The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight:
Wish There Was Something I Could Say

Bowman Leafwing had been flying for hours now, getting tired but the day wasn't over yet. Thankfully, the sun was out and he was getting some much needed energy from its warm rays on his wings. Absorbing every glint and shimmer he could get between the thick trees. He and his brother were going to inspect the very tall gate that was covered with vines and thorns to ward out trespassers. After meeting Jacob, they got the go ahead from the council to check it out, make sure that it was secured after the tall human left their lands a week ago. His brother had promised to translate the words on the other side of the sign for him, since Bowman's human language skills were lacking when they were written down. Too boxy and strange. Written on straight horizontal lines instead of the normal sprite script. Flowing, natural and elegant. Of course, many human things were simply too strange to him, their obsession with right angles was one of them. Their inventions baffling at best. Over-complicating everything they touch. They can't just wear clothes, they have to add 'zippers'. And they can't just sit and listen to nature, they have to play music from that 'walk man'. Loud and crass. Sounds unimaginable coming from the 'speakers'. But, his brother seemed to like the music, so Bowman decided not to chide him too much for it.
The gate was up ahead of them, and there was a wide open area between the trees and the fence so he had been gliding leisurely in an arch, waiting for his brother to catch up. Bowman was not expecting a blasted human to suddenly appear in front of him out of the blue and ran right into their stomach! His momentum was mostly at fault and not his reflexes because he would have avoided the collision had he been watching where he was going instead of looking behind himself. But really, there was literally nothing there a blasted second ago! The collision didn't hurt as much as it could have, he managed to swing his feet forward to absorb some of the shock, but he still slammed right into the clothed wall with considerable force. His wings were flat out across the human's stomach so when he bounced off, he couldn't right himself fast enough and started to fall backwards, getting a look at the startled humans face for a split second before something came up quickly from underneath. He fell on top of it and then it split into five smaller parts curling around his breathless form.
Bowman had only a second to fold his wings before the long things curled completely around him, turning his body to be more upright and launched him in a loose fist on up to the human's stunned face. He was caught. The chill going up his spine made him shiver at how fast it all happened. One second he was flying, the next, captured by a strange human that appeared out of nowhere! He was turned this way and that, giving the very tall man a good look at his wings and body. Memories popping up from when Jacob did the very same thing. Only this one, wasn't nearly as surprised. A mild irritation crept onto his face as Bowman was lowered down and the man turned around to face the fence with a scowl.

Sam had good reflexes and caught the flying thing before he fell to the ground. He had acted on impulse to grab after the thing started to fall backwards. Only after it landed in his hand did he make out that it appeared to be a small person like the others he'd encountered, but this one had wings. And they did not look detachable. The green hair was also something else, it didn't appear to be dyed that way, so it grew in green. Sam took a second to look the thing over, noticing the wings looked like leaves but fragile so he made sure to keep his grip very loose. Putting no pressure on the small person's body, but the fingers would keep it from escaping with how they were curled around like a soft cage.
Sam knew now, that whatever crap they were experiencing all day, had something to do with any kind of door. Even a see through chain link fence and gate that on the 2017 side was only four foot tall. He had clearly seen the thin young trees, but now it was like a thousand year old forest ahead of him and all around. Sam scowled and turned to face what stood there now. A very tall fence covered in vines and thorns was there for at least 50 years going by the state it's in. He side eyeing it with growing agitation. “It's not even a proper door!” Sam grit out, sighed at the world at large. If he didn't have someone in each hand, he would have flung them out to show his exasperation even more.
He saw something waver in the air, like a concentrated oval shaped ripple on water, but with the trees and plants waving instead of blue water. They watched mesmerized as someone stepped through the shape and the visual discrepancy dissipated as fast as it appeared. There for only the two seconds it took for the person to take a three steps forward. Sam realized he knew that person, it was his friend Cas holding his small Drauglin brother, and some other small person, seemingly out of thin air. But before Sam or Cas could say a word, to talk about what the hell just happened, they saw a second green blur shoot out of the woods in the same direction that the green winged dude came from.
A battle cry came from the newcomer as it nearly missed hitting Castiel the same way the first dude hit Sam. Obviously going for a surprise attack but not actually touching either human. Cas was still reeling from being transported to another place and stumbled back from the fast moving thing that was angrily yelling at him. He could make out that it was green and had wings but the wings didn't flap at all, they glided as it swooped right in front of him on up from below.
Cas had his hands full with Dean in his shirt nest and Oscar in his other so he couldn't reach out and catch the wide projectile. Both of the men in his hands were still jolted forwards and then back and out to keep them from being hit if the thing came back around, pulling them back to his chest and stomach to block them from attack. Sam too brought in his own two close to himself for the same reason so neither human was able to do anything about the flying green thing that was shouting curses at them. It would have been amusing if they weren't scared for the safety of the people in their hands.
The new arrival was able to bank left and avoid being caught, he angled the flier down in a spiral to stay close. “Bowman! Hang on!” The voice desperate and angry over the situation.
All of the others looked with mixture of awe and confusion at the newest arrival. Sam felt his younger self squirm in the grip to turn around and see what the hell was happening. Sam realized that he'd had him nearly completely covered and loosened the fingers, allowing the young man to move where he wanted.
“Bowman?” Sam finally got a good look, noticing the green winged sprite in Sam's other fist. He knew he recognized that voice but seeing it for himself confirmed it. Somehow they were transported to Bowman's forest! So that's what Sam meant by it not being a proper door, he could see the top edge of the fence and gate behind and above Sam's body. He felt the second human standing there looking at him and the tingle on his neck shot up to red alert. Who is that?! The other human had poor Oscar in one fist and the dragon in the other arm. Was he a friend? One quick look upwards confirmed that Sam wasn't worried about him, so he must be alright. Still, in those brief seconds, he saw how scared Oscar was of everything but before he could call out, another voice came from the ground.
Sam landed his glider as quickly as possible to a patch of short plants for a rough and dirty landing just so he could get on his own two feet faster. He ripped off the buckles and straps that kept him tethered to his glider and used some mixed curses. “Blasted fucking giants!” Jumping down the side of the short plants to cushion the sudden descent to get to his brother asap. Brandished his sword, he chopped his way out of the foliage and gathered up every ounce of courage he had. Those humans captured his brother and were holding him in a fist! He knew not all humans were friendly and this one was proving that point by keeping Bowman captive. His love for his family driving him to approaching the humans. He had no chance against one, even less against two, but he'd be damned if he let his brother down. Let him get taken away without a fight. Sam lifted his sword up into the Knights fighting stance and charged full on. He was too far to go back for help, his fellow Knights were elsewhere, inspecting the long length of the fence for any other breaks since Jacob's departure weeks ago. Sam had no backup besides Bowman for at least half a mile. They never encountered humans before Jacob, but he guessed the dam was broken, and now humans were going to be a regular threat to his home. But, these two will not leave without due punishment for this atrocity! “Put my brother down or I'll slice you in two!”
Bowman was proud of Sam, his bravery in the face of this unbeatable challenge, but more scared for his brother's life. Bowman cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, “Turn around, Sam! Save yourself!” but he saw his older brother refuse. Continuing the trek across the clearing towards certain death. “Blast it! Go!”
In Sam's other hand, Sam pushed himself up and the fingers let go almost entirely, the human obeying the silent command to make his hand into something more like a platform. Sam grabbed a finger to steady him and turned to the winged sprite, “Bowman! Don't you recognize me? It's me! Sam Winchester!”
Bowman finally stopped struggling long enough to really look at the other captured person and gaped. “Sam?”
“Yeah.” He said, hands out to show he has no weapon on him. “It's fine!”
Bowman's expression of disbelief was clear for everyone to see, save for his brother down on the ground. Bowman scowled in confusion and looked back down at his brother who was indeed, still charging after them with the small sword glinting in the sunlight, he was making good progress for having such a long distance to run. The ground of the forest is never level so his brother always had a hard time navigating it as fast as the sprites who just flew above it most of the time. What Sam lacked for wings, he made up for in strength. The biggest one of them back in their community. Strongest. He was well respected for a Knight and served them well over his long life here, ever since he'd arrived as a young scared child, lost in the woods at a small fraction of his former size. He found a new family and home here, learned how to fit in and help it flourish, and he was not going to let anyone steal his family or home away from him again!
Cas stepped closer hesitantly, eyes glued to the tiny figure on the ground, watching the sharp sword warily, in fear of his ankles. He leaned into his tall friend. The only one here besides Dean in his arms that he could trust without question. “What is going on here?”
Sam sighed and shrugged, both of his passengers moving along. The green winged guy fearfully gripped tighter to his index finger, while the other Sam just gave him a dirty look for the unexpected move. “This has been going on all morning.” Watching the small green Knight still advance, sword waving about in front of him, loosing some of his steam. It was a pretty wide clearing.
“Bobby said, um. That you had a young uh, you with you.” Castiel muttered and Sam nodded in his periphery. “But, that sounds like your double down there. But he's right here.” Indicating Sam's hand where that one waved shyly. Castiel would have politely waved back, but Oscar was curled up into a ball inside his hand and Dean was asleep again. “But it can't be another Sam down there... can it?”
“Yep.” Both Sam's said, watching the running green Knight progress ever closer to his nemesis.
“So this makes sense?” Castiel was only getting more and more lost. His head couldn't tilt any further.
Sam used his human's jacket to climb up to the slumped shoulder to free up one of the human's hands. The body underneath his hands and feet stiffened immediately, half his attention split between the tiny attacker down below and keeping still enough to not throw off the little guy.
“About as much as anything else.” Tiny Sam said and leaned way over to watch as the green Knight version of themselves started to hack away at big Sam's pants to get to his ankles. Slicing it to ribbons with quick deft moves. The blade was thinner and therefore sharper then any human's. Sam stepped back, making the small green man advance again with an outraged growl added into the grunts of exertion. No doubt insulting him with how easy it was to avoid contact. His shoes were pretty tough to get through, but damned if the green Knight wasn't trying his best to cut through the thick leather.
2006 Sam sighed and turned to see the side of Sam's face. “Let Bowman down.” And then an idea hit him. Hating himself immediately for it for how it's going to sound. “Wait! Don't. Not yet.”
Bowman had a flash of gratefulness then hatred at the words. “Who's side are you on? Let me down!” He shouted, tempted to bite down on the fingers that were keeping him in. The human had brought over his newly freed hand to help keep him hostage. More room inside the fingers didn't mean anything to Bowman since he was still held against his will. Angling his ire upwards, “Fly into a thorn bush and flail! You blasted giant!” He then struggled to face his brother, realizing that Sam wouldn't leave to save himself, but might if it was to get reinforcements. “Sam! Go get help!”
Sam was too preoccupied watching the small conversation to realize that the green one had leaped onto the shoe to cut the pant leg out of the way to get to the Achilles tendon. Feeling the edge of the blade against skin once the cloth of the jeans were sliced wide open. He lifted the foot in the air and gently shook it to dislodge the small man without hurting him. At least he caught on what the dude's intentions were before blood was drawn on either side. Knowing it must be hard to attack and hold on simultaneously. Sam was left to hop around on one foot until Castiel came forward and let Sam lean against his side for balance. “Get offa me!” Sam wiggled his foot again. The Knight trying his best to keep stabbing through the loose pant leg but getting the space between the ankle and jeans.
By this time, Cas had carefully slipped Oscar into his large side trench coat pocket, and crouched down to the green armor clad Sam still dangling there. “Remarkable.” He said in wonder and reached forward to relieve his friend of the small attacker.
Sam put his foot back down and sighed in relief that he didn't fall over, taking the others along with. He could have accidentally killed the two small Sam's and this Bowman guy. Maybe even take out the tiny dude that Cas was carrying around as well, if he instinctually reached out and tugged on Cas's coat to slow his fall. There were too many small people! Sam felt like a giant monster with all these fragile little lives all around him. All he wanted to do was show Sam some plants and how to track a vellum! Is it too much to ask? Now instead of just one little guy, there's four and oh yeah, his tiny injured brother is out here in the fairy riddled mystical fucking forest too! Perfect! Sam grumbled to himself and glared at the sky. Daring any more weirdness to rear their faces his way. Why tiny people? Why can't he be running into beautiful young women all the time? He doesn't dislike the tinies themselves, they're all good people, when they aren't trying to maim him, but it does make him feel like a giant clumsy monster to be around so many!
Young Sam ignored Sam's internal whining, and punched at his neck for the wild ride, before sitting back down between the two collars.
Castiel's fingers curled around the small man and made sure that the hands holding the hilt of the sword were held outwards so he couldn't keep cutting them. Castiel had some experience holding small dangerous animals, so he had some experience incapacitating the man without hurting him or even disarming him. The sword looked very sharp and gripping it in any way, would slice open fingers. It was best to keep hold of the hands instead with the pads of his thumb and index fingers. Castiel stood again, holding the small man up and turning him around to study him closer to his face. “Sam?” He addressed the green man. “Your name is Sam correct?”
Bowman punched at the fingers around him that refused to budge, “Pray to a rock!”
Knight Sam tried his best to yank the sword towards himself but found his mobility was gone. Legs firmly tucked inside the last three fingers while the thumb and index forced his hands out forward from his chest. Pissed, he shouted up. “Of the Wellwood Knights! You should remember that so you know who's going to defend Wellwood until their dying breath!”
“I assure you, that's not necessary. No one is going to be hurt here.” Castiel said and hoped that that was going to be the case. His friend standing next to him was a Hunter and the being that Sam had captured wasn't exactly human. It seemed like Sam was being as careful as he was with their captives. In all honesty, Castiel was still trying to wrap his head around the physiology of all these small people. As well as the inexplicable sudden transportation into these woods. So many questions and no answers as of yet.
“Says the giants going around capturing people!” Bowman kicked at the fingers some more. His fear was being held back by his anger. “Are all giants this stupid? Believing this is the way to make new friends? You can't fool me by making yourself look like my brother! Some kind of human magic we wont fall for!” Bowman's wings were held tight to his back to keep them out of harms way. He was forced to crouch down if he wanted to turn and face his brother being held by the other giant. At least the hands he was being caged in didn't close in on him. But they were making him feel vulnerable and helpless. But Sam had to think that he was strong willed enough to survive long enough for him to get free and leave to save himself, or get help. Bowman's backup plan was to stall the humans long enough for the next patrol sprites to make their way here to see why there was a delay on reporting back their findings.
Ever since the Jacob incident, they had contingencies made up for anyone's disappearance. Stricter rules on returning back to their post to report findings. Even if it was reported that they found nothing abnormal in the forest. Of course, accounting for normal delays, their scheduled time here at the fence wasn't going to expire for another hour since they'd only just arrived at the fence when these two humans showed up. Anything at all could happen before they're marked as missing.
Bowman's eyes went wide when he finally noticed something moving in the other giant's arm. He thought it was a bundle of food, toasted bread perhaps, supplies for the human's trip here, but it was something else entirely strange and monstrous. His jaw dropped and he was speechless at the sight of it.
Dean lifted his long neck from his nest and pointed his nose upwards, squinting in the light beyond his mate's head. His wings ruffled a bit, it was warmer out and he wanted to soak in the heat surrounding him. One dappled brown wing opened and hung loosely down Cas's arm. 'Cas?' Dean rumbled out, focusing a bit more on what's going on around him. When Cas knelt down and stood he'd roused from his dozing nap. The raised voices were cutting into his sleepy time as well. He couldn't make out much beyond the cloth nest before. Just knew something flew at them, and that it was pissed and talking to them. The general scents in the air confirmed that everyone here was on edge, scared or pissed off. And one of them did not smell the least bit human. Dean flopped his head around to look at the green thing in his mate's hands. 'What is that fairy talking about?'
“I don't believe this one is a fairy. No wings.” Cas mumbled more or less to himself. He brought the green one up and over to Sam's winged man for comparison. Their clothes and speech were nearly identical, they truly cared for each other. But their physical appearances were very different. The one called Bowman was darker skinned, and that green hair suggests that Sam was adopted into the family. His accent and speech sounded like it was straight out of a movie. But not a recent one. Indeed, the Knight in his hands looked much younger then his friend. Neither of the green clad people saw Sam as Sam. Perhaps it was the older age longer hair and the scruffy beard? Or perhaps it was the fact that he was a 'giant' to these two. Neither would believe that Sam could be a human, so it didn't cross their minds to take a closer look. Despite the fact that he called Sam by name. Or like the winged Bowman said, that he thinks it's all magic performed to deceive them. Castiel was still coming up with a nice way of asking what they are, when the Sam sitting up on Sam's shoulders called out.
“Bowman! Sam! Look, I know you guys came from Wellwood, and you've got healers there right? You pray to your Spirit and she grants you the gift of healing?”
Bowman stiffened up and shot looks at his captured brother and then the freed Sam. Confused as to how the blasted hell he knew that. Fear of how they knew their secrets despite only having just met minutes ago. “Ye-ess?”
Sam sat up straighter, brightening at the confirmation. “Cool! Then could you help out my friend over there? He's been hurt and isn't doing so hot.”
Both of the men of Wellwood looked to where he's pointing, and saw Cas gently holding up the injured dragon. Oscar's small form was still in the deep pocket, wiggling away. His voice carrying a little, “Hey guys?”
“Right! Oscar!” Sam leaned forward and shouted down, “You ok, Oscar?”
“Fine... I uh. I don't mind it in here.” Oscar sounded very embarrassed for having voiced his preference like that, but the fact remains is that the world was very big, very bright and filled with even more dangers now. This pocket felt safer then being out there. His mind reeling at all of the possibilities of being stabbed by that Knight... a real live Knight! Or taken away by the green winged man, or by a passing bird, or any one of the animals in this huge forest. He'd barely ever left his hotel and all this was too much for him at once. He dressed up like a Knight, but at the moment, they didn't actually need one, so he consoled himself with that fact, and would hang back for now.
Sam called down to his friend who sounded like he was just fine chillin' in a pocket. “Ok, Oz. Let us know. Alright?” Adding any more to that sentence would only add insult to injury. They didn't need brave heroics at the moment, just a calm discussion. The Bowman that he'd met before in his own world was going up against zombie wolves and a blight that was killing his forest. An evil Lich that nearly sucked the life out of his home. Thankfully, they were able to stop it in time. It seems as though this Bowman never had to deal with the Lich, or, hadn't yet. Of course, the other Bowman never had a brother called Sam. He might not be so willing to assist. But, it was worth a shot to help out Dean. From all he's heard and seen, the Drauglin didn't deserve to be in so much pain.
“Ok, what the hell is going on?” Knight Sam asks, sword going lax in his bound hands. He's ignored for a minute and gives everyone a royal bitchface for it.
Sam stood up from the collars and scaled down the jacket to stand on the right arm, close to the elbow for stability as he grabbed onto the jacket and had his other hand out and open, palm up like he was offering it in friendship. “Bowman. Please help us out.” He asked softly and looked up to Sam. “Let him go.”
Sam nodded and opened his hands slowly, Bowman took to the air the second he was able and fluttered around Castiel. Just out of reach but wanting to dive in and save his brother. He had so many insults and curses on his tongue but held back for his brother's sake.
Sam didn't take it to heart that Bowman didn't take his hand. Turning to the other human, from what he'd heard, Cas was a scientist that studies mythical creatures and he thought it might be difficult to get this one to listen. Confident his Sam would step in if this human stepped out of line. “You're Cas?” and saw the trench coat clad person nod. “Let Sam down. We gotta stop kidnapping everyone. Like Bowman said, that's no way to make friends.”
Knight Sam gaped for a second when Cas stopped examining his unique clothes to frown, embarrassed to be called out on his curiosity.
Cas cleared his throat and said, “I swear I wasn't going to keep you captive.” He address the green Knight. “I just find your clothes and skill so fascinating and amazing. Please forgive me.” He then slowly bent forward and let Sam down onto the ground. Castiel felt his pocket shift with the slight weight and reached inside to retrieve Oscar once again. Cas held his hand out with the man going to a sit for more stability. Addressing him next. “Before I return you to your Sam, I wish to know something very important. Were you still planning on hurting my boyfriend with all this silver?” He frowned at the smallest man there and Oscar shrunk back, shaking his head so fast his hair flew all around his face.
“Boyfriend?” 2006 Sam sputtered out from his perch on Sam's arm. “Dean's your boyfriend?”
“Dean's here?!” Knight Sam shouted up, excited. “Where is he?!” Looking behind the humans and all around himself. Heart beating faster and his head tried to make sense of it all. Why there were copies of himself standing here. Who this Cas person was. What the deal is with the winged animal in his hands. He thought Dean gave up on him, or left him for dead so many years ago. Did his brother discover a way to find him? Did it backfire and that's why there's so many Sam's here? His mind whirled at the thought that his brother simply recreated a younger brother instead of trying to find him again, but then why are these guys all here? Talking about Dean as if he's present? Sam felt dizzy but hopeful as he continuously looked around for someone with blond spiky hair, freckles and green eyes. His memories of his brother fading with time but those still stuck with him.
Castiel held the dragon out a bit more, nodding down at him. “This is Dean, and he's been injured. He needs help.”
'Cas, I'm fine.” Dean grumbled, still mostly out of it.
Sam felt like he'd been punched. Breath knocked out of him. The hope crashing down faster then his glider in a downdraft. “No.” He whispered.
Dean shuffled around to face outwards, away from Cas's stomach at the world around them. He squinted at the flying green blur. 'What the hell is that?'
“I believe it's a fairy, Dean.” Cas said, looking up to where Dean was aiming his nose.
Bowman was hovering out of reach but still tried to get a good look at 'Dean'. His head was so far past paying attention to anything other then the small creature that the human had been carrying around, calling it by the same name as Sam's long lost brother. These things don't happen. Bowman's brother seemed to want to believe this wolf dung. The idea that after all these years, Sam finds his family again, but it's something that even the Earth Spirit herself couldn't have imagined. Sam's Dean should have been a human, not this... thing. Bowman wished that Sam was more skeptical about what the intruding humans were saying. He wished his brother had a lick of sense in him to start running for his glider. Get away from this poppy sickness. Bowman reluctantly came to the conclusion that even if he did, the leaf glider was deeply wedged inside the short plants across the clearing. It would take far too long to get it pulled out and ready to fly. The giants could take their time to recapture them if they wished. So, they were stuck here. With them. Might as well make conversation till the other patrol sprites and Knights get here. The 'Cavalry' as Sam called it. All these thoughts happening in mere seconds with his mind buzzing as fast as it is.
“You understand it?” Bowman asked, swooping around to check up on his brother, making sure he was Ok on the ground. He would have lifted his brother up to see better if he'd had the strength, but Sam was five years older and overall bigger then him. They were the same height wise, but Sam had the muscles and power behind them. That didn't mean much against these blasted humans though. At least they weren't trying to grab again. He had to be ready for it if they did, but, Bowman's small knife had fallen down somewhere, and he sorely missed it. He had to not only watch the humans and other wingless sprites, but now there was a winged creature with spikes and sharp fangs that was intelligent enough to speak. Of course it was not in any kind of normal language. There were growls and chirps unlike any living thing in memory. Bowman doubted any sprite alive had heard its kind before. The long haired giant spoke up next, making him drop several inches at the sudden volume.
“I understand Dean too. Cas an I did a spell to help us understand his speech. He knows the alphabet in sign language but I'm guessing you all don't...” He nodded to himself. He and Cas and the others in their small group know the ASL alphabet, but that's it. No time to learn the whole American Sign Language. It is just like any other language, and can't be translated into direct English. The ASL has its own terminology, sentence structure, ideas and words. Other countries have their own different sign languages, and it's false to think that it can substitute for a universal language. Since it would take too long for a young Drauglin to memorize an entirely new language, they stuck with the A-Z alphabet and were able to make it work, even if they had to spell out everything, and it usually takes time. It was better then going solely on body language like they had been at the start. But that doesn't matter right now. “He understands English so you can simply talk to him, and we will gladly translate his words back to you.”
Bowman was finally seeing the giant at a better angle, he could understand how this one could also be a Sam. But older. The voice sounded so different. Due to it being so much louder and rougher. Past all that weird hair around his mouth, he could see how this man could be a human sized version of his sprite sized brother. His brother liked to keep a clean shaven face, and sprites generally can't grow beards. Bowman wondered if Sam did it just to fit in better.
Being so much larger then everyone else here, made Sam more then a touch self conscious about his relatively enormous size. Can't be helped. Best he can do is to move slowly around everyone and apologize to Bowman. He cleared his throat and addressed the flying sprite and the Knight down below, “I am truly sorry for our rash behavior, for catching you and keeping you, Mr. Bowman.”
Bowman had never been called 'Mr.' before and was trying to parse out if it was an insult or not. He kept his distance while hovering in the air, level with the human's face. If he's being honest, these two didn't do anything worse then what Jacob had done, what his brother warned him that humans are likely to do the whole time growing up. At least these men let them go a lot faster then expected or hoped, and understood their desire for space. After letting them go, they kept those hands to themselves or on the creature in the long tan coated one's lap. Cas was it? Short name for such a big person.
The human Sam continued, “I don't know how you came to live in the woods, or if your Dean is back where you came from.” His eyes trailed up and past the group, looking into the forest for any sign of their civilization. Noticing the winged man start to scowl at his inquisitive gaze. Bristling with concern before he was interrupted by the brother down below.
“I haven't seen Dean since I was shrunk down and transported to these woods.” The Knight Sam spoke up, “We were kids, I don't have any idea what he would look like now beyond green eyes and blond hair. What he'll think of me if he sees me again, if he even thinks I'm still alive. I know that a lot has changed since then, back in the world. Jacob showed us some of the technology he had, music that's held on a device he said was like an ipod. No cassettes at all!”
Sam squinted at him. Right, another 2006 Sam. Seems like this curse thing happened across nearly all of the current universes in 2005, 'cept for the giant Jacob universe. Unless the giant was a botched reversal attempt for the shrinking curse? Who knows. They didn't bother sticking around to find out. It appears as though the same people will continue to run into each other, again and again but in different contexts and situations. He doesn't remember meeting a Jacob from his normal time, but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist. Just that they hadn't met yet. Maybe he'll search him out when this is all over. The universes literally telling them all that its fate that they meet. Who knows. Recurring themes. One of which, is that the Winchesters have tough lives. This little woodland Sam had it rougher then most. Growing up not only small and without Dean, but in a whole new environment. Cut off from everything he knows. He was glad Bowman's family took him in. The winged kid couldn't be more then 19 or 20. Sam looks like he's around 24. So Bowman basically grew up with Sam being his big brother. But, it still doesn't replace the loss of his Dean. The chance to find out what happened since that day. And being stuck at 4 inches tall in the woods with no real contact with human society means his odds of finding his brother are slim to none. This may be his only chance to see Dean, even if it's not his own. No wonder the kid is having a hard time with all this.
The Knight Sam had his sword in hand, but it was lowered to his side. It felt wrong to put it away just yet. He saw the large brown wing stretch out and down, the horned head ceased it's soft chirps to the one called Cas, to look right at him. Even from this short distance, he could hear the wheeze in the creatures breaths. “That can't be him. Can't possibly be Dean... Can it?”
“It is, just... not from your world. I would be eternally grateful if what I heard was true, that you can help him? I know he doesn't look it, but this really is Dean. You see, we are all from alternate universes. I'm not sure if you've heard of the theory when you went to school? Well we basically proven it as fact over and over again.” He chuckled and watched three of the small people stiffen from the news, while the Sam he's been traveling with laughed knowingly. “This is my brother. He was transformed into a Drauglin from a hunt turned sideways, and had been injured while we were uh, on the run from bad guys.” Cas bit his lip and cast his eyes down to Dean, fingers stroking the bandages quietly. Sam knew why, and did not want to over complicate the story. Getting tired of repeating their story, but he'd do it a hundred times more if it meant Dean would get the help he needed. Thankfully, his small companion Sam helped him out, and they summed up their situation and adventures so far that day. It took a few minutes, but they might have a couple more allies here, so they'd answer any questions and jump through any hoops.
Bowman had landed next to his brother and watched Cas crouch down, half holding out Dean towards them to see better. Sam followed suit, and both humans awkwardly sat down without jostling any of their passengers more then necessary. Wanting to be more at Wellwood's protectors level, to seem less imposing or threatening. They did kind of gatecrash into their home and hold them captive for a hot minute. They both wanted to do more to show how sorry they were for the knee jerk reactions.
Cas let down Oscar next, now that he was closer to the ground and had made no move to go after Dean in his other arm at all in that time. The silver Knight stumbled a bit. Unsure where to go when the taller human also lowered down his arm to let Sam hop off easier. Sam strode right up to his friend and hugged him tight. Relief on both sides that neither one was hurt or traumatized after all they'd gone through. Sam knew how his friend Oscar would be feeling after all this excitement, and even after the hug, left his arm draped over Oscar's shoulders. He leaned in causally and whispered, “It's alright, Oscar. No one's a threat here.”
Oscar was shaken up and clung to Sam's hand that was around his thin shoulders. As the smallest one there, he couldn't help but feel weak in the knees. He'd never seen so many people at once, and all of them were looking at him. Or rather, at his armor glinting in the light.
Bowman found himself gravitating closer. “I've never seen so much metal.”
Oscar's eyes went wide at the green winged man brazenly approached them. The wings practically vibrating at his back had Oscar shivering from nerves. The sprite had wings strong enough to take him away if he wanted to. His hand gripped onto Sam's a bit tighter, sides bumping. “I-i-it's silver.” Oscar stammered out, looking up at the taller man. Even with the wings folded, they still arched even higher.
Bowman's curiosity overrode his self preservation and in just a few steps, he got right up next to the small man leaning forward to see his reflection in the bent metal across Oscar's chest. Touching the metal here and there. Feeling how smooth its surface was. All of their own metals were reserved for the Knights swords and they were thin and sharp to conserve the rare material. “It's so big and shiny.”
Bowman's brother was suddenly right behind the sprite, blushing furiously at his younger brother. “Bowmannnn.” Sam hissed. “Invading enemy?” His hand waving about with a pointed glare.
Bowman straitened up again and stepped back. Appraising Oscar head to toe. Whispering back, “He's not very big.” Implying that they could take him out. The implication was not lost on Oscar who shrank behind his metal chest plate, hiding as much of himself from view as possible without actually turning into a turtle.
Sam sighed at his winged brother and looked Oscar over, never taking his eyes off of the giants for too long.
Sam didn't like where these two were going with their talk and stepped in front of Oscar more fully. Dropping his voice into something more imposing. A warning and daring glint in his eye to just try it. “Hey.”
Knight Sam frowned deeply at him. Holding out his sword once again and Sam in turn held out his silver knife, Oscar following suit with the sharp silver shard from his boot, since Cas had taken away his sword and his knife.
A standoff.
The mature adult Sam sighed overhead. “This is getting nowhere.” raising an eyebrow at his tiny Sam. “You really think they're gonna help us out?”
“I was hoping.” The knife in his hand that Dean made for him was being stared at by the Knight who had one hand on his sword, and the other going for the back of his pants. A second weapon. He had no way of knowing that the other Sam was only looking at it because it was an exact replica of his own. Sam pulled his friend Oscar behind him all the way and lifted up his blade again, ready for a two against one fight despite having two humans right behind as backup. “Probably not going to help.” Sam grit out. Disappointed but not surprised. It was a long shot to begin with.
Dean's pained breaths wheezed unexpectedly as he gathered up enough strength to flop his head around to look at the mumbling blurs. 'Someone stop the world. I wanna get off.' Shifting in the t-shirt and whining when his injuries were pinched by his moving around. 'Sammy? Hurts.'
All eyes went on him as Cas hushed him soothingly, stroking a finger down Dean's neck. His eyes were shining with some unshed tears. “It's Ok, Dean. We're trying to get you some help.” Then gazed down at the group of little people. “Please, if you can, please, help him. I know what he looks like, but Dean is a good man. He's been through so much, and didn't deserve the hardships that nearly killed him time and time again. I understand you only see what you see, but I wish you could take a minute to see what I do when I look at him.” He held Dean lower now. Hesitating before putting him on the ground fully, hands hovering low nearby.
Dean gasped at the sudden stop, angling his bound hand and leg out from under his body. Heaving breaths and struggling to stay focused and awake. Mouth hanging open and tongue starting to slip out from panting. He squinted at the blurred shapes standing nearby. Closing his mouth to sniff the air. The anger was dissipating.
Knowing Oscar wouldn't want to be left alone, Sam calmly pulled him along when he came closer to Dean, running a hand down the Drauglin's long neck. Oscar stayed out of reach of the Drauglin because he was still wearing the silver plating. Oscar nodded along as his friend said, “He really is Dean. And he really does need your help. If you can.”
Knight Sam's sword wavered as he considered them all. The first two humans he's seen since Jacob, an identical twin to himself petting a dragon and calling it by his brother's name, another shorter man holding onto him, looking like he's ten seconds from either fighting or running. And finally the dragon itself. Breathing laboriously and green eyes swimming around at all of them. Rumbling low in his chest. It was the freckles that dotted the dragon's nose and down his weak body that put a chink in his armor.
Sam's anger at holding his brother captive waned the longer the humans sat there peacefully. Full attention on the dragon with honest concern in their faces. Turning to Bowman. “What do you think?”
Bowman's wings fluttered behind him in irritation. It was a lot to ask. Rischa and Cerul were the healers of the Wellwood, Bowman couldn't manage more then healing a leaf cut. What if they declined? What then? He knew that his brother would need his glider to get back home since they were miles away from the home tree. He wished to the great Spirit above that he could just fly Sam out himself. For now, they were basically trapped without the Wellwood Knights or even patrol sprites here. He whispered to his Sam, “I think we wont last five minutes if we anger the giants.”
Human Sam sighed again. “We can still hear you.” Turning to Cas. “It's like they think we went deaf just because we're big.”
Cas tilted his head at that. “I was trying to be polite and pretend I can't hear them. I attempted to not listen in.”
Sam rubbed at his neck sheepishly, addressing the small crowd standing on the ground. “Sorry.”
Sam took that opportunity to drop his knife back down. With his other hand, he pointed up at his big buddy Sam, “He's fine. They're all safe, just a bit uh, overwhelming until you get to know them.” He shrugged and faced the green guys again, keeping Oscar behind him the whole time, trying to be informal about it. “And yeah, you can decide not to help us out, it's fully your decision. We will leave. All of us. Peacefully. You wont see us again, we promise. Right guys?”
Human Sam and Castiel nodded once, Bowman wouldn't stop nodding, and Dean lolled his head around, 'Wha?'
Sam put his knife away in his bag and then held up both empty hands, “We understand this is all scary and don't want to frighten you guys.”
Bowman bristled at that. “I am not scared!”
Knight Sam nodded along. Jutting out his chin in defiance of such an asinine statement, “Neither am I. I swore to protect Wellwood and all her inhabitants.” He announced, going into the Knight's stance. Considering the possibilities. If what everyone was saying was true, then his brother somehow turned into a dragon, and he needed help. Sam had no idea what the details were, but at the moment it didn't matter. After seeing Jacob and how whole event passed, he knew that humans would have a knee jerk reaction to catch smaller people. These two humans released them far faster then even Jacob did. He didn't blame Jacob too harshly, knowing his character and point of view on it now, and that the teenage giant didn't mean any harm, it was just his curiosity overruling his common sense. He also knew that if these humans wanted to, they could have kept the two of them hostage and forced them to heal the dragon. But, they were let go and that made him even more curious. Leaning more towards helping then fleeing.
Knight Sam approached the other sprite sized Sam, and looked him dead in the eyes. Marveling internally for a moment at how this is what he looks like in real life. Not a reflection in water, or the sliver of reflection seen in his knife or sword. Bowman's constant stares at the twin also confirmed that this was basically Sam if he'd stayed in human society, going by his fish hook and bag, the modern styled clothes, and the way that he's totally relaxed and comfortable around giants.
The Knight held his sword downwards in truce, asking candidly, “You trust them?”
Sam grinned. “Yeah. I've gotten to know our giant counterpart pretty well this morning err, afternoon here, I guess. And that Cas guy seems alright. That's Sam from 2017. Different universe from Oz and I.” He said. The green winged dude was still lingering close so he pat Bowman's back for attention and formal greeting. “This is Oscar, he's a civvie from my world. Who originally came to slay the dragon I see.” He looked down at Oscar who was blushing again. “But yeah. Any help would be great.”
Knight Sam took one last long look at everyone there, then landed on Bowman who shrugged. “Scar and Cerul would want to see them first.”
Sam nodded and thumbed over his shoulder. “I can guide you closer, but you're not allowed into the village.”
“You'll help?” Castiel asked, hope in his voice.
“I can try. But after he's healed, you will leave our woods right away, and never talk about it. Those are the conditions.” Raising his sword again for emphasis, even if he knew it wouldn't do much good against the humans that were fixated on him. The tingle in his neck going away, proving to himself that they aren't really a threat. He looked at the dragon who's breathing was still sounding labored. Stepping closer but found Bowman's hand stilling him.
“It's Dean.” he whispered, the feelings coming back to him again and his brother relented, patting his back.
“A Knight with a dragon brother.” Bowman snarked but there was no anger or denial there. “Can't wait to see Scar's face for this discovery. Remember when they refused to let you keep that squirrel pup?"

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