The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine:
Well I'm Takin' My Time, I'm Just Movin' On

“Dude!” the Knight whispered, blushing slightly at the reminder. “So not like that.” Straightening out his green coat to regain some dignity. “I don't mind having a dragon brother, and he obviously doesn't.” The Knight from Wellwood chuckled pointing his sword up at the human sitting there. Amused to see the human in question smirk back down in agreement. Sam sheathed his sword at last to show the immense trust he's putting in them. He got up enough courage to get closer to the dragon. The human named Cas leaning back to give him room, but left a hand nearby as precaution. He could understand the desire, and didn't bother commenting on it.
'Sammy?' Dean sniffed out and whined.
Cas said overhead, “That's not your Sam, Dean. That's another one.”
'Nother one?' Dean lifted up his eyelids again, inhaling deeper. 'Smells like a salad.'
Sam and Cas chuckled, and Sam translated for his brother, “He says you smell like a salad.”
The dragon then added, and Sam helped translate, 'Donworry Sammy. I don't eat saladsss, jusss meat.' Winking lazily. The long snout bobbing once before his narrow tongue darted out to lick his dry lips.
The jokes went right over the Knight head, since the last time he'd seen Dean, he hadn't had the desire to have healthy salads over mac and cheese with marshmallows. And, living with sprites who were all vegetarian, meant that he was one too. Killing some animal to eat it by himself didn't hold it's appeal to Sam. It was an awkward conversation to be sure, when that particular topic came up. Several sprites wondered if humans would want to eat them since they were certainly large enough to. Sam had to set the record straight and to avoid getting any possible glances, he just stuck with fruits, vegetables and whatever else the sprites were dining on. He longed for a nice slice of pizza, a hot dog at Bobby's... but those days were long gone. It wasn't worth worrying about. Dean though, they confirmed that he can only eat meat and that would not be an easy topic for the sprites back home.
“I still can't believe you understand him. I just heard growls.” Bowman folded his arms, side eyeing them. It would be very easy to make up words to go along with the growls, whines, and chirps. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he watched his brother get within touching distance. He huffed and approaching as well since he wasn't about to let his brother have all the dangerous fun. His leafy green wings opening and closing in deep thought. “His brown wings... do they absorb much sunlight? They're pretty cool for camouflage.” Bowman remarked, about to pet one but saw his brother hold back for a second. Hesitating. So he took his cue and waited to make contact as well.
Sam whispered, “His eyes are green. And he's got Dean's freckles.”
“It is Dean.” The giant Sam said, startling the Knight into remembering that the giants have excellent hearing. “And we are very grateful for your help. Is there anything we can do in return?”
Bowman's eyes lit up. Having giants owe them something was an interesting concept. His gaze dancing around all of them. Mind racing. Humans could lift up entire logs and form massive walls or structures with them. In minutes! Sprites could pray living things into growing into usable shapes, but dead logs and trees were just that, dead. Moving rocks larger then a sprite meant a lot of work and ingenuity and it usually was utterly pointless since nearly all sprites alive could just fly over them. There was no point trying to move large rocks or boulders, they simply learned to work around them. But humans could move just about anything! Bend their environments to their own will! Jacob and Sam described how they used trees and bricks to build houses instead of growing them. Massive structures that were unbelievably complicated. Bringing hot or cold air, light and water right to their fingertips with a turning of a lever or push of a button. He had his doubts before when listening to Sam growing up, but seeing how big humans actually are, and what inventions they produce, he knew anything was possible. Humans can do that.
Bowman wondered if the sprites back home would appreciate a structure built out of logs and huge rocks around the village. Protecting them from some predators. Mind racing at the possibilities. He took a minute to think it though and decided that Wellwood was just fine the way it is set up. Or, at least, he'll wait to discuss it with the leaders before deciding on his own to reshape the outskirts of Wellwood. When they were kids playing next to the stream, Sam showed him how to build sand castles and moats and bridges out of twigs and small rocks. Letting the water encircle the lopsided castle to protect it from 'invaders'. Sticks with torn leaves shoved through for heads and feet. Bowman couldn't help but think how easy it would be for these two humans to do just that... build a giant moat around Wellwood. But, then again. Getting ahead of himself. For now, though, he could ask for something that is readily available without having the humans travel to the village.
Bowman's gaze landing on Oscar because of the glinting metal. So much of it. Already formed without impurities to weaken the metal. It took the crafters many months to get that much from special ore rich rocks. So much work and knowledge needed to drawing the treasured material out. Smelting is never easy due to the high demand of extreme heat and specific chemicals. Bowman never paid too much attention to the process, but knew that it was very very difficult.
Bowman decided that this would be a good start at trade for healing the dragon. “I want his clothes.” Pointing at Oscar who blushed furiously.
“What what? You don't need them. That giant even said it hurts the dragon. So really, I'd be doing you a favor by getting rid of them for you.” Bowman grinned at the logical reasoning, but it turned to a puzzled frown at the continued uncomfortable shifting the little guy was doing. It dawned on him and he chuckled, clarifying, “The metal clothes.”
“Oh.” Oscar's blush didn't go away and he looked to his friend for guidance.
He saw the other sprite sized Sam shrug and say, “My Dean would understand. We can get more silver later. Easily. Thrift stores have more silver kitchen ware then people realize. Just gotta look at the bottom for 925.”
Bowman had no idea what a 'thrift store' was but apparently metal really was easy to come by from where they came from. Any doubt that they'd be upset at being relieved of their precious metal 'flew out the window', as Sam would say. An expression that made him laugh because it was humans that couldn't simply fly out windows. Flying out the window is his favorite past time. All these contradictory phrases, adding to the absurdity surrounding humans. Still, he had to admit he was amazed at how easy things are for humans. Need metal? Go get some at the 'thrift store'. Perhaps thrift was a word meaning swift? For how fast it was to acquire? Bowman snapped back to the present at the silver glinting in the light again when the short man fumbled with the thick rope to untie it. He supposed, to humans, the rope would look like thread so it made sense that is what the small people would use instead of making their own out of plant fibers. A long time consuming process. Bowman wondered what it was like in the humans world, but at the same time, was glad to be far from it. Too many unnatural angles. Everything was box shaped and Sam said that's normal.
Oscar trusted his friend when he said they could get more silver, and slowly lifted up his armor over his head, darting his gaze over to the dragon more then once. “If you say so.” his small voice trembled.
Bowman picked up on the hesitation. “Why is he scared of the dragon?”
Knight Sam stood up straighter from where he'd been apparently having a one sided staring contest with Dean who was barely awake. The knight asked, “Were you wearing silver because it burns him? Were you going to fight him?” His hand went to his sword again. Not lifting it just yet. But ready.
“Uh, yeah? But!” Oscar rushed to explain. “I thought they kidnapped Sam, but he didn't! Well, he did, but did it for a reason. My friend Dean thought that that Dean was a bad guy but he's really a good guy that thought my Dean was a bad guy.”
“Well that cleared everything right up.” Bowman snarked but got the gist of it.
Sam pat Oscar's shoulder. “We can discuss it on the way.” Addressing Bowman and the Knight again, “We should get going. Dean doesn't look so hot.”
That got everyone's attention, and Cas brought his hands back down to Dean, stroking his back and wings with light fingers. “Yes. If we're going, we should go now.”
The Knight nodded. He still hadn't worked up the courage to actually touch the dragon yet. The time spent traveling should help him come to terms with the very idea that that's Dean and he's safe to be around. Remembering the time when he was a young kid, seeing his first sprite. Scar made quite an impression on him. Fighting off a squirrel that could have hurt or even killed him. So different in appearance to everyone he'd ever known up to that point. Anything other then human or animal was a monster and to be feared. He was trying to see the human inside this winged creature. Dean barely resembled himself. Just his freckles and the green eyes. If the translations were correct, he also had his old brothers sense of humor. If they didn't help him now, Dean will be lost. “Bowman, can you help me get my glider up and going again?”
“I could just carry you.” The giant Sam said and the Knight shivered at the attention. Sam knew that it might take too long to wait up on all of the small people. Assuring them, “It's not a problem.” A hand came down and Sam and Oscar climbed on. Oscar needed some minor encouragement, but only because he was still new to the 'riding on humans' idea. He'd only experienced sporadic contact with the one human, and this even taller one ain't him. The silver clothes were set inside the jacket pocket, “I'll carry it for you so you don't have to, I'm not keeping it.” Sam assured and saw Bowman give an awkward thumbs up as if he didn't know if he was doing it right. Sam gave a grin and winked. “Yeah. That's right.”
Cas gathered up Dean in his arms, holding him carefully close to his stomach, as he steadily got to his feet.
Bowman quietly asked his brother, “It's up to you if you want the ride. Pretty sure that just that one human could carry everyone here, the other one included. The guy is huge!” He added extra quiet and was glad that for once, the human didn't hear him.
Sam whispered back, “I feel better in the air, in case they try anything on the way. My glider is over there.” He said and started marching. Bowman flying into the air and landing near the glider, stomping down and bending the grasses out of the way. The landing could have been better. They were right in the middle of a patch of tall grass.
Human Sam stood with Sam and Oscar in one hand, addressing them while the two on the ground got the flying thing freed from the grasses. “Did you guys want to travel in my pocket or shoulder?”
“P-pocket.” Oscar said after some slight hesitation and his friend agreed to his great relief. Being together would really help his nerves out right about now. So both got in and situated, as Sam stepped closer to the two green clad members of their party.
“Need some help?” He asked after a few minutes of watching and hearing Bowman gripe about Sam's utter lack of landing skills.
The Knight rubbed the back of his neck for the human's watching them from above. The ground shaking with those powerful steps didn't help his ego either. He felt no ill will coming from the giant, only the earnest expression of someone that is able and willing to help. He conceded defeat. “I just need a strip of clear ground.” It wasn't ideal, but there were no cliffs around to get a falling start. Unless...
Bowman saw his brother thinking and folded his arms. “No.”
“It'll be fun.”
“NO.” Bowman said again, firmly.
“Hey Sam!” The Knight shouted up and got punched by Bowman. “Can you hold it up with both hands, flat out like this.” And held his hands together at face height. It would be scary as hell, but so worth it. How many chances could he get to try this? The human nodded and reached for the glider. “Careful!” Sam shouted and the hand slowed down. Huge fingers lifting up one end of it gently and the other hand snaked underneath it more. Sam ran forward and helped get it onto the hand that was flattened out. He then got up onto the hand next to his glider and Bowman flew circles around the human. Hovering close once Sam and the glider were off the ground. Anxious for any mistake. Ready to catch Sam's hands if he fell off the side, to slow down the fall to the ground, but this giant was moving slow and careful. Listening to every instruction and order. Better then even Jacob had, so he had to give the guy a break. A small one. The giant did catch and hold him in a fist after all. Ignoring the fact that he flew into the human first...
Sam lifted up the small green guy higher and could see more details in the flying thing. “This is impressive. You build this yourself?”
The Knight was watching Sam, but then turned his eyes to his handiwork and puffed up with pride. “Yeah, I have to wax the leaves and replace them fairly often, but it's taken me all over these woods.”
In the pocket, Sam and Oscar watched the glider move past, also impressed by the sight of it.
“Y-you really use this to fly?” Oscar asked and the amazement was evident that even if he was impressed, he was too scared to do it himself.
“Yup. Been flying for years. Bowman helps. He can find out the best path to take in the air, where the updrafts are and air flow is going. I can go for miles and miles.” Sam showed off the ballasts, the supports, and details he put in. Pointing out the bags of food and water that the other sprites insists he carries with him at all times. Laughing as he explains that they think he'll starve to death in minutes if he ever stops eating.
Bowman folds his arms as he hovered nearby. “You can't absorb sunlight! How else are you going to keep up your strength?”
Castiel stared at the flying man. Did he hear that right? He can photosynthesize? So many more questions bubbling up but he pushed it aside for now. Perhaps once they get a good rapport going, they can exchange stories and information. It helped that the sprite Bowman was already curious. It could be easy to trade off questions and answers to sate both their curiosities.
The Knight showed off his emergency features as he straps himself in using the quick release buckles. “And my clothes have flaps sewn in them so if I fall, I can stretch out my arms and legs to glide down by myself. It's not ideal, but it saved my life more then once.” He said and jolted back to the fact that he was telling so many secrets to these only recently former enemies. Scar is gonna have his head if this turns south. He clammed up and angled the glider around to face outwards. A thumbs up indicated to the giant to lift him up. “High as you can, would be best.”
Sam lifted him and the green leaf and twig glider up over his head. Fearful for his fragile yet fearless tiny counterpart. The fingers and hands shifting position slightly made the Knight stumble for a second. Hearing the creaking structure of the glider before he fixed it's position on the hands that cupped slightly before flattening out again into a steady-ish platform. This has got to be skyscraper height to him. Fingers twitching, itching to grab onto the thin frame and keep the little man safely tethered to the ground. He meant it when he said he could carry them there, but also understood how that would be taken. Like they were incapable of handling it themselves. Obviously they flew getting here, they could fly getting back. Bowman's constant fluttering around his head wasn't helping though, he kept having the urge to swat at him.
Sam gripped the bar in front of him with both hands, feet planting in front of a gigantic wrinkle in the palm below to give him an added boost to his kick off. He shouted up to Bowman, “Go!” His brother swooped forward with considerable swiftness and agility, grabbing a hold of the pole overhead and at the same moment, Sam launched forward. The glider took to the air with practiced precision and grace, even from the unconventional launching pad, and it only lost two feet of height before Bowman flew ahead and course corrected Sam's aim. Sam and Cas were standing there in awe of the whole event and remembered to get their asses going or else loose the two green guys in the lush woods. The glider made them to go into a slight jog, just to keep up.
Sam thought, ok, so, they didn't have to worry about the little guys keeping up with the humans, it was actually the other way around.
Thankfully, the speedy jog wasn't harsh enough to jostle the Sam and Oscar right out of his pockets, but Sam lifted up a hand to steady them from the swaying lop. Dean was cradled close to Cas and they both headed deep into the woods. Cas wished he'd eaten breakfast before this lengthy exercise. His friend seemed to be used to pushing his body to the limits, because he didn't complain at all, focusing on tracking the green wings ahead as they swooped and swayed past huge trees. Birds startled from their nests at the speedy fly-by's.
Sam held back a chuckle from inside the pocket when Bowman darted too close to a bird who decided to give chase. Bowman did a few impressive flips to avoid it but that just stirred up other birds into the fray. The Knight turned into a very wide circle when he realized Bowman was having difficulties and wasn't keeping up. He couldn't really go help so he did the most useful thing an older brother could do.
“Bowman! Quit bothering those chicks! No means no!” Sam laughed and angled his glider around as Bowman darted underneath him.
“Pray to a rock, Sam!” Bowman cartwheeled sideways over the glider and aimed for the humans next when that didn't work. He had no other option because the birds were gaining on him. Red wings were such jerks! He circled around the one called Cas then landed on the tall Sam's shoulder, ducking behind the long curtain of hair and feeling the human tense up immediately. “Sorry!” He hush whispered to the human who now had numerous pissed off birds flapping all around him. Sam covered up his pocket to protect the two inside, and scrunched up his shoulders on instinct to protect his neck from the screaming birds. Bowman was partially shoved into his collar but held his tongue.
The birds squawked and fluttered in surprise when they finally noticed the humans and flew off in a hurry. Unfamiliar with such tall bipeds in the woods.
Bowman peeked out of the hair, fluttering his wings to dislodge some of the long strands and looked down when he heard loud cackling laughter from the human's pocket. The city Sam was halfway draped out of the pocket, laughing his head off while the little Oscar was peeking up with a mix of curiosity and fear. No doubt from the bird's close call. Bowman walked over to a clear spot on the shoulder and watched as his brother made another wide loop around. Unsure if he should land yet. “Sorry human Sam.” Bowman looked over at the stunned face next to him, turning slightly to look at the sprite on his shoulder.
“Not a problem.” Sam said quietly to spare small ears. Considering correcting the winged dude, 'It's just Sam, not human Sam.' But let it be. Glad that the little winged dude was ok enough with him to use as a hiding place at least. Building trust. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Bowman nod respectfully for the save, and take to the air again. Angling in the direction that his brother was going to end up in with the wide loops and helped him course correct back on the straight path. Sam and Cas resumed their jog, while Oscar was wondering if his friend had lost his mind since he was still wracked with giggles.
“Did you see his face?!” Sam snickered and wiped off his eyes. “Oh God. Wait till Dean hears about this.”
Sam and Bowman couldn't hear them from so far ahead as they continued to fly for awhile longer. At least, until Bowman started to get tired. They circled around a clearing that was previously dubbed, 'Jacob's clearing'. And finally landed. Sam and Cas entered soon after and sat down heavily. Legs like jelly. The jog was longer then expected, and they could all use a rest. Sam let the two from inside his pocket down to give them some space. Once they were a decent distance away, Sam fell onto his back, panting in the cool air. Oscar and Sam started walking to a circle of rocks that Jacob had made for a fire pit to check it out. Castiel too, set Dean down and fixed up the t-shirt nest for him. Then shucked his trench coat and sighed at the breeze. He laid the coat out on the ground in case the small people wanted to sit or stand on it instead of the dirty ground where there was no shortage of bugs. He re-positioned Dean's nest on top of the coat for an added padded layer for comfort. Cas laid back as well. Looking up at the canopy overhead while the humans tried to catch their breaths. Dean was in a light doze and sniffed out his surroundings because he was too tired yet to open up his eyes all the way.
Bowman's curiosity couldn't be contained anymore, even if he was exhausted from flying for most of that day. He just had to inspect everything on the humans and the other small wingless people. Wondering how they got along without wings. Sam climbed up onto the coat, feeling better on something more familiar then the dirt rock ground with grass, weeds and old spider webs towering over them. Oscar lingered nearby, fearfully looking up and around whenever there was a bird calling.
Bowman saw the timid looks and said, “It's alright. This is Jacob's clearing. Animals usually don't come here because it smells like humans.” He saw the giant Sam turn his head to the side and said, “Not that that's a bad thing!” Because he didn't want to offend anyone unjustly. They were starting to make friends here, and if he made them mad, they might not let him explore their things. The human shrugged and closed his eyes to the sky again. Even laying down, both of the humans were far taller then everyone down here. He was sure that nothing would come close with these two gargantuans here.
Bowman ambled closer to the city Sam and Oscar and sat down nearby facing them. Looking at them now, he could tell that the pocket ride was rough for them too. Oscar looked more green then Bowman's hair. “How do you survive in human lands?”
Sam chuckled and brought over his bag, showing the hook and line and describing how he gets around with it. How people his size live and hide from humans most of the time. The dangers that come with the life. There were small people that live in the wilderness, but they had a different set of problems to deal with. Sam knew of one colony at Bobby's back lot, and talked about how they survive. Bowman was duly impressed. Hearing that they don't need wings to survive out in the woods or fields. The sprites always looked after Sam, even after he's proven able to protect himself time and time again. Even beating several other knights in competitions dealing solely with strength. His brother heard the praise and blushed, turning away from them to deal with checking over his glider.
Oscar pipped up soon after and described the frightening things that he's seen and of his first encounter with the supernatural. Witches that were at his hotel that were actually trying to kill people! It was his first meeting with Sam and Dean.
Once the glider was parked safely away from anything that might fall on it, Sam pulled off the bags of pastries that Candara packed for him and brought them over. Eager to hear all about it. He offered up the pastries and the other small Sam handed over the half of the pretzel M&M that Oscar had stolen from the human's room.
Castiel shrugged internally as he listened in, they forgot to bring their own pack lunch when they invaded Wellwood. From the yummy sounds he just barely heard, those pastries sounded delicious and he would love to get the recipe for it. Wondering if they'd have any such ingredients in grocery stores. Probably not. He heard Bowman go on an on about the mint leaves and what they use for flour. Apparently acorn flour is a main ingredient in their breads. Castiel doubted he could find that in the local stores... berries, sure, pine sap for sweetness in some treats? The Knight gave a pinched expression, ok, that's probably only tasty to sprites. Then Bowman described fresh honey still in the comb and that got a lot of longing sighs.
The food sharing boosted the energy and friendliness around the non-campfire, as they ate the new foreign sweets. Swapping stories back and forth. Bowman enjoyed the choc-o-late and practically shoved the pastries at the other two in exchange for more. Sam couldn't even protest Bowman handing over his rations. He was the only one in Wellwood to have a huge fully stocked pantry. Because, of course, he will starve to death without them! Sam looked forward to trying out the M&M's again. They don't grow on trees out here. The Knight considered forming a trading agreement just for the candies in exchange for pastries but knew that wouldn't really be fair to the sprites that make them. Candara said she likes making them for Sam, but, making them for a different Sam, this skinny guy named Oscar, and two huge humans as well?? It would take twenty times the amount of ingredients and even more time to make up enough for just one human to even have a small taste. Jacob ate an entire bag in one small bite! Posing the idea to the bakers, might be asking a bit much.
Unless... the humans hand over already processed flour for cooking? Or other base ingredients to save them the time and energy? Sam shook his head. No sense making plans for any kind of trade agreements before they even talk to the Lords and Ladies of Wellwood. Lord Scar and Lord Cerul would be his best bet at peaceful treaties. If those two don't like what they see and hear, all these people might not be welcomed anymore. Forced to leave immediately or pain of death. The Knights could do it too. Since Sam had become a Knight, they'd had to fight off not just stray cats and hawks, but huge wolves before. Scar took on one by himself. There was no doubt that if the Lords saw these people as a deadly threat, they'd be met with deadly force. Usually, animals can be dissuaded from returning to their area with a few well placed cuts, but humans... humans were tenacious and stubborn, and they wouldn't risk the lives of everyone in Wellwood if they saw these guys as a threat.
Sam'd be the one having to break the news, because he was the one that decided to bring them closer, instead of reporting back right away. Getting all their hopes up after making them travel all this way. His shoulders slumped. Hopefully they were making the right decision here. Who could he trust if not himself? Or a much larger version of himself? He though wryly. Sam came back to the conversation when his brother told them excitedly about his first experience with human food. Pushing aside the doom and gloom that had started to creep up on him. Think positively.
“I had some choc-o-late before with Jacob, but it will never get old, city Sam.” Bowman's wings fluttered behind him as he rocked side to side, enjoying the snack. A ring of melted chocolate around his mouth as he dove into the next bite. He was puzzled why this one had a very hard bread inside of it. Large granules of salt on top made it salty and sweet. Weirdest thing. It actually tasted good together.
Oscar wished he'd had more to give, but, he had to leave his bag behind because carrying all that silver was already too heavy. At the moment, the human Sam was holding onto it just because it was easier for him then to make the others carry it on over since they had to fly by themselves.
Sam raised a brow at the odd moniker that Bowman gave him. City Sam. He supposed it was easier for him to address the three different Sam's here. At least he didn't get stuck with something humiliating. He could hear his brother's off key singing if word got out, 'Just a City boy! Born and raised in south Detroit!'
City Sam saw that even though Bowman and the other Sam were working on their food, they were still staring at his bag and the resting humans. No doubt wondering at all of the differences in clothing and things they carried around. Sam pulled out other things from his borrowing bag, showing them how he uses everything in daily life. Handing over the small paper salt packet that he has in case they have to deal with a ghost or demon and need to make a circle around himself. He gave the excuse that there's likely no ghosts here in the woods so they could have it for cooking or warding off slugs and snails. Pure salt like this was in short supply so Bowman accepted it with more reverence then Sam expected.
He rummaged around the bag and pulled out the silverware set made out of matchsticks he'd carved and the Knight reached forward and held them up to Bowman in triumph. “See? This is what I was trying to describe. Forks have four pointy parts.”
Bowman folded his arms. “I still think it's dumb. Why not eat with your hands?” Sam rolled his eyes.
“Keep it.” Sam grinned and handed over the spoon too. He could always make more up when he's bored in the hotel. The other side of the matches had the ignitable heads in case Sam needed to start a fire. A full match and stick is nearly the length of his leg and too cumbersome to carry or use. The matches got a lot of attention, and the Knight looked pretty smug when he pulled out his lighter. Showing it off to the others.
Now it was city Sam's turn to gawk. “Aw, man? Why didn't I get shrunk with a Zippo lighter?” He whined. Shoving the unlit match back into his pack after wrapping it up. He rummaged around some more and pulled out other stuff. Letting them look but not touch his journal, since it was private and precious to him. Humans might not be able to read it, but these guys can. He put it back in the bag again. They hadn't unlocked that level of trust yet. Setting his trusty silver knife down as well and the Knight Sam pulled his out next.
Knight Sam held out the single most prized possession he still had from his childhood. Something that saved his life more then once. The one thing that reminded him that he had an older brother that cared for, and loved him. One that he lost and longed to see again. Through this knife, he still felt connected with Dean, and wondered if his older brother kept his own homemade knife as well. “Earlier, I was trying to show you that I had one too.” He said and laid his own side by side with the other one. Each Sam gently picked up the other's and looked it over. The city Sam's knife was sharper because he had access to a whetstone, while the Knight only had regular stones found near the stream that had been smoothed out. Each knife had tiny marks all over, showing how tough their lives had been and how invaluable the handmade gifts were. They traded back and each looked at their own knife fondly. Even if it was identical, they'd know their own anywhere.
Oscar got up enough courage to describe the few other hunts that he was involved in, and Bowman and his brother were wide eyed with rapt attention while Sam leaned back and listened to his friend tell it in his words. Everything was far more intense for the extra short guy, and he wasn't about to belittle his experiences. Besides, it really was more intense for Oscar. He'd never been trained to fight monsters, but still had the strength to face them. His speed and silence helped them out on those hunts, not just in daily life. Sam at least had his human brother by his side most of the time, and before that, he'd had his family to come home to at the hotel after a day of scavenging. Oscar was all alone and it made Sam's heart lurch. He'd never really thought of it from Oscar's point of view. He thought that his friend had closer neighbors then across the entire hotel. Sam would have to wait to talk to his brother about it, if they could do something to help their small friend.
After the food was eaten and everyone was nicely rested, Sam and Cas sat upright again and politely listened in as the stories kept on going between them down below. They were interrupted when they heard a rasping growl coming from the other end of the trench coat where Dean was set. The dragon snarled at a moth that would not leave him alone. Snapping his teeth at it and missing. Tail weakly flicking at the end in irritation. The growls turned petulant and a wing came up to bat it out of the air missing it by a mile. Dean gave up and coughed raggedly. It sounded so dry. He chirped/whined up at Cas in a sound that caught in his throat. Bringing them back to the reason behind this journey.
“I know, Dean. I wish I had some.” Cas said, scooting over to be closer and petting the Drauglin's spine.
“Some what?” Bowman asked, taking to the air just enough to land nearby, leaning over to look at Dean's half lidded eyes.
“Water. He's thirsty.” Cas frowned.
The Knight jumped to action and pointed Cas in the direction of the stream. “Jacob left a bucket behind on accident, well, it's actually the same one he caught us in. After we escaped, he threw it aside and forgot about it.”
Castiel had even more questions but held his tongue, more important matters at hand.
Bowman led the way for Cas to fetch some water. Letting Dean drink first. Dean perked up a little at getting something to drink, but was still very weak. Cas returned to the stream and drank after thoroughly wash out the bucket because of Dean's flame spray. Any amount of flammable Drauglin saliva is certain to be harmful humans and borrowers alike if ingested.
Sam had to stay with the group in case any animals came by in the meantime. Only the ones that grew up here in the forest knew how to handle themselves up against the huge animals and insects. And they were just two out of five short guys here in the clearing. Dean could barely take out a damned moth. He'd have no chance against even a squirrel if it decided to start shit.
Cas offered some fresh water from the scrubbed clean bucket to the small people first, but the Knight was prepared and they all had some of his water from the glider's canteens. He said that with the food gone, he had to balance out the wings again anyway. After everyone had their thirst quenched, he filled up the bags with small rocks to level it out again. Sine the little guys were fine, Sam finished off the bucket in a few large gulps. Relieved at the fresh clean stream water. Chuckling to himself at the idea that some people would pay good money for fresh stream water like this. It seemed to even taste cleaner then that. He was expecting some kind of aftertaste, but it was totally pure.
Sam had not detected any of the spray left over, and besides that he wasn't concerned with Dean's saliva residue. After all, when his brother was huge and escaping from Michael's cage, he'd carried Sam in his mouth to safety out of the burning building. Sam was covered head to toe in the flammable substance, but it didn't do any harm to him at all. Dean was extremely careful in his handling, and they'd all made it out alive. That snippet of their current lives could wait till they meet up with the heads of the village, explaining where they'd been and why they're here, asking for help.
It was apparent that the residents of Wellwood were thinking the same thing when Knight Sam decided to let his winged brother go get the Lords. If both went, he'd have to explain why the Knight and sworn protector of Wellwood had let not one, but two humans, two strange sprite sized people, and a dangerous looking 'monster' alone so near the village. In Jacob's clearing no less. This is where many young, reckless, sprites - like Bowman's friends - went now as a destination for a weekend spot to goof around and relax, tell scary stories around the stone fire ring that may 'burst into flames at any second!' and eat fermented berries till they pass out. Their own version of 'camping' that they'd learned from Jacob's example. Ok, so maybe not the fermented berries part, that was picked up from elsewhere in Wellwood and there were no actual accounts of anyone getting drunk on them out here. However, it seemed as good a place as any to do it. Many were still wary of going anywhere near the place where Jacob the human claimed his spot.
Both Sam and Bowman knew that at any moment, there could be a few teenage sprites flying into the area without even thinking of anyone besides the harmless Jacob being here. The Knight and Patrol sprite would both get a chewing out and several punishments from not just the Lords, but from every parent in the village. Despite it not being their fault for the youths to be flying around there anyway. In any case, they had to get going.
Bowman was finally rested enough to go fetch the leaders. This flight was one of his fastest that day. Not wanting to leave his brother alone out there for too long. On arriving he found out the rest of the Patrol sprites and Knights had returned and were all worried about where the two had gone. Search parties were only just starting to form before they headed out to where Sam and Bowman were sent to make sure the fence was secure. Candara hugged her nephew tightly and Larxe was soon to follow. Everyone asking questions all at once that grew in volume and worry for Sam's continued absence.
“He's fine!” Bowman had to shout to be heard. Everyone quieted down and finally Lord Cerul and Lord Scar arrived to see why there was a large gathering at the home tree. “It's kind of a long story. Sam and I were at the fence. We were minding our own business! When a human appeared out of nowhere on our side of the fence.” That got gasps from around the room and he could see Knights start to arm themselves for a fight ahead. “Wait! It's fine! The humans are safe!”
“Humans? More then one?” A frightened voice called out and that got a louder murmur from the crowd. By then, everyone had been told or had seen Jacob for themselves to know just how big humans could get, as well as how powerful they could be.
Lord Scar held up a hand for silence and got it soon after.
“Yes, there is two humans. One of them is an older Sam from another world. The other is named Cas and he's weird, but cool. They had with them two people that appear to be humans, but they're sprite sized and wingless just like Sam. Well, one of them is 'just like Sam' because it is Sam.” Bowman said shrugging. “Oh and the reason I'm here is the same one why we haven't forced them to leave,” Bowman started and heard someone's snide comment, 'Like you could force them.' And glared at that general area before continuing with more force and authority in his voice that he earned with his position and rank. “The reason is, is that they have a person that needs our help. Now, he's not, uh, he's not exactly human or sprite shaped, but he is still a person. I've seen enough to believe them.” Bowman thought of how to best phrase it. Spotting Larxe in the group nod encouragingly at him. He'd been like a father to Sam and him growing up and having him on his son's side helped him spit it out. “It's Dean. Sam's brother.” Hearing more gasps in the crowd. “But, it's not the same Dean from our world. It's another. And he uh, he looks...” Bowman was coming up with a blank for trying to describe the body to someone else. No one had ever heard of a 'dragon' before so he couldn't very well use that name. “Dean has wings similar to ours, but looks like rocks along with his skin. Like a lizards. A long neck, long tail and horns on his long head. He uh, looks like nothing we've ever seen before. But I know, he's still human on the inside. Still a person.”
“A monster!” Another voice called out. “You led a monster to our doorstep?”
“No! He's not a monster, he just... he looks different!” Bowman's hands went up, begging for them to understand. “Dean needs help and they will all leave right after! They swore it! I had gotten to know each of them in this short time that I literally ran into them. The two Sam's are just like our Sam! They came from other worlds, but not of their own choosing. Something has tricked them here but they said they can go back the same way. I believe them. Sam believes them. He's with them right now. He sent me here to get help.”
More voices were clamoring for swift retribution for the invasion into their woods. Some of the Knights whispered among themselves but no matter what the people told them to do, they would only listen to Lord Scar, and Bowman was grateful for that. The loyalty and obedience. He knew if he could talk Cerul into it, he'd talk Scar into it and knew that Rischa would follow him anywhere if he asked. He would never put her in danger and her trust in him wasn't unfounded.
“Bowman.” Lord Scar called out and the entire crowd hushed at once. A baby crying in the back was the only voice heard. “Bowman, I wish to speak with you privately.” He said and flew up to the balcony where the Knights' hall was, where meetings were generally held. With the loud commanding tone, he addressed everyone. “All my Knights, report to Larxe until further notice. Everyone else, go home. We will figure out what the course of action will be regarding these,” He paused for the right word. “Guests. I'm sure they are as harmless as Jacob was. Simply lost and needing help. If they intended harm, our young brave Patrol sprite would not have been allowed to return here.” A murmur rose in the crowd. Doubt at the human's intentions. Worry that they were going to follow the sprite on back here, and that's why they let him go. Scar couldn't speak more on the matter without getting more facts and details so with a sharp wave of his hand, he motioned for Bowman to joint them. He hid a grin at how Bowman seemed to always assume he was in trouble when he's called up to the Knights' hall.
Bowman arrived soon after, straightening out his outfit and trying to tame his wild green hair. He bowed for extra points, and before he could ask for Cerul to join them, the very same sprite showed up behind him on the balcony. Startling the poor sprite. He bowed again, breathless from the flight here from Jacob's clearing, and also for being the center of the entire villages attention... again. Some children were peeking into the windows and waved off by Cerul with a grin. They fluttered away and it was just the three of them there.
“My Lords.” Bowman started. “What I said was true.”
“I know.” Cerul smiled. His being an Empath helped in finding out the truth of the matter. “So we have two more Sam's in the wood?”
“Yes. And one of them really is human. Older then my brother by about ten years or so, maybe more. I forgot to ask. He is so blasted tall!” He exclaimed. Remembering where he was and who he was talking to, he cleaned up his language. “His face has short hair round his mouth and the hair on top is so long it reaches his shoulders! But, I know my brother, and that, well, that's a Sam. The other sprite sized one is exactly like our Sam but, with clothes like a humans. He had a bag of strange things as well to help him survive in the human's cities and houses. His small friend had silver clothes and they said that the metal burns the thing that Dean is and everyone said it was all a misunderstanding. Dean thought that this Dean kidnapped his sprite sized Sam, and their friend Oscar was going to rescue him but found out that Dean was safe after all and human Sam was bringing sprite Sam to find a way to get back to the sprite Sam's world again but accidentally wound up here instead. Oscar ran into Cas and the Dean that's here and they came through the same uh, I don't know what to call it. Wavey sideways water thing? He walked right out of it with Dean in his hands.” Bowman breathed for a second. “I flew into human Sam who caught me and my brother came flying out and fought so bravely that the humans let everyone go and we talked and found out that Dean needed help because he's injured and hurt and probably dying right now.” Bowman continued, “Sam and I brought them to Jacob's spot to wait for me to come back with help. Can we help him? They swear to leave whenever we ask. Even if we decide not to help him. They'll leave us alone and go back to their home worlds.” Bowman felt the need to continue so he told them the details he witnessed himself.
Cerul and Scar stared at the young patrol sprite as he fumbled his words up here and there. Too imaginative to make up, even for the young troublemaker. Getting the main gist of the story, their curiosity peeked for seeing this all for themselves. It took a bit of time for Bowman to finish up the elongated story. Through it all, Cerul couldn't detect even the barest hint of betrayal or lie. That this was a trap the humans had set for Bowman to lead them to the village like some had rightly feared. Cerul stood near the windows and looked down at the mostly emptied space. People finishing up whatever they had to do outside of their homes before heading deep inside the protective trees in fear. He sighed and said, “Bowman, I need to speak to Scar alone. You can go home for now.”
Bowman looked like he was about to argue but took a breath. Bowing and turning towards the balcony again, flying off and down on home.
“Scar.” Cerul paced around. “I think he's telling the truth.”
Scar frowned and folded his arms. “Of course. Spirits Dance, if there's a human in the woods, Bowman and Sam are the ones that will find it. They are drawn to trouble like bees to flowers.” He sighed and said, “We can't just sit here. We will go and meet up with these humans and their small monster. Perhaps the other Sam and the other small human, Oscar? Perhaps they need our help to get away from the humans?”
Cerul shook his head. “I would have sensed something off in Bowman's assessment of the situation. I don't think they are in any harm with the giants.” He thought about their options for a few minutes. “We will take half of the Knights with us, but they are to hang back in the shadows. We don't want to show them our numbers if they do mean us harm. If there are more out in the woods waiting for the village to be undefended.”
Scar agreed with that decision.
“I will ask Rischa to join us.”
A sharp intake of breath escaped Scar. “She's a child!”
“She's old enough to decide for herself.” Cerul reminded him. “I don't know how much healing energy is needed to help out this, Dean. The Spirit gives us the ability to pray for healing, I think it will be a good learning experience for her. I wont be around forever, and she will be looked to for guidance. She'll be safe with all of us around her.” He assured and turned back to the window. Leaning out of it to see Bowman talking to Rischa already on their own balcony. “I don't think she needs much convincing.” He commented when he saw the young girl bouncing around in excitement. Wings all a flutter.
Scar rubbed his hands down his face. Able to show more raw emotions around his good friend. “You're incorrigible.”
“Yes.” Cerul smirked. “And you took on a wolf. Scar Wolfblind.” He reminded.
Scar waved his hand to get rid of the statement. “I only did what needed doing.”
“Exactly.” the implications of that one word spoke volumes.
“Would you stop that.” Scar growled.
“Nope.” Cerul chuckled and flew off, knowing that he'd won that argument.
Scar got to his feet and grumbled before straightening up and tugging down his Knights garb to look more austere before flying down to the lined up Knights and dividing them up for who stays and who goes. There was little arguments because all of the Knights were trained for taking care of dangers and sworn allegiance to the cause. Scar took his Knights to the large fallen tree to wait there for Lord Cerul, Bowman and an excited Rischa to catch up. Then the whole group took the the air and knew just where to go. On the way, Scar instructed his men where to hide to surround the clearing on all sides so there was no confusion. Rischa was a bundle of questions and Bowman answered them all to the best of his abilities as they flew.
“I can't wait to see big brothers even bigger brother!” She beamed and twirled in the air.
“He's not. Birdie.” He sighed, catching up to her. “He's not gonna look like us, or like Sam. Dean looks like a lizard with long... well, long everything. Huge wings! Nearly twice the size of ours! They said he's about six inches tall, but, he was too weak to stand.” Bowman said, feeling upset for the sad state of the thing. Human or animal or monster, didn't matter. Dean was clearly in pain. “He's been through a lot and been hurt badly. Two of his legs are bandaged and his breathing... it hurt to hear it. He couldn't even stay awake long enough to say more then a sentence here and there. So weak.” Bowman cleared his throat. “He's definitely scary looking at first, claws, spikes, horns, and fangs, but I believe he's a good person. It's Sam's brother, how bad could he be? It's just... Just not... the same Dean from our world. I don't think we should hold that against him.” He added. Reevaluating his own opinion. They weren't intending to barge into Wellwood, they were brought here by something unseen. That portal? Is that what the humans called it? Maybe it was destiny. A cruel one, perhaps. Sam sees Dean again but it's not his own. And not only that, hes injured and near death and will leave the second he's healed. Sam will loose his brother all over again and even if it hurt to think about, he knew they couldn't just ignore it.
She nodded severely at him. Feeling his emotions turn to sadness thinking about Dean. She felt the emotions shift like a wave in the Knights flying closest. Having heard Bowman talking. Their opinions and feelings changing ever so slightly from anger at the intruders towards sympathy for someone they haven't met yet.
“Almost there.” Scar said quietly and with a few waves of his hand, the Knights split out to the sides and circled the area towards their predestined posts.
Bowman kept going, flanked by Scar on one side, and Cerul on the other, keeping Birdie right behind him, just in case. He used a phrase that Sam had taught him long ago, “Here goes nothing.”

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