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A Week In Canterlot

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Let me add fuel to the fire...
After the success of my crossover parody
Call Me Maybe by wolfjedisamuel
I decided to continue the shipping with this little doodle.
There is a back story to my initial parody, but I feel you can pick up the pieces of where I'm coming from and headed...


For years, the kingdom of Disney & the Equestrian Empire have had their silent feuds (as would any major productions) But like most civilized countries of today, the time has come for both parties to meet a mutual agreement in order to bring peace for not only to their people but the people of the world. Ergo, dignitaries from the classic era of Disney (Nottingham, Africa, Native Forest, and American Alps, etc) gather in Equestria to discuss prospects of alliances. - The party which draws the Canterlot royal ruler the most happens to be the Great Prince of the Forest. After a discrete war in 1876 (Think French Revolution) between ponies & deers, an era of separated isolation between the kingdoms aroused, until the end of 1942 (Where deers under the U.S. allied forces were sent to support Equestria during the war). In essence since then, a prince has not set hoof on Equestrian soil until 2006 (this moment in the image). Along side him, his son the young prince - brought along to learn the culture and understandings of foreign affairs. (Not knowing that his father would be drafted into a 'foreign affair'). Despite attending this summit meeting, the deers hold still the grudge of the past and are guarded of submitting fully to the Equestrian alliance. 
In essence, the summit becomes a silent war of influence (who shall submit to whom? Who shall wear the pants in the family?) In the midst of this quaint battle, hopes high as the Royal Princess Celestia woos the hoof of the dashing widower Prince. Both caring for their people, yet holding firm of their authority - What was merely a crush evolves to something more...forbidden. And as Bambi and his friends acquaint them selves with the kind ponies of Equestria, the stags and other foreign members prejudice to the visit rally their beliefs and cite who amongst the ponies shall stand before them & not above them. 

Bambi, Faline, The Great Prince of the Forest, Rono & Thumper (film & characters) © "1942 & 2006" David HandJames Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Graham Heid, Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield, Norman Wright, Walt Disney, Perce Pearce, Larry Morey, Vernon Stallings, Melvin Shaw, Carl Fallberg, Chuck Couch, Ralph Wright (Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten) - (Walt Disney Pictures ™ ) (Bambi 2) Brian Pimental, Jim Ballantine, Jeffrey Moznett, Dave Okey, Alicia Kirk, Brian Pimental & Jeanne Rosenberg (Walt Disney Pictures, DisneyToon Studios & Buena Vista Pictures ™ )
Princess Celestia & Fluttershy (characters, background & cutiemark) © My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "the series" Season 1-4 © "2010-2014" Lauren Faust & Meghan McCarthy (Studio B Productions, Hasbro Studios & The Hub ™ )
wolfjedisamuel © 014
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rubimlp6Student Digital Artist
I actually love this AU
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
wolfjedisamuelStudent Digital Artist
Thank you. Glad you do
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
*Aims st the bullseye shoots the rabbit dead*
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BambiFanNumber1Student Artist
Ronno is I were you I would do as Fluttershy says or she'll give you... THE STARE! and that still scares me
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JoeBagzEnterprises93Hobbyist General Artist
Ronno, if you know what's good for you, don't cross Fluttershy.  Best case scenario is Discord banishes you to the sock puppet dimension, and that's the BEST case scenario. 
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So cute in so many levels!
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
wolfjedisamuelStudent Digital Artist
Thank you
DJLucarioWolf33's avatar
You're welcome ^^
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YingtheeeveeStudent General Artist
go flutters :D
DJLucarioWolf33's avatar
This is so cute~!
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YingtheeeveeStudent General Artist
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tultsi93Hobbyist Artist
Damn, I found new OTP.
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AngelicaSchuylerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thumper is best Gavroche!
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Fool! Disney is everybody's mom!

Actually, how long is it until they buy Hasbro?
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Believe me Rono she's got more power than you think. You don't want her assertiveness to come out. And if that doesn't get you, she's got "the stare" a power that make anyone kneel before her, or you're still not terrified she'll cry for help and call her army who will stop and nothing to keep her safe so you want to go then bring it OONN!!!! I make her sound like the Drago Bloodfist of MLP.
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0ptimusgames3Hobbyist General Artist
Arno Dorian are in one of these periods.....huh.....French (...cof, cof,cof....Deer and Ponies) Revolution...
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"you aren't my mum…or disney!" XD
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"who shall wear the pants in the family?"
obviously not the deer king in this moment.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
wolfjedisamuelStudent Digital Artist
The usual political dilemma...
AlextheLynx77's avatar
Someone has to write this fanfic ASAP. there is a lot of potential for a great story to be told.
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
wolfjedisamuelStudent Digital Artist
I'd write it...but I such at grammar.
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vuk-91Hobbyist General Artist
Meanie Ronno is getting his butt served to him by Fluttershy XD He's Really getting it now X3
wolfjedisamuel's avatar
wolfjedisamuelStudent Digital Artist
You could say

he's getting POWN'Y'D
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Who vote to make more The Great Princess of Equestria x The Great Prince of the Forest ?
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