The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 5

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Chapter Five:
Sail on, On a Distant Highway, Yeah

Dean paced the hotel wall several times before shouting obscenities and punching it. He heard and felt Oz in his pocket cry out in fear and stopped moving, he felt guilty as hell for terrifying the little guy but was more pissed that the monster had made off with his brother and he couldn't stop it at all. It should have been child's play to stop something no bigger than a rat but no. He failed Sam. “Fuck!” He cursed loudly and apologized a second later, lifting up his hand and opening up the pocket.
“Sorry, Oz, you should probably come out now.” He said with pursed lips, and Oz cowered back from that rage filled face. Dean took and released a breath away from Oz and put on a smile, Oz could see right through it but rather then make the human wait any longer, he took up the invitation and climbed onto the hand. The hand that just a few seconds ago was punching through walls. It was really a testament how much he trusted his friend to not hurt him. He noticed that Dean was favoring the other hand that had blood dripping down the fingers. Gasping at the sight of it.
“He did that to you?” Oscar pointed down and saw the hand lift up and turn this way and that. Inspecting the damage for himself.
“Yeah. He's gonna pay for that.” Dean said lowly and forced himself to be gentle when he lowered Oz to the soft unused bed. Sure that his tiny friend wouldn't appreciate being on the floors with him stomping about the place. “I don't feel comfortable with you going into the walls just yet, Dude. No telling where he's headed next, so you should probably find some cover.” Dean said, already turning back to the wall.
Oscar nodded mutely and instead of going to his usual place of safety, his home which is inside those walls, he stayed put. The nightstand was too close to an opening just below. The kitchenette had the third entrance. His eyes darted everywhere, half expecting the dragon to pop up at any second and snatch him away too. It seemed like Dean was right, that this was a monster that was lying to gain their trust. All to kidnap Sam. He watched with awe and no small amount of fear as the human put his weight into moving the furniture out of the way of the wall, ripping the brackets that held the TV in place with just a few well angled pulls and several kicks. The hotel had a rash of thefts and bolted nearly everything down, but that wouldn't stop a rage filled and desperate Hunter like Dean.
Dean pushed the dresser out of the way and was about to throw the pictures out away from the walls but took a quick breath and set them down with a bit more care. Just enough to keep the glass from breaking before turning all his attention back to the wall. He knew better then to start making holes without knowing exactly where or who was on the other side or inside, so he stepped closer and listened. Hearing nothing. He strode to the bathroom and procured the plastic cups and tossed the rest to the floor but saved one to cup against the wall and his ear to hear better. Still nothing. He huffed angrily and tapped a finger along the walls and found the studs inside. Grabbing a pen and marking the lines out so that when he does smash the damn thing down, he doesn't break a knuckle on a 2x4.
He paced some more, considering his options. If he blows a hole in at any spot, it's going to alert those on the other side that he's there and there's no telling how many dragons are on the other side. Or if they've got worse monsters. That one said he was bigger before, and that they'd had a spell to shrink him down to be more 'travel size'. If he was telling the truth, there might be proper dragon sized dragons out there. And, not just that. He took Oz's word for it that the room didn't fit in his hotel. So, it was probably unwise to try and break into something that can span time and space and exist in a potentially parallel universes.
Dean always said Sam was the smart one, but Dean was smart too. He reads. And in just about every single sci fi book out there, you do not fuck with time lines. Things usually turn out worse then before. He paced and considered his options. Going in rage filled and blind is going to get someone killed.
He turned to look at Oz while he thought. He could see the small flinch his friend made and sighed. Fuck. Is there anyone he hasn't scared yet today? “Sorry, Oz. I'm just... trying to think things through. I swear I'm not going to go in guns blazing.”
He saw rapid fire nods coming at him and that didn't really assure him that Oz felt comforted by that statement.
He took his gaze from the little guy to compose himself better. Treat this like a normal hunt, even if they were already on a hunt in this town. There was a reason they came here and it wasn't just to catch up with their friend. Now considering the possibility that whatever they're hunting here, found them first, disguised itself in something small and hurt looking, only to steal his brother as a hostage.
He wished to heaven and hell he knew what he was dealing with that had that kind of power. He was sure it wasn't a shapeshifter since they're usually human shaped and it wouldn't make sense to make itself so small. Hell, it got caught up in some plaster and passed out. That doesn't really scream violent monster capable of ripping people to shreds and eating them in the woods. Maybe that dragon was a pet or companion to the monster he and Sam came here to hunt? What are the odds that there would be two supernatural things in the area?
Ok. Figure it out Dean, figure it out. Reports of people being abducted in the woods. Body parts scattered everywhere. Hearts missing but that doesn't necessarily mean werewolf because most of the body was missing too. Don't assume. It had taken hikers and bikers and two people cutting through the woods to get home from school. That one really made him pissed all over again. They were kids...
Focus. Ok. So it eats people, leaves four toed tracks in the woods and is violent as hell. Animalistic and even if it's not covering its tracks, it's damned hard to find. Dean recalls that the dragon had just four toes on its hind legs, and the camouflage probably would help it hide in the woods easily. But the tracks out there were larger then their visiting monster itself so maybe it is the one who spawned it? But all the attacks happened well within the woods. Never inside the walls of a hotel in the middle of the damned city. It had to have been outside to get here. Dean had already looked at the sewers and they all let out only into the street. The dragon had to have been outside at one point and not been seen. It mentioned a 'Cas' but that could be anyone or anything. They just assumed it was a person because it was in the same sentence typed out as 'love Sam love Cas' And before asking to go home. Ok. So Cas could be another word for home? Or another thing like it is?
Damn it! This is so fucking frustrating because Sam's probably right on the other side of that wall and being eaten as he wastes time pacing back and forth thinking about monsters in woods! He needs to know what he's up against, and the only one that has been over there is Oz.
He turns to the bed and crouches down on his ankles to be more at his friend's eye level and to not seem so imposing. “Oz. What do you remember about that room. Like, exactly. Where are the windows where's the doors where are the beds, everything.”
Oscar nodded and flattened out a part of the sheet underneath him, dragging a finger into box like shapes and trying to picture the huge room from above to better show what Dean needs to know. “The window is here and it's in the wrong place because according to this, it would be looking into another room. That one is bigger then ours so it should have overlapped with ours and theirs, or maybe further away then ours? I don't know. Perhaps the room is bigger on the inside?”
Dean chuckled. “Like the TARDIS?”
Oscar tilted his head in confusion. “I don't know what that is.”
Dean waved a hand and that bit of info caught him off guard as well. Huh, maybe it is like the TARDIS. Time and space have no bounds? He shook his head. Ok, watch a few Doctor Who episodes and suddenly everything dealing with time is one. Sides, the Doctor looked more human then the thing that claimed to be him.
Oscar went on, “The door is in the right place though, leading outside. There were two humans that I could hear in that room.
“No other monsters lurking in corners? No weapons?”
“There were probably weapons in the bags they had... I don't know. I stay out of that kind of stuff. It only ticks people off to go snooping in personal belongings and there's no reason to if there's food right out in the open.” Oscar pointed out.
Dean nodded in understanding and took pen to paper, drawing out the diagram of the room and fixing it here and there with Oscar's help. It was not to scale but it would help to know that the wall on the other side of his own had two queen beds and a nightstand between. The bathroom was on the other side of the room and another doorway that was not leading outside. It was probably leading to another hotel room for people that stay in in small groups. The window was opposite the vent entrance and according to Oscar, leads to another room if it were inside the hotel but apparently it was just a normal window when he was in there. So, going to that room in Oscar's hotel might not work to get into the other one that way. Man his head hurt bending space like this.
He theoretically could find out what room in Oscar's hotel was opposite the vent and bust through that wall instead of his own. They'd be expecting the wall with the beds to be his entry point. Or maybe, all he had to do was take a stroll outside and walk right in. Try every single door he had access to in that building. One of them had to lead to Sam.
The only other option he had was sending in Oz to fetch Sam. Dean couldn't fit though the vents or walls, but he couldn't risk his friend like that. Oz was so much smaller then Sam and if his Hunter brother couldn't take out the dragon then Oz doesn't have a chance in hell.
“Oscar.” He said, hating the idea before it even left his lips. “Silver burns it.”
Oscar nodded, brow furrowing. “Yeah.”
“Well...” he's going to hell, “I have more then the one silver necklace and chain. Other things made out of silver, Sam's size...” He saw Oscar following along and got that tiny brave gleam in his eye. Helping Dean spit it out. “It acted like it burned like acid, unable to strike back, so if someone was to drape the silver chain around it, it might pin it in place for someone to be able to free Sam and get back into the walls.”
Oscar saw the self reproach in Dean the whole time those big green eyes darted from the silver chain on the floor and the supplies bag. Dean had used several tools at Bobby's to make some shivs and flat plates with holes punched through for a thread strap. It was like a tiny shield made out of silver for blocking a monster's touch, in case Sam ever lost his trusty knife. If the thing were to grab Sam while he was wearing it, they'd be burned into dropping him again. It was either that or Sam would be crushed in the monster's hand.
The silver pieces were bigger and slightly more cumbersome, but pure silver nonetheless. They might work. Dean could help Oscar put the shield against his chest like body armor and give him the silver toothpick sized swords. He wished that he and Bobby could have made them better, but the humans were just too big for fine detail, and the heat involved with melting home made swords wouldn't have helped either. Sam was too small to work a forge so they were stuck with using cold silver from silverware and regular hammers. Making a rough but slightly sharp edge to it with wood carving blades pinching it down to the point where it's severed. It blunted Bobby's wood working tools a bit, but worth it to see the tiny makeshift swords. Sam didn't care to use them, they were heavy and slightly unwieldy, not at all balanced right. But they were so small it didn't hurt anything to put them in their weapons bag anyway. Now, it might save Sam's life.
Dean fetched the tiny bits of metal and laid them out in front of Oscar. Looking at them now though, the 'tiny' sword was nearly as long as Oscar was tall. The shield covered most of his body. Maybe this was a mistake.
Oscar couldn't stop looking at the shining metal pieces. Feeling like a real warrior as he picked up the sword with both tiny hands. It was heavy, but he managed to get it up and point it at Dean who had been frowning until now. Oz was getting a bit more confidence and resolve in his little frame. He can save Sam.
Dean lifted up the shield and Oscar slipped the part that would usually go through an arm over his head, angling it better to work to cover up his entire front and part of his arms. Dean pulled it back off and with his fingers and the nightstand, bent both sides inward, curving it into a half tube and gave it back, now it was easier for Oz to move his arms and it was wrapped halfway around himself like body armor. Going from his upper chest to just above his knees so he could  still move. It would bump into him but dean supposed he could lift the bottom out away from his legs to keep it from getting annoying. And all he'd have to do is kneel down and duck his head behind the metal bit, and he'd be covered head to toe on that side with silver. Dean would loose his resolve to let his small friend fight if he watched Oz admire what was essentially a 2.5 inch squared bit of metal. Acting like it was the strongest material known to mankind. He had gone back to the wall to listen to distract himself. Still no sounds.
“I have something at home that might help!” Oscar called up to Dean. “My house isn't that way, I should be fine. It's close enough to this room, remember? You picked it so I wouldn't have to go more then a few feet to get to you.” Oscar said and pulled out his paperclip to hook onto the bedspread to climb down. He was startled to see a hand underneath him before he'd gotten an inch down and Dean brought him the rest of the way to the entrance, saving him precious minutes of travel.
“Be careful.” Dean said with worry in his eyes. It was clear that Dean would be in there with him if he could. But he was stuck. “I'm going to check the outside doors while you're getting your battle armor on.” Dean said. He bowed his head and gave a small encouraging smirk, “Lord Sire Oscar of the Knights Inn.”
Oscar flushed and bowed back just before slipping into the dark walls and for the first time since the dragon was brought into the room. He now thought they looked scarier more then like home, just because of what might be in there now. Not just regular dangers like spiders bugs and rats, but now he had to worry about monsters and other universes shoving their way into his home. He took that idea and turned it around. This is his hotel. They are not going to make him scared of his home, and they are not going to take his friend. Oscar bolted down the hallways on home. A quest to complete.
Dean gathered up all the remaining silver pieces he had and armed himself as well. Wrapping the necklaces around his hands after binding up his bleeding one in a strip of fabric to stem the flow. He gripped his own silver knife in a firm fist and had just enough presence of mind to hide it from view as he left his room and went outside. Heart pumping like mad as he walked those few steps towards the next door down. The knob was hot from being in the summer sun all day, and locked tight so he got out his lock picking kit and got to work. Hunching a little to angle his hands just right. If he could get this done without Oscar getting involved and hurt, the better. Dean had faced bigger odds before.

Sam felt a tingle go up his spine when he shut the door to his room. The small and young version of himself must have felt it too because the guy stiffened in his loose fist. “You feel that?” Sam asked quietly, eyes darting this way and that for what is still causing the weird disturbance. He felt a couple of taps coming from below and asked, “Two for yes, one for no?” Getting two more right after. “Do you know what this is?” Sam asked, lifting up his free hand and waving it about. It was almost like a cold spot but in reverse. It was chilly outside because it was March out, but this was like a warm spot. He could feel it was around his chest area more then his head, and it seemed to move. Like someone dancing around and through him. Spirits don't feel warm. This can't be a ghost that suddenly decided to show up literally at their door.
Sam shivered out the weird sensation and stepped away and apparently right out of the warm spot. Looking back at the closed door he frowned deeply. “What the fuck was that?” He asked but when he put his hand back into the area, it was just as cold as the air around them. Waving the hand about and finding no trace it had ever been there. He got one thump on his index finger. Tiny him doesn't know either. Sam inhaled the air around him and actually surprised himself when he recognized the scent lingering in it. “Dean?”
That got the smaller man's attention and he squirmed to get out. Sam's fist closing on instinct to keep him from falling.
“I don't see him.” Sam said in a hushed way, hoping to calm down the other Sam. “I just, I don't know. I'd forgotten what Dean smells like. It's been so long since he was human...” Sam said and leaned back towards the door to get another whiff but there was nothing left. He frowned and so many feelings swept though him. “What I would give to have him back to being human again. He deserves it. None of this crap that's been thrown at him.” Sam admitted and debated if he should take this discussion elsewhere. He leaned against the outside of the room and looked around somewhat casually and found no one even close. People outside sure, but not paying attention.
Sam figured it wouldn't hurt to open up to the guy as well. He loosened his fist again and opened up the jacket to look down at the little face looking up. “Dean and I were on a hunt awhile back, we didn't know that... I didn't know that what we were chasing wasn't a Vellum. Nasty creature.” Sam shook his head, grimacing. “I made a mistake. I should have researched better. We ran into a Drauglin and her nest. Dean told me to kill the three eggs that started to move and hatch while he was going to go after the mother not far away. She was huge, and we were woefully unequipped to take on something that size. But Dean... he wouldn't risk her getting loose and taking any more lives. Three women went missing and... and there were three eggs. I didn't make the connection when I killed them.” Sam took a deep breath and saw that sorrowful look in the smaller mans eyes. Already guessing the punchline. “So, Dean went after her, and she got him first. She came back and saw that her nest was destroyed and decided to start over with Dean as her next offspring. Took off with him faster and farther then I could catch up. Bobby and I went back after we had some backup but after weeks of searching the other Hunters had to go after some full form werewolves.”
“Full form?” Sam asked quietly and Sam looked down at him.
“Yeah... you don't have ones that turn into full wolves?” He got a tiny head shake. “Oh. Well, they're harder to track since we don't want to kill regular wolves minding their own business. Anyway. Our backup left and Bobby and I eventually found Dean, but we were too late. He was already one of them. About the size of a horse, he was a toddler and acted like one. He remembered us enough to trust us, and we took him back home to Bobby's. But, we couldn't keep him safe forever.” Sam said and went on with their story. Retelling it to someone that he secretly hoped wouldn't judge them too harshly. Who could he trust to understand but himself?
In the loose fist, Sam took in the story. Hearing the heartache and regret lacing most of it in the rumbling voice above. He didn't dare mention he was getting cold being half exposed to the chilly air, because the fist holding him started to warm up enough to counteract it. Emotions running deep and making the giant flush with shame. It was still hard to believe that this is what he's going to look like in just 11 years. The guy appears older then that, seen too much. He wondered if the hunting life did that to everybody. Probably. Even Bobby looked older, but he had always looked a fair bit weathered, so it wasn't as drastic. Sam found out why Bobby was limping everywhere and was also glad that he hadn't been wheelchair bound for too long. And voicing his agreement that Bobby really should use his cane more often. Sam found the story hard to believe at some points but didn't doubt it because of the feelings lacing all of his older self's words.
“So that's it. We've all been on the run ever since.” Sam shrugged and looked back down again. The cliffs notes version of events made it sound like it wasn't that bad. But living through it... it was hell. And he's responsible.
“It's not your fault.” Sam said upwards and pat the finger underneath him. Getting a scoff and eye roll.
“If it's not my fault then who's is it? Dean tried telling me that exact same thing, several times. I was thinking you'd understand better.” He started walking to end the conversation but the little guy wasn't done yet.
“I don't think it's your fault anymore then I thought it was my Dean's fault for leaving me at my hotel when I was a kid. Sometimes shit happens.”
“Yeah, shit happens.” Sam muttered and the walk to the next room over wasn't nearly long enough. “Look, you gotta be quiet. Please. I can't be distracted now.” Sam moved the small guy back out from the inside of his loose jacket for a second to tuck him into one of its outer pockets which had more room, and he figured the guy would be safe in there. Letting him get off and onto the glove inside. He was a little surprised at how easy it was to get the small guy to go willingly. He was likely used to being handled by giants. Sam's not sure if he'd wanna switch places with him, even though he said he was fine and capable being little. Still, Sam couldn't risk someone so small and vulnerable in this confrontation. And it had nothing to do with messing up timelines, the kind like, kill your Granpa and you're never born, since he was obviously living a different one altogether. “You good in there?” He got two punches, seemingly irritated. He felt one of the legs brush against his thumb before he removed his hand, and maneuvered his finger to tap it once. He had to reassure the poor guy. “I'm not going to start shit. But if he does first, I swear I wont take it personal. I'm not going to kill anyone if this truly is just a misunderstanding.” Sam informed his passenger and got another set of less anger filled taps before his hand pulled out of the pocket. The small dude did not want to be in the pocket, but sometimes we don't get what we want.
Sam knocked on the door.

The door opened.
Dean stepped inside and his heart sunk below the ground. It was empty. The room was completely empty. Not only that, but it looked just like any other room at the Knights Inn. The beds made and a slight coating of dust on everything. Oz lived slightly further out then the more frequently used rooms, and the one that he uses when the brothers come to visit was no exception. Lots of dust removal on their arrival. Every time. Hell, he needs to take time out to see their little friend more often. This place looked the same as the rest of the ones that stay empty. No one had been in here for at least several weeks. Dean walked inside anyway. Only remembering to close the door when the heat from outside was coming in and making the air as oppressive inside as out. He slowly sank to the floor.
He lost his brother.
Was there anything worse then that? Dean hung his head and laced both hands behind it, blocking out the world. Hardly anyone even knew Sam existed, so he wouldn't have to tell too many that he's gone. Vanished into thin air on the back of a fuckin' dragon. He couldn't even wait 11 years for them to show up because he still had no idea where the dragon came from... what the date was there. All he had to go on was the description he got from Oz and it's not like he can scour the country and ask every single hotel and motel if they planned on decorating their rooms 'just so'. Besides all that, if he was at all possible that he was the same Dean as that dragon one, he had proof in that meeting that he wouldn't even remember this whole event. Otherwise he would have done things differently. Or would he? The little Dean wanted Sam and got him. But how? How the hell did future him know that they'd be at this hotel? Right now? He sure didn't look like he remembered any of this life that Sam and he had lived. Insisting Sam never shrunk. And who or what the hell is 'Cas'. And how does that play into things?
Dean growled in frustration that turned into a painful yell. Too many questions. No answers. And no Sam.
He chided himself for sitting on the floor, wallowing in pain and self pity instead of going back and doing something about it. Oz was his only hope now. Either that, or find the witch that cursed Sam in the first place and have her shrink him too so he could go into the walls and bring his brother back himself. Anything. He knew he'd have less chance then Sam because he had no idea how to live small, but he can't just give up. Can't let Sam remain missing. He stood on shaky legs and strode to the door again, flinging it open before storming back to his room. The other rooms would prove useless as well. He just knew it. And rather than waste time chasing his tail and punching holes in walls, getting unwanted civilian and then police attention, he had to get back to Oz.
When Dean returned, Oscar was back already and working on something close to the bottom of the nightstand. He only flinched once when Dean sat down quickly in front of him Indian style to be more at his level. Oscar held up a needle that was only a little larger then his hand, no doubt filed down to be that short over years of grinding on stone, and the pile of buttons next to himself. He was a fast sewer, Dean will give him that, because before he could even ask, Oscar picked up one of the buttons with a loop attached and brought it down to his foot and slid it up to his knee.
“Body armor.” Oscar said with some pride and got back to sewing. “I got my strips of fabric I hadn't de-threaded yet because they're thicker, and stronger, and more durable then my clothes fabric would be. These buttons here go over my shoulders and these for my elbows and I've got a long needle for a sword in case I can't lift that other one.” Oscar worked as he spoke and Dean reached forward for a button and strap. Inspecting the small things and he gave Oz a thumbs up.
“Nice planning, Oz.” He then set it aside and went to fetch his own needle and thread. Getting to work. So long as Oscar was still on board and thinking ahead, he was not going to stop it. Together they got an outfit worthy of a knight to fight a dragon. Oscar put it all on, adjusting threads here and there and bouncing to see if they'd stay put and beamed up at Dean then went into a fighter's pose that he'd seen Sam do before.
“I think it looks good.” Dean appraised the 'armor' and turned his head to look at the wall again. “Are you ready to go into battle, Oscar?”
He went wide eyed at that. Dean never uses his full name and it threw him for a loop for a second. This was serious. He gulped and sheathed the needle and picked up the sword. His supply bag was gone, replaced with just his paperclip and line tied loosely to his waist. The silver armor that went over top everything was very heavy, so he couldn't deal with anything more that wasn't absolutely necessary. The two silver knife shards came next, one in his fabric shoe as instructed by Dean who showed off his own boot knife, and the other behind his back in case they manage to tie him up, he can cut the bindings. Dean quickly showed him some defense and offensive moves but time was wasting.
“I'm ready.” Oscar said, pushing his voice into one that sounded more confident and brave. He accepted Dean's help getting him across the room to the nearest opening the human had made in the walls. Curling his hand around Oscar before passing him into the hole and down to the floor of the wall. His fingers loosened and Oscar climbed off and pat the hand. “I'll get him back.”
Dean felt like crap for Oscar having to do this on his own. Swallowing back the doubt, he said, “Victory meal is on me.” And pressed his ear to the wall, listening to Oz's soft footsteps for only a foot or two in the quiet space. He had faith that Oscar would do his best, but, fuck. He was just one extra small man in an over-sized world. And on top of that, there was no way of knowing what was happening until he returned, if he returned. Dean sat down next to the opening and waited. “Be safe.”

Sam knocked again and waited. The small weight in his pocket shifted but he ignored it, his own personal mini-me was just getting comfortable. Sam looked down after he felt another shift. Making sure the little guy wasn't making a break for it. Surely he had to know it would be pointless. His hand came up and entered the pocket again and got a few kicks for that. He muttered, “Sorry.” Before removing most of it, leaving in his hooked thumb. He'd be able to tell if the little guy tried leaving it now.
The door opened up a crack and he saw a kid with brown hair standing on the other side. Sam's brow raised because the kid was even taller then he was, and it looked like he wasn't even full grown yet. No Dean. Lie.
“Hi,” Sam greeted and peeked inside the room, what he could see. “I'm with the main office and we wanted to know if you've had any problem with rats in the room?”
“Excuse me?” The guy frowned but then looked down at his shirt for a second before his eyes darted back up again. Sam's eyes tracked the movement too and stared hard at the chest pocket. “I haven't seen any rats. Are there rats here?” he asked, worry entering his voice and the door opened a bit more.
“That's why I'm here, I'm afraid. Normally we would shut down and fumigate but there was always someone staying in the hotel. You and a few others might need to stay somewhere else while we spray.” Sam kept going with the ruse. This college age kid kept getting more and more nervous and glancing down at his shirt. Then, he spotted it. Slight movement in the front pocket and the kid must have felt it too because the door started to close on Sam but he shoved a boot in first. “Just a minute of your time! Please!”
The kid frowned deeply and said, “I haven't seen any rats but we'll leave right away. Thanks.”
“Who all is in your party?” Sam asked and the kids eyes blown wide.
“We, I mean, as in, me, and the other rooms that the other people got for the night. Elsewhere. Not here.”
The kids pocket moved again and he gave a wince then polite grin that was screaming nerves before he pushed at Sam's foot. “Well, I should get my things then and go.” He supplied.
Sam put on his 'scary face' and narrowed his eyes. “You know, we don't allow pets in the rooms.” And nodded towards his shirt pocket that froze instantly.
“I don't, I don't have any pets.” He said, sweating now. Sam had to use considerable force to counteract the taller kid, and shoved the door inward. The kid stumbled back. Hand going over the pocket protectively and he reached behind himself towards a bag.
Sam got into the door in one move and shut it in the next breath, pulling out his pistol and lifting it to his chest. “You are a terrible liar. Now show them to me.”
The kid lifted up his hands and winced. “I'm... I can't.”
Sam read the fear in the boys face. “What's your name?”
“Jacob.” He said and cast his eyes down to his pocket again.
“And what's theirs?” Sam asked and got up into 'Jacob's personal space. Gun lowering a fraction.
Jacob sighed and knew he was so screwed. “They're not dangerous, so don't freak out. Promise you wont freak out?”
“I wont freak out.” Sam said stonily. Jacob was plainly holding someone small like Sam in his pocket like a pet... Sam then realized the full extent of what he thought, and even to his own ears, that reeked of hypocrisy. 'I'm not holding myself hostage, and especially not like a pet. It's for his own protection. I don't think less of him just because he's smaller.'
Jacob lowered one hand to open up the pocket and gave a very abashed look inside. “Sorry.” Two fingers reached in and came out with not one, but two small people. The hand turned around and both tiny people got better situated. Holding onto one of Jacob's fingers while they both went for tiny knives.
The shorter one's voice barely carried across the room, “You dare touch a hair on Jacob's head and we'll have yours.” The confidence in that statement sounded so damned familiar it sent Sam for a loop. He hadn't heard it in what felt like ages. Or at least, over 7 months.
“Dean?” he said and lowered his gun all the way.
The small man frowned and glared upwards. “I don't know you.” he stated and looked to his partner on the hand. Another small Sam if the height and the posture was anything to go by.
“What do you want with my brother?” The taller but still tiny man asked and it was the exact same as the one in his pocket. If slightly older. This was unexpected to say the least. He was thinking he'd find some kind of monster of a person that was somehow able to clone Hunters for their own kicks. He's seen weirder things in his life. And the working theory he had in mind for the existence of a younger tiny version of himself is that it was a clone that was genetically altered to remain small. Like a test tube baby that had to mature while still inside the test tube. It made more sense then time travel.
“Uh, I think... I think...” Sam floundered a bit. “I think we should all sit down and talk.” He finally got out and put his hand into his pocket a bit more fully. Pulling out an equally confused Sam. “I'm Sam too.” He supplied once the other two borrowers got a good look at the one on his hand.
Jacob sighed. “Two weeks. I've been hunting with you guys for two weeks and this crap happens?” He then rubbed at his forehead. Brown hair falling into disarray. “Does this happen all the time with you Hunters?” he asked exasperatedly.
Three Sam's and a Dean shrug at him. The oldest one present said, “Not usually.”
“Well, fuck dammit! That's a relief!” Jacob waved his hand in the air nonsensically and got a glare from Dean for shaking his platform.
Sam could tell this was going to be a long day.

The idea of Oscar in button body armor was inspired from this amazing picture that MogaDeer drew…
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Chapter six here:…
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Chapter nine here:…
Chapter ten part one here:…
Chapter ten part two here:…
Chapter eleven here:…
Chapter twelve part one here:…
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Chapter thirteen here:…
Chapter fourteen here:…
Final Chapter fifteen here:…

This is what Dean looks like in this fic:…

Dragon Dean versus Tiny Sam :…

Sam holding Tiny!Sam :…

Or you could read the whole fic as it's meant to be read (with italics! whoa-shit!) for free and download it and see my other works there that aren't on deviantart yet. Like the sequel to Dragon!Dean which is Shenadragons!

for this full story:…

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Oscar, the dragon hunter!

Well shit, i totally wasn't expecting that. Poor Jacob, barely two weeks into the hunting life and he's already dealing with converging universes. 
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Oh it gets better!
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I have faith he can handle it!