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Tiny Sam VS Dragon Dean

This goes along with my fanfic story, The Dragon at Knights Inn

Tiny Sam has had it up to here with Dean's bull while human Sam is standing behind them, sighing in exasperation. Sam is 4 inches tall, Dean is roughly 6 inches tall.

pen drawing with colored pencil, and some minor editing with the paint program since ink pens tend to leave marks everywhere.
hey look! I actually have a background?!?!
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I think I just died inside, this is so cute. Like, I can just imagine the look on human Sam's face. (makes me wonder what my Dean is up to at the time, I can't wait to find out).

I'm going to stare at this for another few hours now XD I set the tumblr post for it to reblog to brothers apart tomorrow for sure
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I really wanna draw Sam getting Dean in a headlock now... Dean flails around at first like someone put a spider in his shirt, due to the undistributed weight but soon finds his balance and lets Sam hang there half upside down till he cries uncle or Oscar comes to the rescue with doe eyes. No one can withstand the Doe eyes!
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XD Awww. There is no refusing Oscar. I hope there's some cute parts with Oz and dragon Dean, they're just too much for me. Oscar's just the biggest sweetheart.

( did you see the pic moga just did of Oz? Fitting into his motel's theme XD I flop for the cutes {com} Armor )
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oh my gosh that's cute!
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XD Oh boy. If Oscar was there he wouldn't know whether to hide from Dragon!Dean or from the bigger Sam. So much fretting 
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Nooo! Oscar bby! they're just playing!
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XD Little guy is so easy to startle. And yet he still hangs around the startling people
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