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Ever Wondered - Sombra's Fear

If Twilight saw her darkest fear through the door, what would His Majesty see?

... I'm back for 3rd, M.L.P.

Un-animated version: [link]

King Sombra (character) © My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "the series" Season 1-3 ©2010-2012 Lauren Faust (Studio B Productions, Hasbro Studios, The Hub ™ )
Gangnam Style (photo) © "2012" PSY
wolfjedisamuel © 012
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Some people say they don't have fears because they hid it. I say that I haven't got a clue what my fears are and for some reason I would like to open that door to see what they are
makarosc's avatar
So he's afraid of PSY I wonder how he will react when he finds out that guy was a worldwide superstar
MelancholyIguana's avatar
is this why he has no elevators?
MelancholyIguana's avatar
his mind will be blown when we tell him of escalators im guessing
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Brains all over the walls for sure
Mr-Pugington's avatar
Huh... so THAT's his fear... I always thought it was Miley Cyrus. .3.
Shaymaa-Kudaro's avatar
My worst fear!! X_X
He's not scared OF it, he's scared of BEING UNDER the guys crotch
Rei-gaia's avatar
Poor sombra...that's scarring.
AidenUmbra's avatar
And so King Sombra never opened a door himself or went inside an elevator...never...again...
seithsnipper's avatar
ok, that explains why sombra likes the stairs.
The-Irken-Luxray's avatar
Also, look up "sombra's stairs"
Rewrite98's avatar
Oh my flipping GOSH!!! I'm dying!!!!
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Rewrite98's avatar
XD oh my gosh! YES!!!!!
The--Magpie's avatar
His face is so hilarious omg congrats XD
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Glad you like it, Thank you
The--Magpie's avatar
you're very welcome :3
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onyxcarmine's avatar
I don't know who this guy is exactly but his expression is priceless! XD 
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
Villian from Season 3
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