The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 15 Finale

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Chapter Fifteen:
I Can't Forget About You

Sam didn't know what to expect when riding on the back of an actual dragon, but this wasn't it. Dean was fairly clumsy but trying hard to keep level. The four shoulders that Sam was siting on kept moving underneath him. Nothing like Dean's shoulder at all. Each one independent, and he tried thinking about the mechanics of it to distract himself from how high they were above ground, open air underneath.
Dean's head and neck were more or less parallel to his body as he flew, hearing Sam's coping method of screaming breathlessly. “You alright?” Turning his head slightly and seeing the pale white face peter out in his totally-not-scared man-sounds to stare open mouthed at the questioning horned head. His tongue felt dry, but he didn't need it to nod jerkily. His fingers practically bled holding the reigns tightly in his trembling fists. He's got this.
Dean faced forward again, or risk running into a tree, but was nearly knocked from his course by a large gray blur that darted down from above. He narrowly avoided it by angling his wings forward vertical to halt their forward momentum. Trying to right himself, he ended up back-flipping instead, as the gray blur attacked again. Sam dangled from Dean's back for a second before slamming down onto the covered spines again. His grip on the rope was all that kept him tethered to the Drauglin who was bucking about in mid air.
Dean's body isn't equipped to hover so he spun in a tight circle as the gray shape spun tighter. “Fuck!” Dean shouted as he felt a cold chill latch onto the end of his tail. His wings stuttered in flight and he shot a terrified look back at Sam before his whole body was encased from the tail on up in the whirling smoke. It twirled menacingly around Sam's body and snaked tendrils of smoke straight towards Dean's head. Dean realized it was heading for his mouth so he pursed his lips shut, but that didn't matter, it pushed into his nostrils and ears. Dean coughed, gagging on it. Tears streaming down his face at the intrusion into his body. Loosing more air as his wings were going on autopilot to keep them up.
Dean's vision disappeared and he had the terrifying sensation of being shoved down inside his head. His view of the forest and the others slipped away too quick to register. Even the weight of Sam on his back faded along with all sounds, but the taste of acrid smoke was all over his tongue and the stench of sulfur clogged his mind before he was finally lost to the blackness.
Sam can do nothing to stop the smoke, grabbing at nothing as it spun around his free hand, the other clutching the strings as the body underneath him lurches and falls. Wings buffeting the air like a bat that had been shot. The dragon collapses on a fallen log for just a moment of stunned silence. Panting hard. It turns its head and all signs of familiarity are gone. It's Dean's face, but his eyes had gone cold. Menacing. Sam leans back from the murderous gleam in its eyes. A low snarl ripping its way out of Dean's mouth like nothing he'd ever heard before. Dean was gone.
Sam tries to get off of the dragon's back when it starts to spin around, teeth clashing at his legs but Sam's somehow dodging the attack. Kicking at the large snout and getting his other leg accidentally caught up in the strings. His thrashing and the dragon's spinning isn't helping. The pull string to the bag unwinds in the middle and his arm is caught up next in it when he tries to get his knife in hand. Suddenly he feels the body straighten out and lurch into the sky once again. Dragging him along for the ride as it spins in the air and cartwheels around. His grip on the strings is all that's keeping him from plummeting to his death a dozen feet below.
After several harrowing flips in the air through small gaps in the trees, Sam feels his muscles cramp up and he's seconds away from loosing his grip when suddenly the monster gives up trying to make him fall. The monster unwittingly starts heading for the road, nearing the Impala. It's just trying to escape the shouting humans who'd already tried to kill it several times today. It likes this current scary looking body, and wants to keep it longer then a minute, so it flies on. The small thing on its back will make a decent meal when he can land far away from the humans. The morsels terror is delicious on its tongue, and it can't help but salivate at the thoughts of ripping it up and eating it bit by bit.
Smacking its mouth creates a small spark and ignites the drool inside. A trail of fire drips down to the rocky ground. It stares at the burning spot, studying it, grinning wider. Spitting amazing flames. It had never been able to do this before, and knows just how to use this surprisingly wonderful gift. It turns around and waits for the humans to catch up.
Sam and Dean had been chasing after the dragon and his rider, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Why Dean is flying towards the road so fast. Something was terribly wrong when they heard Dean snarl and flip around in the air, putting Sam at risk of falling every time. Mind reeling at the possibilities that it somehow infected Dean too.
They sprint as fast as they can, guns holstered as they go because they can't just shoot their brothers! They are trying to figure out its weaknesses, but are coming up short. Frightened glances at each other at the fact that both of their brothers could die and they'd be unable to stop it. They had split up, corralling the dragon towards the Impala. Hoping they can somehow capture the dragon in a blanket or net or something. The monster doesn't seem to suspect their motive as it adjusts its flight to avoid the humans as it careens through the trees. It was a hike and a half to get out that far and they had a ways to go, but, the Impala was the only thing out here that could contain the dragon for any length of time.
His fires have melted metal buildings before, a magnesium compound that is resistant to nearly all forms of dousing. Water turns the fires into explosions unless it's a damned ton of water being dumped on them. Dirt works some of the time, but even that will burn depending on the amount of flames. Hopefully, proportionally speaking, the Impala's thick frame should work.
Sam and Dean watch a small fiery droplet fall from the dragon's mouth as it spins around and spits fire again. Fuuuuck. It realized exactly what they feared. They'd hoped to get it into the Impala before it discovered it's abilities. The small monster turns around in mid air, and they see Sam clutching onto the thick neck for dear life. The look of horror in that face is clear even from this closing distance. The dragon may look like Dean, but that is not him. Not anymore. It flies hard and fast towards Sam and Dean. A manic grin on its face when it suddenly starts spitting fireballs at them. It chases Dean first and ignites the bottom of his leather jacket. Dean hits the ground to roll in the dirt, ripping off the jacket and stomping on the ball of flame before it destroys his favorite jacket. The flames lick his boots and he has to claw at the dirt to douse the flames as grasses light up next. A forest fire threatening to start. The dragon sprays more close to Dean but missing the human because Dean took an aborted swipe at him. His brother was still on its back so he couldn't catch it without hurting or even killing Sam in the process.
The monster flies around to Sam next who was running closer to Dean to help get rid of the fire. Crying out for him NOT to use his water flask on it. Kicking and scrabbling at the dirt and rocks.
Sam can barely hold onto the strings around the monster's neck and can't stop its fires. But. He might know of a way to repel this smoky bastard. He remembers about the salt bubbling in the animal's wounds and pulls out the small pack of restaurant salt from his satchel. Sam reaches out towards the right wing and on one of the inward flaps, he grabs the wing thumb and pulls it in, other wing flapping desperately, causing a spiral downfall.
It shrieks at the audacity of his dinner's behavior. He'll suffer for this!
The monster snaps its wing out from Sam's grip and turns his long head towards Sam. Open mouth snarling, smoking saliva dripping from the scorched mouth. It's wild with rage. Sam grits his own teeth and howls angrily right back as he lets go of the strings and reaches for the large mouth with both hands. His legs curl and lock around the neck to keep himself upright as he pulls the jaw closer, twisting it so it can't get away. His thumbs hook into the gums and its trying to jerk out of his strong grip but also trying to stay in the air to be out of the human's reach.
Sam grabs the paper pack of salt with one hand and shoves it entirely inside the mouth. The paper burns to nothing in a split second from the tiny lingering embers. Salt pouring everywhere inside its mouth, down its throat. The monster screams and careens out of the air, Sam is nearly thrown off as it writhes and tumbles from the sky.
Sam's also screaming in terror as the world twists and spins rapidly around him. His head feels like its splitting open with the incensed howls in-between the monster's shrieks. The sick drop from the air. He knows this is it. He's going to die alongside Dean. If Dean hadn't already died by the monster's possession. He and Dean will have an honorable death. Monster defeated. It's killing spree ended.
Dean watches the dragon spin and tumble from the sky, fire smoke trailing up as it screams. The wings writhe  uselessly. Too much agony. Dean leaps into action, barely catching the dragon and his brother in his hands as Sam races towards them. By then, they're all panting, exhausted.
The monster's gurgling growl hurts to hear. Dean gently takes hold of his small brother and pulls him up off of the monster. Holds his brother gently in one hand and the other is held out towards Sam who is breathing hard through fear and loss. Sam accepts his small brother's body as the monster spits out fizzling salty blood onto his hands. Eyes rolling as a weak snarl escapes it.
“Dean.” Sam chokes out. “Dean... are you in there?” Tears fall from his cheeks, he slumps to the ground. The other Hunter stands sentinel. “I just got you back... don't give up.” Sam reaches a finger forward and starts to rub along the front of the dragon's nose. “Come back.”

Inside the mind, Dane and Dean find themselves in their forest, gawking at each other. They can feel the body moving but neither one is controlling it. Dean realizes what happened. “Dane! It took over our body!”
'What?' Dane was on his feet, pacing. Dean just showed up out of nowhere and they can both feel a strange presence in their body.
“Dude, no time to explain everything. We are possessed by a smoke monster and we need to get it out now!” Dean shouts and scans their forest and spot something deep inside a shadowy part of their woods. “There!” He shouts and sprints after it, his Drauglin side barreling along right beside him, growing five feet taller with every leap till he's his rightful gigantic size again when he spots the strange wrongness in the tree's shadows. Snarling low and loud at the intruder as Dean arms himself with his favorite gun tucked in his jeans behind his back. Dean wiggles it in the air to turn it into a grenade launcher. Smirking up at his Drauglin for the rolling eyes.
“Hey, you got yours, I got mine.” Dean shrugs and starts launching one grenade after another into the gray shadows. A high pitched shriek coming from within. Dane starts shooting his own flames into the woods. Flying up and over the area to stomp down the surrounding trees when it tried to run for better cover. None of the grenades hits Dane, and none of the flames get Dean. They are together and will defend what's theirs. Attacking this fucking monster with everything they've got. It picked the wrong head to hide in.
The monster dodges Dane's stomping feet and runs across a clearing and Dean finally sees what it is. “A fucking Vellum! Sammy was right!” He shouts almost gleefully at the sight. Identifying it means they know how to kill it. This breed isn't exactly like the ones back home though... This world's Vellum's must turn into those smoke things after they die. Doesn't matter, his hands shake the grenade launcher. Morphing it into Sammy's gun with the ram's blood coral bullets. Same ones he crafted ages ago. He watches as Dane takes to the air again and lands on the monster, pinning it down. Dean catches up and fires off every single bullet into its head and it turns into smoke with a whining hiss, flying loose around their forest. Dean tastes salt on his tongue. Feels it weaken significantly. He pushes it with his hands outstretched like a damned anime character. Manifesting his will and command in here. Dane shoots flames larger and farther then he ever could out in the real world. Forcing it out. It's finally pushed into dazzling sunlight overhead. Their dreamscape looses every trace of shadow and heavy feeling. Their body is theirs again.
Dean's grinning ear to ear and holds up his fist. Dane bumps it with his own clawed fist that is nearly as tall as his human half.
'Now get out there and finish the job! Let me sleep in peace you loud tiny biped!' Dane playfully growls and shrinks back down to his preferred 15 foot height. 'Must I do everything for you?' Dane shook his head fondly and turned his nose to the sky as if he was considering taking control of the body, since Dean already had his fun. Winking at Dean below.
Dean had a sharp retort on his lips but consciousness pulls him out from their dreamscape. He could feel more then hear Dane tell him, 'Good luck.'

A thin wisp of gray smoke crawls very weakly out of the lax mouth. Sam tries grabbing it in a fist to crush it, but it effortlessly slips through his fingers, gathers up every bit of smoke from the body and speeds away. Hovering here and there like it's trying to gather itself up or risk loosing every particle of smoke to the wind.
Sam checks over Dean who is waking up slowly. The small dragon spits and gags out the foamy blood and salt, trying to get it out of his body. Everyone is tense but Dean turns to his brother and grins past some of the coughs. Turning around and spitting several times over the side of Sam's hands even if its too little too late. Sam's hands are covered in yuck but he doesn't give a shit. He's got his brother back.
Dean breaths hard and swallows several times before finally looking up at the other human and his small brother. “Sam.” Dean's voice is raspy but he sounds pleased. “Dude, thanks.” He managed before another coughing fit. “Salt tastes nasty.” He declared, belly flopping onto Sam's hands. Dean set Sam down on the other Sam's lap now that they were sitting on the ground together.
The small Sam walked over and pat the long neck. Dean's head turned into it a little. Glad for the forgiveness in the words, “I'm glad you're you again.”
Dean nodded once and bumped his nose into Sam's knee, nearly making him tumble over. The human Dean offered his water flask to get rid of the salty aftertaste. Dean swallowed greedily and cleared his throat a few times. “So, that it? It's gone?”
Before the celebrations could start, a hiss came from the grasses, barreling closer to their group. Dean was half kneeling on the ground and darted his hands forward, instinctively clutching the dragon and his small brother in his hands, pulling them out of path of the incoming animal. But Sam was still sitting cross legged and unable to get up an away as fast. It attacked him instead.
Sam had no salt left on him, they were completely out, so he's left to grapple with it as it's tearing him apart. Between the claws and sharp teeth he recognizes it as the biggest and ugliest damned opossum that he's ever seen. The monster possessing it was currently changing and mutating its body, unable to keep the animals original form stable. It's growing and looking more and more like a damned familiar monster they have back home.
“Sammy!” Dean cried out from Dean's hands. “It's a Vellum!”
“Damn! I unloaded the coral rounds for iron!” Sam got out between pained grunts. “Fuck!” He still had them, but his hands are busy keeping the monster from clawing out his throat. It's growing fast and the other Hunter can't get pull it off while holding the others. Putting them down was unthinkable right now. It's too fast and rabid. They wouldn't have a chance.
Dean has an idea. “Sam! Impala!” holding his small guys tight, he bolts towards Baby. It's a five minute run and now there, he's half a second from collapsing. He puts Sam and Dean on his jacket nearby before he rounds the trunk and grabs a huge bag of rock salt. He hears the other Hunter crashing through the woods towards them. Fighting off the monster the whole way. Dean starts making a circle around the car except for the rear backseat door which is quickly flung open and ready.
Sam is trying to hold it without it smoking out and with a few quick nonverbal expressions, he knows what Dean's aiming for. The opossum turning bipedal Vellum gives up the fight when it sees Dean standing there, gun in hand.
It doesn't think it will survive another deadly attack right now. It needs to feed, gather its strength. Every human it kills and eats, gains another life for it. It's left with this one last stolen life before it is dead for good. It can't risk it on revenge just yet. It hisses and bolts away from the troublesome humans. There's easier prey. It thought for sure they'd make a few good meals, and was Pissed it wasted so many lives trying to get them.
The monster looks like it's going to run away, but Sam can't let that happen. Who knows if they'll be able to find it again. He grabs a handful of gravel from the street and showers sharp stones over the still mutating beast. Just to piss it off into chasing him again. Surprisingly, it works. Sam sees the pure hatred in those eyes as it crouches down back to all fours and shifts its body into attacking position. Sam turns and runs like mad towards the Impala. The monster hot on his heels.
Sam spins around in front of the rear door and feels the massive impact launching him into the backseat. Its rotting breath chokes his lungs as it claws and bites at him, digging teeth into his shoulder.
Sam cries in pain, “Dean! Now!” The door slams shuts and outside of the car, over their heads, they hear surprised shouts and movement. Sam's vision is blanking from pain as the rear passenger door is yanked open and both of them are dragged out into the dirt beyond by two tall strong men.
“What the fuck!” A familiar voice curses. Hands are grappling at him and the beast equally.
Sam is on his back, bleeding and fighting against the Vellum, looking up at a mind bendingly massive person leaning overhead. A quick grin crosses his face. It worked. He's right where he wanted to be. The Hunters are stabbing it with knives, trying to cut it off of him but the monster just bites him again, growling through bloodied teeth. Sam is in so much pain but he manages to shout, “Salt it before it smokes out!”
The brothers jump to action, grabbing a bag of salt from the trunk and dump it over the monster and Sam who's underneath it. It squeals and hisses. Sam flips them both so he's pinning it down now as it tries to maim him. His shoulder dripping blood all over its face as it goes from growling to greedily eating it.
Sam turns his head to the side, sees the firelight glint in giant eyes overhead. “Jacob!” The giant leans over to see what the commotion is about. “Stomp on it!”
Jacob reaches down and gently wraps his hand around Sam's body, easily pulls him up and off of the writhing monster. His other hand coming in to pin it down. Jacob lifts Sam higher away from it as he shuffles around the tight space between trees and a cliff face to free up a building sized leg. A gigantic boot bigger then the whole Impala smashes into it, again and again and the other humans stagger backwards from the earth shattering impacts. Compacted dirt turns hard as steel plates under the impacts. Jacob thinks that ten is enough and pulls his foot away, letting it down nearby in case that wasn't enough.
Curls of sickly green gray smoke wisps in the air and Dean immediately makes a circle with the remaining salt while Sam approaches the bubbling mass of mutilated flesh and stabs the center of it with his demon blade. It finally stops writhing and exhales its last breath from crushed lungs.
“Is it... playing possum?” Dean kicks at a flattened leg. Foul smell wafting in the air.
“Doubt it.” Sam says from the ground. Both turn their gaze upwards at the Sam in Jacob's fist. Looking scared out of his mind at being captured in Jacob's hand. “Everything alright up there?” After a moment he gets the attention of the poor guy being suspended in the air like he was nothing more then an action figure. “Jacob, it's dead, you can let him down now.”
Jacob turns Sam over in his hand. “Are you ok?” He asks gently. Voice rumbling through Sam's body as his stares and fixates on Jacob's mouth and eyes. The teen doesn't take the fear to heart, he knows what he looks like. “I'm not going to hurt you. My friends can take a look at your arm.” He whispers. Checking for other injuries, he slowly turned Sam back around and lowered the little human to the ground. Once Sam was close enough to the ground, the other Sam and Dean came over. Both brothers holding out helping hands.
Dean makes his brother take the new Sam's weight to assess the damages in the firelight, grabbing a flashlight to examine the wounds. He holds the flashlight in his teeth as he and Sam lower him to a log. Dean pats him down with worry. Eyes trailing to the front of the green jacket he was wearing earlier, seeing the slash marks all over it. Blood everywhere. “Where's the little one?”
His brother pales at the implication and rounds on the injured Sam. Sam sees their worry and accusations bubbling to the surface and explained before he incurred any more injuries. “He's safe, he's back in his own world, I should get back too, they're probably freaked.” Leaning forward to stand but his shoulder burned. Dean went back to dressing the wound while his brother held Sam up for the light.
“What the hell was that?” Dean asked, looking over his shoulder at the pile of goo and bones.
“Uh, we don't exactly know for sure since it came from the little guys world, but that thing looks like a Vellum from my world. I guess over there, when a Vellum dies it turns into a smoke monster thing that possesses animals until it is forced to take on its old form again.” Sam has a chance now to think about it. “The gray smoke is like the ghost of a Vellum. It's apparently acting like a demon from little Sam's world. In my world, demons are rare, so I dunno.” Sam shrugged which was a stupid move since it had him hissing in pain for the jarred muscles. Dean handed over some whiskey and Sam drank greedily to numb the pain. Then some was poured over the wound.
Sam jolted to the fact that Jacob was looming overhead. Giving a sheepish grin for his startled reaction. Repeating in his head over and over that Jacob is fine. It's safe. He's appreciating what all those little people go through, wanting to salute their bravery. “Thanks again, Jacob.”
The giant smiled overhead. One huge hand came around to shield them from the cold night air. “No problem.”
The other Sam had been absorbing all of the information he heard and witnessed. He looks enlightened and a little excited. “Ilimu! They're a kind of demon that possesses animals. Perhaps this is where they come from? They have to come from somewhere. What did the original monster look like?”
Sam shrugs. “This particular one was still in transition from an opossum to Vellum. Big, four toed claws. Territorial. Eats anyone in their woods. Nasty bastards. Maybe it is an Ilimu? In any case, back home, we kill a Vellum with a rams blood coated coral bullet. Or, a knife of coral with rams blood on it. Either way.” Sam wobbles his head. He scrounges around his pocket and holds out the fist full of red coated coral bullets, handing them over. “Couldn't load them into the gun in time.”
The other Sam adds, “I wonder... if you don't have these, you gotta kill it enough times so the Ilimu can't hold onto its form.”
Dean throws his arms up, each hand holding bandages for Sam's injuries. “Encyclopedia Beastanica.”
“Wouldn't help here, every world has their specific monsters.” Sam winced, wiping the grime and blood off of himself with his cleaner wrist. “I guess, titanic boots beat monsters.”
He gets twin blank stares.
Jacob crouches down with a raised eyebrow. “Seriously. Fill me in, guys. Not a Hunter. Do I gotta burn my shoes now?”
Sam startles at the deep booming voice and recovers somewhat gracefully, leaning his head backwards to see the teen straight above and behind him. “It was a Vellum monster soul possessing animals, going around killing people. Thanks for getting rid of it!”
Jacob looked to Sam and Dean. Sooo... Not a joke. His loud voice rumbling disbelief like he was being teased. “Really?”
Sam grinned up at the teenager. “You saved a bunch of people today!”
Jacob looked at his bloody boot and frowned. He's glad they don't see him as a monster anymore. “Poor animal...”
Sam winced as a bandage tugged at some torn skin around the tooth marks. He reassured the upset teen. “The animal was already dead.” It was partly true. It'd been fatally wounded and the demon wouldn't have left till it was dead. Even if it was just smoke possessing animals, it'd likely kill every future host along with any human it sees.
Dean finished up and pat Sam's back. “You're good to go.” Looking him over for any more injuries they hadn't seen.
Sam wanted to thank them so many times for the help but before it could go all maudlin on them, Dean stood up and pulled him from the log. “We're done here. Sam an I have our own case to solve so if you don't mind?” He gestured to the backseat of the car again. Sam was grateful the door was still open and hadn't been closed. That would've sucked. The other Sam helped him walk back over and into the car. Sam kept holding onto other Sam's hand without explaining why, until he got his free hand on the other door knob.
“Take care.” Sam said and got out, disappearing from sight.
Two Dean's and a Sam welcomed him back with open arms and wings and he was so thrilled to be back. “It's dead. Stomped flat by Jacob's boot.”
“What?” The Dean's asked at the same time and the Sam's smirked at that. Dimples popping on different scales.
Sam waved his hand about then lifted it up and pointed to the sky. “He was pretty big at the time.” Turning to face the smaller Sam, “What would you say? About 100 feet or so?”
“About that.” Sam nodded thoughtfully.
Dean lifted his hands and shook his head. “Don't wanna know.” And let his arms fall to his sides again. A glance at the wrappings and he knew that his styles exactly the same. Even more Sam's and Dean's. “Let's get you guys home.”
The drive back to the hotel was spent with amiable conversations mixed with tired yawns and suppressed groans. All of them got the shit kicked out of them but made it out alive and ganked the monster with a little help from their friendly neighborhood giant.
Small Sam and Drauglin Dean surreptitiously took several pictures of Sam climbing through the windows again. Hiding the cellphone before the jig is up. On entering the hotel room via window, they felt a few bruises that they weren't privy to earlier. At least there were no broken bones after that hunt. Oscar was waving for their attention at the opposite wall where the cell phone was brought over. He told them Bobby called and said he figured out what happened and the boys need to get back there asap to reverse it or it'll be permanent. A twenty four hour deal.
Both sets of brothers were terrible at goodbyes so they kept it short and sweet. Oscar was a jumble of questions when they got back and his friends swore to tell him... in the morning. Sleep beckoned.
“Take care of yourselves out there.” Dean said, hugging his fellow human sized Sam. Savoring this sight and feel for later. Who knows when the next time will come when he'll see Sam normal sized again. He could tell that this Sam was thinking the same. On the table next to them, Sam, Oscar, and Dean were also hugging it out, wings wrapping around the small guys, Oscar wouldn't be left out after all they've been through.
“You too.” Sam said back, patting Dean's back with his uninjured arm. They let go and turned to the table. “And hey, Mini-me.” Sam smirked and held out a steady large finger. Respectfully shaking hands with Sam. “Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something.”
“Never do.” Sam smiled, patting the side of Sam's finger afterwards.
Dean was next when he pet Dean's head with a fingertip. Getting a slightly annoyed tongue flick in return before the wing fist bump. He welcomed his tall brother's hands as they lifted him up and walked them to the door. Calling out just before they left all the way. “See you later! Oh, and if you meet Cas, play nice. He's just an awkward son of a bit -” he got cut off because they disappeared.
Sam stood there on the table, hand still in the air from the wave and Dean was wide eyed. Everything was back to normal now. He looked back to his brother and Oscar and grinned. Everything worked out in the end. “Good job guys. Now. How about some greasy take-out and a movie. I'm thinkin, Back To The Future.” Enjoying the rolling eyes on his brother and excited gleam in Oz's for movie night and more warm food. Lateness be damned. Dean knew he wouldn't be able to sleep just yet and it didn't look like others could either. The hunt now finished, they deserved to sleep in and relax.
Oscar yelped in surprise when the phone was pulled quickly back into the hole, clattering loudly on its way back to its rightful owners again. The thought that he too might somehow be sucked up into the other world spurred him into holding tightly onto Sam on the table. Glad that his friends were fine. That they did it.
“What do ya think, Chinese or pizza?” Dean laid out the menus.

“-ch.” Dean finished and blinked a few times at the closed hotel door. Looking up at Sam for a second to see the expression on his tall brother's face. He felt it too. They're gonna miss those crazy bastards. Sam rubbed his thumb along Dean's side before bolting back to their hotel room. They opened the door to find everyone there, varying degrees of worry and surprise on their faces. Bobby was already done drawing out a complicated looking circle and yanked them inside, closing the door firmly behind the brothers and tugging Dean from Sam's hands.
“Cut it close enough didn't ya?” Bobby chided but clearly thrilled that they are whole and hardy. He held out a pin to Dean. “Prick your finger and stand here. It will reverse the spell you activated last night when you stood on this one.” He held up the book and the smidgen of blood smeared on a page.
After a full life of Hunting, he knew when Bobby gave him that look, he meant 'Now, Idjit.' So he jabbed his finger and held his breath, peering up at everyone standing around him expectantly. “See you on the other side.” He said and got gasps from everyone that wasn't expecting him to speak English. No time to marvel or talk. He jumped into the circle and everything spun around him, blurring into colors that dimmed into a darkness that enveloped him entirely.

Dean woke slowly. He felt a pressure on his left side, his left leg and arm felt constricted a little and he heard his brother mumble some words that could be Latin somewhere. He heard his breaths echo in the space he was in. Attention drawn to a dim rectangular light overhead where the voice was becoming easier to understand. Dean felt like his head was filled with cotton and impressions and images danced around his head for a few moments before he shook it vigorously. Trying to make sense of the confusion. Images of small people, mirror images of he and his brother but it was barely more then a thought or feeling before they were gone. An impression of great accomplishments after hard work and pain. Smoke that swirled around himself that dissipated. A half remembered dream fading fast. He shook his head and with it the weariness that tugged at his consciousness. Begging him to just go back to sleep and maybe return to that dream. If nothing else, then to figure out what it all meant. What happened.
Sam's mumbling drifted around him. A bright light enveloped all around him, pulling him away from his bed. He pushed against the drawer he was sleeping in and felt himself suddenly become larger. It was barely noticeable at first, but the tightening of bandages around his left limbs woke him up the rest of the way. This was bad. He climbed out and leaped over to Sam's bed where the Samsquash was sighing in his sleep. Happy soft sounds like after a successful hunt. As Dean walked, he grew steadily larger. Sam hummed contentedly. Dean pushed against Sam's shoulder to wake him up.
His brother turned away and exhaled. Dean pushed again at his dead to the world brother towering over him even on his side. No time for dreamydreamland, they got a new problem on their hands. Dean is getting larger by the second. The shrinking spell has run its course, and he's going to return to his proper Drauglin height. And Dean's pretty sure that this hotel doesn't appreciate 30+ foot tall Drauglins.
'Sam. Wake up. We got a problem.' Dean chirped.
The final chapter! Thanks everyone that read and commented and favorited! I love you all!

Nightmares06 made me do it!
They just had to write a couple of lines in 'Garlic and Cold Spots', talking about dressing Dean up as a dragon. Just *had* to do it. Sigh, welp, here's Dean as a dragon in Oscar's hotel, The Knights Inn.

It takes place in my story in chapter 31 for Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights. So Dean is 6 inches tall and injured. But this time, he doesn't stay asleep. Soon as Sam and Bobby drift off, he's wide awake and worrying. He decides to take a walk around the motel room to wear himself out when he sees an impossibly small person slip into the room through the heating vent and steals a couple of peanuts and M&M's from a bag of trail mix. Dean follows the mousy guy out and gets stuck in the walls in a pile of plaster pinning him helplessly down. He fears he's going to die in there when suddenly there's a familiar face walking towards him with mousy guy in tow. It looks like Sam but that's impossible. The guy is 4 inches tall and 10 years younger then he should be, and he doesn't recognize his brother at all.

Chapter one here:…
Chapter two here:…
Chapter three here:…
Chapter four here:…
Chapter five here:…
Chapter six here:…
Chapter seven here:…
Chapter eight here:…
Chapter nine here:…
Chapter ten part one here:…
Chapter ten part two here:…
Chapter eleven here:…
Chapter twelve part one here:…
Chapter twelve part two here:…
Chapter thirteen here:…
Chapter fourteen here:…
Final Chapter fifteen here:…

This is what Dean looks like in this fic:…

Sam holding Tiny!Sam :…

Dragon Dean versus Tiny Sam :…

Or you could read the whole fic as it's meant to be read (with italics! whoa-shit!) for free and download it and see my other works there that aren't on deviantart yet. Like the sequel to Dragon!Dean which is Shenadragons!

for this full story:…

for all my online stories:…

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Sorry to bother you, but did you ever make a sequel? Also, great story! :dummy:

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My first fanfic was the 500k Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights, then this one is like a deleted scene from it, and there is a sequel to the big main fic, called Shenadragons. I only have it on archiveofourown and I didn't put it on deviantart. it's a wip, and I'm working on a different fic right now so I can't say when I'll get back to it. So far Shenadragons is 166k long. thanks for reading!

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I was not expecting that! (lol dean's grenade launcher) That was a good use of Jacob's boot though. Pretty convenient to have a friendly giant around! 

What a fun story! I really enjoyed reading it and it was awesome to see all of these crazy shenanigans take place XD
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It's a bit rushed since I only had 6,141 words to bring it to 123456 word count. I wished I could have explored giant Jacob with Sam more, ah well, maybe in the sequel if I make one. Still got song lyrics left for chapter titles! Lol longtime/foreplay -Boston.
I loved the idea of just having a freaking giant stomp on it. How many chances does someone get to do that?!
Did you check out the other fics dragon Dean came from? It's easier to read them on ao3. And I haven't put Shenadragons on this website yet. Too much work!
Thanks for sticking through to the end! I know that for a contest entry, this got pretty damned long! Like ten times longer then most fanfics out there! (I read a shit ton , any recommendations? Mostly where the boys are not human, or change shapes. Stranger the better!) (Read one where Dean turns into a pickle)
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I have read your other dragon Dean fics! I actually read them on AO3 some time ago, at least the first fic, before I knew you were on deviantart. I don't have an AO3 account (yet, i should get one...) so I can only leave kudos and no comments. Also, I only just started leaving comments on things I've read, since before I was really shy about it, and I always felt like it was weird leaving comments on chapters in a multichapter fic that had a lot of chapters posted after the one I was reading. But I'm totally up to date on Shenadragons and looking forward to the new chapter! 

Off the top of my head, the fics I know where the boys turn into something are:………………

and some where the boys aren't human:………

Those are my favorites. If you've read the one about the pickle I'm sure you've read everything I've read ;) There is one (its pretty short) where Dean is turned into a monster by Gabriel and Sam tries to kill him, but I couldn't find it, and one where Dean is turned into a wolf by a witch but I couldn't find that one either. If I find anything when i'm reading I'll send you a link. 
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Holy crap! Thanks so much! I've seen a few with wolf Dean, one just a week ago that was heartbreaking but amazing.…
And like a thousand more. I had started making lists but I get distracted easily. 
And honestly I love getting comments like everyone, especially on multi chaps cause then it's like I'm going on the journey with you. Like watching your fav movie with a friend and seeing it thru their eyes. Every comment I get I go to he chap and sometimes reread it to get a better feel for ow the rest should go to fit the flow. 
So yeah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly appreciate it :)
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And I do try to comment now because I know how much it means to the authors and to get to enjoy these works for free is just amazing and you all deserve the best because you're awesome! So thank you, because your writing always brightens my day. 
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