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Doing this again oOF - Questionnaire thingy by Wolfiplierdraws, journal

//does thing for fun even tho I should be asleep by Wolfiplierdraws, journal

why not - survey thingy by Wolfiplierdraws, journal

Guilty or Innocent by Wolfiplierdraws, journal

Help?? by Wolfiplierdraws, journal

so like,... yea eclipse is here and i totally forgot it was today. :/ sucks to say the least
i rlly want to change my username instead of creating a new acc, can anyone help me out 😔👉🏼👈🏼
sometimes i amaze myself. i’ll sit down, listen to some music and it inspires me to draw something. i grab my pencil, dont even know what i’m gonna do and before you know it, i’ve drawn something that i thought was completely out of my field. it’s sh...
alright so since one of my best friends thinks i should have an art instagram account again, i'm considering turning one of my spares into it. (the art account i had got turned into my spam bc ig made me lose my original spam, big f)
e, deviantart looks weird now. lowkey miss the old design, this is so confusing


  |  3 votes
  • you are all amazing
  • each and everyone of you guys has talent
  • you're very loved by me! <3
  • never give up!
  • Reach for high goals! :3
  • You guys can do it!!
  • i believe at you bro!!

what's your goal in life?

  |  9 votes
  • to be a pro artist
  • youtuber betch!
  • to be...a pokemon master :3
  • none of the above! :D (comment)

All of you are amazing and dont ever forget it

  |  6 votes
  • awww thank youu <3
  • :3

Who thinks im a violent person in real life?

  |  8 votes
  • i do
  • i dont
  • somewhat
  • meh

what am i to you?

  |  9 votes
  • Like a sister
  • friend
  • senpai
  • stranger
  • some bitch
  • crush (lmao jk no one likes me xDD)