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EQD ATG 04 - Little Liar - ANIMATED

By WolfieDrawie
EQD Artists Training Grounds day 4 - Draw an emotional pony / Draw a pony fit to burst

It's done!!!! It's finally done! I started at 10:00 AM and ended right now! (8:30 PM) I feel like I've lost my index finger and both legs... Nuu But I hope it was worth it!
8 second long loop was animated in TVPaint. Background was painted in Photoshop.

Patreon (2017, round) Icon ultramini If you want to see some more animations from me, I have my bachelor animated movie on my patreon:
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weird part is the fact that I'm listening to ABBA One of us and it fits just perfectly
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EXCEPTIONAL work !!!!! 
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This is so beautiful. The best kind of classical animation.
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This gave me the inspiration to try animating again. Thanks! Also my wrist hurts :P
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Ooooh yes please! I'd like to see some animations from you!

Hope the wrist pain will go away soon Sad dummy 
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hey its good and interesting!
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My gosh, this is amazing, so detailed and smooth!
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Thank you <3
I've seen your animation in the challange too! Good work La la la la 
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You're welcome! Your work looks really professional! I'm honoured that you liked my little animation : )
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This is beautiful! I've done a little animating myself, but nothing this intense with this many frames. Did you redraw the hair from scratch each frame, or did you use any tricks for that?
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Thank you :3 
It's mostly drawn on twos occasionally on threes and yes I redrew all the hair from scratch. There are no shortcuts if you want it to look good :wink: rvmp 
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So much work in just one day? :O Anyway, your effort really shows. A masterful piece.
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Kinda explored where my boundaries are today Sweating a little... 
Thank you <3
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