The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 2

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Chapter Two:
I Think I Should be Goin', Yeah

Dean had only a second to ponder why Sam would tell him that someone else is awake when there was a sudden nearly deafening knock on the other side of the wall, right where Sam was standing. Like it was actually answering the tiny man. Dean lifts up his head from its wince and looked around. Did that other guy pass out the same time he did? And just woke up?
'Sammy? Who woke up?' His thoughts were hard to catch and hold onto. His very small, inexplicably 14 years younger brother recognized him. Sam was always four years younger, but this time, he's an extra decade younger on top of that. Kid can't be past 24... Dean basically raised Sam since he was a baby, he'd know what age his brother was from just a glance. Those bangs in his eyes and the narrowness of his jaw bring back so many memories of him teasing his little brother about cutting them so he could see better. Eventually the bangs grew out more and the little twerp just tucked them behind his ears rather then cut them off. Defiant to his greater authority. Dean wouldn't force Sam to cut it, that would be going too far, but teasing, yes. His Sam back in their room also had a fair bit of scruff for a beard since they hadn't really had a chance to shave or manscape while running for their lives. It made Sam look even older then he was, that, in addition to the world weary lines on his face from this whole shitstorm of a life they were living these many months. God, what Dean would do to make his Sam look this young, this trusting, with those stupid bangs falling in his eyes...
Dean wondered why the hell he was so concerned about hairstyles at the moment. Watching this miniature Sam knock on walls and getting a response should be more precedent. Damned headache... concussion probably. Awesome.
Tiny Sam tears his eyes away from Dean long enough to bang on the wall with the hilt of his knife and then drag it noisily in a long line as he backs up another foot away from Dean, down the narrow hall. Then Sam sprinted further away, hands over his head. Dean wonders why Sam's doing all that banging when earlier he'd been so worried about making a sound when that rock fell on his leg. Thought he didn't want to be discovered?
Dean's musings are interrupted, and he's instantly scared shitless when a sudden implosion happens right where Sam had knocked. Chunks of wall bouncing off of the inner wall opposite and landing all around. Plaster and wallpaper and pieces of wood ricochet everywhere. Dean unwraps a wing to cover up his head from the smaller chunks still falling down. The dust billowed outwards makes Dean cough raggedly. Whatever huge thing that demolished that part of wall is gone an instant later, and light floods the inside of the walls. Blinding him the second he peeks out from under his wing. A hand enters his cloudy vision and pulls out some of the pieces of card wood and plaster, making the hole wider and the area inside the wall clear of the larger chunks of debris.
“Sammy?” A booming voice asks outside of the wall and Sam is sprinting to the newly formed exit. Leaving Dean alone inside the wall with a gaping mouth. Did he just...?
“Here, Dean!” The hand's shadow moves back to shade most of the hole from its sheer size and proximity, and from the outline, implies that it's lifting Sam up and away.
'What. The. Fuck?' Dean hisses. His heart hammering against his chest. Sam just... just left him for some gigantic human? Calling it Dean?!
A moment passes with Oscar and Sam talking quietly to someone outside of the wall that they just called Dean. He jolts when he recognizes the voice. It's his. His old human one. Eyes wide he hears the other Dean talk about him. That version of him is young too, and apparently human. The idea of it is just too wild for him to really concentrate on. Another thing... this Sam is totally fine with being hauled off like a fucking toy?
The voice, his old voice, is talking to that Sam. Next level twilight zone shit. He feels like he's intruding on some sci-fi show. Dean just wants to go home. “So it's right about here?” A loud reverberating thump near his back side is felt through the wall. He panics. Dean's convinced that that section of wall will explode inward next. He's going to be crushed!
He scrambles back from it. Back from the hole, from the spot where the second threatening knock came from, from the freaky doppelgangers, from the... the... the everything! He doesn't want to stay and see anymore weirdness and cries out in pain when his retreating form hits the rubble pile right behind him. Shit that's right. He can't turn around in the tight space and he can't get his hind legs to work since one of them is still wrapped up in a splint. The broken bones had only just healed. He tries anyway. It's either re-break a leg, or die here now. Kicked into oblivion inside some fucking motel wall. His broken leg is lifted behind him and he cries out in pain. It rests on a chunk of plaster as he tries to get his other hind leg up as well without putting all his weight on the awkwardly held broken one. Nothing but agony shoots up from his legs to his spine, crumbling forward and coughing in the dust that coats the floor.
He cries out to release some of the pent up frustration and fear. Wings flap uselessly against the too tight walls.
A huge hand enters the hole in front of him like a bad movie monster, blocking out light. Its fingers grazing the dirt and plaster on the floor and searches him out. Sam re-enters next to the hand and Dean thinks for a second how dangerous that is to be around a human that size. But Sam's obviously confident enough that the other Dean isn't going to hurt him or make a wrong move and just directs the giant's fingers closer.
“He's backed up to the block. Dean? He looks pretty scared.” Sam warns loudly. Addresses him with a kinder voice, “It's ok little fella, we aren't gonna hurt ya.” Hands going up and to the sides in a calming gesture. “Keep going Dean, five inches more.”
Dean hears the giant shifting outside, likely crouching down further. He twists in the tight space, lifts up on his good hind leg, using one wing to help him try and turn around in the tight space, other wing flapping uselessly until it connects with the wall and the claw on his wing thumb digs in for some leverage. Dean feels a digit brush by his belly and it jolts him into falling forward again, right onto it. The hand curls around immediately and latches onto his hurt hand. Dean cries out when there's pressure around it. He's gonna pull it right out of socket!
'Please stop!' Dean yelps, going forward an inch so that his hand isn't crushed in that unrelenting digit.
Sam is shouting too. “Dean! Let go! That's his hurt foot!”
Instantly the hand recoils but hovers nearby, fingers going back to groping him out. Feeling Dean's neck and shoulders. He struggles to back up even more. Almost in that hand's grip. It traces down his side and fingers the bloody bandage again.
'Please, no.' Dean whimpers. It would be far too easy to snap his leg. The fingers move to his other side and the index wraps around his other hand, sliding up with the thumb in tow to solidify its grip of his good arm, tugging him forward. It's not as painful but it is just as bad to be in that grip. If that's really Dean, the Hunter, he wont wait to ask questions. He'll kill him. When Dean himself was younger, he had killed so many things... how many didn't deserve it? Is this fate? Karma? To be taken out by his own hands in this strange world?
'No! I don't want to die!' Dean cries out again, ignoring Sam's voice trying to console him. He's dragged ever closer to that opening, to his death. Fighting against the grip is doing nothing at all. His only other good leg is struggling to keep his body weight off of his two injured ones. Wings are behind him now, scratching long marks along the walls with the two thumb claws. It's no use but he can't just stop fighting for his life. Dean sees no other option as he bites down as much as he can to the pad of the hand, but can't fucking get a grip on it with his fangs since it's just too fucking big. Barely a twitch in the fingers from the bite. He's dragged faster now, lands on his stomach, pulled along like he was nothing more then a sock being retrieved from under a bed. Light floods his senses and he is blinded by it. Feeling the grip loosen once he's free of the wall. The hand retreats, leaving him laying on his belly, legs akimbo and wings half stretched out behind him. Dean blinks away the all encroaching orbs that blot out anything he wants to see. He scrambles backwards, trying to find the hole in the wall, to freedom, but his body doesn't want to work. Writhing weakly on the floor. He was worn out before, now he's on his way to becoming unconscious again. If he passes out now, he's dead.
“What the hell is it?” The giant asks, pulling something big and heavy over to cover up the hole after the small Sam exits the wall behind Dean. He hears Sam cautiously move in a wide half circle around him, out of range of his wings or tail presumably. “This normal for your hotel, Oz?” Dean wished his executioner didn't sound like he did back when he was young.
Dean realizes that the original little dude is there too. The little guy, Oscar? Oscar sounds a short distance away and nervous. “I, I, I've never seen anything like it.” He says timidly. “But it looks scared.”
The giant humms in acknowledgment. Dean could practically feel all the eyes on him, judging him, planning on ways of killing him. “I don't like you guys near it.” Is all the giant Dean says before he's shifting to his knees to free up hands.
Dean's vision clears just enough to make it out as it lands a good foot away and the two small people climb up onto the fingers, moving to the wide palm. Oscar, a bit more hesitant, eventually sits down and hugs a finger. The giant moves his hand up to his shirt pocket first where Oscar is deposited with Sam's help, while Sam is lifted a bit higher to the giant's shoulder. The hand returns to Dean on the floor and brushes a finger down his back, next to his line of spikes along his spine.
“It's kinda cute for a little, uh, whatever it is.” The giant comments. Petting Dean again. The huge index finger curls around his panting head and lifts his long nose upwards. Dean squints into the light over the giant's head. It's being haloed by the overhead lights of the hotel room. Dean would bite the finger if he thought it would do any good. Right now, he's too busy trying to breath through his panic. The giant continues on as if he didn't have a life hanging by a thin thread in his single index finger. If that finger closes in just a bit more, his muzzle could be crushed. The giant seems either confident in his handling, or he intends to show the small dragon his incomprehensible strength.
“Well, Sam? Oscar? You found it, you get to name the monster.” That cocky smirk is on the giant's face now as his eyes glint down to his pocket then over to his shoulder.
Sam is up there on the shoulder like that's normal and folds his arms. Dean can just barely make out the move from where his head is forced to look. “We should at least make sure it's ok, before we do anything else. It probably already has a name, or something. Its legs are bandaged up.”
The giant finally lets go of Dean's muzzle, letting it open mouth pant and slowly droop back down. The finger then prods Dean's side, making the dragon half shuffle half slide onto his good side to reveal the two bound legs he was trying to hide from view. A flick of a thumb folds up his wing out of the way next. Fuck.
“And you say you just found it in the next room?”
Oscar pipes up from the pocket. “Yeah, I was trying to find the source of that weird feeling. The room next door isn't one from my hotel. It's... strange. I've never seen it before.”
Giant Dean looks to the wall conjoining his room with the one Dean's family is in. Dean's gaze shoots there as well in renewed panic and anger. He musters up what's left of his energy and gets back to his shaky feet, hobbles closer to the wall. 'Sam! I'm in trouble!' He roars as loud as he can but it comes out raspy and broken. The giant stops his mad dash before he's gotten a foot away.
“Not so fast little buddy, you're in no shape to move.” Dean murmurs and two hands are on either side of him now. Propping him up before pinning him in place. His wings splayed out and attempted to fly but the fingers spread out just a bit farther, and force his wings closed again.
'No! Stop! Sam! Sam please help!' Dean calls out, starts howling, 'Saaamm!!!'
He realizes his mistake when the huge hands loosen around him. He hears pained screams from the smaller people. Dean looks up to see Sam clutch at his head along with Oscar who's fallen down into the pocket, crying out themselves.
His horrified gaze lands on the giant version of himself who only winced at the howl and now has a pissed off look in his face. Oh fuck. If this Dean is anything like him, and he just hurt his little brother. Fuckfuck it's all over. Dean winces, waiting for the hands to come together and crush him into a little ball. Killing him instantly for hurting Sam. Truthfully, Dean was upset for hurting Sam and Oscar as well, but he's scared shitless right now. He just forgot that dragon howls hurt human's ears. He'd only done it once before, and saw how much it hurt Sam, Cas, Bobby and Balth. He'd told himself never to howl again. Something in his howl resonates with human's ears in a very bad way. He could have made these little guys deaf!
'I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry.' He continuously pants out, eyes pleading, curling in on himself. The dangerous hands looked like they were poised to attack, to close in all the way, squeeze the life out of this nuisance. But they stopped. Frozen in place and even opened a bit. Dean looks up unwilling and finally hears little Sam talking to the giant like equals. Maybe they're brothers in this world too? But that doesn't seem right, why the hell would Sam be little? But there it is, Sam is pushing insistently on the giant neck to his side.
“- see? He's scared, Dean. We haven't exactly been nice to him and he probably feels threatened!”
The giant turns his head to the side a little, eyes searching out his tiny passenger. “You said he growled at both of you earlier.” The voice is deadly low and growling itself. “Flashed his teeth. Just now, tried to make you deaf!”
“But he's scared! What would you do in his situation?” Sam jerked a hand down to Dean.
The giant's huff passed over the dragon in his hands. The scent of anger heavy in the air. “First of all, I wouldn't have tried chasing some poor defenseless kid.” He rumbled and shot a look down at his pocket. “No offense, Oz.”
A tiny voice drifted up from it's depths. “None taken.”
A half smirk formed on the giant lips before leveling dangerously on Dean again. “So what do we do with it?”
Oscar lifted his hands to the pockets edge and hoisted himself up to see again. Now that the howl had stopped for good. “I, I think we should help it.”
Both Sam and giant Dean look down incredulously. “Come again?”
Oscar shrugged as much as he could while still clinging to the rim of the pocket. Too short to stand and see over without holding onto the rim. “I don't think he m, meant to harm us. And I did uh, I did go into his room first. Take some of his food.”
The giant asked a bit calmer, quieter, “Why'd you do that? You know we could have gotten you any food you want to stock your pantry.”
Oscar looked sheepish. “Habit? I saw the food and I dunno, wanted to check it out.” The voice coming out timid, “They had M&M's.” Like that was all the reason he needed. Tiny Sam chuckled and nodded.
“Yeah, I can see risking your life for that.”
Dean finally got his breathing under control now that the hands were loosening their grip around him. Getting his head on a little straighter, at least, enough to look up and ask, 'You'd risk your life for chocolate?'
The giant Dean ignored the meek warble from the monster in-between his hands, and looked at Sam just as incredulously. “You'd risk your life for chocolate?”
Sam shrugged. “Before I met you again last year, what did you think I did for food?” Sam shot back. “13 years of foraging in hotel rooms for crumbs and scraps, you think I wouldn't go after chocolate if I had the chance?”
The giant head bobbled a bit, “I suppose. You had to do what you had to to stay alive. Every meal you hunted down was life risking. But Oz, you could have just asked.”
Oscar shrunk down a bit more into the pocket. “Sorry?”
The giant's sigh blew over Dean's head. “It's fine.” He said eventually, and looked back down at Dean in his hands. “Still doesn't answer the question what we do with it.”
Dean felt all three staring at him. His life was in their hands. Vision swimming even more and before he could come up with a plea or suggestion, he was out. Again. Bravo Winchester, just pass out in enemy territory.

Oscar saw the poor thing go limp. Wings drooping to its sides. “I think you made it pass out.”
Dean's brows lifted. “I didn't mean to hurt it!” His thumb came up to the side and lifted the limp wing up and out a bit, and sure enough, it was out like a light. “Did it die?” He could feel his brother leap into action, half sliding, half climbing down his arm for a closer look. “Hang on Half Pint, it might be faking it.” Dean wiggled his elbow Sam was on to make his brother halt his decent and clutch to the fabric or risk falling.
“Jerk!” Sam shot up once he regained his balance, inches away from the monster. He saw the request in his brother's eyes and sighed irritably. “Fine.” Climbing back up to the shoulder before Dean was moving again.
Dean had no idea what to do here. Never expecting a tiny little monster to just show up inside the walls of Oscar's hotel. And what was up with that room? His gaze lingered on the wall. He'll have to investigate it once he's tended to this thing. He was gentle when he cupped his hands underneath it. Feeling its slight weight and how it didn't even move a muscle with the jostling.
“Ya know, it kind of looks like... I can't believe I'm actually saying this. It looks like a dragon.”
“What?” He got from both of his passengers.
“A dragon. But like, tiny. Maybe there's such things as dragons but they weren't as big as the old myths said?”
Sam watched from Dean's shoulder as his brother carefully lifted it up from the floor, and slowly moved it to the table. Setting it down in a clear spot, near the center, and moving all their things off of the table and onto the bed. Dean's voice sounded thoughtful, “Is it like a, I dunno, a baby dragon?”
Oscar's eyes went wide and he felt even more sorry for it. “We hurt a baby?” his eyes felt hot before a few tears fell down. “I can't believe we hurt a tiny baby!”
Sam looked down to Oscar then the thing on the table. Shit. Did they just kill a baby monster? Did they accidentally lure it away from its family? Scare it half to death then injure it further when it's just trying to get back to its Mama? Great, now Oscar's not the only one about to cry. Sam sniffled into his sleeve. Shit. That settles it. They need to save this poor thing right now if it's still alive. “Dean, we have to help it.”
Dean heard the watery voice come from his shoulder and great. Now his little bro is part of the 'save the dangerous spiky monster' team. Awesome. Two against one. Not fair. He sighed heavily and assessed the injuries. It wasn't exactly helpful to see that the baby whatever-it-is, was already injured before they got to it. Making matters worse in his handling of the thing and the idea that he was seconds from killing it for hurting his brother and friend. But Sam and Oz were right. It was acting in self defense and when it saw that it was hurting the little guys, it stopped and begged for its life. He didn't have to speak dragon to see that.
Still. They can't let their guard down around it. The others are calling it tiny but it still towers over them both. If it were healthy, it might have killed them, hell, eaten them. Still could. The main problem is, is that they don't know. But they wont know anything if it dies here. Dean doesn't kill needlessly and sometimes even monsters can have a bad day. Doesn't make them evil. Lashing out is actually a pretty reasonable response to what it thought was happening to it. Stupid little thing. Should have just stayed in its room. Of course, the other end of that conclusion means that if it is harmful, then it's a good thing they got to it first before it had a chance to attack anyone else in the motel. Some innocent civilian that never heard of the supernatural world. Dean just has to take precautions. For all potential outcomes from this chance meeting.
“It has wings and tried to fly, so we should take care to make sure it doesn't take off the second the door's opened.” He waited along with the others to see what the thing would do but it just laid there on the table. Totally out. Even when Dean lightly pinched the injured hand.
Dean sat down after bringing over his medical kit. “Whatever it is, we wont know anything more about it if it dies. so...” He started to unwrap the bandage. Sam shooed him away and motioned for Oscar to help. Since they were closer to it's size, they had a better chance at tending to the wound. “Someone splinted its hind leg. Must have been broken. These dressings are too cumbersome to be made by people our size. A human did this.”
Dean decided not to take offense. It was true, there was no way he would be able to bandage up his little brother better then someone their size. It helped ease his mind at that as well, seeing as how another dragon probably wouldn't have the capabilities to wrap up a wound like that. Animals would just lick it clean and hope for the best. He watched his brother console the thing, as if it could still hear him. Talking it through what Sam and Oscar were doing. Oscar more or less hung back out of fear but that's to be expected. The thing was six inches tall so it would seem to be like 8 feet tall to them. At least. He thought about if they kept the thing, if they could train it to give them rides. Like a horse.
Dean chuckled suddenly. “We have here, a dragon at the Knights Inn.”
Sam shot a look up and then shook his head fondly. “Wonder if that's why this little guy came here. He missed home.”
Oscar looked lost.
Dean reiterated, “Knights inn? Dragons? Medieval times?” He got back more confusion in those brown eyes under that mess of brown hair. “Oz.” Dean held back a smirk. “Tell me you know what knights fought in yee olden age?” Oz shrugged and Dean had to laugh. “Ok, movie night. We are watching Dragonheart.”
Sam rolled his eyes. The movie title going right over his head but he could surmise what it was about. “Dean? Can you cut me up some strips of gauze? And I need some water to wash this wound out. It doesn't look that bad now... But he did loose a fair amount of blood. We will have to keep an eye on him, get some food and water. What do dragons need to survive?”
Dean shrugged. “Gold, silver and virgin sacrifices.” Eyes darting down. “Shit. Guys? You ever uh... ever, ya know? With someone...” fingers waving about abstractly.
Sam figured it out and flushed red. Dean was not talking about gold or silver from that list... Oscar looked confused but caught on and was even more red, damn near purple. Dean rubbed a hand down his face. “Awesome.”
“It's not like we had time to hook up with anyone while struggling to survive!” Sam shot up with a slight squeak in his voice.
Dean lifted his hands, placating, and sobered up. “You're absolutely right. Sorry.” He left it alone for 2.4 seconds. “I mean though,” Sam sighed aggressively, he went ignored. “Oz, Oscar, my main man. I know Sam here has no style or class, but surely you -” he let it hang. The flush on his friend's face shut him up again. “You're right. None of my business.”
Oscar ducked his head down and tried to keep himself from running away in embarrassment. Sam nudged him with an elbow when he got closer to do so without his big brother's notice. “It's fine. He doesn't mean anything by it.” He mumbled too quiet for Dean to hear.
Oscar shrugged it off, knowing he wasn't about to be the butt end of a joke. One day he hopes to get enough courage to talk to the people on the other side of the hotel. Maybe find someone to settle down with...
The monster groaned a little causing them to back up a few steps before its brow furrowed and it let out a puff of bad smelling breath. Both of them coughing in it.
“What is it? Sulfur?” Dean asked, taking a whiff of it but the quantity must be too small for him, but enough to make the little guys cough.
“No. I don't know what it is.” Sam manages, holding his sleeve to his nose and waiting for it to dissipate. Dean helps it along with a notepad acting like a fan. Both of them on the table feeling the pulse of air throb back and forth till they can breath fresh air again.
They get back to work and Dean starts pacing back and forth. Hating that he can't be much more help besides  standing guard. “Any theories where he came from? Oz, you said you felt it first. Sammy and I were dead asleep.”
Oscar piped up, “Yeah. The whole air felt, like different inside the walls. The pressure thumped in the tight spaces between the rooms and I was drawn to that room. I don't know if I would have felt anything if I'd been at home.”
Sam took another cotton swab and moistened it, rubbing off more of the dried blood around the healing wound. “I agree, it felt like, odd. The nearer I went to that room... but I hadn't seen it for myself. This thing was blocking the way. I suppose there's nothing stopping us from checking it out.”
Dean stiffened. “No way. Not until we figure out if this thing is dangerous. I don't want you two anywhere near a mystery room that has tiny dragons in it.” Folding his arms over his chest.
“Dean. We have to find out what's going on. Once we get this thing re-bandaged, we can all go take a look. Use the main door instead of the wall entrance. That way you don't miss out on all the fun.” Sam sent a grin up.
Oscar took the bloodied swab away, adding it to the pile and getting another ready for Sam just in case. He, along with all borrowers, had to know first aid since they lived mostly solitary lives. If a wound was infected, they ran the risk of dying. Either little or no medicine to combat the infections. So, making sure any wound was clear of contaminates and wrapped with sanitary bandages was the epitome of necessity. With the Winchesters around, this poor baby thing was in the best care around. He traced the bones in the thick scaled arm along the tabletop. Making sure there were no new breaks. It all seemed to be fine, but the cut looked ragged. Sam dabbed another chunk of cotton from the swab in water and cleared away the crusted old scab. Gently pulling the skin and scales closer together. If only it were normal skin, he could have stitched it together... wait. Under the scales was a thin membrane that was close to human skin. He rummaged in his pack and grinned when he found his trusty thick needle, sanitizing it with the cup of alcohol that Dean set down, he threading it with his strongest fibers. Sam had Oscar hold the wound as closed as possible, and stitched it up with wide loops first, to help keep it together, then went over it again with better placed stitches. Hopefully, the fibers wont impede the healing process and after time, they will simply absorb into the skin, or fall off. If they still own this thing, they can pull the stitches out after it's healed up.
Dean was leaning over as they worked away, impressed with his brother and friend's abilities. It looked as though the arm was clean enough for the new bandage. He nudged the thin white strips of gauze closer to the two. The pang of guilt in his chest refusing to let up. He'd did this to the poor thing. Maybe not all of it, but he certainly didn't help.
Oscar hovered another lump of wet cotton after setting the arm down. Sam saw the indecision in his friend's eyes and said, “I don't need another wet one, can I have one with a dab of antibiotics?” looking up to Dean next.
“Sammy, we don't know if that will help or hurt it.” Dean reminded. “It isn't exactly a monster we know anything about.” He went back to pacing the room, listening for any movement in the one next door.
Sam bit his lip. “I suppose you're right. Ok, dry bit of swab then. We will re-wrap it up tight enough so that the bandage wont come loose on it's own, but have the thing able to take it off if it wants.” Sam looked over his work, the blood stopped and it didn't look to be in danger of reopening again. He rested his hand on the thing's forehead, stroking it down to the side fan ears, rubbing at the base as one would for a dog or cat. The scales were more pliable there, helping it make some facial expressions. He then trailed his fingers down the long muzzle and stroked the spot beneath the nostril ridge and above the lips, right in front where it actually seemed to relax in its sleep. It likes that spot. Sam grinned a bit fondly at it, wordlessly encouraging Oscar to pet its head as well. Sam stood up, stretching out his stiff legs and walking alongside the rat sized thing. “It's hard to tell if it's a boy or girl monster.”
Dean made a hmm? sound in question, pausing his pace to lean forward. “Yeah, nothing there. Maybe they don't have genders? Or even Mommies or Daddies? Maybe... I dunno, never born in the traditional way? Like the first sprites like Nixie? Or, I dunno, Immortal?”
“It looks anything but immortal.” Sam frowned at the sad state their guest was in. With Oscar's help, they started wrapping up the large front limb in the fresh white gauze now that they were sure it was no longer going to bleed. “I'm glad it's sleeping better.” Sam commented as they worked to wrap the forearm.
“Me too.” Oscar said, sniffling back tears. He'd feel just awful if he was somehow the reason this thing died. Oscar and Sam made a great team as they worked. Making sure the bandage was tight, but not cutting off circulation. Both of them finished and stood back. With it laying down, they were taller then it by an inch or so, petting along the little guys head and neck. Oscar hugged the side of the torso with no small amount of affection. The more he watched it sleep, the more he thought of it as a future friend or pet. Secretly hoping they will gain its trust enough to keep it safe with them, away from the big scary world that had hurt it in the first place. The poor thing was just scared, hurt, and lonely.
Dean grinned despite himself. Sam and Oz were petting the little guy like it was a baby puppy pet. Albeit, a winged, fanged, horned, and sharp puppy-like pet, but a baby nonetheless. He reached forward tentatively, and with his index finger, traced along the spine again. “It is pretty adorable.” He admitted quietly. “When it's not trying to eat you two.” chiding and using his thumb to nudge at Sam's side.
Sam rolled his eyes and batted at the huge hand that hovered overhead. “We still got work to do.”
Dean wakes and finds himself in a whole new world of hurt.

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They just had to write a couple of lines in 'Garlic and Cold Spots', talking about dressing Dean up as a dragon. Just *had* to do it. Sigh, welp, here's Dean as a dragon in Oscar's hotel, The Knights Inn.It takes place in my story in chapter 31 for Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights. So Dean is 6 inches tall and injured. But this time, he doesn't stay asleep. Soon as Sam and Bobby drift off, he's wide awake and worrying. He decides to take a walk around the motel room to wear himself out when he sees an impossibly small person slip into the room through the heating vent and steals a couple of peanuts and M&M's from a bag of trail mix. Dean follows the mousy guy out and gets stuck in the walls in a pile of plaster pinning him helplessly down. He fears he's going to die in there when suddenly there's a familiar face walking towards him with mousy guy in tow. It looks like Sam but that's impossible. The guy is 4 inches tall and 10 years younger then he should be, and he doesn't recognize his brother at all.
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pfft if Dean was awake to hear them calling him a baby he would be happy XD
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oh so happy! lol
can see him puffing up indignantly right now! trying to look bad ass just enough to be taken seriously but not enough to, ya know, get killed
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haha yeah, so true