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Tits Grow Incredibly Feisty
:iconaregularblueslime: asked if there was a separate version of the Deltarune Easter Egg from my previous commission.

Mature Content

Table For More, Please by wolfjedisamuel

So I did a quick enlarging (no pun intended) and some cropping and there you go, the original (TGI: Feisty - Deltarune) poster.


T.G.I: Fridays (logo) © T.G.I: Friday (restaurant franchise) "1965 - present" Alan Stillman and Daniel R. Scoggin (Sentinel Capital Partners & TriArtisan Capital Partners ™ )
Susie and Kris (character) © Deltarune (game) "2018" TobyFox
wolfjedisamuel © 19
A Picture Causes A Thousand Worries
This brings new meaning to the term "Photo Negative"

Commission for :iconspiralingstaircase:

SpiralingStaircase wanted a pin-up image of his two gorgeous & feisty working girls, Maddi and Sheila, in the middle of a playful quarrel. 
After finding a box of incriminating photos, Sheila planned to use them to blackmail Maddi, forcing her to be her temporary slave for the week. The possibilities where endless, what to make her do first, she pondered. 
For starters, Sheila wanted to lighten-her-load from her back-breaking work at the diner. So what better way than to get Maddi to carry some of her weight during their next shift (literally).
You see the Vixen-themed Hooters-like restaurant they work at had a unique gimmick in where during the entire work day, as orders and services are fulfilled, so do the hour-glass figures of the waitresses; Filling rapidly, growing bigger with each passing hour.
So it's bad enough Maddi has such a strenuous work environment. But now with the threat of her co-workers finding out about these unsavory photos, and having to cover for Sheilas hefty hours and subsequent breasted-weight gain... Maddi finds her self in a very heavy predicament.


Maddi and Sheila's story is absolutely splendid, you can go read about it on Spiral's DA page. I haven't read it yet, but based on the synopsis, I sum it up as being "Two Broke Girls" meets "Manyuu Hikenchou"(in terms of the plot being T-n-A expanding). Now FYI, the story is normally set in the human world, but for this commission, we went with the anthro versions.

Juggalos presents: "Working Girls"

I strongly recommend you check out SpiralingStaircase 's works, they are amazing. And there is definitely no shortage of very large content.

Maddi (Vixen) and Sheila (Rabbit) (characters) © :iconspiralingstaircase:
wolfjedisamuel © 19
I Tit My Hat To You
Let's see the sorting hat from Hogwarts do this...

Just a (not so) quick image for :iconsuirano:
He's a really great guy, amazing artists and one of my favorite personalities in the Furry/ Brony community. Been a big fan of his works for years. I've enjoyed our conversations together as of recently (which still surprises me to be talking to him), so I drew him this after reading a comment from one of his viewers on an image he did last year.

Commenting on this image

I'm not entirely satisfied with my image, but what ever...

I had a choice of any friend I wanted to draw in this rare opening of free time, and I just saw the first doodle I had in my folder and picked that, which was this image, just to be a little fair.

Hope you like it Sui

Suirano & Suri (character) © :iconsuirano:
Comment by: :iconsfrhk678:
wolfjedisamuel © 19
Table For More, Please
With the "Big Bang Theory" coming to an end this year after 12 seasons, a new type of 'big bang' theory arises.

Commission 2 of 3 for :iconlabbeh1:

Happy New Year all! I'm sorry I never posted anything addressing the birth of 2019, but there you go. Hope you've had a good start to the year (I know I haven't). Ha ha! *Sigh*
But I digress! We are finally getting somewhere with this INCREDIBLY overdue commission. I've been working on these images since Oct 2018, and at long last I can finally show you something of substance and completion.
I must thank Labbeh for his sheer patience and resilience towards my tardiness these past few turbulent months. His reassurance has been most helpful, and he is certainly a man who knows how to put one at ease with his kindness. 
My sincerest apologies for the 99th time, Labbeh. This is definitely not how I wanted my work flow to go.

Now I was very eager to work on this project before the rest mainly because it was both Labbeh and I's way of honoring the ever talented  Ipipo
When Labbeh first pitched this idea, I was more than happy to take it on. Ipipo has been such a loyal and supportive follower, and seeing his comments and faves has always been a delight to me. He is an incredible artist, and I can not recommend his works more. It is a must see, so much so that you may have actually seen his iconic endowed and inflated style around other site (as I have). In fact, that's actually how I know Ipipo, from seeing his works re-posted on other web sites. So to hear that Labbeh and Ipipo were both friends, and to have been able to work on an image involving all 3 of us (including their female OC's) was a thrill. So Ipipo, thanks for being such a pal...For your kindness and creativity, from me and Labbeh, this is for you.

So, with that said. 
Here we find long time friends, Labbeh, Jade, Tara and Ipipo, doing what most "friendship" sitcoms do after five seasons - going beyond the friend-zone into sensual territory. As such, Labbeh & Ipipo decided to pursue relations with each others female characters. After all these years of their mutual relationships, both couples finally felt the strain and pressure of their repressed emotions, their secret desires to release such sentiment in a explosion of ecstasy, hoping the one and the other may accept each other for more than just friends.
They proceeded with their plans, getting together to share in each others company in a casual dinner date in a quaint little fast food establishment close by. 
They came to grow closer together, and that they did...
Management just didn't think they'd get this close. Better convert the parking lot into a makeshift dining space if they're gonna order seconds...

Labbeh (Labrador character), Jade (Leopard character), Connor (Dragon character) and Christy (Husky character) © :iconlabbeh1:
Ipipo (Border Collie/ Lupine character) and Tara (Vixen character) © Ipipo
Wolf J. Samuel (character) © Me
T.G.I: Fridays (logo) © T.G.I: Friday (restaurant franchise) "1965 - present" Alan Stillman and Daniel R. Scoggin (Sentinel Capital Partners & TriArtisan Capital Partners ™ )
Susie and Kris (character) © Deltarune (game) "2018" TobyFox
Swedish Chef (character) © The Muppets (show) "1975 - present" (Jim Henson Company & Disney–ABC Domestic Television ™ )
The Shining (photograph) © The Shining (film) "1980" Stanley Kubrick & Diane Johnson, based on the "1977" novel by Stephen King (The Producer Circle Company, Peregrine Productions, Hawk Films and Warner Brothers Pictures ™ )
Fazbear Rules & Regulations Poster © Five Nights at Freddy's 1 "2014" Scott Cawthon
Captain Celeano (character) © My Little Pony: The Movie "2017" Jayson Thiessen, Brian Goldner, Stephen Davis, Marcia Gwendolyn Jones, Haven Alexander, Meghan McCarthy, Rita Hsiao, Michael Vogel, Joe Ballarini. Based on the series by Lauren Faust (Allspark Pictures, DHX Media & Lionsgate ™ )
wolfjedisamuel © 19
Judy, Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

What happens when the leader needs leading himself. 
Looks like Rudolph's getting a GPS this Christmas.

HAPPY (belated) HOLIDAY and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ALL

Hey guys! JonTron here back from months of stressful hiatus! I'm sorry for my absolute tardiness and lack of activity these past few months. It's the same old excuse I'm afraid "Working like hell" and "Packing up for the move" and other personal, emotional and metaphysical stuff...
I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday this past week.

I know I usually come & visit you all to chat up, send some season greetings, and make updates here and there, but this past week has been quite unorthodox. Needless to say, I wasn't feel too festive since this is my last year spent in my old family house. Next month I and my mom will be moving out to a temporary place whilst deciding where to go next for a permanent home. So things are still pretty uncertain for the coming year. 
Any ways, in regards to this image, because I was so down and busy working and house hunting, I had no time to prepare for a Holiday image. So this came literally a day before Christmas, and although I tried to rush it before the 25th, but obviously I failed. But at least it made it before New Years, so it kinda serves as a two for one. 
I wasn't sure what to do, I had plans on a Deltarune piece, but Judy was on my mind, and I recently got into the stop-motion Rudolph, so putting two-n-two together, you get this. So enjoy (not much Easter Eggs in this, just your basic image due to time)


But I digress! This year has been utterly terrible (I'm not gonna sugar coat it), in fact this past 2 years has been hell. 2017 was spent with my abusive alzheimer grandmother and demanding aunt, and now this year was a cluster cuss of legal, financial and emotional stress. 
As mentioned last year, we lost our house to a corrupt Chinese realtor. 
Our lawyer, who was meant to defend us, betrayed us through a bridge contract and sued us in court with criminal charges (fortunately we were found not guilty). 
Our own family harassed us to a pulp demanding we leave the family home (as if we were squaters) wanting us out on the street, abandoning us completely. And to top it off, I lost my grandmother this past Aug to Pneumonia, which devastated my mother the most, throwing her to a state of utter depression for a month or so, just one of few nervous breakdowns my mother and I have had these past year (And you never want to see your own mother crying on the floor screaming for her father lite a little girl. It is heart wrenching to see). We never even got to see my grandmother for one last time, since the family took her and used her to sell the property and our house. And after her death, unbeknownst to family, she was cremated and hidden without word. 
Overall, it has been an emotional and physical roller coaster. And that's even not including the harassment from the local police in coercion with the Chinese realtor, the endless back and forth house hunt with false or poor recommendations/ results, and finally the constant fear & danger of these thug-like China men and their posse of degenerate employees who now swarm our property and who bully my mother on a daily basis. We are literally surrounded by danger and corruption, and I am just filled with utter hate and a sense of helplessness. I wish I could fight and beat them, but there's little to nothing I can do.

I've seen a lot of you share the same assessment of this year. This year has tested us all emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. Many of us vary in our struggles, but we can all agree it has been unsavory none the less. And as we move on to 2019, I can only hope that the gods of fortune look our way. 
But at the same time, as we stand here together, I'm reminded of the simple thing, something that was also coincidentally mentioned in a Mickey Mouse or My Little Pony marathon with past Christmas, whilst I celebrated a rather unorthodox and emotionally awkward Holiday...And the lesson being "appreciate the little things in life..." and you'll realize that you're still fortunate.
Yes I know we're very conscious now days, being hit with our own forms of depression and anxiety. But if we look at the good things in our lives, and the blessings we received from the people we love and care about, we come to realize that all is not lost. 
I live each day hating those who have hurt me, who have disrespected me and discarded my respect & kindness. And it has left me bitter, but when I reach a point of utter rage, I stop and think of the things that make me happy - the blessings I still have and cherish such as my mom, a home to shelter us momentarily from the elements, internet, running water and electricity for goodness sake, I'M GRATEFUL FOR THAT.
All I'm saying is don't take for granted the little thing in your life. Add them all together, and you're not so down on your luck after all. And if you feel like life isn't going your way, and luck isn't by your side. Then you make you're own luck, pal. Do what makes you happy (so long as it's constructive and doesn't harm others). 
You gotta keep getting up and pressing on. 
I sound a bit repetitive at this point since this speech mirrors that of last years, but I think it still relevant. We all want big things in life, but sometimes life can be bitter to us (I learned that the hard way through my own karma). Eventually suffering comes to an end. But until that end, you must bare through in your own way. And I hope you and I (whoever you are who's share the same struggles in life) may pull through to a great end.

So to my friends and followers, I wish you a Happy Holiday, and here's hoping that 2019 will be good to us just has to be, God willing. All these hardship has to end eventually, right?
So let's hope for the best, whatever struggles you may have had this've made it this far, consider that a consolation. It means you can manage through another. Remember, you're not alone, we share something in common (whoever you are). 
On a personal note, I want to first apologize for my absence these past few months. I'm sorry for my lack of activity and interaction, I'm trying to slowly rectify that and get back to your messages and submissions. If some of you have felt neglected and hurt by my silence, I am sorry. I had no intentions of disrespecting you or offending you. I just had to attend to personal life responsibilities is all. I sincerely hope you all understand.
On the other hand, I deeply thank so many of you for your constant support and kindness. Thank you for all the watches, faves and messages including comments and notes. I appreciate all your love and support and I wish I could embrace each and every one of you for being so awesome. May you all stay awesome!
I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work and make a livelihood for myself, and I thank you for giving me to motivation to create art. Without you all, I wouldn't even try. 
To my clients, I thank you for your generosity, patience and understandings. I hope to satisfy your needs 120% of that way.

So in closing, I wish you all luck and God speed. 
Happy Holidays and may you have a better New Year, from my family to yours.

Judy Hopps (character) © "Zootopia" (2016) Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Clark Spencer, Jared Bush, Phil Johnston (Walt Disney Studios, Pictures & Animation Studio ™ )
Rudolph & Hermey (character) © "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" (1964) Johnny Marks, Romeo Muller, Larry Roemer, Kizo Nagashima, Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Jules Bass (Videocraft International & NBCUniversal Television Distribution ™ )
wolfjedisamuel © 18
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Hi all!

Just a quick greeting, wishing you all a happy holiday. Hope you're spending it best you can, with family or friends. Just finished up a rather awkward and underwhelming celebration, but despite the unexpected down sides to this and the rest of the year. I'm just happy to still be with my mom and to have been able to celebrate this Christmas in a home with presents; coincide with food and comfort. I thank God for helping us make it through. And though my mom and I still have uncertainty this new year, I'm just glad we've still been given all these blessing. Compared to those who are struggling, who can't afford the same luxury...
I'm grateful for what I have.
So I hope you can enjoy the little thing today. You may not have gotten exactly what you wanted, but compared to others-less fortunate, you're still lucky.
May you find a way to smile this season.

Thank you all for standing by me through out this year.
To my family to yours, Happy Holidays.

(P.S: Trying to get a Holiday image up right now. Didn't have time to prepare, so I'm pulling a fast one hopefully before the 25th is over)



Samuel Solema
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I Like Furries!
And Pie!

Current Residence: Neverland ranch
Favourite genre of music: Pop, abit of Rock, RNB, Classical
Favourite style of art: any
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Wallpaper of choice: Why do you wanna know that?
Skin of choice: by skin, you mean the color of my skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Any anthropomorphic characters
Personal Quote: "Spoofing the world one step at a time."



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Centrixe Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Holy crap, dude! It's been years since I've last seen your work. I must've been like, 12 or something scoping around a certain furry site xD Glad to have found you and your new art!
FirestormDangerDash Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2019
So its about to start the final season of horse mania.

Curious if you plan to add your own classic hurrah as you did with your earlier art gags?
wolfjedisamuel Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I did have something planned, and it was my hope to do it before end beginning or end of the season, but at the rate of my sloth-pace, I don't think I'll be able to manage it right now. It was gonna be a epic finale image with the whole main cast present. 
I'll have to think about it later on.
TheShinobiEmperor Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man happy belated birthday I hope it was a good one! 🎂
WubcakeVA Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I say something? I'm not into the hyper stuff but I really really admire how damn good your art is! The expressions, shading and the detail is awesome, keep up the great work!! ^^ I'm sure you're making your audience super happy with what you're doing too!
wolfjedisamuel Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Oh, most kind of you to say. I'm very humbled by your compliments. Thank you so very much. You're too awesome.

You have an incredibly array of images yourself. Your character design is beautiful, as is your coloring and overall presentation. And hey, nice to meet a fellow MLP/EG fan. ^_^

Any ways, it was nice meeting you. And thank you again for your the kindest words ^_^
Please continue create your outstanding works, and please do have a good day.
WubcakeVA Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey you're welcome! I really like how in your art there's always a ton of things to look at in the background too, haha!

 I wish more people would stop harassing artists like you just cause they don't like the fetish or something. Cause a lot of fetish based artists are super good at what they do!

Nice meeting you too! You're very welcome! ^^ Good luck to you!
wolfjedisamuel Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Oh thank you for noticing. I put a lot of effort into those things, you never know if it'll be a hit or miss. It does get exhausting at times, but I like the variety. And since people liked it as well, I keep doing it. But again, tiring. :D
I'm glad you liked them.

Yeah, you know it comes with the job. There'll always be critics out there who just need to speak their minds. It sucks but nothing we can do, just gotta suck it up & keep moving on. Ideally, if they had issues with fetishes, they should just move on quietly to something better.
But Ce La Vi.

Any ways, really nice talking to you, Wubcake. (That's such a cute username BTW, so adorable)
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ɧą℘℘ყ ცıཞɬɧɖąყ🎂 🎈
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