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In the Z.P.D there's such a thing as going beyond the call of duty. That's especially apparent every holiday for certain recruits. 

So initially I had two different concepts for the holidays. A simply kinky little comic involving Jay Sammy and a Zootopia parody regarding Clawhauser as Santa Claus. But I thought it would be more poetic to go with these two icons for this Seasons image. It's only fitting that we started off the year with a great and memorable movie, and end it the same way. Now, I noticed that the Clawhauser concept was widely reproduced, to the point of Disney themselves taking up the idea. 
So I moved on to the concept of what if there were deer, or specifically reindeer, on the ZPD force. How would they be seen in this special season, species-to-culture-wise. It sorta reflected Judy's part as a rabbit on the occasions of certain, Egg-hunts. But I digress...

Happy Holidays to all my dear friends, viewers and loyal supporters
I wish you and your family a great and festive season. I hope you find some joy and good will these special days, and enjoy the rest of the month. We've all had some struggles and some laughs, and I pray that 2017 will be a better year for all of us. 

To all those who have given me such amazing art works/ gifts, comments, faves and who have shared their time and enthusiasm with me, I thank YOU so much for your generosity, patience and kindness. I am sincerely humbled and grateful. And I apologize for any neglect on my part, I am one man, and I'm trying hard to balance everything. But know, I do appreciate everything you've done (You know who you are). 
May you all be blessed for your kindness and may good will be given to you in return. And EVEN if you think things aren't go so well, don't lose hope and keep holding on. Consider that there are those who are less fortunate. 

Thank you everyone for such an awesome year, hope you have a good day.
Merry Christmas and God bless.



Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps (characters, logos & items) © "Zootopia" (2016) Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Clark Spencer, Jared Bush, Phil Johnston (Walt Disney Studios, Pictures & Animation Studion ™ )
Rudolf Reed (character & art) © wolfjedisamuel 016
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To commemorate the End of the Civil War, nick should have to play Br’Fox.

Wonder who they rope in for Independence Day.

DragonLord4828's avatar
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zoo frozen topia
burtonfan422's avatar
I bet the reindeer in that world are very popular around this time of year
RatteMacchiato's avatar
What a great idea and so wonderful made! :la:
elzataerinn's avatar
Aside from the obvious, the little details in the picture are awesomely hilarious.

Good job.
pepoluan's avatar
I love this so much... that reinder is cuuuteee I love him! 💗
CorvoTemAttano's avatar
"Prior Occupation: Stunt Double for Bambi"

Also, see if you can make the
"ATTENTION Good Cop Bad Cop In Progress"
poster a seperate thing
LowlyDeadpan57's avatar
his shirt says it all mfg
Drakeparker77's avatar
I find this as animal on animal crime and animal cruelty.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
I'd suggest reporting it to Mammal rights, but the head manager is a Sloth...
JosephFellis's avatar
What happened to Nick? Wait, don't say they played- Oh my god that would be great.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
I beg your pardon?
JosephFellis's avatar
WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!?! Nick's face would be priceless.Blaze is not amused.png Not Impressed 
Not part of the message but for some reason I just pictured Bogo doing thisIt's just luke RAVE PARTy - Banicon XD
Zorbonaut's avatar
A rare example of Dreamworks Eyebrows™ being justified.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
My favorite kind.

I found my new home XD
SantiGames001's avatar
good cop bad cop in progress
TeiOuja's avatar
XD Oh my this is just adorable. The look on Rudolf's face alone cracks me up.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
:D Glad you enjoyed that. Thanks
TeiOuja's avatar
XP You're welcome. Than again, come Easter, Judy won't be laughing.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Come Easter...I'm coming for her...
TeiOuja's avatar
Only problem is that foxes don't have holidays themed after them. 
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