The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 14

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Chapter Fourteen:
But In My Mind, Deep In My Mind

It doesn't take very long for Dean to get ready for the hunt ahead. He'd been wanting to gank this bitch since he and his little brother rolled into town. His brother was placed in his 'spot' inside the trunk temporarily while Dean rummaged around. Sam's spot had his own gear and he too got ready for the night ahead. Matchsticks, salt, a long iron nail that was usually too big for his bag to haul around was reserved for hunts. Feeling better now that he's restocked and trying to keep his balance as the car shifted about with Dean leaning in and pulling things over or out. If he were any other little person, he'd find the sight of a human moving and shifting things around that were larger and heavier then his whole body, times ten, to be disturbing and scary as hell. But this became nearly routine ages ago. He knew how Dean liked his stuff and gave up berating Dean for the messy look but oddly enough, Dean always knew where things were. He just had his own way of organizing. Sam's things were lined perfectly inside his mint tin for safe keeping. Everything in its place. He was pleased with how it looked, but the scent of mint would forever cling to everything inside. He made peace with that, and, it sometimes helped him find them if he sniffed them out. So there were upsides to it.
An old machete Dean uncovered was handed to Sam who took it with some surprised reverence. It was just one his dad used before he took off, and by the looks Sam's giving it, apparently they had a copy of their own back home. More then once he caught the guy peering into Baby's trunk and looking impressed but also slightly confused. No doubt the differences between worlds and monsters had them owning different weapons. He handed over a small bag of rock salt which Sam tucked into his back pocket after doing that little thoughtful frown thing Sammy does. Dean shook his head, grinning a little. So many small things that he's doing that mirrors what Sam would do. So weird to see it on a normal sized version. No doubt Sam's been getting good long looks at what he's going to look like when he's ancient and even more hairy. Hiding his smirk at his future teasing jabs, he made sure everything was back in place in the trunk. Offering a hand to little Sam who patted down his bag to make sure nothing inside was going to shift and climbed aboard. Dean lifted it to his shoulder where he knew Sam liked to go to be able to see nearly 360 if he chose to switch shoulders as lookout. Dean was glad he got everything and even moreso that he had some extra backup. He shut the trunk again. “Let's get to work.”
Dean lead the small group towards the most recent attack site merely a ten minute walk away from the road, and they stand around a large swath of area with dead plants and dried blood days old. The flimsy police caution tape rippled in the wind. There wasn't much for evidence. It could have been mistaken for some animal being taken down but knowing the truth of it firmed everyone's resolve to catch and kill this evil thing.
“Sammy.” Dean moved his head around to see past Sam's hands that held him up, to his brother's face. “Lemme down and I'll see what I can sniff out.”
Sam complied and Dean made sure not to actually step on any of the charred dead plants that had a cloying scent that wasn't familiar to him. “Man, it reeks.” He muttered and reluctantly sniffed around, starting to circle the area. His humans following at a respectful distance behind so their scents didn't mingle too much. “This is definitely human blood. And some animal. At least... it's like.” He stared off into space for a second, trying to word it right. “It's an animal but not. Like if the Matrix tried to invent a new animal smell, and then dumped bad eggs on it.” and shrugged his wings.
Sam started to scale down his brother's arm. Dean knelt slowly to help reduce the distance to the ground. Sam jogged to meet with the Drauglin who was having some trouble navigating the forest floor in his wide loop around the remnants of the murder scene. Sam wasn't doing much better himself on the forest floor, but he felt better next to a similar sized Hunting buddy. Able to watch Dean's back down here while Dean focused solely on the scents on the ground. The taller Sam and Dean were checking up high while they checked down low.
The thing didn't leave much of a trail, the area had more plants then dirt to hide the prints. Dean sniffed out more of the area and found a concentration of that scent that's not animal and chirped for everyone's attention. “I think it either came in or left through this way.” And started walking along the path he found. Sam by his side with his silver knife held out but held in the hand away from Dean's side to avoid any accidental contact.
Sam felt a strong tingle up his neck and rubbed at it. Looking over his shoulder at the humans who's attentions were elsewhere and jolting to the fact that he doesn't feel it this strong with either human. The Drauglin kept on tracking. “Dean.” Sam hissed into the side fan ear and he paused to face Sam. “Something's watching me.”
Dean's brow rose and as casual as he could, looked up and around. Sam's knack comes in handy in times like these. The forest was quiet. Like holding its breath. Birds chirped but they were pretty far away. A heavy feeling came over them and one glance confirmed that the humans felt it too. Guns out and ready.
Nothing happened for a few long minutes of silence. Sam still rubbed at his neck and his brother caught the motion from below, elbowing Sam in the side to look as well. The Drauglin and small man were a good ten feet ahead of them, following Dean's nose.
They cast their eyes everywhere, inching closer to their smaller brothers. The monster had no trouble taking out people, what chance would those two have?
Turns out that they should have worried about themselves more.
The thing dropped down from the trees, jumping directly onto Dean's back before he could get a shot out. It was heavy but Dean was still standing hunched over and cursing. It scratched and tore at his coat with clever claws, catching the skin around his shoulders as Dean tried to buck it off of him. It was glued to his back and no matter how he twisted or turned, it just dug its claws in even more to tear at his skin. He was about to go to ram it against a tree trunk, so used to not having human backup, but Sam had finally gotten his hands around the damned wild thing and pulled it off and hurled it away in one move. Both swung their guns around and opened fire at it. Lodging a number of them into the black and brown fur before it hissed at them and dove into the bushes.
“A raccoon?!” Dean cried out. “All that for a damned rabid raccoon?!” Checking his torn shirts, he felt Sam turn him around and his hand came away with some blood.
“It's not deep, shallow scratches.” Sam assessed, moving the slashes in the shirts this way and that for a better look. “You ok?”
“I'm good, just pissed it's some damned stupid animal.” He reloaded his gun with another clip and handed the box of bullets to Sam since he didn't have spare clips for Sam's model of gun. Sam reloaded as Dean went to gather up their small brothers.
Dean's wings were flared out, panting hard. That raccoon was not some normal woodland animal. He looked up at Dean who was now kneeling in front of them, hands outstretched in invitation. Dean wasn't sure how safe they'd be on the human. He was just attacked after all. Sam went without question into the hands, eager to get a look at the wounds himself.
“I'm fine, Pint Size.” Dean said, trying to see if there was enough collar to his shirt for Sam to hold onto. “Scratches. That's all. Already got all my shots.” He smirked but still winced when Sam's hand grazed by one of the upper wounds.
Sam sent him a bitchface but soon felt that tingle return. “Dean. It's back.” He warned and felt the human stiffen underneath his feet.
The Drauglin leaped clear of the reaching hands. “Dean?” He asked as he reached again. “Dude, it's not safe on the ground.”
“That's not a raccoon.” He growled and turned, wings still flared out. “I feel it's... anger. Scent it. It's hard to say what all it's feeling...” Dean said, trying to sniff the air higher then his puny 6 inches high nose. He saw Dean sit back on his heels and hold his gun with both hands, turning his head and shoulders to check their surroundings. Tiny Sam straining his eyes looking all around them. Dean turned his attention to some scrabbling and high pitched whining in the bushes then something took off sloppily away from them. Sam pursued with his gun out in front.
“It's heading this way!” Sam shouted over his shoulder as his gun was gripped tight and he ran hard and as fast as he could through the brambles and saplings. The beast was lolloping at a struggling pace. Running on adrenaline no doubt. He got a clear view of it as the raccoon found and started scaling a tree. He aimed quickly before it could disappear. Firing off a few more rounds as it faltered and slipped and fell to the ground. A high pitched keening coming from it as the thing writhed around. A sick gurgling sound then nothing. Sam kept on running towards it, gun in front and he saw that it had died in those seconds after it fell. He still put a round into its head for good measure and saw that it was clearly dead. He patted himself down for the salt and a lighter. Plenty of dry wood around to burn it with.
Sam became concerned that the others hadn't followed him out, turning to look at them crouched down where they'd stopped. “So get this, it's dead. You guys gonna help or...” He asked but got no answer. He mentally shrugged and poured the salt Dean gave him onto its body. It actually started to smoke a little, a sizzling sound coming from where it touched the wet blood. He held off on the lighter for now. Watching the strange reaction. It looked like one of those old fashioned science projects with baking soda and vinegar. The salt made the blood foam and fall out of the wounds. The thing didn't move other then settling into the dirt like a deflating balloon.
“Sam?” He heard the other Dean's call and saw them still crouched low, on alert. “Sam. Don't move.”
He froze instantly, only moving his eyes around and spotted new movement nearby. Nearly between them. There was a hint of rusty brown that seemed to flit about on silent feet. A flick of a tail that was the same rusty brown but with a black tip. Sam went through his encyclopedia of common North American wildlife and figured this was either a fox or someone's dog. He put the lighter back into his pocket as slow as he could, and shifted to face it better. It seemed to be making a wide loop around his back so he lost sight of it for a few seconds while he turned his head instead of his body to track it over his other shoulder, but the second he lost sight of it behind him, he truly lost sight of it. Nothing moved. He twisted to see that the human Dean was holding his gun up and aimed at a spot to his left and saw the damned thing sitting nearby. Ears perked and head tilting. It looked like a regular fox.
The Drauglin crept over to a fallen log to get some height and saw the brush move, tracking it. He sniffed the air and this new scent was shifting in the wind. “Can't be.” He muttered, hoping that the wind would cooperate and send him the updated scents better then catching a few molecules here and there. What he did sense is that this monster wasn't limited to one animal form. That same stench as before, but this time with a canine hint to it. Fox.
“Is it a shifter?” Sam asked from Dean's shoulder. Peering out along with everyone else as the fox was just barely seen above the grasses. It didn't look overly threatening, just curious.
“I don't know, Pint Size.” Dean's voice rumbled underneath him. The gun raised inch by inch at the animal. The fox tilted its head the other way and scratched at an ear with his hind leg. The move so normal and relaxed that it made them doubt if this thing was supernatural or just drawn in by the smell of fresh meat. Curious about the people in his or her home.
The Drauglin opened up his wings to prepare for flight. Sam caught his intentions below and dashed to the other shoulder to see Dean better. “Dean!” Sam hissed from up high. “Don't you dare!”
“If it's a fox, it can't fly. I just want a closer sniff.” Dean said and started flapping his wings.
“Dean!” Sam hissed louder. His brother underneath him saw the Drauglin about to fly and reached next to him and just as Dean got some air underneath him, he saw a huge hand come up underneath his dangling feet. The human grabbed the Drauglin in an awkward hold as his wings beat hard to escape it. Each finger as long and thick as his legs.
“Let me go!” Dean growled and pushed against the fingers that were trying to find a better hold on his legs. “Look it's just a damn forest puppy. I'll be fine! This isn't a flying fox!”
“Dean?” Sam called from across the way, raising up onto his feet and gun lowered from their direction, attention off of the fox who dashed back underneath the greenery.
Dean turned to look at Sam as he tried to hold onto the writhing growling Drauglin. Worried how this would look to his fellow Hunter. The fellow hunter that's armed and headed for him. He noticed that the fox was suddenly gone. Probably scared off now that everyone was shouting. He let go of his smaller counterpart when the little toothy shit bit down onto his thumb in protest.
Dean took to the air in a sloppy way, unable to hover, he needed to move forward while flying and found that his quarry was gone. He flew towards his brother instead who was rushing closer. Looking scared and pissed at the same time. Maybe flying wasn't a good idea. He could only manage a few feet off the ground, five at most since he only had to go a short distance when a rusty brown blur came up from underneath.
“Fucking hell!” Dean yelped and narrowly missed the clacking jaws of the fox underneath. Those sharp jaws were nearly as big as he was. The jolt made him loose a precious foot of flight as the fox prepared to leap again. He heard and saw several impacts into the large furred body underneath him as it spun around to face the closest human, Sam, who hadn't stopped running towards Dean. Dean was thanking every deity there was that Sam was an excellent shot.
Sam plugged a few more bullets in and made sure to aim downwards so any stray rounds should miss hitting the other Sam and Dean beyond his brother and his quarry. The fox yelped in pain and dashed off and away, yipping and yowling until it gave a strangled cry a hundred feet away as it crashed in the undergrowth. Then silence.
Dean tried to stay in the air and watch where it went but was too freaked to do both so he aimed for his brother's shoulder and came in for a landing, “Sammy! Do not move!” He demanded and his brother actually listened this time. His claws dug into the green coat and he held on tight. Seeing his brother turn his head to check on him once his wings were folded.
Dean panted and saw the other Sam and Dean get closer, gun aimed out and around, checking their backs since it could make another surprise visit.
Sam felt his brother settle somewhat and turned to the younger Dean when they got close enough to ask, “I thought you said it was the one monster? What the hell is going on with the animals?”
Dean kept his gun out while his small brother kept watch behind them. That tingle leaving for now. “Dude, you know as much as I do. There was nothing in the research that said it's just a damned animal. This thing couldn't have been it.” Dean said.
Sam held onto the collar next to him, glad to see the small Dean was relatively ok. Just shaken up. He entered the conversation. “What effects foxes and raccoon's?”
The human Sam answered, “I don't know. But, the raccoon blood foamed up when I started to salt it. Getting it ready to burn.”
“What?” young Dean asked, turning to look at the spot where the raccoon's body still laid. “Ok, so what do we got? Ranger Rick and Foxy Lady came down with the same thing. Made them go crazy. Maybe... I don't know, maybe they were infected with something?”
Sam spoke up from Dean's shoulder, “Rabies doesn't do that.” Keeping his eyes peeled. “We don't know if this monster infects the meat of the victims it takes out. Maybe it makes them feral if they snack on some of the remains.”
Everyone made a disgusted face at the thought. Dean turned to see past Sam's jaw, “Guys. I have seen a whole lot in my life, but I don't know of anything that does that. That monster zoo I was held in, they collected everything they found relating to physical monsters, and they didn't have anything remotely like that... those things.”
Sam nodded at his small brother on his shoulder and said, “Whatever it is, it's probably infecting half the forest as we speak.” And reloaded his weapon, ticked off that it was not a Vellum like he thought. Because now those bullets are useless to them. “We have to take out any animal that's showing signs of being a homicidal jackass.”
They agreed and started to pursue the fox's trail deeper in. Seeing blood spotted everywhere. It took ten minutes of tracking before they located it. The thing was half in/half out of a den, limp and lifeless. Dean lowered his gun and made a grim frown. Sprinkling a small amount of salt down at its corpse and saw the foamy fizzing. It was dead and they had to decide what to do with it. If they leave it, it might be eaten by something else and the virus or whatever it is will just spread even further. So Sam let Dean down, who watched his human counterpart lower Sam down next to him while the two humans went for firewood.
The fox burned faster then it should have which was just added to the 'wtf' of this case. Dean tended the flames with the two smaller Hunters while Sam went over to gather up the dead raccoon. The unholy scents coming from the bodies nearly made them loose their lunch. The Drauglin's eyes were watering and he had to get some air so the smaller Sam went with.
“Man that's strong. And I thought they smelled bad alive.” Dean sniffled and wiped off his nose with a wing. Snorting out some snot and taking deeper cleansing breaths. Unable to sit still, they started walking in a rough circle to scout the immediate area around the fire as night started to slowly darken the sky.
“We should go back, no telling how many rabid things are out here.” Sam said and more or less kept pace with the larger body that ambled along on four legs that were each about the same size round as his waist. So glad Dean's on his side.
Before they finished the circle to go back, Dean smelled something in the air. “Wait...” taking several deep inhales. “It's that thing... oh fuck, we got this wrong. It's not...” He scented some more. Teeth baring in disgust. “Rotten eggs.”
“Yeah... maybe?” Dean said, wincing as he sniffed again. Detecting a trail of the stuff. “It was mixed in with the animal scent and they generally smell like shit anyways. Not to you guys of course. I can pick up on a lot of things.” Dean sighed, “Lucky me. I can smell an animal's unclean ass.” Wings unfolding in front of him as he went back to the task at hand. Sam watched as the large webbed wings acted like a funnel. Swooping thin fingers gathering up the air close to the ground and bringing it up to his nose. Sam was reminded that bloodhounds have long droopy faces and floppy ears to kick up scents from the ground as they tracked, and since Dean didn't have loose skin on his face, his wings were doing  stirring it up instead. Sam wondered if Dean was even aware of it since he just started doing it as naturally as breathing.
“It came in the same way we did trailing the fox here, but whatever this monster is, left this way. After it left the fox.”
“It hitched a ride on the fox?”
“I don't know... maybe? This scent is nearly pure sulfur.” Dean announced, reluctant to smell anymore. “Faint but there.
“Oh no... it possessed the fox?” Sam asked, jogging ahead of the Drauglin to face him. “Is this the same thing that was in the raccoon?”
“Yes. It changed, but, yeah. This thing moved from one to the other. I'm sure of it.”
“Like a demon?”
Dean's face scrunched up. “What the hell are you talking about? Demons are rare. There's no way this is a demon.”
Sam's brow peeked. “They're rare where you are?”
“Probably extinct. And they went after humans in Biblical times. I don't even know any Hunter alive that had ever seen one. We keep holy water just in case, 'cause Bobby would tear us a new one if we didnt, but, there's no way this thing...” Dean trailed off. “You have demons here? Like real live demons? You saw them?”
“More then I'd like to say.” Sam said grimly. “But ours possess people. I've never heard of one going after animals.”
Dean was shocked. The straightforward way this small guy was talking about something like that. How he'd managed to survive going up against not just one... implied that it was a lot... Dean's gotta say, he's impressed. “So how to we fight it?”
Sam gave a laugh. “With great difficulty. We have some ways of exorcism and entrapment. They can possess the dead as well.” Sam could see his big brother stand up from the fire, cracking his back and searching the ground around his feet. No doubt looking for them before taking any steps. Dean had camouflage that made him disappear into the backgrounds out here. No wonder his brother had trouble spotting them. He couldn't call out to him from this far away without drawing unwanted attention. “If this thing is a demon, we gotta tell them. Right now. It could possess any one of us. Well, not sure about you though.” Sam said sheepishly. The rest of that statement going unsaid but he heard it anyway, 'Because you're not human.'
Dean nodded and flapped a wing to wave off the scent of apology coming from Sam before the kid opened his mouth. They saw the shadow of a bird fly around in the sky above, wheeling through the air recklessly and started walking back a little faster. Dean cursed himself out for taking the small four inch tall man so far from the others. Their path had meandered a good twenty feet away, which for them was much farther. He bit at Sam's bag and made him stumble. “You're too slow, hop on.” And saw the bird wheel around again, was it getting closer?
Sam watched the Drauglin crouch down and got on the back in no time. He didn't have anything much to hold onto but that didn't matter because Dean lifted his wings on both sides to keep him from falling as he leaped and ran quickly to their brothers.
Another bird sighting. Running out of time. “Sammy!” Dean shouted and had to scale up a fallen tree and debated flying the rest of the way. The little guy on his back might fall if he did. Dean panted as he leaped down, changing his mind on flying for now and the bird had swooped down low, missing them by an inch. If he had flown, they would have been knocked from the air in that instant. Dean ducked down and pinned Sam tightly to his back. The human Dean dashed forward while Sam drew his gun again along with the machete. Bullets didn't seem to have much of an effect on the things, but chopping them up should work.
Dean dove for the small Drauglin and reached forward with his hands, enclosing both Drauglin and rider in his fingers and palms as a large dark bird flew low and went after the holes in his shirts. Scratching, crying, and pecking at the wounds to make them larger. Bleed more. Dean rolled to his side, intent on rolling over and crushing it underneath his weight but when he got halfway, it took off again and dive bombed his hands. Dean couldn't defend himself, if he let go, the bird would hurt the two inside his hands. He jostled them up and around, feeling the two inside squirm and lurch. The bird dove its sharp beak in-between his fingers and he pinched them closed as it squirmed for release, scratching up the backs of his hands but he would not let go.
Sam was there and grabbed the bird in his hands, pulling it up and away and struggled to contain the shrieking mass of feathers and rage. It turned out to be a small hawk of some kind, wicked sharp claws, his hands were finding that fact out first hand. He squeezed the body as much as he could and it made a horrible hissing sound just before gray smoke poured from its mouth like it was being pressed out of the body. Sam reeled back in horror at the sight and dropped the bird to the ground where the smoke lingered around it, encasing it fully. The smoke moved around like it was a drop of dye in water. Swirling and dancing around the bird's body.
Dean held his hands closed and helplessly watched it all, gaping as it ignored them all. Like it was inspecting the bird's corpse before it apparently gave up and flew up to the sky in a straight line.
“What... was... that?” Sam asked, staring into the sky.
“If I didn't know any better. I'd say that was a demon... but that's impossible.”
“That's impossible.” Sam breathed, staring up.
“That's what I said.” Dean chuckled briefly before opening up his hands a little. “You two ok?”
Dean lifted up his head out of the hole and lowered his wings to his sides to see that Sam was rubbing his shoulder and saw a puncture wound. “Fuck! Sam?” Dean turned his long head around to see better but the small man was too close. “Did it get you?!”
Sam held his hurt shoulder, pain making his face contort. He wanted to lie, had to. “Yeah. It got me.”
Dean scented it immediately, jaw dropping as realization slapped him in the face. “I did that.” He whispered. Guilt lacing his words. “It was one of my spikes. Wasn't it.”
Sam looked away, hand still on his shoulder. It was all the confirmation he needed. Dean looked up at the humans that hovered overhead. “Take him off of me.” He plead. “Can you... does anyone have any bandages?” He looked towards his huge brother who was patting his pockets down. “Sam. Get off of me before I hurt you even more.” Dean laid down, bending his neck down and out in an unnatural way to avoid touching the tiny fragile person.
Dean's hands lowered to the ground and both hands separated with careful precision as the Drauglin got the hint and climbed down between the retreating palms, laying down again. The huge right hand came back forward and gingerly curled around Sam, lifting his brother up and off but not in a way that suggested that the human was scared the Drauglin would hurt him again. It was just to get a closer look. “Ok, Pint Size. I got the kit in my pocket. Take the shirt off.” He instructed and saw Dean in his periphery slink away. “Dean. Don't go too far.”
Dean flinched and froze where he stood, sitting down with his head bowed.
Dean saw the reaction and realized how it might sound. “I don't want you getting hurt by that thing.” He clarified. “I need you to help me out here.” He pointed at Sam's shoulder and when it looked like Dean was going to protest he said in a firm tone, “Help me fix Sam up.”
And of course, Dean would never say no to Sam. So he marched over and stood over Sam, with a total lack of what the hell to do now that he's here. It's not exactly like he has normal hands for this kind of thing. Of course, he has 'hands', four of them if they're counting the wings, but, they aren't exactly useful at the moment with delicate work like this. Each one of his hands was larger then Sam's torso. Dean shifted his weight, side to side as the human unloaded the tiny bag of supplies from a drawstring bag and left them to it. Dean gaped at the retreating form but it made sense, they need the big brothers to watch their backs so Dean shook himself out and sat on his haunches to free up at least one hand and his wing thumbs to get to work. Sam watched Dean fumble with the thin cloth and antiseptic before finding a flow to the task and got to work with Sam's help cleaning the wound and wrapping it up. Thank heaven that it didn't need stitches.
As he worked, Dean muttered, “Hey, sorry, for um... hurting you like this.”
Sam put pressure back over the bandage that was still being tied up tight. Breathing through his teeth at the pain. “Not anyone's fault. Blame the demon.”
Dean pursed his lips at that and after a moment, nodded. “We'll get the son of a bitch.” After a beat, he put his nose up to Sam's injury and inhaled deeply, Sam pushed him off.
“Dude, I'm fine.” Sam said and pat Dean's long nose a few times while it was in range. The feel of smooth scales that wrinkled under his fingertips at the indignant look he was getting. An innocent smile on his face.
Dean couldn't detect any big lies in that statement. Of course Sam wasn't feeling 100% seeing as how he's got a hole in his shoulder. But he wasn't dying from it. They lucked out, big time. Dean finally relented and sat back, giving Sam space. “So. Demons. Tell me what you know.”
“They are repelled by salt. Hence the bubbling blood I guess, but, usually that doesn't happen when a demon possesses a person. When they leave, they're gone. Take only memories, leave only nightmares.” Sam attempted a joke. Dean's serious face sobered him up. “So, I don't know for sure if that's what this is. Usually demon smoke is black, not gray. And I've never heard of them possessing animals. There'd be no point for them. The few that we've encountered are all into death and mayhem. Of course, that's what this thing is doing. Killing people. Using animals to do the dirty work. That's why all the killings looked like animal attacks.”
“Hang on, you said there were four toed clawed feet in the woods...” Dean remembered.
“Yeah, it's weird as hell.” Sam sighed. “What if, it's not alone.”
“Come again?” Dean asked, tracking their brothers in the treeline, one on each side, keeping them in the middle close to the dying fire. The stench heavy in the air. Dean tried to block it out.
Sam thought for a minute what they learned today and the evidence they'd gathered before the whole universe portal thing. “What we discovered a week ago is that it's only attacking people in the woods, it's not leaving the woods to wreak mayhem in the city. It left four toed claws around its victims and it's been eating them after it tears them apart. Now we are seeing animals going after our brothers but they weren't able to get very far. What if... what if it's like a hybrid. Two kinds of monsters. Or one born of two monsters.” Sam was spitballing possibilities.
Dean considered it and looked down at Sam. “I was once a hybrid. But we split deep inside the mind. Dane is my Drauglin half. I remember most of what the hybrid went through, though. Some events are more intense then others. We are planning on splitting apart from this body soon. I get to be human again, and Dane can be full Drauglin. I'm sure Sam told you about it.”
“A powerful spell on the solstice. Yeah.” Sam pat Dean's shoulder at head height with his good hand. “Good luck on that.” He meant it. Dean deserves his life back. A rustle overhead made them jolt back into the hunt. It was probably just the wind playing with tree leaves. Sam hated being on the ground but it would be suicidal to get onto Sam or Dean's shoulders. He felt safe here with the Drauglin. Even if he looked vaguely like an Eldritch horror in miniature.
They kept watch out for another attack by anything. Could be a damned chipmunk, eagle, or butterfly. Something was hunting them.
Sam's face brightened up out of the blue, “That's it! What if that is it!”
“What?” Dean cocked his head to look down at Sam who started to pace excitedly in front of his forelegs.
“This thing, this monster. It tried to separate itself! Hear me out.” He said to the confused look he was getting above. “Demons possess people, but they aren't people. They take over their minds and bodies. What if this thing didn't just possess the large four toed thing when it got those people, it was that thing! When it was still alive! And now it found a way to I dunno, leave it's body behind because its body died, and is now a demon like smoke thing.”
Dean let that roll around in his head as he eyeballed a fly that came in close. It buzzed around before flitting away. He hated not knowing what the damned thing looked like now. “So it died and this is it's soul?”
Sam open mouth grinned at Dean. “It's trying to find another body! We still don't know what the original monster is, but that theory might be true. Dean an I fight ghosts and poltergeists and specters all the time. This is just a monster version of it! Ghosts dissipate with salt, and they can't cross salt lines.”
Dean considered the theory and found it pretty accurate as he faced his giant brother. “We gotta tell them.”
Sam looked towards his own. “My Dean first. Your brother doesn't know about demons as much as we do.”
“Ok.” Dean said, trusting him with this important discovery. Before he could protest, Sam was standing and coming to his side. Swinging a leg up onto Dean's back while he was still sitting down. Dean's wings flared out suddenly at the surprise but Sam just adjusted himself on the back and leaned to one side to see why Dean's head was now practically kissing the ground.
“What are you doing?!” Dean shouted, head turned slightly to see Sam on his back with one green eye. “Dude! This is not the time to play horsey!”
“You're gonna leave me on the ground where I could get eaten by some devil beast?”
Dean bared his teeth in annoyance. “Dammit.” He very slowly lifted himself up from the ground and walked as slow as he could over to the bag of supplies that was filled with strips of gauze for the bandages. “Put this between you and my spikes. I'm not shish-kabobing you again.” Handing it over in his mouth, his words muffling. “Anf holft omm tifght.”
“What?” Sam asked, accepting the bag and looping the cord that keeps it closed around Dean's neck and using it like a reign. Taking a note from the sprite Sam they'd met earlier on how to properly sit on the Drauglin's back.
The wings spread wide and started flapping hard as Dean started to run along the ground for some forward thrust. Leaping in time with his downward wing strokes. “Hold on tight!” He shouted and took to the air.

The warning is for animal deaths - fairly graphic.

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This is what Dean looks like in this fic:…

Sam holding Tiny!Sam :…

Dragon Dean versus Tiny Sam :…

Or you could read the whole fic as it's meant to be read (with italics! whoa-shit!) for free and download it and see my other works there that aren't on deviantart yet. Like the sequel to Dragon!Dean which is Shenadragons!

for this full story:…

for all my online stories:…

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TorchMLP's avatar
These four make a good hunting team! (don't worry dean, it wasn't your fault Sammy got hurt)

Something tells me this monster going to find something big and scary to possess O_O
Wolfie180g's avatar
Scary, yes. Big? Not so much. The scary parts​ beats the need for it to be big, though. Garantee you'll like it! :) Took a few days for inspiration to hit. I'm just hoping I can get it all into 6k words to make the word count 123456 lol
With the big origial dragon!dean fic it's 500 k on the dot. Took days of editing to get it!
TorchMLP's avatar
Oooh, I'm excited to see what it is! Lol that's some impressive dedication to word count 
Wolfie180g's avatar
I'm not sure if it helps, but it makes me figure out what is essential to the story. to par it back to a certain number. I have a tendency to word vomited all over the place lol :)
I was considering doing a sequel but I need to get back to my other sequel, Shenadragons. Get some ideas going first so there's not like a month between chapters. The finale for this one is 90% done, gonna upload it tomorrow on my 36 bday! 
And Sam is *not old* at 34! I'm right between the boys in age, so it's easy to tell how old they are at any given season. 
TorchMLP's avatar
That's actually a good way to do it. I've never considered having a certain word count for my fanfics, but for any of my writing classes it was definitely a way for me to determine what was essential and what wasn't. 

Whoops, I commented Happy birthday on your page today. Guess I'll have to do it again tomorrow ;) And 36 is not old, not even close! 
Wolfie180g's avatar
Thanks so much! And yeah, I don't feel nearly this old, people keep thinking I'm in my twenties or still in college and I'm like, I could have had a kid starting college right now and see the looks on their faces. It's prob cause I'm way immature. Eh, who cares. It's just how many times I went around the sun.
And poor Sammy is just used to being the youngest in their group back in 2017. Now everyone's looking at him like he's in charge and he's like 'wot?!' not against it, but Dean or Bobby usually lead the group.
I keep dancing that line between lead and follow. I'll follow family, my lil sis kicks ass as a leader. And I used to lead coworkers from my old job better then our bosses cause I respected the guys and gals. So writing is relaxing and stressful at the same time cause there's this sandbox with action figures inside. The characters are there, but you got to make their world. And in this case, flip the box over a few dozen times while throwing in more action figures.
I'm talking way too much. See what I mean about word vomit?! Lmao! Have a great day! The final chapter should be up on Sunday.
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Where's the fun if you can't be immature every once in awhile? Keeps life interesting

Poor Sammy, just doesn't quite know how to handle everyone looking to him for guidance.

And I understand that feeling. It changes a lot for me based on the circumstances, but I'm glad writing relaxes you! I used to write a lot more, in high school, but my depression kinda sucked all of the joy out of my writing before I got a handle on it. Now it's harder for me to get back in the groove of things, and it doesn't help that I don't have much time with all the schoolwork I have *shrugs* Someday I'll be able to really sit down and start up my writing again. I just gotta focus on my schoolwork for right now ;) 

You have a great day as well! And the chapter was totally awesome!
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Thanks! I'm thrilled you liked it. I finished the fic in the last five minutes till midnight on my birthday! Five minutes! It was put up on ao3, then the other sites since this one takes longer to update every chapter with the new links. I usually take a day or two off of writing so I don't get overwhelmed. Now it's back to the sequel for my big fic that started dragondean. 
Have a good one! We got a break in the rainy weather here, so I'm using it!
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