The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 4

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Chapter Four
Time Keeps on Rollin'

The dragon went back to the keyboard to get more information. Maybe then they'll all start making sense. 'when did he turn small?' Dean had been meaning to ask for awhile now. Not remembering any of this shit at all.
That got all of them looking at each other in confusion. Maybe he had forgotten? Maybe it had something to do with turning into an animal like that. It was probably blind luck that he remembers his humanity at all. “Sam was hit by a curse when we were kids. That was 14 years ago.” Dean said and watched his small counterpart nod thoughtfully. “You're really not from around here are you?”
The dragon huffed a laugh. Understatement of the century. The guy was a tiny, dragon, time traveler, and a copy of the one asking questions. Who knows where he'd come from as well, other side of the country or other side of the world. And, apparently, from what Oscar was saying, it was late winter or early spring outside of the room next door. When it was obviously mid summer outside of his.
Tiny Dean typed out the next question, 'no spell to change back?' And looked back up at Sam with concern.
“What do you mean?”
The dragon shrugged a couple of shoulders and typed out, 'had spell to make me travel size', and then added, 'might have one to make him supersize'.
Dean gasped and looked down at Sam and Oscar. Is this it? Is this what can make him human again? Sam was at a complete loss of words but both looked down to the table when they heard Dean chirp something.
Before they could get their hopes up, Dean hastily typed out, 'its temporary', then lifted up his bound hand to mark his height. 'im very big usually, dont know when ill grow again'. And frowned up at the twin looks of disappointment.
Big Dean licked his lips. “Still... uh, it's worth checking out?”
Sam didn't know which Dean to address first. “I'm fine. Really guys...”
Tiny Dean typed out, 'ill go check'. And turned from the laptop, stepping down with some difficulty.
“Hang on there dragonheart. I've still got like a billion questions for you before you scamper off.” Dean jolted back to reality. This monster can't be him from the future. No way in fucking hell does he magically turn into a fucking dragon. It's promising things that of course would make him beg for more info. Knows what he wants most is to bring Sam back to humanity so he doesn't have to worry about his little brother being at risk all the time.
There might be a reason why this little winged monster knew his last name. Spying on them earlier perhaps. Trying to get them to let their guard down. The thought of it made him feel a bit more angry for letting himself be sucked in by the half promises and wild stories. Dean addressed Sam. “Let your guard down and people die. We don't have any solid proof this thing is really me, or that it's telling anything but lies to us right now.”
Oscar peered over the pocket downwards. All of this is going over his head and he wished he knew what to say to make them all calm down and listen with no accusations. “I think he's -” but silenced himself at the dangerous look his human friend was sending the small dragon.
Dean noticed the dragon looked taken aback by his words, but it could easily be an act. It climbed back up onto the keyboard with just as much trouble moving its bound legs. It could be another ploy to gain sympathy. It typed out, 'not lying. what do you want to know?'
Dean sneered at it. “First of all. I wouldn't break that easy. Give up information at the drop of a hat.”
The dragon squinted at him. 'you swore not to hurt.' The dragon reminded him. It then looked like it was taking a new appraising gaze of the biggest one in the room. He then hesitated, wings opening and closing like one would uneasily tap fingers on a counter. Nearly a solid minute of awkward silence passed before typing out. 'been tortured before.' Letting it sink in before going on. 'wont survive it again.' And turned his head to the other side away from them all, sniffing back his feelings before rubbing his arm self consciously and taking a few steadying breaths. Finding some resolve before going on to type. 'whats first question?' He stared right back up at the human with a confidence that he didn't feel.
Those few sentences that were still on the screen behind him spoke volumes. A history of pain, confirmed.  It wasn't “over acting”, he was remembering past pains and trying to prevent them from happening again by any means necessary.
Dean had to reconsider everything. What would he have done if he had been tortured before? Mutilated? How would he react to giants that could recreate those wounds with too much ease and unstoppable power? Sam had his arm broken from that bitch when she'd kidnapped him. That was for 'discipline'. Dean here, said he'd been tortured. For what reason, he could only guess. It was likely the simplest reason. Just the fact that he was a dragon, and dragons are meant to be hurt and killed. Tiny Dean knew it, accepted it, and said he wouldn't survive being tortured again.
Dean felt like he'd been punched in the gut. Sam was speechless. Oz was crying.
Dean tried a couple of times to find his voice and resolve again. “First question.” He could practically feel Sam's venomous glare bore into him from his pocket, like Dean was the one with that knack of knowing when someone's staring at him. Oscar... little Oz was sitting at the bottom of the pocket and he could just hear the quiet sobs. Quiet, because Oz grew up knowing that he can never let a human hear him cry. Any human. Who's the real monster here? Dean cleared his throat, “First question is, what did you want to eat? We uh, fed you some beef when you were sleeping. You seemed to like it.”
A few startled squeaking chirps came out with some breathy rumbles before the little guy shook his head and typed out. '? really? you gave me food?'
Dean's throat was closing up. Had the other Sam been the one to starve this poor guy? Hurt him? He looked far too thin and now that he's really looking hard, it wasn't just thin but he'd been emaciated. One of his spikes was cut off between his shoulder blades. Old wounds all over the tiny vulnerable body. Taking a closer look at those wings showed the scar tissue where there once had been gaping holes torn straight through. Remembering how Bowman prized his wings and how much they mean to flying people. Crippling the wings could mean death for anyone depending on them. Who knows how long they took to heal again? Seeing the sheer number of wounds and mental scars, taking another look at how the guy held himself. What the fuck was that other Sam doing to him? Was he treating the guy like a monster? A pet that went ignored?
Dean mumbled to himself. “How could he let that happen to you?” Glancing at his own Sam, knowing that there was no way in hell that either brother would hurt the other so badly. Even when it was painfully obvious that Sam wasn't normal anymore due solely to his stature, he was still considered a person. Family. This version of himself hadn't had it so lucky.
The dragon was still searching for something in his face and coming up blank. Sniffing the air and seeking out the other two for answers. Why the human would say that. Instead, he typed out, 'i only eat meat.' And glanced to the mini fridge and back again. Dean used his hand to move the cursor back a few spaces to add a word. 'i only eat dead meat'.
Dean felt like throwing up. The other Sam fed the guy carcasses. It was no wonder he was in such rough shape. “I can't let you go back there.” Dean said, holding onto his mouth with a hand and steadying himself on the table with the other. The whole table shook along with him. “I can't. That's just... no. I wont let you go back to that.”
The dragon gaped. Quickly typing out, 'youyporomiss!'
“I did, but that was before I found out how you were being treated.” He sighed, “You've been brainwashed into thinking that you deserved that kind of treatment. What kind of man is Ok with abusing or torturing his own brother? Just because he had changed?”
“Dean.” Sammy said from his pocket. “The other me... he did this?”
The dragon was shaking his head rapidly. 'love sam love cas want to go back', The letters were clear and controlled even as the little body was trembling and nearly hyperventilating.
“Who's Cas?” Dean furrowed his brow. Looking to Sam in his pocket for any idea, but just got a tiny shrug in reply.
Tiny Dean was panting hard. Staggering away from the keyboard. Moaning sounds were all that was heard before  he suddenly retched what he'd eaten earlier, all around himself on the laptop. Heaving and tripping over itself to get away from them. Falling off of the laptop and throwing up again. Emptying the rest of his stomach. It was smoking a little.
Sam hoisted himself up from the pocket and hooked his fishing hook onto the edge, sliding down rapidly to the tabletop since it was obvious Dean wasn't going to help him get closer at the moment. Sam leaped away just as his brother cursed overhead at the sudden movement. The protective hand reaching for him again but Sam spun around a the sight of the shadow and wielded his knife at him. “Don't!” Sam shouted the warning. The knife was poised and ready to strike. When Dean brought his hand back away from him, the older brother knew he'd crossed that line far too many times today. Sam frowned deeply and set off for the dragon again. He'd never wanted to raise his blade against his brother. But Dean was wrong about this. Wrong for questioning the other one so much, assuming the worst. And his giant brother was taking far too many liberties with grabbing them all up when he felt like it was warranted. Sam wasn't sure if he'd do the same, but, the little Dean down here needed someone his size to talk to. Clearly suffering from PTSD, they'd need to calm him down first before talking about it. Pushing for answers now, is wrong and only making things worse.

His stomach roiled and lurched even if there was nothing left in it. The burning sensation of stomach acids in his throat mixing with his flame spray. Remembering at the last second to not grind his molar teeth and accidentally set it on fire. In his state, he doubts he'd be able to escape it before dying in his own flames. But this, this can't be happening. It can't be happening. Dean thought over and over. That gigantic version of himself was going to keep him away from his family. Probably as a pet. That's why he put a damned collar on him. Tried to leash him up like a dog. Treat him like the animal he looks like. An exotic pet turned obedient fighting dog, like Azazel had trained him. Or ship him off somewhere once the giant human gets tired of taking care of him. Like the military did to him when he was sold to Michael. Or the scientists that were just itching to dissect him. Passed around like property, like a unique specimen, like an animal no one wants. The giant promised not to hurt Dean, but there's plenty of ways to do just that without leaving physical scars.
Meanwhile his Sam back in the other room will be freaking out, thinking that Michael's men got to them. Or the military, or shit, maybe even Azazel, or his grand torturer, Alistair. Sam wouldn't know what to think. He just wakes up and his brother's missing. They wouldn't stick around there. They'd leave the motel immediately. Try and hunt him down. Find him again. But leaving Dean here all alone. Fuck. This can't be happening. He's got to get back to the room. Away from this crazy fucked up place. That giant actually asked who Cas was. That means that Cas isn't here. Not in this universe, even if it isn't his love, his mate, Dean just knows he can't live without him.
Dean can't stop the dry heaves that his body insists on doing. There's nothing to throw up anymore but he's stuck heaving out his guts. Throat burning worse then if it was on fire. Fire was second nature to him now, but this is acidic and painful. Past all that, he hears footsteps approaching. The giant wouldn't be walking so it's one of the smaller dudes. His watery eyes land on Sam. And isn't that cruel. This world cursed his little brother to be extra little, helpless. And tiny Sam's stuck with a giant asshole Dean that feels like it's well and acceptable to trap him whenever he feels like it. Talk about brainwashed. This Sam needs to escape from here more then he does. Because this Sam actually believes that that Dean is alright. That its perfectly Ok to be manhandled.
Dean can barely stand up so he lets the small Sam approach. Gathering up some of his energy. At least the giant listened to the little Sam when he asked for some space. The giant moved away a few steps. Dean refuses to think that that monstrous human is an alternate version of him. Can't be. So he waits, and watches the very young Sam come closer.
It made it easier to breath and just deal with everything.
Sam looked like he was approaching a wild animal and Dean couldn't disagree more with that. He knows he's human on the inside but these guys think he's lost his mind. His Sam never treated him like an animal. Or manhandled him without permission. Made him feel out of control. His brother and Cas saved his life in more ways then one and this giant just wants to keep him here. Against his will. Trapped.
Sam's hands are suddenly on his neck, fingers grazing down the scales. Pretty soothing once Dean's focused on it. The long strokes and gentle voice... is it wrong to say it's working? Dean looks up at the pocket. The other guy hasn't made an appearance yet. Ok with just hanging out in there and crying apparently. Dean will have to come back for him later. Right now? He's got an extra little brother to save.
Dean waits for a break in the giant's attention and gets it when he's going for some water in the bathroom sink. Now or never. Dean stands and swiftly bites down hard onto Sammy's coat and bag strap, making sure not to hit skin. He sprints to the end of the table towards the edge and spreads his wings wide. Gliding down and finding the strength to make it to the wall. Dean's using his wings in a controlled fall from the air before they crashed. Stumbling and taking the entire brunt of the landing. Sam was winded regardless, but he'll live. He's heavy in Dean's jaws and only two inches shorter but Dean has more volume and Drauglin strength behind his muscles. Dean hoists the small human up into the hole in the wall and sprints with him as far and fast as he can. The plaster hill he'd been trapped on is no match for the adrenaline pumping through his veins. Get back to his Sam. Get back to safety. Save this little guy.
The little guy in question was now punching the crap out of his chest, shouting for the giant Dean's help. The loud bellows echo though the walls and they hear knocking on the sides, seeking out the dragon and his stolen brother. A boot comes through the wall just above and behind Dean's mad dash. A hand and arm sweep in and miss them by milliseconds. Another curse and the humans retreating for another kick. It's high enough so that the giant doesn't hit them directly, but still far too scary to be welcomed. The wall implodes in light and sound again. Dean trips in his startlement, accidentally throwing Sammy ahead of him, further down the corridor. He scrambles to his feet again. Finding Sam hunched over, coughing in the churning particles in the air from the pulverized plaster. Dean has a second to make a decision. Leave Sam behind, or grab and go, risking them both getting caught again.
He will risk everything for Sammy. No matter which one it is. He can't leave his little brother behind. Dean thrashes his claws down on and through the hand that enters his sight through the new hole above, and bites down hard, drawing blood. The giant curses, recoiling his bleeding hand and Dean grabs Sammy again in his now bloody jaws. Lifting the small human up and tossing him onto his back as he starts off again. Wings lifting on both sides pin Sammy down to his back. The other large unmarred hand entering the hole right behind them. Scratching wildly at the inner walls. No more kicks because there's no more hotel room on the giant's side. The air is shifting in the walls, the wood different, the metal tunnel is right up ahead. Mere inches. He reaches the opening and is surprised to find the air warmer then before. The vent is turned on but the air is coming out of nowhere once he steps foot inside the metal corridor.
They hear an enraged shout and several more thumps and pounds. Answering pounds coming from rooms adjacent from other people staying in the Knights Inn. Dean only has ears for his own room back in reality. Back in 2017. That trip into the past really freaked him out. Almost as much as seeing a decade younger version of himself and Sam.
His wings take a beating from Sammy's fists, but stay folded up to keep little Sammy on his back. Finding the vent again was easy once he smelled it out. Sam's scent, his Sam's scent is coming up ahead. Dean's staggering badly now. His leg is on fire from the very long run, the cue-tip splint barely doing its job at cushioning the footsteps.
'Almost there, baby bro.' Dean pants even though he knows this Sam doesn't understand him. His own brother will and he'll make sense of all this. Dean sees the square light ahead from the vent's opening. The grate still laying where he'd torn it off. They are almost there. Almost there!
'Sammy!' He roars, trips several more times. Sounds of shuffling just beyond.
“Dean?” The responding voice grits out. His brother sounds like he just woke up, freaked and approaching fast.
The tiny Sam on his back is speechless. Stills for once and Dean's grateful. A shadow blocks part of the light beyond. Dean trips forward in his haste. Tiny Sam is thrown off of his back and to the side. Winded from landing on his back.
The small kid throws his arms up to block his face from attack. Curls into a ball and whispers, “Please.”
'Almost there, kid. Don't worry.' Dean lurches back to his feet, picking up Sam in his mouth by his coat, half dragging half carrying. Making it those last few steps to the vent's entrance. Wing claws scratch at the metal so his Sam can find the source of the sounds easier.
The room is still dark but a light flicked on. His big Samsquash is a welcomed sight, even in sleep pants and a confused scowl on his face.
“The hell are you doing, Dean?” He asks, bewildered. Voice loud and familiar and sounding like home more then four walls and a picket fence.
The small Sam freezes when he sees his human counterpart. No doubt stunned by seeing an older much much taller version of himself. The beard scruff the human has, makes him look just that much older then just 11 years, and it takes the tiny man a minute to recognize the visible features. Dean can smell the fear coming from the little guy and wants to console him, reassure him but that will take time. Dean has every faith that his brother can handle the treatment of this delusional and traumatized victim. Once Dean's rested, he will go back for Oscar and save him too. For now, he's grateful he made it out and saved this helpless little guy.
'Sammy. Look at what I found.' He mumble chirped past the fabric of tiny Sam's coat and promptly falls down for the last time that night, just as his Sam's huge hands wrap around the two of them. Blackness overtakes him and he lets it. Now that he knows that his Sam is here. That he'll protect them all. It's all ok now.

Sam had awoken to the sounds of thumps coming through the walls. Echoing strangely around the room. Angry shouts that stir him away from his deep sleep. “Wha? What's going on?” He swipes his finger across the cell phone, checks the time, 2:30 am. Fucks sake. Doesn't anyone sleep around here?
Sam shifts onto his side, blearily searching the darkness of the room for signs of movement. Nothing from Bobby's bed. Dean is pretty quiet inside the drawer where he'd been placed overnight. He can't hear anything from the other hotel room where Cas and Balth are sleeping, and Rufus is probably still up keeping watch. He checks his cell... no messages. No police sirens outside signaling that they'd been found. So what woke him up?
He senses distress, just at the edges of his mind. Not his own... Dean's. The communication spell sending him Dean's strongest feelings, not just what he's saying. Helpful now that he's got a warning that Dean isn't alright. He sits up abruptly and opens up the drawer. No Drauglin. Fuck! He scans the floor before putting his feet on the ground. Picking up the spell book that must have fallen and setting it down on the bed. He doesn't hear anything below and Bobby's still sleeping, so his brother wont be over there. Then Sam hears the scratching coming from the wall again. A rat? Shit. What if Dean's fighting a rat?! He can't defend himself if half his legs are tied up in bandages. He hears the metallic taps and searches out where the vents are.
Dean's roar. He sounds exhausted and Sam's up in seconds. There's several things in the room that could make that metallic sound. The laundry chute, the heating vent, the intake vents... when he hears something fall down and it sounds like it's closer to his right and lower down.
“Dean?” he says loud enough for his brother to hear, but not alert the other sleeping residents of the motel. More scratching from the floor and he sees the vent cover leaning against the foot board. Torn from the wall, Sam's sure it wasn't like that last night. He can't just throw his hand into the vent blindly, he might end up hurting Dean more then helping because that vent is pitch black.
At the edge of hearing, Sam detects a voice, pleading. Then his brother is grumble chirping a response that confuses him even more then figuring out why Dean would take a stroll inside the vents. 'Almost there, kid. Don't worry.'
Sam can't work in the dark, and Bobby will just have to deal with it, as he goes to the overhead light switch and flips it on. Illuminating the room at the same time that he hears his brother scratching at the vent's entrance. “The hell are you doing, Dean?”
His Drauglin brother has something in his mouth. There's blood on his lips. At first it looks like a few scraps of cloth but then the cloth has eyes, and hands and it's uncurling from a ball to stare up at him in pure horror. Sam's eyes widen comically. Dean just looks so damned proud of himself, even as he's literal seconds away from collapse. Sam's seen him in bad conditions before, but this... his brother risked his life to bring him, what? A living action figure? A borrower? Those things actually exist?
'Sammy. Look at what I found.' He mumble chirped.
Sam just stares at him for a second. His expression plain as day, 'Really?' Before watching with new fear that Dean is loosing the battle to stay upright and conscious. Sam falls to his knees and his hands sweep forward to catch the fall. Gingerly cupping his hands around his little brother and the borrower looking guy who's still caught in the closed mouth. Sam hears Bobby stir on his bed and lifts the two little ones from the floor and watches as the new guy is struggling with Dean's clamped shut mouth.
Sam lowers his eyebrows and frowns at that. There was a reason Dean had him caught like that so he sets both of them down on his bed first, before turning his hands around from underneath to over top.
“Bobby, help me out here.” He says and Bobby swings his legs over and looks down at what Sam caught.
“What's going on?”
“Dean caught something inside the walls. I'm thinking it looks like a borrower or fairy.” Sam said and curled his fingers around the small guy and slowly lifted him up and away from the bulk of Dean's body. Bobby put his fingers on the bridge of Dean's long nose and under his jaw, gently prying the mouth open enough for Sam to maneuver the guy out from the sharp teeth. The guy looks freaked as hell but there's no telling what it's capable of. He carries the tiny body over to the table and looks around for someplace to put it where it wont be in the way before they have a chance to deal with it. There's something nagging at him at the tiny face though. Beyond how much it looks human. He felt something poking at his palm and turned the body around, seeing a small bag with a fish hook attached to coiled string. “Huh. Got a climber here.” He commented and using his other hand, removed the bag from over the little guy's head. No amount of tugging or frustrated grunts is helping it out. “Calm down. We just want some answers.” He said and considered using the coffee pot as something that would work as a holding pen. Dismissing the idea because sometimes small things can jump really high. The vase was too narrow with the long fake flower sticking out, and he didn't want to force the thing into a beer bottle. Even if he'd fit and it would be that much harder to jump out of. It was too demeaning. Cruel. For now, his hand will have to do.
“Bobby, how's he doing?”
“Fine, little banged up, but no more then usual. The blood isn't his, he must have bit that thing in your hands.”
Sam looked over the small thing. “You're injured?”
The guy shook his head, still fearful and still. At least, until Sam felt a sharp stab in his fingers and he jolted the hand open. The guy fell the few inches to the tabletop where Sam was taking him anyway.
“Little jerk.” Sam scowled but sighed. “Honestly, I should have expected some kind of weapon.” And noticed that it was still held up and at the ready. He looked at the cut on his finger and saw that it wasn't that bad. Taking away a sliver of a knife felt wrong somehow. “What are you?”
The guy was darting his gaze everywhere, scared of everything surrounding him. Ok. Maybe it's a victim? Change your tone. “Listen. We jus want to know why my brother brought you back here. Were you spying on us?”
The guy's expression changed and shook his head.
“You can't talk, can you.” Sam mumbled and out of the corner of his eye saw Bobby tend to Dean. “Bobby, what does this thing look like to you? I can't... place it.”
Bobby makes sure Dean is comfortable in the t-shirt again and leaves him on the other side of the room, away from the potential danger. “Huh. Humanoid. Male probably.” Ignoring the scoff below. Could mean anything. “It might be an Imp if it reacts badly to salt. Should we do the tests?”
Sam nodded and sat down at the table, removing the laptop and everything else. The creature was the only thing left and it did not like that. The small bag went into his hand again and he inspected the workmanship. The little one was clearly hesitating to move, but also too nervous to stand still. The clasps on the bag were just too small for Sam so he dangled it in front of the little one. “What's in it?”
He folded his arms in front of himself.
“Tell me what's in it or I'll have to open it myself. I have to make sure you're not hiding a weapon in it.” He said and considered that he'll have to open it anyway. The thing could lie and say it's harmless. He put it into his left hand and got out a paperclip from an inner pocket with his right, using his teeth to open it up and fiddle with the clasps. It took a minute, but he managed it open without breaking it and dumped out its contents. Using the paperclip to move things around.
“Book of some kind, bits of pencil lead? Uh, a whetstone, good idea.” He winked at the dude for keeping his knife sharp. A knife to someone that size should be kept in good shape. “Some bits of string, paper packet of some sort...” He opened up the folded paper and saw white granules. “Sugar?” he wasn't about to taste it to find out. Moving on. “Nothing in here looks particularly dangerous, but spells can do a lot of damage.” He frowned at the book and using one finger, held down the back cover and used the rounded end of the paperclip to gently open it up. Squinting hard at the nearly invisible letters. One glance up and the guy was simply pissed. If looks could kill, this guys bitchface would melt steel. Sam frowned and flipped through some more pages, there were some drawings and sigils but they were for protection, at least, the ones he recognized. Best to keep this stuff away from the guy in any case. Just for now. He used a sheet of paper to scoot everything onto it and folded it into a rough cone shape before letting it all slide right back into the bag again. He was unable to seal it shut again so he made sure it was leaning more or less upright before he leaned to his side to set the bag on the dresser.
Bobby came back with a silver knife longer then the guy by three times. A bag of rock salt and an iron bullet. “Gonna do this in order. Now, if you're Fae, let us know now, because this will burn.” Bobby held up the nail first and sat down at the other chair. “Before we start, should we let the others in on this little discovery?”
Sam shook his head. “No, Cas and Balth are still too new to the supernatural and we need Rufus to watch our backs.”
Bobby angled the nail so that the sharp end was aimed away from the guy, so it wasn't seen as a weapon. He moved it closer, holding his breath but they both let out relieved sighs when the guy actually walked forward to it and grabbed the nail firmly, showing off his hands. Then walked over to the salt and picked up one of the small rocks that had fallen out. Over exaggeratedly licking it for good measure, but making a sour face at that. As one would if they licked straight up salt. Then he paused as he took in the very long very sharp looking knife and took in a steadying breath before approaching the massive weapon, and putting both hands on it, showing off the lack of bruising.
Both men leaned back and were relieved but also more confused. Bobby turned to Sam and said, “Should we try a sigil or two?”
Sam scoffed, “Which one?”
Bobby straightened out his hat and brought over a piece of paper and drew out a circle with some marks inside. Then laid it in front of the small man. “Stand inside this.”
The guy raised an eyebrow but did as instructed and lifted up both arms before they fell at his sides again, then tried to leave the circle but found his feet were stuck. His mouth dropped open. The panicked voice that came out startled the two huge hunters. “I'm not a demon!”
Both Hunters narrowed their eyes at that proclamation. Sam spoke up first. “That has nothing to do with demons.” leaning forward. “Demons are too rare in the world to be considered as a possibility for these simple tests. But. For you to mention something that's basically extinct when you saw a sigil like this...” He looked over at Bobby. “Maybe it is an Imp. Not a regular demon. More like a demon cousin?”
“Could be.” Bobby frowned, leaning much closer to the man inside the sigil. “But I gotta tell ya, Sam... it looks so familiar, don't it?”
The guy was trying to tug his feet away with both hands now, getting more stuck to the circle until he fell onto his butt. Hands and feet together, he looked like he'd been tied town. “I'm not a demon or Imp or anything! I just want to go home!”
“Sounds familiar too.” Bobby said and he saw the mop of brown air move to the side with a head tilt that was straight out of his memories. “Sam... that's you.” His hand pointed down and looked at his surrogate son. “I'd know that silly little head flip thing that you used to do anywhere. This little guy looks just like you did.”
Sam leaned forward too, distrust clear in his expression as he really studied the facial features. “No way.”
Bobby sighed and nearly chuckled. “You boys never really had many old photo's did ya.” He sighed and got up from the chair to limp on over to where he'd dumped his things in the bathroom. Fetching his wallet. Opened it up and flipped through and found what he was looking for. Taking an old photo out and laying it down next to the boy in the circle. “That's what you two idjits looked like back in ''04. Tell me that doesn't look like you nexta Dean. Maybe a coupla years older, but it's you.”
The boy in the circle leaned over as far as he could to see the photo as well and gasped. “I never shrunk.”
Both men heard it and asked the same kind of question at the same time, “You shrunk?” “You were big?”
The boy nodded and kept looking at the photo almost more then his captors. “When I was a kid.”
“So you are me?” Sam asked and couldn't believe he was considering this. “Where the hell did Dean find you?”
The boy's eyes darted to the wall and back, shaking his head earnestly. “Nowhere!”
Bobby squinted at him. “That sound a little forced to you.”
Sam frowned. Nodding and going to the wall to listen. Flattening himself out and pressing an ear to the wall.
Bobby said, “Go out and see if that room is occupado.”
Sam agrees and gets dressed quickly, packing his gun and a couple of clips with bullets into his pockets. Muttering to himself, “Gotta be ready for anything.” He came over to the table and also pocketed the salt bag and silver knife next.  “How many are over there?”
The boy looked up in fear and shook his head mutely.
“Talk, or I'm going in with backup.” Looking to Bobby who could easily summon all of their group together.
Bobby stood and smacked Sam upside the head. “What if it's just a bunch of curse victims? You go in guns blazing you're not going to be seen as a good guy there to help.”
“What if they're being held hostage and I need the gun ready to take out the bad guy.” Sam added, “Dean came back here with blood on his mouth and then passed out from his injuries. We both know he was in fairly good shape when he was here last night. What did they do to him?”
“We didn't do anything!” The kid shouted up and got their attention.
“There's a 'we'.” Sam whispered and approached the table again. “Who else. Who hurt Dean.” Sam shook his head and clarified. “The dragon that brought you here. His name's Dean. Who hurt him.” He set the gun onto the table with a loud clatter. “Tell the truth or someone might get hurt on accident. Look, I don't want to hurt anyone, but if they're holding people hostage, hurting them, we gotta help. We can save them. It's what we do. Don't make our job harder by staying quiet.”
The guy pipped up, “Listen. If you are Sam, and that really is your brother Dean, then you've got nothing to fear from us. My brother didn't mean to hurt him. We even re-wrapped his bandages. We didn't do that! We did not break his leg. That was like that when we first saw him. He was chasing a friend of mine through the walls and got himself stuck. Oscar and I helped him get out of a pile of plaster and he just passed out after we left. We came back later and found him still there, so we knew we had to help him or he might have died in the walls.” The tiny Sam spoke quickly as if they'd get mad for him taking too long. It did help them figure out what all happened since they had bub-kiss to go on before. Dean just had to bring him into the room and then pass out right away.
Tiny Sam continued, “Dean made a hole in the wall and pulled the dragon out. We helped him. I swear. Then he just freaked out on us and kidnapped me. Dean... my Dean said you were the ones that hurt him. That he'd be safer with us.” Sam couldn't see the dragon from where he sat but his expression showed his concern all the same. “He thought you broke his leg, tortured him. We can't let that happen to anyone. No matter what they look like.” His tone turning angry again. But, perhaps it was misplaced. These two didn't appear to be mistreating the dragon. On the contrary, they were doing this Q&A because they wanted to see if Sam was the one threatening him. Sam kept going, now that he thinks these guys might be alright, and it was all one big misunderstanding. “Little Dean got on the computer and told us some stuff, but my Dean just didn't believe at first that the dragon was him from the future. I mean,” The kid started to laugh a little hysterically, motioning with his head around the room. “Who would have thought this is what the future looks like?!” Eyes catching the flat screen TV on the wall. “Holy shit.” He could just imagine how big movie night would be with that playing the flicks. Attention going back to the human. “It looks the same here. More or less.” And shrugged what he could. “You have flying cars yet?” The sad pout on the two giants faces told him the answer was 'no', and that they were upset about that fact as well. He laughed and said, “Dean would still be driving the Impala regardless if everyone else is out flying around.”
Both Bobby and Sam listened to the small guy talk. Bobby was having old memories come back to him in waves. The voice sounded so young and trusting, hopeful. The Sam standing next to him was turning a little hard, towards himself mostly.
The kid waited for them to say something but got nothing, so he figured he needed to clarify some more. “Dean and I are Hunters, we fight monsters and try and save people. We thought your Dean needed saving, and apparently, he thought I needed saving as well. So, we uh, kidnapped each other.” He mumbled and said with a mock jovial voice to lighten the mood in the room. “So, Even-Stevens? What do ya say you just let me out of this trap and I'll be on my merry way.” He wiggled his wrists and ankles since his hands and feet were still held fast to the paper. Looking down at it and memorizing what marks and lines he could see, so that he could use it again in the future alongside Dean... if they let him get back to his Dean. He closed his eyes shut tight, thinking about it might make it happen so he said instead, “What is this anyway? It catches humans that have been cursed to shrink when they're children?” Going for a joke.
“Clearly.” Bobby rolled his eyes.
“Look.” the kid went on, “I don't have any powers, at least, nothing harmful to you humans. I just have a bit of extra strength on my side. But I wasn't even able to use it against the little dragon. So, you have nothing to fear from me. You can let me go out of this trap thing.” Keeping his other knack from their attention since it might help him out later if he escapes. He tried to stay calm but this was almost worse then being tied up. The invisible restraints were unnerving as hell because it felt like his hands and feet were literally glued to the paper by invisible forces. Wondering if he tried to roll away, if he could, or if his back would just get stuck to it next and he'd really be in a pretzel. “Come on, guys, my nose itches like a son of a bitch.” Wiggling it for good measure.
Sam chuckled and moved his hand closer, a fingernail as large as the kid's face coming closer and closer.
Tiny Sam leaned back away from it, eyes going wide. “Nevermind! I'm good! I'm good!!”
Sam retracted the finger and looked at Bobby for a second and got a small nod. Sam then brought up his other hand and tore the paper until the sigil was broken. Freeing the small kid.
Tiny Sam scooted back quickly from the circle sigil as if it was going to chase him and laughed quietly. “Thanks.” he said upwards. Gaining some trust and being freed helped prove that these guys were good and it was all just miscommunication.
“Not so fast mini-me, you're coming with.” Sam informed informally, and chuckled at the confused look on the kid's face. Did he really look this young? Anythings possible. He mentally shrugged. Maybe to make up for this mess later, he can tell this kid what companies to invest in so he'd be filthy rich later on. If their world is anything like Sam's, of course. It wouldn't hurt the cosmic balance too much to have a house in every state to crash at, would it?
Sam reached forward and picked the kid up in his hand again, but gentler this time. “I'll hold onto your bag for now. We still don't know what's over there, we only have your word for it.” He lifted up his hand and addressed the wide eyed person. “You understand, right?”
“Better then anyone.” He sighed and waved a hand for them to get going. The sooner they get next door, the sooner his Dean could stop tearing the walls apart looking for him... which... by the way. It's just the one cheaply made hotel wall. Why didn't Dean hulk smash it down yet?
“And away we go.” The voice behind him rumbled. They left the motel room with the small Sam now tucked into his coat to keep him safe from any strangers prying eyes, and keep the little body warm from the chilly March air.
Time Keeps on Rollin'

we should really applaud Sam's hostage negotiations he's having between himself and himself...
bang up job!

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Dean is so proud of 'saving' smol Sam, smol Sam is not so sure he likes this situation. 

Geez, what is it with everyone kidnapping each other?
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Get out more I guess? Kidnapping is a great way to see the sights and go places you might never have been before! Like the future!

I don't think there's going to be anymore kidnappings.... Probably.
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XD Don't be a shut-in! Get kidnapped! See the future! Although I do share the sentiment of disappointment at not having flying cars yet...
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I mean, isn't that how people travel? Too expensive the other way. No surprises.