The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 6

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Chapter Six:
I've Got to Keep on Chasin' a Dream

Sam rubbed at his temples. Hand slipping down the side of his face to scratch idly at his scruffy beard. “What year is it here?”
As expected he got confusion at every turn.
Free hand waving about, “The year. What year is it? For example, I am Sam Winchester, hello,” he gave a small wave, “And I'm from 2017.” He started and wiggled the finger his small companion was holding onto, to speak up next. “I'm also Sam Winchester and I'm from 2006.”
More dumbfounded looks before the third Sam in the room spoke up. “Uh yeah, Sam Winchester.”
Dean smirked, “Dean Winchester, I'm an Aquarius, and I love frisky women.”
The tall teenager was last, “Jacob Andris, and it's 2007.”
“Is everyone from the future?” Sam's Sam whined to himself and flopped to a sit. He did squint at Jacob for a moment, knowing he's heard that name before but being unable to place it. Never had seen the teenager before. He pictured his friend Bowman, but what would be the odds that this is the same human Jacob he'd mentioned. There were so many Jacob's in the world, Sam dropped that line of thought. He looked over at Dean and wondered how his older brother was dealing with being small. He didn't know if those two preferred the term Borrower or Little like he does, or something else entirely, so he kept the descriptive term for their people basic, “Have you two always been small like me?”
“Since we were kids.” Dean answered, he'd grown up with Sam knowing that there was no way to change that fact, so getting upset about that human Sam staying out of the curse zone was useless.
Now that introductions were made and no one was trying to kill anyone, Jacob stepped closer to the table, indicating with an eyebrow raise and chin thrust that the other human in the room does the same. All of the smaller Winchesters were set down onto the table by people who were still getting used to the idea that tiny people would appreciate slow and steady hands. The dismount was far from smooth, and the only one used being handled by giants, was at the mercy of the newest human to experience small people. Ergo, no finesse at all. He's lucky he didn't face plant. And damn his hands are huge compared to Dean's. Like dinner plates. He lifted his own hands and a smug smile came across his lips. Wait till his brother hears about that factoid. He stood up a little straighter.
Once everyone got settled, Dean crossed his arms, still the shortest one in the room. Old Sam looked damned old though, so there was that. It was freaky as hell to see his Sammy being older then him by what... he counted on his fingers, mouth moving along. “So you're six years older then me? 34?” He asked upwards and the other Sam shrugged.
“33 because it's only March and in any case, 34 is not old.” Sam grumbled. “Grow a beard, kiddo.” he shot back. Now considering shaving the scruff off. How old does he look to them?
Dean ignored the geezer giant and asked his partner, “Where's your bag? Or does Gigantor do everything for you? How did you two meet up anyway?”
Sam leaned back in his chair and sighed. Not wanting to look like the bad guy, he lifted the bag from his pocket and handed it back down. Apparently there was more to this whole mess then one set of brothers and his own family. He noticed the small Dean glare at him for withholding the bag from any Sam, and whispered something to the other Borrower Sam who slung the bag over his shoulder again. “Did he hurt you? Keep you captive?”
He made sure his bag was secured before saying, “Only for a few minutes. I'm fine. He didn't do anything bad.”
Dean whispered back, “You just say the word and we can have Jacob here take him out.”
“Highly doubt that, Dean. The guy is old but that just mean he's seen more action then we have.”
“You know I can hear you.” Sam rested an elbow on the table and propped up his chin. “Look, no one's hurting anyone, capturing anyone, or killing anyone.”
“Excuse me?” Sam scoffed, interrupting his examination of the contents of his bag to make sure it was all accounted for. Turning around to face big Sam, “We were right in the middle of a hunt when Dean kidnapped me! Flew off the table with me like I was luggage and then took off though the halls to your room!”
“He flew?” The 2007 Sam asked, speaking up and looking at his brother. With all of the people there, he was a bit shy, They'd only just started traveling outside of their hotel weeks ago. Out of the loop for too long. Apparently the other one had more experiences in the world. “What do you mean he flew?”
“His Dean is a freakin' dragon.”
“What?” Dean sputtered, “Since when?”
“Long story,” 2017 Sam said and scratched idly at his scruffy beard. “Ok. Look, my initial plan changed now that I am pretty sure his Dean didn't mean to hurt my Dean, but I still want answers and I think it would be best if Sam was with me. All I'm trying to do now is get him back to his Dean since I've got my brother back. Obviously the situation we're in is more complicated than I thought. So, we should get going before his Dean drives off without him, while he's hunting after me.”
“Drives?” Dean asked. “Hold the phone, now I'm a dragon that drives?”
“No. His Dean is human, mine is a dragon, and you are little. Capishe?”
Dean backed up a step from that bitchface and folded his arms to show how not totally intimidated he was. He and Sam had only just started traveling with Jacob and humans were freaking big. So to have all that aimed at him was unnerving at best. He raised a few fingers but realized the humans might not see it. Raising his hand next.
“What?” 2006 Sam asked but Dean motioned to the tallest Sam.
“Yeah?” Sam eased up on his temper. It's not their fault for not following. It's hard to deal with all this crazy under one roof. Apparently the two brothers over there grew up basically in isolation from the world until that kid came around. That was likely another long story. He'd only been in this universe for all of 13 minutes, and he could tell that small people were not the norm here, merely going by Jacob's reactions to when he answered the door. Hiding them from view. Dean's voice pulled at his memories but he had to concentrate on what was being said. The tiny man wasn't used to projecting his voice very well.
Dean let his hand fall down after getting the attention he wanted. “Why am I a dragon? I mean I know that his Dean is driving because he never got cursed, right?” Both newcomers nod. “Ok, so yeah, why am I a dragon that can fit into walls?”
“It was a hunt that went south. We made him little with a spell so we could hide him better then his usual size of 30 feet.” Gaping jaws all around. “He's fine. And he's not a 'dragon' he's a Drauglin. Dragon is a derogatory term.” He pushed an index finger into the table to silence any denial of that fact. “He's not evil and he's still basically human inside that body. Dane is the Drauglin half and he's cool too. Not all creatures are evil. Remember that.” He addressed everyone there. Hopefully he could help save some lives if the other Hunters ask questions before shooting. “We're working on turning him back into his human self apart from the Drauglin. We will get him back to normal.” Sam said and after a moment to parse what he said, he saw some relieved looks. The others might not have met the Drauglin, but they seemed to be happy that he wasn't abandoned for being a monster. “Ok, so, we better get going. You obviously never saw my brother, and I got to get him back to his Dean.” Sam said and lowered his hand down. His tiny Sam looked at it with trepidation and turned to the other pair of brothers. Knowing that his best chance back home is to stay with the old guy. So, he got on and was lifted up to the front pocket on the plaid shirt. After he'd gotten his balance back and bag situated, he pat the chest behind him twice. Sam bowed his head in parting to the others and headed for the door. Stopping short and turning half around, “Oh, by the way. Invest in Iphones, Netflix, Snapchat, Uber, and Facebook. Trust me. And if those aren't popular or invented here, invest everything you have into Tumblr. It's an online social website, for fandoms mostly. Best thing since sliced bread. Uh, you'll see and you'll thank me later.”
Jacob nodded dumbly at the sudden adult accounting advice, and waved genially. He figured it wouldn't hurt to take him up on the idea. First he'd have to learn how to invest in things. And then figure out how to gather up enough money together to do that. They weren't rolling in cash now, but it might be worth it. Because, why not trust a Sam Winchester from 2017? Even if the guy could turn super scary in a heartbeat. There was no reason for the adult to screw them over with bad advice.
After the two Sam's left, Jacob turned his head down to his hunting buddies, “Did you two catch any of that?”
“Two words in the middle there.” Dean leaned on one of Jacob's fingers nearby.
“I think he was speaking Polish.” Sam mused.

Sam made sure the door was shut again and only after he did so, realized it wasn't the same door on both sides. Right. So, that's also weird. He walked slowly back to his room and laid a hand on the handle. His passenger looking out of his pocket up at him. Both wondering if he opened it, if it would be somewhere else. Sam held a breath and turned the knob and saw Bobby look up at him, his brother still sleeping on the bed. A great sigh ruffling Sam's hair from inside the pocket. “Just checking.” he grinned and shut the door again. “Back to normal...”
“You know, you can just let me go back into the vent. I'll go home and all is right with the world.”
Sam considered it. Shaking his head in the end. “I still want to talk to him, and it would be best if you were with me. We might be able to help you out. Teach you some things.”
Sam pouted a little but understood where he was coming from. And, if he can help them out by informing them of potential monsters out there, and how to take them out, that would be pretty welcomed as well. The giant can't really write them all down for him since the papers needed would be far larger then him and too cumbersome to haul back. There's only so much he can memorize from a dictated speech. And they're both pretty sure they can't send an email. He decided to go along without arguing with the human. Sure he wanted to see Dean asap, but if teaming up with someone that knows the freakin future could help save lives, it was worth the extra time spent. There were enough similarities it seems for the information to be useful. Maybe they will run across them back in his world. This meeting of great minds could be a simple matter of the stars aligning and having something good come out of these hard won lives. Cosmic balancing of books, good versus evil. Far larger then a magic room and misunderstandings. What did it hurt to give him a chance?
He pat the chest behind him just as the giant was about to lay a hand on the door knob opposite to the original room. “Ok. I'll stay with ya. But only because you promised to get me back to Dean and for the new monster information.”
Sam grinned down at him and brought up a finger to 'shake' on it. Amazed all over again that he was not only carrying around a tiny person, but that it was him. This is what he looks like young and small. The guy's hands barely covered the end of one fingertip and he lifted and lowered it an inch. Even that was a comically large handshake for him. It's a wonder he's survived for this long.
Sam reached for the neighboring room's door knob again, and instead of greeting Cas, Balth, and Rufus, he got a fist to his junk. “Oww! Son of a bitch!” Sam crouched low and his passenger was nearly thrown out of the pocket with the massive swoop that was really just Sam bending forward from pain. Tiny Sam was now able to see the heinous, below the belt attacker. The adult was nearly down for the count, cupping what's left of his crotch.
A four foot tall kid with brown mop hair and a baby bitchface reared his fist back for another nut crushing punch, but stopped short when the first blow made his point. The fist didn't back down however. Aimed and ready.
“What the...” small Sam said before catching himself. The child looked at him with wide hazel eyes.
“You little punk!” Sam wheezed and stood up fairly straight again. He looked over the kid's head once he stood up a hair straighter and saw a tiny figure on the table behind the child. He easily maneuvered the kid aside to see who it was, and yep. That is his brother but about three inches tall this time. Baby teenager. “You're kidding me right?” He turned and saw the child version of himself run over to Dean and snatch him up in small fists.
“Don't hurt my brother!” He shrieked and it was clearly hurting his brother's ears who had his hands to the sides of his head.
Sam raised his hands and looked behind himself, walking back to the door and closing it. No need to draw any more attention. He then knelt down with some difficulty and said, “I'm not going to. I'm Sa-” He felt a sharp elbow nudge into his chest and changed gears. No way would these children believe him. “Your dad sent me?” He looked around for evidence that this set of brothers still had their dad and weren't orphaned like the other pair basically were.
Sam sighed in relief when he saw young Sam relax a bit. The Dean in his fingers shouted up. “Sammy! Put me down!”
Sammy bit his lip before nodding, flop of brown bangs bounced with the nods and he set Dean down gently onto the table. Standing guard next to him. Dean strode closer and Sammy put his arms up on both sides, glaring at the adult.
“Dad doesn't know anyone in town. Told Sammy and me not to open doors. But you broke in anyway.” Dean folded his arms and wished that he had more then just a few inches of height. His brother was just 10 years old, and had no chance against this ridiculously tall stranger.
Sam stayed on his knees, not making a move to startle the children further. “Your dad told me I'd find you here. I was helping him with his job.” He looked at Dean and raised both eyebrows.
Dean caught on and told Sammy to let the adults talk. Sam pouted but went to the bed and sat. “Keep going Half pint.” Which got another adorable baby bitchface in return before Sammy went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Dean looked up at Sam and appraised him. “I can see you have someone like me in your pocket.” Dean started and pointed. “So you were cursed too?” He raised his voice to be heard. “He's the first one I've seen in months that's my size. I can't tell you how grateful I am to know I'm not alone!” Dean chuckled. “Knowing that it is possible to live like this.” His arms went out and showed off his doll clothes.
Sam lifted up his hand to help his passenger down to the table to talk. Wondering if this was going to be a thing now. They seem to be falling into a pattern already. The man hoisted up his bag first onto the hand and got one leg up at a time over the lip of the pocket. Used to doing this for awhile with Dean, but he knew he was still learning the ropes. At least the smaller person didn't give him too hard of a time for it.
“You have to tell me where I can get clothes like yours.” Dean stepped closer, looking at Sam up and down who stood about an inch taller.
“You have to make them yourself from taking apart worn thin cloth and sewing them together.” He grinned at the disbelief in Dean's face. He just knew Dean was going to settle for the slightly too big doll clothes. “Or, you could have Sam rub your store bought doll clothes against pavement until it starts to get that worn thin feel. Looser, and not so stiff.” Dean nodded along with the directions and walked closer, within arm's length now.
Sam raised his hand as formal introduction and Dean shook it. He could guess he was about 14, which means Sammy is 10. “My traveling companion up there is Sa- uh, Sann Tana...” he stuttered. Could they use rock alias's? Would this Dean realize it was an obviously made up name? Dean just accepted it.
“And this little guy is Justin Beiber.” the human said, snickering. He didn't get any reaction and pouted. Right, the overhyped singing jackass wasn't popular back in 2006 either. Dean would have thought that was funny.
The teen gave them an appraising look before answering, “Dean Winchester, and that's Sammy.” Dean looked over his shoulder, keeping his voice quiet enough so his kid brother doesn't hear. “He doesn't know about what all Hunters do, or the supernatural, not really. He knows about witches and ghosts and that's it. I'd like to keep it that way.”
“Duly noted.” Sam said and shifted his bag over his shoulder. “We uh, we know John very well.” Sam pat Dean's shoulder, squeezing it gently when it looked like Dean was actually leaning into it. Fuck. How touch starved was this kid? Humans wouldn't understand. A fingertip isn't really a replacement for a full hand on a shoulder. This young kid never met Walt or Mallory, or any other Little. Thrown right into a human's world with no guard rail or safety net. Poor kid.
Thinking of Dad, Sam tried to keep his own emotions in check while he held onto Dean's shoulder. His dad basically abandoned him again after all that time he and Dean spent looking for him. And apparently, no matter where John is, or what universe, he likes to ditch his kids. He held back a scowl at his dad's name and reiterated the story. “John asked us to check up on you. See if you needed anything?”
Dean shrugged, stilling when it looked like the small adult was going to pull his hand away. He turned just his head to look back at Sammy again who appeared to be pouting at being left out. “We're fine. Got enough money to last us a couple more days.”
Sam's knees started to get stiff from crouching down so he got up and pulled out a chair from the table. He noticed the two at the table stiffen at his sudden movements and made it a a silent vow to go slower, steadily. Sitting on the chair he leaned forward to see them better. Watching the two shake out the view of seeing someone so big doing something so mundane. Dean was still keeping a close eye on him, but appeared to be doing better with someone else his size right there, grounding him. Sam wondered if a part of Dean recognized them for who they really were, on a subconscious level. Feeling like they wont hurt him or his little brother.
He sighed heavily at the whole crappy situation the kids were in, and pulled out his wallet. At the last second, he noticed the newer larger faced, multicolored dollar bills that came out after the ''90's, and pushed them aside. Grabbing others in his wallet that looked older. Dean was always money conscious and would think that they were a fake, and anywhere they tried to use them would also call them fake. Double checking, he handed over several fifties and all of the ones he had. He wished he could give more, like a credit card, but all of the expiration dates and info would be useless here. His own family was on the run, and money was already tight, but he needed to take care of these kids. His brother never let on how little they had growing up. Sam was always fed so those thoughts were never at the forefront. Not until he was older and Dean let it slip out accidentally. Sam kicked himself for not realizing everything sooner. But at least, these kids wont have to worry about food for now.
Dean's eyes were wide at the stack of money that folded up to his knees. “You're kidding...”
“That should last a bit longer.” Sam pushed the money closer even though Dean couldn't do anything with it at the moment besides stare.
It was like a dream come true. “It will last weeks! Dad paid up through this week and the next for the room, but he said food was on us. Sam's getting good at ordering takeout.”
Sam bit the inside of his cheek. Hard. He knew that his own Dean was watching after his little butt by himself when Dean was around 9 or 10, and this kid Sam was about that age, but looking at these children now? He saw how vulnerable they were. Lonely. He wanted to punch John Winchester in the fucking face. Another few feelings suddenly came at him, remembering that his dad died in 2008, and not even the kids in that other hotel room with Jacob knew that they'd have such little time left to find their dad. Fuck. What he would give to be running into all the versions of John Winchester instead of all these poor vulnerable kids he left behind.
Dean looked up at the human and tried to figure out why he was giving him those looks. “You ok Mr. Sann Tana?”
That got a surprised laugh out of him and he wiped his face. “Yeah. Fine.” He straightened up and hated how much bigger he was then these two, of all of them. “You know Father Jim Murphy right? Bobby Singer?”
Dean nodded slowly.
“Ok, call up Bobby Singer and tell him that you want to live with him. Tell him where you are and to come pick you up. Child services might be able to work with him in adopting Sam and you should go with.”
Dean's confusion turned to one of horror. “No.. no he's not... tell me Dad's not... not dead... he's not dead right?!”
Sam accidentally let a couple of tears fall. The other Sam noticed and started getting really worried as well. “John's fine. He's alright. But. You need to look after Sammy right? Bobby Singer will help. Did you want me to call?”
Dean backed up a bit from the two. “Dad's not dead. Not dead?”
“Not dead.” Sam confirmed, his usually loud voice was holding back some of it's natural force to ease the little guy's worry. “But he's not a good father for you. He shouldn't have left you two alone like this.” His gaze including the other little Sam too. Then realized that the one from 2006 never had the chance to be taken care of and raised with his family. He was abandoned in that hotel he was cursed in by both Dean and John, when he was about this Sammy's age. How did he survive? Sam took a few deep breaths. God, he thought he had it bad growing up. At least he and/or Dean never shrunk. Making it that much worse. Sam could do something about this right now. End this before it destroys these kids. He pulled out his cell phone and saw that he had no bars. Right. Of course. This is 1990's. No cell phones.
“What's that?” Dean asked and Sam put it away quickly, noting that the other Sam was also in awe at it. Right, everyone he's meeting today is used to older technology. What would be the odds that Bobby's number would be the same across universes even if he did get a signal.
“It's nothing.” Sam waved his hand and looked around. Spotting the hotel phone and the long cord attached. Man that brings back memories. He got up and strode on over to it, lifting it from the counter and bringing it over. “What's Bobby's number?”
Dean sniffled and crossed his arms again, tighter. Looking over at Sammy who was watching his feet kick back and forth. He always defended his dad, thought he was the greatest. But, ever since he shrunk, it's been extra hard on Sammy. The roles were reversed and his little brother shouldn't be burdened like that. “I think... I think it wouldn't hurt to go visit Bobby.” Dean wiped off his nose with more force then necessary, trying so hard to keep up a brave face. “I'm so used to dialing it, bring it here.” He said and Sam did so, watching Dean stare at the buttons and then close his eyes, little finger pushing the air in front of him before looking up at the numbers again. Touching the numbers but he didn't have enough strength to push the old buttons. Sam came over to help and together they called up Bobby. Sam set the phone down on its side and Dean walked over to the receiver end.
“Singer Salvage.” A voice greeted and 2006 Sam helped Dean tell Bobby what they needed.
“Hi, Mr. Singer. I've got Sam and Dean Winchester here and they need some help. John left the young boys all alone in the -”
“Cozy Inn.” Dean supplied feeling like he's betraying his father but being brave for his brother's sake.
Sam continued with a hand on the top of the receiver bulb part of the headset. “You need to come and pick them up. John left Sam in charge and I'm not sure if you know this yet, but Dean had been hit by a curse.” Sam knew from his own experience that any version of Bobby would be Ok with learning about little folk so he soldiered on, “Dean is now 3 inches tall and Sam shouldn't be forced to be here without an adult.”
“That damned idjit.” Bobby must have let the phone drop to the side for a minute before his voice stopped cursing and became clearer again. “I'll be there as soon as I can. By the way, who is this?”
“A hunter passing through. John asked me to check up on Sammy and Dean.” Sam rested a hand on Dean's shoulder. It had been years since he was able to do this. See Dean at roughly the same size. At least, without the aide of the Spirit his Sprite friends prayed to. He didn't make any physical contact with the other pair of brothers, because he's pretty sure it would be taken the wrong way. Like he was 'stealing' Dean. This kid didn't know, and looked like he needed someone his size to show a bit of care. Maybe that's why he's so ready to follow and agree with what he suggested. Everything is so ridiculously high over Dean's head in every sense. Out of his control. The least they could do for these kids is get them a better childhood. Dean subtly leaned into the touch even more, so Sam rubbed at his shoulders and the back of his neck.
Bobby didn't want to waste anymore time, “I will be right there. Hang tight, Kiddos.” He hung up and the Sam's knew that he'd be on the road in half a minute or less. He'd be a better father figure, and even if the boys still learn about the supernatural world, they wont be forced to fight in it if they didn't want to.
Dean found some happiness in that thought. Sam was always into books and learning and being Bobby's apprentice sure sounded like a good life. And Dean would have no end of things to learn or work on in the Salvage yard. Finding things in the yard or exploring how all the different cars and trucks work and how to fix them from the inside out. Things were starting to look up. Dean turned more fully into Sam and gave him a tear-filled hug. “Thanks.” Looking up at the human at the table. “Thank you both.” Sniffling into Sam's coat and leaving a thin trail of wetness behind.
Sam hugged back tighter. They both startled at the addition of a few fingers longer then they were. Not doing too much besides resting on Dean's back. Too afraid to do more or else risk hurting the small people. The addition was welcomed and Sammy was looking over into the living room again, wondering what all he was missing.
No sooner than Sam hung up the phone, did someone jiggle the front door's handle and curse as he came in, “Sam? I told you to lock the doors after I leave!” John shouted and froze when he turned and saw a stranger sitting at the dinner table. His gun was out in an instant. “Who are you?” He demanded, deadly calm.
Sam's hand was already closer to the smaller man so his traveling buddy wasted no time at all, diving into Sam's jacket sleeve next to the wrist laying on the table. Scrambling to get in deep enough, the human slowly raised his hands, helping him along to the elbow and just above it, where the small man grabbed a firm hold of the fabric there to keep from slipping down.
Sam slowly stood up from his seat. He looked at Dean who had only just got some hope in his eyes, to have it ripped from him. The dream he'd had entertained, crashing down around him. Realization that his dad didn't send this strange man here. Backing up behind the phone. “I was just leaving. I entered the wrong room on accident and saw this young boy all alone. You left him alone.” Sam's voice quavered. “I assured him I would stay and watch over him until his daddy came back. You're him?” He raised an eyebrow at John's gun.
John looked over to Sammy in the bathroom as the boy crept closer. “Stay back, Sammy.” Sam nodded, scared and cowered into the room further.
Sam's voice was a mix of dutiful civilian, and lost opportunities. “You know. It's not safe to leave kids alone.” Sam felt all that rage build up, but also a longing to make his dad understand that he thought his dad tried his best but sometimes Sam wished that he had just asked someone for help.
“I was only gone for an hour.” Sam heard the familiar lie, others might have missed it. How often John had practice saying it. The gun lowered a bit. “I'm here now. So you can leave.”
Sam nodded and kept his hands up as he walked to the door. Getting shot was not going to help anyone, and he knew from experience how easy it was for this Hunter to hide a body.
“And if I find out you called anyone about this...” John threatened.
“Duly noted, Sir.” He couldn't help but spit out and opened up the door. Hating himself for leaving before Bobby showed. The most he could hope for is that Bobby makes it there before they leave town, but with a gun at his head, Sam was left with little options. He couldn't get into a fight with Sam up his sleeve like that. The poor guy would get crushed in any kind of tussle. He shut the door behind him and it went quiet again. Sam heard none of the shouts from inside the room but knew that they were there. Just, not from inside this hotel front, and not in this time. Back in good ol' 2017 outside. Tears fell and his face became red hot. Sam kicked the door viciously, repeatedly. Jostling the hell out of Sam but it had to be done or else Sam would have shot holes in the door instead. No telling if bullets would make it past the boarder into the room with the two children.
“Stupid fucking idiot! You left us! You left us all alone! How could you do this? Fuck you! I hate you! Bastard!” Sam kicked until his feet hurt. He could feel the little man loose his grip and struggle to stay up. Small hands and feet scrambling for purchase inside the sleeves. Between his long sleeved shirt and jacket. Sam lost some steam at the frantic movements and made his arm stretch out and level again, gently poking the lump on the underside. “Come on out, Dude.” Biting his lip when the form flinched away from the contact, curling into a ball. Sighing out more of his anger. “I'm sorry. I'm ok. It's alright to come out.”
Sam used two fingers to show him the way in case he forgot which way. The small man trembled as he crept forward and onto Sam's waiting hand. His hair was rumpled and he wouldn't look at Sam in the eyes for more then a split second or two. Sam carefully and slowly set the little guy down into a nearby flowerpot with a dead plant in it from over winter. It showed signs of spring in the green buds in the center. Something to look at instead of the fearful looks he was getting. Cursing himself out for loosing control like that.
Sam huffed in the chilly air. Nerves and anger still building, roiling around in his gut with no better outlet then punching his fist on the door and gritting his teeth so hard they hurt. His whole attention back at the door and the father behind it. So many things he wanted to say. Never the right time. “Why did you leave us?” His waning anger turned to sobs. Sliding down the door. “Dad... why did you leave?”
Sam looked up at the giant who was loosing the fight in him, half sitting, half leaning into the door, facing away from him. Fingers uncoiling from fists to graze at the paint peeling wood. Other hand coming up to shade his eyes.
Glancing briefly at the smaller man, he knew he must look so dangerous and unpredictable. Crazy. He turned around and faced out towards the nearly empty parking lot, away from the reminder that their childhoods all sucked. That his dad was dead. Been dead for years and years. And since they never really had a mom to speak of growing up, they'd turned into Hunters and denied themselves a normal family. Turned into adults before their time. They never had a childhood like everybody else. He closed his eyes tight. Willing himself to stop remembering all of the hard times his dad put on Dean. Sam never knew how much Dean sacrificed to keep him fed. Keep him safe. Putting Sammy first and all other needs second. Dean sacrificed everything for him.
Sam saw the small man scale down with practiced ease from the potted plant, and walk forward. With a soft wavering voice he asked, “When did it happen?”
Sam let out a fresh sob and shook his head many times. “Doesn't matter. Our worlds aren't the same. Yours makes it. I'm sure of it.” Sam pushes his lips into a smile and looks away before the thin facade cracks wide open again.
“It doesn't matter what world I'm from, I'm asking when...”
Sam shook his head some more. Lifting up his hands and flexing his fingers in and out. Never realizing how much strength he had in them until he met himself, several times over. Saw himself from other's eyes. “2008.” He mumbled and heard the tiny man gasp and stumble. To him, that's in a year and half, two tops. “It was a monster. One we've never seen before. Ugly. Claws. We uh, we hunted it down and got it. But it killed... it killed Jess. It killed my dad when he was hunting it's family, and afterwards, it found and followed Dean to my college when he was traveling to see me. To tell me what happened. It followed him to my dorm... I wasn't there, so Dean went to the school to see what classes I was in, see if I was in one of them. The dorm is where it killed my fiance, my love, Jess. I wasn't there, late getting to my dorm and Jess was there instead of me and Dean. It wanted to kill us but when it found out I had a girlfriend... fiance... it butchered her first...” Sam wiped his eyes again. He had chased the dream of getting married... but woke up to the brutal reality that comes from a life of Hunting. Breathing hard though the pain. “But we got it. We got that bastard and made it bleed.” His hands went to fists so tight they turned white. Trembling in the air. Deep hatred in his eyes.
After he got his anger under control again he said, “My Jess. She was just, wrong place wrong time. An I let it happen. I wasn't there for her. I never told her about the supernatural. I wanted to get away from hunting. That's why I went to college, law school. But that monster... ruined everything. So Dean and I hunted nonstop for... God I don't know how long. Till we didn't care anymore. About living. Dying. It's all the same. We killed everything that wasn't human. Made a name for ourselves. 'Winchester' was synonymous with death.” His fists released their grip and he looked down again. Gathering up his memories and pushing them back again. The pent up feelings were out and it's done. He can put them away until the next blowout.
He could see the trepidation in his smaller self. “But that wont happen to you. To your family.” Sam said and was happy at least the little versions of them got out of that kind of pain. “So.” Sam said just to say something, and looked at the parking lot. The Impala not 5 feet away. “Did you wanna see her? A picture of Jess?”
Sam looked up at the giant and then the huge car. He'd know the Impala anywhere from any angle. “Sure.” he said softly. It sounded like the big guy never talked about what he lost. What they both lost. And it was tearing him apart to keep it bottled up. He knew that if he were this Sam, he would keep it to himself too. It didn't seem like Dean was one to settle down with a girl, want a family, a house. Sam wanted a normal life. And it was heartbreaking to see that this one lost it. The least he could do was listen. So he raised up his hands outwards in the universal sign of, 'pick me up.' And the giant put his flat on the ground for him to climb up on his own.
“I keep the box under my seat, you can only get it laying down in the back seat.” He explained and unlocked the door from the front driver's side, and quickly reached back to unlock the rear door, shutting the front in seconds of opening it. He got into the backseat of the Impala and laid down right away as the rear door shut behind him from a sudden gust of wind.
The car rocked violently side to side and Sam instantly coiled his fingers around his smaller counterpart and looked up at the ceiling and then windows. Something had changed. Air pressure. The Impala was moving but not forward. A wall of plaid covered the windows of the door he literally just got in from, and on the other side was clear sky. Nothing else but sky. No trees, power lines, buildings...
A voice came from the front seat and his eyes flew open. “Did you feel that, Sammy? Like the door just opened and shut real quick? I wasn't watching, I was trying not to look at anything at all because you know how much I hate flying.”
“Yeah. I felt it too. Think Jacob noticed? Something trying to get in?”
Sam was frozen like a deer in headlights. Not again. At least this version of the brothers sounded the same age as him and his Dean. Similar universe? But then there's that plaid wall and it's... oh God. It's breathing.
“We're a hundred feet in the air, who'd open the door? Superman?” Dean snarked.
They heard Dean roll down his driver's side window that faced the plaid wall, and stayed perfectly still in the backseat. Wherever they were now, it wasn't Kansas anymore.
“Hey! Jacob!” Dean shouted loudly out the window and the car rocked to a stop, moving more like a soft sway before launching itself up into the air 30 feet in two seconds. “Jeessus fucking shit!”
Dean thrashed about alongside Sam in the front, while Sam in the back tried not to loose his lunch or land on little Sam. The small Sam looked about ready to pass out from the massive rocket launching movements. “You ok?” He whispered very quietly and got a queasy thumbs up. Eyes swimming in his poor little head. His index finger lifted to pet at the tiny head and back in what he hoped was a calming gesture.
Dean wasn't done, “Jacob! You son of a bitch! What did we say? Slowly!”
“Sorry.” The voice bellowed out deafeningly, and yet sounded sheepishly, all around the Impala. Making everything shake violently around like it was a toy on top of a speaker set to full blast. The voice went quieter and the Impala turned around to face the well, face head on. “What is it?”
Dean breathed heavily for a moment and leaned his head out the window. “Did you feel that?”
“Feel what?” The billboard sized face looked confused and squinted inside the car.
“That jolt, I don't know. It was almost as if someone...” Dean's voice trailed off and Sam had a sinking sensation in his gut at tiny Sam's expression as he was looking straight up and over Sam's shoulder. Mind blanking out entirely by seeing just how large the person was who is currently holding the entire Impala and every inside, with hands that dwarfed her in size. A finger blocking out the sun from the passenger side, making the front doors groan from the pressure.
Dean was too preoccupied to curse the giant out for denting his Baby. “Sammy, um... you wanna turn around and look at this?”
The front bench seat creaked at the other person shifting around in his seat, and Sam knew he'd been seen by both of them. Sitting up slowly with his hands raised, Tiny Sam still held securely in one of them. Trying to disappear inside the fist at the sights around. Sam knew it would have been stupid to deny their sudden existence or hide it any longer. He had questions of his own, these guys needed to stop whatever the fuck was going on with the car. And just for safety's sake, would need to chill on the roller coaster shenanigans, but all that he planned on saying left his mind the second he looked outside the windshield. There was a face. A fucking huge ass face. Messy brown hair longer then he was tall, and squinting brown eyes beneath locking onto his own and he felt exactly what the small man in his hand must be feeling 24/7.
“What?” he stared and stared some more. It was a giant. A full grown fucking giant... and he recognized it. “Jacob?”
That got more suspicion from the front seat who looked at each other with a silent discussion lasting all of five seconds before both aimed guns at him in two fluid motions. “Who are you.”
“Uh... even longer story...” he said and smile-winced. He looked at his hand at Sam. “Sam? You wanna fill them in? I got the last two Winchesters.”
“Well FUCK YOU very much, Sam.” He cursed and turned what he could of his upper torso, while still held fast in the curled fist. There was no ignoring the titan outside. One pupil in that eye was bigger then he was. Dilating and contracting and all of the little lines inside flexing in the eyeball. Almost stealing away what tiny amount of courage he built up to speak up. Voice quavering, “Uhhh hey. Uh, we are you from a-a-alternate realities, and if you'd just let us leave out this door we will promise not to bother you or your god sized friend.”
The brothers in the front seat looked at each other with features that hardly moved or twitched. Sam adjusted himself in the backseat, still holding up the younger man. He watched the Hunters 'talk' to each other with their eyes and just knew this is what people were talking about with his and his own Dean's conversations. It was weird and missed at the same time. The Drauglin's facial features were getting better at conveying thoughts, but he still missed seeing his brother as a human. Knowing from experience that Dean wants to drop the backseat Sam's outside, without the car lowering down at all. And the Sam up front was berating him with five valid points against mindless murder. Sam curled his younger self closer to his chest for protection.
None of it was lost on 2006 Sam. A terrifying and sinking feeling in his gut making it swoop and sway along with the car in those colossal hands. “I'm gonna be sick.” Tiny Sam announced. Jacob could not keep the car as still as if it were on the ground. Not possible. The guy had a pulse and it was actually felt by the smallest person in the car far more then the three humans. Not only that, but it was windy up here... over a hundred feet Dean said? Holy hell. The wind alone and hand corrections made it move just enough to unsettle him further. Hand going to his mouth. “Ssaaam?” he whined, “Make it stop.”
The brothers up front locked eyes on the small man and went wide, both recognizing it for a much younger Sam, and sympathizing with him more then the human sized intruder.
Jacob out front couldn't quite hear what was going on inside, noticed the addition of another Sam Winchester. This one had a beard. The face was still pretty small and hard to make out, but he had a copy of Sam sitting up front to compare it too. “Yo, someone want to tell me what's going on? Guys?” The voice thundered the questions, and the car turned again to the side so he could see inside the open window. “You all ok in there?”
Sam in the front seat nodded slowly, pistol pointing back down, he put his hand on Dean's to do the same. He looked forward at Jacob and gave a clear thumbs up and everyone felt the far drop down a foot or three depending on what corner they were going by, it was unnerving as hell, but it was just Jacob relaxing a bit. The car continued to rock and sway a foot here and there. Sam turned back to the other ones in the back seat. He had questions of his own, but it looked like the tiny person wasn't going to last much longer in this environment. “Ok... you uh, you can go.”
Dean gaped at his brother, “Sammy? What the hell?”
Sam gave him a complicated look and Dean relented, putting his gun away and grumbling about flying shape shifters that invaded Baby and are getting away with it. There wasn't any real anger there, he would have liked more answers but in this line of work, he had to entertain the possibilities that these two were telling the truth. After all, they hadn't threatened them at all, and had several minutes of opportunity to kill both brothers before they were discovered.
“You can go.” Front seat Sam said again and motioned to the door behind himself and backseat Sam politely corrected him.
“Uh, not that one, this one, no idea what would happen if we leave out that one. Probably fall to our deaths, and that would ruin my day. How about yours, Sam?”
“Ruin.” he confirmed with a tiny watery voice, hands still going from his mouth and stomach half covered with the big fist around his legs and midsection.
Dean rolled his eyes. Pointing to the other door then, like they were wasting his time and he had somewhere to be.
Sam nodded a bunch of times at their permission to leave peacefully, and desperately wanted to ask, 'What are you guys going to do with a freaking giant?' He scooted closer to the correct door and put his free hand on the knob,  “Uh, have fun storming the castle.”
Tiny Sam regarded his Sam. Looking at the half blue sky, half Jacob face. Mumbling up at his human transport, “Think it'll work?”
Sam pulled on the handle of the back driver's side door, opening it to the sight of the rest of Jacob's fucking massive body, dwindling down to the forest floor below. Trees crushed or pushed aside in his wake. The path of destruction clear as day from up here. God help whoever dares stand against them. Sam found his voice again and hoarsely whispered back to tiny Sam, “It will take a miracle.”
Both Sam and Dean in the front seat, said in unison, “Good byeee.” Waving genially with wide smiles as the strange invaders disappeared right before their eyes.

The chapter where *everyone* just shouts "What the actual fuck!" until someone jumps out of an Impala 100 feet above the ground.
Anyone catch that blatant movie quote dialog at the end there? eh? :) eh? :)


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Oh my god das too many sams and deans D:
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oh ho ho - just wait! lol

(for reals thou - it got to be very confusing and tricky to distinguish between the 20+ of them- at least it's never more than three sams and two deans at a time.)
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This reminds me of The Lounge they were talking over in tumblr. And we got a great way to make the Brothers Saved AU be even better!! Poor BA Sammy, he's dealing with all of his giant AU's and an even toller Jacob!!
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He's definitely not used to it and glad to be on slightly more stable ground.
I loved the lounge ideas that are coming out! I wrote this just a few days before and like what?!?! This is amazing!
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Yup, there's gonna be at least one or two more hope and skips into sideways dimensions, totally unintentionally, these poor guys need a break!