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Hi ! Welcome here Boy !

Just a random alien, doing random art with a random quality

I love reading comments so don't be shy i love talking with ya uwu

Favourite Visual Artist
Remarin, Sumiyoshi Ryo
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Pacific Rim, the first one
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I don't really have fav music artist
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I don't know
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No idea
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Sally Face, Death Stranding, Red Dead redemption 2, Detroit become human
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I'm playing on a lot of platform, PS4, Nintendo Switch and computer
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I don"t know what does thet mean...
Other Interests
Sculting, sewing, animals and other things i forgot
Hello Everyone and welcome to the Masuku community! First, what are Masuku ?? Masuku are a closed species, created and owned by WolfInBox. They are large mammals, characterized by their faceless appearance. Their face is actually a very thick layer of material close to ivory. However, as a result, their particular method of breathing is different from other mammals, instead utilizing a particular breathing system situated on their rib-cage called gills. They can be drawn both on their forelegs or in a more anthropomorphic state! How you would like them drawn is to your taste! Depending on their original habitat, their appearance may differ. As such, there are currently 3 sub-species of Masuku as follows: Normal Masuku: Living in plains, normal Masuku have an average size between 160cm to 200cm for adults. These Masuku have short coats, though these are often longer around the head. They have a lithe, powerful body, made to rapidly accelerate to top-speed (similar cheetahs). They
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Hello Everyone! We want to celebrate the opening of our new community Discord as well as the beginnings of a large update to the Masuku species and the introduction of the new subspecies called the Doll Masuku ! So to kick it off, we want to also launch a new MYO event for those wanting to make their very own Masuku! If you’re interested, you can join our Discord here : https://discord.gg/tj279JtpUr and say hi ! Make sure to change your nickname there to reflect your DA name so we can keep track! MYO Event Info: For the next two weeks, we are allowing members of the community and Discord to claim MYO slots for their own personal Masuku. As well as a specific list of available traits you can use to create your very own! You will have until the end of October to finish constructing your Masuku before the MYOs are no longer valid, so get those ideas flowing! If you wish to claim an MYO slot you MUST join the Discord. This will allow you to make your very own Normal
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they are pretty :0
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Hello! Sometime in the past I made an adoptable sheet in trade for a Desert Masuku. I just got a message recently from Deviantartist yokamycelium who asked if I could custom design them a Masuku.

Is that allowed? And if so, would you like the points that I receive from it? And also if so, I would absolutely run the design by you first once it was created

Hello !! Yeah yeah go for it ! But he will have to wait go cet a Myo sorry qwq

Ah okay! That makes sense. I’ll let him know :)

Thank you ! Tell him to Come to me and we will talk about it together !

hey! im the leader/owner of eliteospecies and saw you were in our group and wanted to let you know in about an hour or so, i will be posting an opportunity to get a MYO slot if you're interested!! thanks so much!

Hello ! Thank you very much for the infomation !! i'll go check them Eliteo are pretty cool ! i'm very curious to learn more about them !