The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven:
I've Gotta Be On My Way

The bright morning sun had barely shown through the curtains, illuminating the motel room by small increments. Bobby sat by the little Drauglin's side, waiting for Dean to wake on his own. He'd heard some soft snores mixed with clipped pained whines. Figuring that Dean was actually saying something in the other tongue, he knew he'd need a translator, and since Sam is off with the tiny version of himself, that left just one other man to help him out. Bobby stood from the bed, wincing slightly at how Dean's small body moved with the bed and settled back down, wrapping a wing around his body to keep the warmth in. Bobby used his index finger to lightly graze down the length of the strongest wing bone, and saw Dean relax more into the t-shirt nest. Mumbling and giving a couple of soft chirps.
“Be right back short stuff.” Bobby muttered and went to the door that joined theirs to the other three members of their group. Bobby had a feeling that something was up after the way Sam had checked in on them just a minute ago. Like he was relieved to see the room as it was. The hairs raising on the back of Bobby's head that something was amiss, but unable to put his finger on it. Of course, something was always going on, but once he figured out what it was, he could deal with it. Until then, this unease permeated his comfort zone like a virus. That extra dollop of strange will have to wait its turn. For now, Dean was his top priority. Sam would have called or texted if he had any trouble dealing with his alternate universe brother when they meet up.
Bobby knocked politely on the door to the other room, and Rufus answered with his usual grumpy demeanor.
“Bobby.” Somehow making it sound like an accusation as well as fond greeting.
“Hey, Rufus. I need to borrow Castiel for a minute.”
“Sure thing. It's time for my beauty sleep now that you're all up.” And without further ado, he strode over to Cas's bedside and shook him awake.
Castiel jolted upright, eyes blinking owlishly in the dappled light of the room, “What time is it?”
“Time for you to get your ass moving. Git!” Rufus ordered and noticed the other bed's occupant stir. “You too crumpet. All of y'all, out. You two chatterboxes have got to go.” He shook Balthazar's shoulder as well who snuggled in further into the blankets. “Not a request.” Rufus growled out and backed off when he saw Bobby hobble over to help.
“I ne'er asked for a morning bell.” Balthazar's voice was muffled by the pillow and blankets.
“Aw hell, leave him be. I don't need the Brit-jit yet.” Bobby said about Balth and held an arm out to Cas next. “Need your help with Dean.”
Cas was up in an instant, limbs swinging about, trying to get himself righted and standing, equilibrium failing twice but he persevered. Rumpled and scared. “Is he alright? What happened?”
“In the other room.” Bobby said and shoved the clothing bag at him to pick out something to borrow to wear for the day. Cas was about to forego clothes in exchange for haste, but Bobby stopped him from marching into the other room. “He's fine. Get something on and come over.”
Cas frowned at him but obeyed, turning around to use his bed to sit and get the pants on but found Rufus already nestled in and cocking his gun under the pillow. Warning well received. So Cas turned to Balth's bed and shoved his best friend over to share some space, batting at the covered rump to scoot over and give him room. Bobby left him to it, returning to Dean's side in his own room.
Castiel found some suitable pants in Dean's old backpack and pulled on a simple black shirt. Dean hadn't worn these clothes in over 7 months, but it still made him feel just a bit closer to his boyfriend. And, it had the added bonus of the looks Dean always gives him when he sees Cas in something he belongs. He felt a warmth in his chest every time, and wanted to see that loving look in Dean's eyes more often. He stood up again and let his best friend reclaim that space of the bed. Like he needed every square inch of it to sleep.
Balthazar's voice sounded meek and pathetic when he asked, “There any chance of breakfast? Please? Cassie?” And got a granola bar flung at his head via Cas's hand. “Million thank you's.” He sighed happily, and a hand snuck out from the blanket bundle to snag the bar, dragging it inside.
Cas walked around the beds, grabbing the over shirt he wore the day before and his tan trench coat on the way to the other room. It had become a kind of security blanket for him, even if he'd never admit it out loud, or even to himself. It just felt right to wear it all the time. But for now, he just brought it out of habit, and entered the conjoining motel room. He noticed Sam was nowhere to be found, and Bobby was sitting on the further bed with Dean wrapped up in one of his wings, inside the t-shirt nest from yesterday. Bobby was facing a wall section that, for some reason, had a vent cover removed.
Cas heard the small sounds his boyfriend was making and came closer, stomach dropping at the hurt within those sounds. “What happened?” Castiel asked again, sitting on the other side of Dean. Gentle fingers hovering nearby. “He doesn't look too good.”
“Thing is, is we don't really know what happened. Sam an I were sleeping and at some point, Dean had snuck out and into the other room through that vent down there.” Bobby pointed out everything as he told the story. “From what we gather, is that there is another Sam and Dean out there, and our Dean hauled the other Sam back here from that alternate reality.”
Castiel turned his head again, confused. “So where is this other Sam?”
“Sam is trying to figure out what's going on. Ya see, the other Sam? Was about four inches tall.”
Cas looked at him blankly. “Is this a prank? You Hunters like to prank people?”
“Not a prank.” Bobby frowned. “Dean slipped through that vent, following a different tiny man through the insides of the walls, and got himself caught by the other Dean. The other Dean is still human and didn't know what to make of our Dean. Thought he was a monster.”
Cas scowled, but had to admit that he understood. He thought that very same thing when he'd first seen the Dragon at that first meeting. Calling it a meeting was being too generous, implying that it wasn't barbaric and inhumane. Dean was a thirty foot tall dragon cooped up in the back of a semi box container while Castiel's boss Michael discussed details of the transaction of ownership. Talk of money and expectations that Cas was only half paying attention to. More interested in seeing the mythical beast up close. He was a cryptozoologist, specializing in the study of cryptids; animals and creatures that were supernatural in nature and origin, that the normal world doesn't believe exists. He'd been hired by Michael to study the monster, and on first seeing him, was saddened by the horrible shape he was in. Knowing that he had his work cut out for him, Balthazar, and his team to get the dragon healthy enough to study. Taking samples from his body to put under microscopes. Learning all there was to know.
Dean was emaciated, drained emotionally, mentally, and physically. His muscles had atrophied from the constant confinements in cages too small for him to even stretch out fully. And it took a very long time to gain his trust and get Dean into a better state of body and mind. Dean had been abused from the moment he was torn from Bobby and Sam's care. And now, looking at him, he felt the same sympathy pains in his chest. He and Balthazar worked hard to get Dean to trust in something again, to have some hope. To see that he's valued as a person instead of an experiment or rare creature. It had taken weeks but their friendship grew to something more. Dean loved him. And Cas quickly saw the human inside the body, and fell in love right back. It felt so natural, but others wouldn't understand. That body was just packaging. It truly is how the saying goes, 'It's what's inside that counts.'
Now? Some strange, alternate reality version of Dean called him a monster? How the hell was his Dean to take that kind of news? Weeks of boosting up his self esteem, showing Dean's loved despite what he looks like, what he's been through and done, potentially ruined by another version of himself that can't see the heart inside. Cas refused to believe it. No version of Dean could be that cruel so it was a mistake. Plain and simple. The other Dean didn't have all the information. Cas shook his head, pushing aside illogical thoughts. They'll just have to show that other Dean who he is. Get him to see how great Dean is. How good and kind. Castiel hated how people saw his Dean, talked about him.
Castiel carefully picked up Dean's nest and brought it over to his lap, looking down at the slumbering form and feeling sorrow for his mate going through all that fresh trauma. His watery eyes caught Bobby's, “What did he say?”
“Nothing much. From what we've gathered from tiny Sam, is that after Dean saw how the small kid brother was treated, got it in his head to kidnap him and bring him back here, away from the other Dean.” Bobby's finger pointed down at the bundle in Cas's lap, “He was convinced that that Sam was treated like a pet more then a person. And we all know where he got that worry from.” Bobby's eyes turned cold and hard as he stared out the door at the world at large, all their attackers. Even if Bobby forgave him and Balth, it still made Castiel wilt under the reminder.
Bobby saw his new friends demeanor change. “It's alright, son. You and the Brit are a few of the good guys. Saw who he was on the inside and did something about it. He'd been dead if it weren't for you two, so stop beating yourself up over the past. You changed for the better.” Bobby said and wiped his nose off, clearing his throat. “Now. What's the little brat saying?”
Castiel coughed at that in surprise. Having found out quickly how this family of Hunters bond is through acceptance and insults. No wonder Balth felt so at home with them. “Not saying anything at the moment, these are normal sleeping noises.” His gaze went back down to Dean and noticed the bandages were changed. The shirt and Drauglin were lifted up so he could take a closer look without maneuvering the legs themselves. “They re-wrapped his wounds?”
“Yup. The little Sam said he and the other little guy did it. Dean's arm wound opened up again and they bound it with new cotton gauze. Details says it all. I don't think they meant him any harm, but, you know Dean.” Bobby shrugged.
Cas understood. Sometimes no one knew what would set Dean off, treating him with too much care, or too little. Dean would become upset that the need was there for the gentle treatment, but then the switch would flip if he was treated roughly, remembering past abuse. Toeing the line was tricky, so they were all learning how to deal with it. Healing the mind and heart takes far longer then the body. Trust takes so long to earn, and seconds to destroy.
Dean had quieted down in his sleep and Cas could guess why. They both took comfort in each other's presence. “I think he is resting peacefully now.” Cas noted and moved Dean's nest back to his lap. “What was the plan for today?”
“Welp, gotta wait for Sam to come back after dropping tiny Sam off with his Dean. No doubt in my mind he'll want to have a long talk with that other Dean.”
“I can't imagine that it will be a pleasant talk.” Cas grimaced. Dean had been injured by his human counterpart, and from what he knew of Sam, was that the brother's were fiercely loyal to their family and friends. Sam would not take the incident lightly.
Bobby nodded. “I don't doubt that it will be more then a punch in the nose.”
Both men looked down and noticed a glint of light shining in the corner. Moving along the wall, reflecting the light in the room. “What in the world?” Castiel breathed, holding Dean's nest tighter.

Oscar entered the room. The two humans were speaking to each other on the bed, their attention off of the vent's entrance, they sounded a fair distance away. His ears picked up both of them talking about Sam. Listening a bit more, he heard them mention Sam punching Dean in the nose. He gripped onto the silver blade and ran out of the vent alongside the wall to get to cover but was startled from his sprinting when both humans shot their attention down at him at the same time. His heart jumped and started hammering hard in his chest. He thought that they'd be facing the other direction because normally, humans don't sit down facing a wall! They face the window, door, or TV or something more interesting then a bit of wall!
He didn't recognize either human sitting there, facing him, but did see the dragon's wing. They were holding it captive and his mind raced for what to do now. He was expecting a fight, sure, but, not with two full grown human men! Still, he had to do something to rescue Sam from these dangerous humans!
He lifted up his silver blade in front of himself. Aiming it up at them with shaking hands. His metal armor clinked in his ears and it was like a tense standoff. He was actually doing this. Lifting a weapon at people that are over 20 times his size. Each one of them could end his life in an instant. With barely any effort at all. His eyes darted down at their feet that were still a yard away, but that doesn't mean anything to a human. One leg stretched out could clear that distance in a second. Oscar would have a perfect view of the bottom of their feet for a split second then it's all over. The only thing keeping him rooted to the spot was the fact that Sam needed his help! So before they could make a move, he had to tell them why he'd come. Oscar opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Breathing was difficult as the one holding the dragon leaned forward suddenly. He yelped and swung the blade in his hands around in circles. Terrified of that man coming any closer. He had to say something. Anything. Coaching himself into spitting out the demand.
“You have Sam!” he shouted in a rush and that got both humans to pause their movements. Expectant looks on their faces for more information but Oscar was coming up short. Jaw working soundlessly. The sword in his hands quivered and rose. “I-I-I demand you give him back!”
Bobby smirked at the little guy. So this was the one that had gotten into their room first. He had to wonder if there were any more that were planning on coming out of the literal woodwork to attack. If they had half the courage of this little guy... Bobby glanced from the small guy towards the vent's gaping hole. Already determined to seal it up tight before they get any more unexpected visitors. Assessing the situation and looking all around the room for other possible entrances. The tiny young version of Sam insisted it was all a big misunderstanding, however, they now have a bonafied threat on their hands. He held back a chuckle at that. The guy wasn't even as tall as the shrunken version of Sam. But, he did have balls, had to give him that. Still...
“Hmm?” Castiel tore his eyes away from the small figure. His mind whirling at the possibilities of small people, communities, society. What did they live on? Where did they sleep? How do they find each other? How have they survived at that size? Their basic physiology appears similar enough to a humans, but can beings that small really think like people? He had proof in his hands that small things can be considered human, despite what they look like, so he stemmed the thoughts and impulses long since ingrained in himself to study this tiny man. It nagged at him though. His fingers itching to pick him up and get a closer look.
“Earth to Cas?” Bobby chuckled and elbowed his friend. “I think you should take that little fellow out to Sam. Pretty sure he'd help sort this out.”
“What are you going to do?” Castiel asked, hands holding Dean closer to himself. He didn't want to leave Dean alone. Not while he was passed out and injured like this.
“Don't worry about it.” Bobby's focus narrowed back onto the small man who backed up a step, the metal flickering and glinting in the light, proving that he's scared witless. “Brace yourself, Munchkin.” Bobby said and bent forward, his hand reached out and closed in on the man, deft fingers lifting and pinching his sword hand out away from the small body.
Oscar yelped as he found a hand twice his size sweeping forward with a speed that only humans are capable of. His body was encompassed in the fingers, two of which jerked his arm up and out, so fast he nearly lost his grip on the sword. He knew this was the end. Once humans grab, they don't let go. He angled his hand and sword downwards and struggled to cut any part of the hand on the outside with the sharp edge. Without a good angle, he barely nicked the surface of the thick skin. A sudden and massive swoop forwards made his head spin. He was brought closer to the older man and held before a face that was huge and calculating. He knew his Sam and Dean talked about a Hunter named Bobby, but this couldn't possibly be the same man. This Hunter was older, and sterner looking then the fond memories the brothers shared. Oscar found that he could still kick his feet and tried to get any kind of space to squeeze out of the fist.
The humans had spoken about his fate so casually, he dreaded the thought of them seeing him as nothing more then a scared animal. Only addressing him to tell him to get ready to be caught. Their will over him was so assured that they didn't even ask what he wanted. He'd told them, and they ignored every word. The older human plucked his sword out of his hands and set it on the nightstand, then flipped him over onto his stomach, and the ring and middle fingers lifted from his back. The index still pinning his back down, with the smallest finger holding his feet. Oscar was laying face down now, able to see the floor and the wide lap and nothing else, and felt huge fingers press into his lower back, pinching at the fabric there and uncovering his spare knife. Before the huge cumbersome fingers could pinch it, he reached down with his mostly bound hand and grabbed it's hilt, freeing it from the back of his belt, and trying to cut the skin of the palm he laid on with what mobility he still had in his arm.
Even Oscar was amazed at himself. His rash attacks. His usual go-to plan of hiding out, freezing and waiting for danger to pass him by, or loose interest in him, wasn't going to work. They already were treating him like he was nothing. Disarming him with ease. He stabbed down and at least got a hiss from the human before finding himself flipped around again, weightless for a brief second before gripped between three fingers, two at his back, a thumb at his front. Both his hands free now so Oscar gripped the knife in both hands and made to stab downwards when his arms were suddenly pinned together by two fingers on the other hand.
“Fast little guy isn't he?” The human claiming to be Bobby commented. The fingers dragged up from his elbows on to his hands and pinched around the smaller blade. Lifting that too up and away from him. He remembered Dean insisting he kept a third blade in his boot but no way in hell was he going to let on he had one more. “There.” Bobby smirked and put the second knife next to the sword. “You done?” He asked sternly and plopped Oscar onto his butt onto a wide palm.
Oscar sat there, surrounded by the curve of fingers on one side, and a pissed off human in front. His poor nerves were breaking under that intense gaze and his body trembled. Trying to control himself, he made fists and held them out to his sides, legs bent and coming closer to himself then how they were splayed out like a kid.
Oscar gulped a few times, trying to find his courage again in the face of this colossal human. Everything in him told him to run, jump off the hand, try his luck falling off the side of this platform made out of a hand, the need to get back to safety but he shut it all out. Sam was in danger. His friend needed his help. He growled to himself to get the right tone of voice to demand, “Where is Sam?” Exhaling a second later, trying so hard to not show how terrified he was at this moment.
Bobby's scowl softened. The poor little guy was trying so hard to look tough, and it wasn't necessary. Sure he'd attacked, but with a blade only slightly bigger then a splinter. He did notice it was silver, and slowly realized he was here to attack Dean, not humans. And yet, the only thing keeping Bobby from trapping this guy is the fact that he was asking for his friend. Worried about him. Not hell bent on killing the dragon in the room. Otherwise this tiny man might have just waited them out, attacked Dean when he wasn't being watched or held by one of them.
Bobby already knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from the tiny man himself. “Why did you come in here dressed to the nines in silver?”
Oscar swallowed thickly. Eyes darting downwards. From beyond the palm he was forced to sit on his eyes landed on the sleeping dragon. Seeing that they weren't retaliating yet for his attack, he thought they were just waiting for answers. A glimmer of hope that he'll be released if he cooperates with them in just this matter. Get Sam back a peaceful way. “The Dragon kidnapped my friend.” And then regarded the giants again. “I came to – to get him back.”
“And that's it?” Bobby raised an eyebrow. Seeing the trepidation on such a small face made him ease off. He could tell that Castiel was probably dying for a chance to hold him. Trusting that even though he's a scientist, that he's not going to treat the small man inhumanely. The metal clad kid nodded, brown hair floofy and bobbing along. Bobby nodded at him. “Well,” Bobby adjusted his ball cap and took a quick sideways glance at Castiel like conferring with a business partner, before addressing the small man again, “Alright.”
“Alright?” Oscar asked incredulously, his posture dropping from it's high strung state. His hands splaying out on top of the palm underneath to keep him from falling over. “Just like that?”
“Were you wanting a fight?” Castiel asked and got the small man's attention next.
“No! I mean, I-I-I wasn't expecting...” Oscar cleared his throat, starting over. The humans, while gigantic, weren't actively threatening him, and he started to see them in a similar way that he saw Dean. Big, but friendly. Shoot, he was the one that came in here looking for a battle. But... this was going better then he ever imagined! “I just want him back. Sam.” He added, in case they thought he meant the dragon. There was no room for error in this.
“Well, ok. We've already got one Sam, and he's a handful. Not like yours which is an actual handful.” Bobby smirked at his own joke and his fingers curled around the man again, bringing his body closer to his chest so he could lean over to the nightstand again. Retrieving the tiny blades in his pinched fingers. One of them cut his thumb again just from picking it up, and he grumbled at his own fumbling. He leaned back again and opened up his hand, seeing that the man was terrified now. Bobby's heart went out to him. Balls. He didn't mean to scare the kid like that. He just didn't want to make him loose his balance and fall off the side while he leaned over. Bobby couldn't see any good place to put the man so he kept him in a loose fist, and turned to Cas. “Go get the rest of your stuff on, you're going to take this guy out there to them and bring Dean with ya. That boy is doing better in your hands anyhow. I can't understand his speech like you and Sam can.”
Castiel set Dean aside on the bed and got up, put on the over shirt and donned his comfortable trench coat. Castiel came back to the bed and picked up Dean again. Bundled up in the shirt around the sides more, so Dean wouldn't loose more heat. He freed up his other hand and held it out for the other passenger.
Oscar's eyes went wide and he wriggled in the grip harder, seeing himself being passed off to the new human. The fingers were too fast for him to dodge as the ones he was being held in first opened up and the other set came around him in the next second. The older man then opened up the other's shirt pocket and dropped his silver blades inside. At least they weren't destroyed but they were far from his current reach. The new hand brought him up to face the black haired giant. Blue eyes darting over his whole body that was pinned down expertly between two fingers against the palm. Exposing most of him to those intimidating stares.
“Fascinating.” The very deep rumbling voice passed over Oscar and he stared at the face. Shaking all over again. The way this human was looking at him made him feel like an object for a moment. But, that passed and the eyes softened, the other two fingers coiling around him again, hiding his body from view. Another few seconds of consideration under those blue eyes had Oscar nearly whimpering from anxiety.
“My name is Castiel.” The blue eyed giant said and pulled the small man away from himself to give him space. He waited for a moment and cocked his head to the side.
“O-Oscar. But, my friend calls me Oz.” His voice trembled.
“I'm not going to injure you.” Cas's brow furrowed deeply. Voice going low and serious.
Bobby rolled his eyes. “Cas. Don't word it like that. Ya idjit.” sighing he caught Oscar's attention. “I'm Bobby.”
Oscar nodded back, the trembles slowing. Feeling like they aren't treating him like an animal, or something evil. He felt the need to apologize. “I'm sorry I uh, I cut you.”
“Don't worry about it. Happens all the time.” Bobby grinned but went back to business. Just because they got a name, doesn't mean that this kid didn't come here to hurt Dean. He pat Castiel's shoulder and it accidentally jostled Oscar. Bobby was about to recommend that all the silver be stripped from the tiny man, but he was so small, that the armor may help them handle him better. Less chance of one of those super small and brittle bones breaking. An amusing image of wrapping the poor tiny up in cotton balls came to mind but he dismissed it. It would have been humiliating for the kid. “Cas, I know you know this, but don't let that metal touch Dean. Silver burns him.”
“I remember.” Castiel grimaced at the glinting metal and turned for the door. “Well I suppose, we gotta be on our way.” Bobby stepped ahead of him and let them out. Dean was pulled tighter to his coat and tucked half inside to hide him from sight. The chill in the air roused Dean a little and he shuffled his body around so that his front half was tucked up next to Cas's belly. Inhaling deeply and rumbling a purr.
'Cas?' Dean mumbled and Castiel stiffened just outside of the door. Bobby standing right behind.
“Yes, Dean?” Castiel whispered downwards and he saw how Oscar was reacting to the Drauglin waking up. “It's fine Oscar.” He said and brought Dean up a few inches to see the small pointed head lift up blearily.
'Cas? That you?'
“Yes, it's me. Are you alright?”
'Tired. It hurts.' Dean sighed and flopped his head back down.
“What hurts, Dean? Is it your arm?” Seeing the head nod once and burrow underneath the wing again, only to fall right out a few seconds later onto the fabric nest. “Don't worry, Dean. We just have to find Sam.”
Bobby surveyed the area outside of the hotel and noticed Sam was walking towards a long fenced in and wooded park area for dogs. Kids play equipment was strewn about before the chain link fence in a more manicured area of the park. Something was in Sam's hands and both could figure out what, or who. “They're over there, Cas.” Bobby pointed but even as he did so, Sam disappeared from sight. Right as they passed into the wooded dog park, the chain link gate that had been opened by Sam, had suddenly slammed shut behind him by itself.
Bobby stared. Stunned. “Huh.”

“So that happened.” Sam said as they both stood outside of the Impala. Thankfully she was firmly on solid ground and they did not plummet to their untimely deaths upon leaving the car.
“Giants.” Tiny Sam said. His head still spun from the movements that the giant was making without even realizing it. “Giants?”
“Yeah. I guess.” Sam shrugged and lifted Sam up to his eyes. “You ok now?”
“Better. I wouldn't say ok.” Sam draped himself over Sam's knuckles. “I just... I need a minute. Stomach is...”
“Sure.” Sam said and saw some playground equipment across the street from their motel. Walking away from that whole crazy building and getting some fresh air for himself as well. He sat down and lowered the young man to the picnic table top. At first, he was facing the motel, but then turned away. “There are so many more rooms we have to check.” Sam sighed and saw the smaller man shiver at the thought. “We'll find him.” He said confidently. Noticing the breeze outside was making his new friend shiver even more. Maybe it wasn't just the thought of what else they'll see. He figured out which way the wind was blowing and casually lowered his muscular arm to block it, leaning his body to that side as if he was going to do it anyway. The coat added to the makeshift wall and wondered what this would look like to the small man. He tried not to loom while he was leaning half overhead.
Sam didn't really take note of the shadow that covered him and the area around, so used to being shaded by everything, and flopped down onto the picnic table from exhaustion. He felt so exposed out here. Even with a giant of his own nearby, he couldn't help but feel like he was in danger. He was starting to get to know this human Sam, but there was so much more to him. Would he like what he heard if he asked anything else about this human Sam's life? What it was like to grow up human with an equally human sized brother? Would it influence how he and his own brother go into hunts in the future? Speaking of, “Hey, Sam?” He looked up at the human who had partially covered the area around him when he wasn't paying attention. He pushed aside the notion that Sam was doing it to prove that there was no escape for him, instead, he decided to be grateful for the overhead cover from birds of prey.
The human angled his head down and hummed at him in question.
“So, Dean and I are after this monster and, I was wondering if you've heard of it before.”
Sam bit at his lip. Would helping him out disrupt his destiny? Or is this supposed to happen? He figured that since their lives were so different anyway, why not help? He tried helping the other dimensions and hoped that they got something good from the unexpected meeting. Alright, borderline ambush from their point of view if he's being honest with himself.
“Ok, so we've been after this thing for a week, staying somewhat close to Oscar's hotel when we decided to just stay there till this thing is done. His isn't exactly right next door to the hunt, but close enough. And we always want to check up on him every once in awhile. Us little folks gotta stick together ya know?” He asked but then realized, no. Sam doesn't know. Well, he's starting to get the idea. He cleared his throat and went on, “The monster could be any number of things, Dean thinks it's a mutated monster. Since it's like nothing we've ever seen or heard of. Maybe the offspring of two different types of monsters, we don't know.”
“Go on,” Sam urged, bringing up a mental list of monsters to start sorting. His dad's journal is in the trunk of the Impala and he didn't want to risk getting stuck in it if it meant being right back in the giant Jacob's hands again. Harder to explain how and why they decided to show up once again... kidnapper style. Sam wondered how the hell they're going to manage getting anywhere if every door leads to another world. Looks like they're ordering delivery until this get's sorted. Wondering what restaurants are within walking distance. His attention snapped back to his small companion.
“Yeah, this thing is big, it must be about twice the size of a person and has clawed feet. Leaves for toed tracks everywhere in the woods. It's been attacking and eating people that enter the forest. Police are barricading the paths that people take most often to cut through them, but that wont stop everybody. Whatever it is, it's violent. We have to take it out.”
Sam frowned above. It sounded eerily familiar to him. “I swear karma is screwing with me double time.”
“What do you mean?”
“The hunt that Dean an I were on, the one that failed and turned him into a Drauglin. We thought we were going after a monster that's called a Vellum.”
“Vellum, they have clawed four toed feet, fiercely territorial and any and all humans that enter their woods. This thing wont stop until everyone's dead. It wont leave the woods, but it will kill and keep killing. They usually become migratory and active in the summer or fall.”
“What is it?”
“It is summer.” Sam said and pulled out his journal, quickly jotting down the notes that Sam had given him.
“It's spring.” Sam lifted his hand from the table to gesture around. “Oh, you mean, in your time it's summer.” He got a nod back. “Gotcha. Welp. Uh, I don't think you have any rams blood or corral back in your worlds Impala?'
“Nope. I'll have to tell Dean all this, we will have to figure out how to get the ingredients together.”
Sam blocked the breeze again from his little buddy, watching the younger Sam hold down the small pages of his minuscule journal. Squinting to make anything out but the whole thing was just too small. “It might not be a Vellum.” He said after a moment. “There's all kinds of dangerous monsters that love the woods.”
“Like dragons?” tiny Sam snickered and felt a chill go up his spine from the hard look the human was giving him overhead. Tilting his face upwards to see the human's disappointment.
“Like I said before, Dragons aren't evil. Monsters. They're misunderstood.” he said, realizing how it would sound to an outsider. “Look, the one that changed my brother thought she was helping him. Helping the three women she took. All she saw were three small animals, that to her, appeared to be vulnerable and helpless living in the woods. People don't have claws or fangs so she thought she was giving them a better life. She cared too much.”
Sam couldn't believe he was hearing this. That the human wasn't blaming the dragon for changing his brother into a monster. “She still took their lives away. Why didn't you kill her?”
Sam sighed at that. He wanted to. So bad at first. “She was too big. It was just Bobby and I that found Dean and it would have taken more then the two of us to take her out. The military got her soon after we got Dean back.” Sam didn't want to talk about this anymore. But Sam deserved answers. “Look, from what we understand, is that Drauglins are natures caretakers. They just don't know that people only see what they look like and assume that they want to burn down villages and kill people. Mostly, I believe they try and stay away from people. Who knows how many of the things we hunt were actually peaceful, lashing out because they were scared.” Sam wiped his face down and took a breath. “Your monster is not a Drauglin. They don't do that. They don't straight up slaughter people. If they consume an animal, they make it quick and painless.”
“So what is it that we're hunting?”
“I don't know for sure. But what I can do is show you the signs that point to Vellum. See if you've seen them before. Have you and your brother gone out to the woods? Checked out the crime scenes?”
“Yeah. Well, Dean did, I was in his pocket so I didn't see much.”
“We can start there. I can show you what kind of marks they leave on the trees and what places they like to den up in inside the woods. Where you're more likely to find them. It's not conventional dens..., here, I can show you better then say.” He turned his hand to lay flat out in front of Sam. “There's some woods right over there, it will only take a few minutes. After that, I will bring you back to the motel room and you can tell your Dean what you saw here. Tell him everything.”
Sam nodded. Any new knowledge from an experienced Hunter is good knowledge, and packed up his journal and the pencil stub back into his satchel. Pushing things back into place.
“I think I see some plants that will help you in the future too. They're great for scaring off a couple of different monsters.” Sam felt the small man climb aboard his hand and got up from the bench seat, talking about the plants themselves and pointing out where they grow and how to find them. And, if their Bobby would let them, they could plant their own at the Salvage yard as a living stockpile. “Gardening isn't really my Bobby's style, but these plants are priceless.”
Sam carried the smaller man close to his chest to block some of the cold breeze. With his other hand, he lifted up the for foot tall gate's latch and passed through it. He walked forwards from the gate and the woods shifted before their eyes, all around them both. The light changed after just a few feet, adult trees appeared out of nowhere, and he saw something vibrant green and bat-like swoop around through the air, headed straight for them. It was small, about a foot wide and it cried out in surprise when it turned and looked ahead. Moving too fast to stop, the small green batwinged thing smacked right into Sam's stomach with an 'oof!' right after the fist holding Sam was lifted up and away from the impact zone.

Nightmares06 made me do it! They just had to write a couple of lines in 'Garlic and Cold Spots', talking about dressing Dean up as a dragon. Just *had* to do it. Sigh, welp, here's Dean as a dragon in Oscar's hotel, The Knights Inn.
It takes place in my story in chapter 31 for Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights. So Dean is 6 inches tall and injured. But this time, he doesn't stay asleep. Soon as Sam and Bobby drift off, he's wide awake and worrying. He decides to take a walk around the motel room to wear himself out when he sees an impossibly small person slip into the room through the heating vent and steals a couple of peanuts and M&M's from a bag of trail mix. Dean follows the mousy guy out and gets stuck in the walls in a pile of plaster pinning him helplessly down. He fears he's going to die in there when suddenly there's a familiar face walking towards him with mousy guy in tow. It looks like Sam but that's impossible. The guy is 4 inches tall and 10 years younger then he should be, and he doesn't recognize his brother at all.

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