & the Stock Markets.

But in all seriousness, I found the Premiere of Season 4 to be a great improvement to the franchise. Beside designs and effects added to the show, the 'predictable-plot' of the story as was followed in the previous seasons was diminished in this one. It had the audience thinking rather more then expected (It well and more did with me)As apposed to the predictable new villain and defeat. So, Kudos to the guys at MLP. Aside from that, the references are outstanding, fan based and or not - we still find a juice of referencing. Clever move McCarthy, clever indeed.

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Time for discord to pop out of that phone and say in a creepy voice “love me you say”