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I'm posting this in advance 'cause I'm an impatient man.
But I digress, So I hear MLP:FIM Season 4 is premiering this November.
This should be an interesting season with all the changes from the last season, I expect questions to be resolved.

...But we shall see, what I am certain is, we will be prepared.
Bring it on, Ponies, I'll be waiting.

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Meanwhile, a message from the now: Luna, you've had like three episodes to yourself and two or three cameos, it's Celestia who needs that screen-time and lines these days. :XD:
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I only thought there was 3 what's happening
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does the thing say "dimensional princess"?
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ah. i take it she has that is because she went through that portal thing like TWICE before? i'm talking about that "horse-shoe mirror" thing. again, i'm not a brony, my mom watches the show.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
That's right.

First time I've heard a mom watching MLP and a child just being aware of it.
That's like me knowing the series "Merlin" (but not a fan) from my mom. 
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well you're right, plus i've never heard of a show called "merlin".
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I don't know if any of you have heard this. But, I really think that E.R.B should feature all four alicorns in a Rap battle against the Four Horsemen of the apocolypes. It'd be Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Twilight vs. War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. I don't know what you guys would think. But, I'd find this battle to be pretty awesome.
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I doubt, although how awesome that idea would be.

They aren't even considerate for the FNaF's line, calling it and quote: "Ball sucker"
If they can't bend to some degrees for a popular gaming thread, what more a pop-cultural show like MLP.

Then again, you never know.
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Awesome Work!
But I gotta say, "Whys Twilight chewing on her wing?"
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
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She couldn't pick a better time to molt! XD
ShalaskaLuna's avatar
I love Cadance face ^^
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
Meghan McCarthy? lol...
Rikku0O0's avatar
cut your wings already twilight -.-
Sleepingx's avatar
Dimensional PRINCESS!
can u do an anthro version
Frenchie-Sottises's avatar

So true. XD
PeaMgarden's avatar
What is twilight doing to her wing
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
nibbling it. it itches
ScotchNvl's avatar
Probably preening. Or trying to bite it off cause it annoys her.
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ok please watch meAsuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
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