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Road to Sol: Chapter 3
Emer and Scorch awoke the next morning to find Blizzard gone. He must have left as soon as the storm had subsided. Getting to her feet, Emer began gathering up their things and packing them into the sled. She smiled, pulling out a few fish to leave for Blizzard. Just in case he came back to the cave she wanted him to know how grateful she truly was to him. Scorch seemed to agree. They both knew if it hadn’t been for Blizzard they would both likely died in that storm. Emer was sure to leave a good meal for Blizzard before she hooked Scorch back up to the sled and left. “We shouldn’t be far from a village. If we hurry we should be there in a couple hours.” She said as Scorch continued running in the direction they needed to go. Emer just hopped the village wasn’t too damaged from the storm. She knew just as well as anyone how bad snow storms like that could be,
The clouds were almost cleared from the sky as they raced over the newly laid snow which had been
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Pretty kitty by Wolfiish-ARPG Pretty kitty :iconwolfiish-arpg:Wolfiish-ARPG 2 2 True Love by Wolfiish-ARPG True Love :iconwolfiish-arpg:Wolfiish-ARPG 2 1 Una HP by Wolfiish-ARPG Una HP :iconwolfiish-arpg:Wolfiish-ARPG 0 0 Bandit HP by Wolfiish-ARPG Bandit HP :iconwolfiish-arpg:Wolfiish-ARPG 0 0
Cracking Ice
Silver moved over the thick ice of the glacier, close behind moved two females. An Ochre colored female named Zira and a Moonblessed female named Pimennys. The three had been out for a few days as they circled around Silver’s territory. The rest of their clan still sat safely back at their den sight while Silver, Zira, and Pimennys patrolled the territory border. They would reach their den before nightfall if they kept on the way they were going. They hadn’t found anything out of place other than a herd of Equus who had passed over the territory border and into Silvers Territory but that didn’t bother him much. It wasn’t like they were anything to worry about. The Equus wouldn’t bother them or take their food so he simply let them pass.
Zira followed close behind Silver. She had never liked coming out like this to patrol their territory although she knew it had to be done. They had, had their share of rival clans trying to steal what was theirs and if she
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Road to Sol: Chapter 2 Pt 4
The chase continued for a while longer before Blizzard seemed to give up. Emer and Scorch watched as he turned and flew back off in the storm. “This isn’t good…” Emer said as she began to look around. “Do you remember the way back?” She asked Scorch but all he did was give her a sad look. “It’s ok... “ She told her tyto before giving him a gentle pat on the head. “I know we came from that direction, let's see if we can find our way back.” She said earning a nod from Scorch before he took to the skies. The winds seemed to have picked up since they left but they couldn’t let that stop them. They had to make it back to their cave which Emer was now realizing that leaving it was a bad idea. One she would try not to make again. Scorch flew slowly against the freezing winds while Emer held on as tight as she could.
Scorch could hardly see anything in front of his face as the storm raged on. He knew they were headed in th
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Road to Sol: Chapter 2 Pt 3
The fight went on for a while. Emer watched the entire time and finally got a good look at the windhound who look like it hadn’t eaten in days. It didn’t call for its pack either which told Emer it was alone and desperate. They might just have a shot at beating the creature. Scorch held his ground, his wings spread out as far as they could in the tiny cave they had decided to camp in. Scorch could tell this windhound was desperate for the shelter but he couldn’t allow it to happen. Scorch shrieked as the windhound leaped up and bit into Scorch’s throat. “Scorch!” Emer called out as she picked her bow up but before she could do anything another smaller stryx appeared causing the windhound to yelp in fear and release Scorch. The windhound managed to escape the cave and before it left Emer managed to get a good look at the hawk. She knew this hawk though she had never met him in person before.
His name was Blizzard and he was a well known wild Stryx who
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Road to Sol: Chapter 2 Pt 2
Once the two were done eating Emer went about getting the fire going for the night to help keep it somewhat warm inside the cave. “Try and get some sleep ok,” Emer told Scorch who looked up and cooed before going back to cleaning his feathers. Emer smiled at him before shaking her head. “Your a funny birdy aren’t you. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, If the storm is over when we get up we’re going to head out. Just keep an ear out. We may not be the only ones in need of shelter here. We don’t want wild animals wondering in here while we sleep.” Emer told him with a smile before opening up a book she had bought back in town. She wished she had bought a second book. She had a feeling she could have used it but it didn’t matter. She could pick up a few new books once they got to where they were going. Snuggling into her sleeping bag she opened her book and began reading while every once in awhile looking over to the entrance of the cave.
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Road to Sol: Chapter 2
Emer smiled as she said goodbye to her friend before the two packed the new Sled Emer had bought with some of the money she had made from the fish she had caught. She had also bought more supplies for the trip to Sol. She now had plenty of food, water, and any other supplies she might need as well as a new insulated tent and sleeping bag which would come in handy out in the wild during winter. Once everything was packed she hooked Scorch up to the sled and with one final goodbye to her friend and the rest of the people she had meet along the way. Once goodbyes were said Emer climbed onto the sled and she and Scorch were off.
That had been a day ago. Emer had started writing a letter to her friend, telling her about their journey when they stopped for camp but it was midday now and from the looks of it there was a snowstorm ahead. “We need to find a place to camp for a while. Until the storm has passed and then we can head out again. Just keep an eye out for a cave or something we
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Special Delivery
Eric yawned as he got out of bed. Looking over to the other side of the bed he sighed. His wife had taken one of their young Tyto’s to the Festival of Frost and would probably be gone for a while, leaving him and his brother in law to take care of the Stryx while Emer was away. Getting out of bed Eric walked to the bathroom and cleaned himself up before going to make himself some food. Once he ate he got dressed and left a note for his brother in law, letting him know he was headed into town to run a few errands. Leaving the note of the counter in the kitchen Eric pulled his coat on and made his way out to the barn.
They owned quite a bit of land and each barn was made for different types of Stryx. His wife raised Avian Stryx but Eric raised Runner Stryx. He had two so far but was expecting a male soon as both his were female. He owned one Cara chick and one Raptor female. She was a young adult now and had been ridden around quite a bit. She was a good hunter and quick on her fee
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The road to sol: Ch1 Pt4
Emer was happy to see her friend and Lurk coming down to help them fend off the silverback. Ember had been rammed by the beast and had been knocked to the ground and so had scorch. Emer had thought they were dead before Lurk and Karmina had shown up and saved their butts. She was lucky to have a friend like Karmina and Lurk. Emer and Scorch had gotten up to join the fight with their friends.  Now the beast lay dead on the ground before them as they panted to catch their breaths.
Looking over Karmina rushed over to Emer, frantically looking her over. Her eyes went wide when she noticed the blood running down her side. “Look at you! What were you thinking, trying to take on a silverback alone and in dense forest like this?!” Karmina scolded as she looked at the wound. It was a deep cut on her side which was probably put there by the Silverbacks sharp horns. “Look I’ll be fine, I just need a moment to catch my breath and I’ll be ok.” Emer insisted
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The long hunt Pt 4
Snowball stayed close to home this time around. Circling about a mile around the cabin where they were staying for the next few weeks. She would fly overhead from time to time to check in on her rider. It was starting to get dark and Snowball didn’t like going too far from her rider in case she needed her. The moon was starting to rise over the mountains and the stars were beginning to show themselves. It was like looking at a sky of diamonds. The moon was a full one and it lit up the night. She could see everything below her with no trouble at all. Especially with the snow on the ground reflecting the light of the moon which made it almost seem like daytime. Snowball flew just above the trees, searching for something she could take down quickly.
She was about to attack a young buck when she heard the roar of a mountain lion. Turning she flew back to the cabin and barn. Snowball could see Ember holding the shovel up to defend herself as a large male mountain lion approached her.
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The road to sol ch1 pt3 by Wolfiish-ARPG The road to sol ch1 pt3 :iconwolfiish-arpg:Wolfiish-ARPG 1 0
Road to Sol: Ch1 Pt2
The next morning Ember awoke to feathers poking into her tent. Scorch was trying desperately to wake her. Something was wrong and Ember knew it. Pushing the feathers away Ember stepped out of the tent only to see Scorch had his back to her, his wings fanned out to and ruffled to make himself seem bigger. Peeking around her eyes went wide when she saw what was staring them down. A fully grown male silverback stood just up the hill. “Oh, crap…” Ember said as she quickly started to gather their things. “See if you can keep it back long enough for us to get away.” She said, gathering her things as quickly as she could.
Scorch screeched at the large animal who mock charged at them but Scorch held his ground. His only thought was that his rider only had a bow with her and he knew she wouldn’t be able to take this beast down with just a bow. He had to keep her safe and that was just what he planned to do. When the Silverback mock charged so did Scorch, his
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A hunt for breakfast!
Infinitesimal awoke in her den just as the sun was starting to show itself over the horizon. The sky was beautiful with its pinks and purples. The clouds looked beautiful against the lighting of the sky. Birds flew overhead and the birds in the trees were already starting to sing their beautiful melody. Yawning Infinitesimal stretched as she got up before going to take a drink from the small spring that ran through his den. The water felt cool and clean as she drank before she stretched out his wings and made his way to the den entrance. Looking out Infinitesimal smiled and stretched his wings once again before taking off into the early morning sky.
The morning breeze felt nice as Infinitesimal flew across the sky. She could have snatched some birds from the sky but she wanted to take something bigger home than just a full belly. Soaring over the forests she scanned the ground for anything that might be appetizing. She saw a large grizzly but that would have been to much trouble and it
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by dergenn Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon :icondergenn:dergenn 83 4 ID 38436 by TotemSpirit ID 38436 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 23 0 Camelia 153 by NemConsul Camelia 153 :iconnemconsul:NemConsul 1 0 [Nemeion] Priscilla- The Caesar's Lion by Mishuxae [Nemeion] Priscilla- The Caesar's Lion :iconmishuxae:Mishuxae 11 1 February Monthly Challenge (2019) by EyeOfGalyx February Monthly Challenge (2019) :iconeyeofgalyx:EyeOfGalyx 6 9
Tentative Genos UFO

I hoarded a few pretty nice genos lately, but now I'm not sure if I want to keep them all anymore. ;w; So I'm looking to re-home a couple of them!
They're all a little more or less tentative.
The Kitsune girl is very tentative, I guess I'm mainly looking for entertaining offers on her... 
Looking for:
Rare marked Geno/Import
Geno/Import of equal value trade
Not sure about Art, maybe as add-on. Same for slots as it's too random.
Raygne's Esaiah 1198 Elani 2881 (link)
2) (Male - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Sonar EarsBrush Tail, Feline Eyes
P: Sable Dappled Oriental
:iconaxlvohx:AxlVohx 15 171
Season of Love: Cub Giveaway
Season of Love
February 10th to March 1st
Show your spirit of love by creating a valentines themed image or poem featuring any currently existing Nemeion Lion in the game! As a reward for your kindness during the holiday season, the Caesar's wife has decided to gift a single cub from the Caesar's den to each member who participates! The event is open to all members, both new owners and those who already have lions.
Images must be a minimum of flat colored head shots to qualify, but more is encouraged!
Poems must be a minimum of 4 lines, with the exception of Haiku which count as an entry!
Only one cub per user will be rolled.
All cubs will be rolled using 2 of the Caesar's lions, selected at random.
-edit for clarification-
If you roll 2 cubs with the roller, the cub with more markings/mutations will be given preference!
Looking for the list of official Nemeion Lions?
:iconnemeion:Nemeion 22 275
ID 38448 by TotemSpirit ID 38448 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 10 0 ID 38417 by TotemSpirit ID 38417 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 6 0 Be my love by Mystic-Wolf-Of-Snow Be my love :iconmystic-wolf-of-snow:Mystic-Wolf-Of-Snow 6 3 Suluk 34879 by TotemSpirit Suluk 34879 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 12 9
Group News: Valentines Event Live!
February 14, 2019 - IronclawsAndPaws 
Happy Valentines to everyone from us here at Prehistoria!
And with Valentines Day, comes the event! During this time, the special color Beach Morning is now again possible to obtain. This event will run until the end of the month and will close on March 1st. Enjoy! :heart:

February 10, 2019 - IronclawsAndPaws 
We have another update for everyone. We took a look at the last poll we held and decided to give Black and White images a 1 month trial run! Black and White images will now accepted into the group for base activities. Make sure to read the separate guide though, as the judging for these images is different than color. You can find the new guide here:
Black and White Image Guidelines
Also, a huge congratulations to LadyTeaTime for wi
:iconprehistoria-arpg:Prehistoria-ARPG 1 8
F2U - Baby Avlet Lines by TheMiles F2U - Baby Avlet Lines :iconthemiles:TheMiles 7 1 Natural V2 - 30 fullbody HP base (75 HP) by TheO-ddChild Natural V2 - 30 fullbody HP base (75 HP) :icontheo-ddchild:TheO-ddChild 28 16
Design Contest! - Lots to win!
2) (Male - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Long Ears, Long Tuft Tail, Feline Eyes
P: Freckled Sable Oriental Pineapple with Tobiano and Mist
G: PnP+Fr/nSb/nTb/Or/nMi

I'm looking to have this boy made up....he is a good one. 
Things I would prefer:
The new slider for pineapple with the most yellow color used (right upper corner is my fav)
tabiano not OVERLY complex, I like bigger chunker white patches.
Medium or no mane (will be edited later on anyway but those are my fav)
What I'm offering
-Slots to any of my breedable babies here (3 min or more depending on how much work goes into your entry) -
all of them that can breed have at least one open slot. I have some good paramount babies too, including a 6 mark + mod chaser boy. 
-items from my bank as well if you could use some. That's all depending though
:iconnorthernmalagon-arpg:NorthernMalagon-ARPG 7 14
[P2U] Natural Mane - 20 Fullbody HP base (50 HP) by TheO-ddChild [P2U] Natural Mane - 20 Fullbody HP base (50 HP) :icontheo-ddchild:TheO-ddChild 14 23



ARPG stories
These are activities in Story form for ARPG species. These stories will be as many words as are required for an activity roll. Sometimes they will be longer but most of the time they will be just over the amount that is required. 
ARPG Head shots
Miki howling by Wolfiish-ARPG

100 points each for one head shot.



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Emer and Scorch awoke the next morning to find Blizzard gone. He must have left as soon as the storm had subsided. Getting to her feet, Emer began gathering up their things and packing them into the sled. She smiled, pulling out a few fish to leave for Blizzard. Just in case he came back to the cave she wanted him to know how grateful she truly was to him. Scorch seemed to agree. They both knew if it hadn’t been for Blizzard they would both likely died in that storm. Emer was sure to leave a good meal for Blizzard before she hooked Scorch back up to the sled and left. “We shouldn’t be far from a village. If we hurry we should be there in a couple hours.” She said as Scorch continued running in the direction they needed to go. Emer just hopped the village wasn’t too damaged from the storm. She knew just as well as anyone how bad snow storms like that could be,

The clouds were almost cleared from the sky as they raced over the newly laid snow which had been left by the storm. Emer preyed that the next village wasn’t badly damaged but she was sure no matter what there would be some damages here and there. Scorch moved as quickly as he can while pulling the sled behind him. He hoped that his rider could take a night or two in a nice warm bed after the storm. He had never been more afraid of anything thaN, he had been afraid of losing her last night. The blizzard had nearly claimed her. If they hadn’t made it back who knew if she would have made it. He hated seeing her so cold and weakening more and more every minute they had been out in that storm had been a minute of her life. He swore to himself that he would do what he needed to do to keep her out of situations like that again.

They were about halfway there when they ran into an Elk herd which ran alongside them for a short time. Emer had even been able to reach out and stroke one of the cows before they split ways. Again Emer and Scorch moved across the snow as quickly as they could. The snow left by the storm was soft however which made it a little harder than she liked to travel. Scorch had to fly low to the ground in some cases just to get a little distance. They had to do what they had to do however if they were going to make it to the next town before it got dark. Emer wanted to inquire about a room for the night and a place for Scorch to rest for the night as well. She was so excited to sleep in a real bed that night or at least she hoped so. She didn’t know how badly the village would be damaged. Emer hopped that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it might be. They continued on, however, if the village was as damaged as she was afraid it was she knew that there could be people who might need help.

It was early evening when the village first came into sight. Emer frowned as they got closer. She could see the storm hit this place hard and she couldn’t see any movement which was fairly concerning. Her concern only grew as she got closer. She couldn’t see any movement at all. Coming to a stop she unhooked Scorch. “Look around. See if you can find anyone still alive. If you find anyone, dig them up and brings them by the sled.” She told Scorch who simply gave a nod and began searching the snow. Emer went to look around the small village. If there were any survivors they would need a place to keep them. After a few moments of looking around Emer found a house that wasn’t badly covered. It took her a moment to uncover the door but she was finally able to get inside. The house was empty but the house was still in good condition. Looking back she saw that Scorch was still looking and had pulled a couple bodies but and placed them by the wagon but from here Emer couldn’t tell if they were alive or not yet but now that she had gotten into the house they could at least start bringing in anyone who might be alive.

Going back Emer began dragging the bodies up towards the house. She would bring them inside and start a fire to warm the villagers up. Scorch continued searching for any signs of life. Any bodies he did find he placed on the ground beside the sled before going back to searching, using his claws to carefully dig through the snow. He hoped beyond hope that they would find someone who might still be alive but so far everyone he had found had been frozen. He sadly even found a frozen Tyto chick which brought pain to his heart. His mind flashed back to the night he had almost died that way. If Emer hadn’t found him he would have ended up the same as this poor chick. Carefully he picked the little one up and placed it beside the other bodies. He took a moment to mourn the poor chick. He wished they had been able to save all who perished in the storm last night but knew nature would claim what it wanted and when it was your time to go it was your time, no matter how new they were to the world. This was something Scorch knew. Taking one last look at the chick he sighed sadly before going back to digging. He was quick but careful, not wanting to injure anyone who might be alive as he moved snow. He still held out hope that they would find someone or something still alive in this place at least he hoped.

Once Emer had cleared a path to the house she went back to the sled to pull a shovel off her sled. She went to a different spot and began carefully pushing snow to the side. She could see Scorch had already found four people and one dead chick. Probably a holiday present for a child. She felt bad to the chick but she had to keep looking. Reaching into a hole Scorch pulled another still lifeless body up from the snow reviling a shivering raptor chick. It was almost frozen and shaking with both fear and the cold. Scorch chirped getting Emer's attention as she ran over. Reaching down she carefully pulled the little chick out of the hole and carried it to the house where t could get warm. She placed it on a couple of pillows and wrapped it in blankets before going back out to help scorch look some more. The chick would warm up quickly enough and Emer would feed it once they made sure there was no one else still alive. Emer hopped beyond hope though. Wanting and wishing she might find someone else who needed help.

I like that prehistoria has so many species in it. It isn't just one with some mutations. I also love the HP and how limited it is to get it. 



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