The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 13

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Chapter Thirteen:
Well I Get So Lonely, When I Am Without You

Bobby wiggled the cell phone's string and Dean pounced on it like a cat, tugging twice and getting two back for the go ahead to keep pulling the cell phone along. It rang out before he had time to figure out what number to call on it. Answering it eagerly, “Bobby?”
“No, sorry, this is Sam.”
Dean's eyebrows shot up. It sounded like his brother but, of course, older, voice pitched a little lower and expectant. “Hey, uh, Sam.” Dean rubbed the back of his neck in a similar way he'd seen Sam do countless times. “Man, so weird to hear your voice.”
“Same here.” Sam chuckled. “I've met a few different versions of you these past few universes.”
“Oh yeah?”
Past a chuckle, Sam said, “Your Sam is probably telling you all about it.”
Dean was confused. “What do you mean?”
“Your Sam, I'm probably interrupting. I just wanted to make sure they made it alright.”
“What are you talking about? They aren't here.” Worry started to gnaw at his chest. “Who all was coming? They never showed up. What happened?”
Sam was quiet. “My brother, your Sam and Oscar were coming over there. Like, seconds ago. You don't see them in the walls?”
“No! Sam? What the fuck.... what...” Pure panic started to grip him tight. “Oscar said it was a straight shot from your world to here. How could they get lost?”
“I don't know.” Sam said, anxiety also hitting him hard. “Shit... something must have happened.”
“I don't know, another opening? Something. They're probably in some other universe.”
“By themselves?!” Dean shouted into the phone. “Shit, Sam! What the f...” Dean rubbed at his temples. He nearly pulled the phone's string completely out from the wall when he stood up to pace. Freezing at the slight tug he got from Sam's end to keep it in place. Reminding him that he's literally not as alone as he feels right now, there's another person at the other end of that string that's also worried sick for their own small vulnerable brother. Not to mention Oz, the smallest borrower he'd ever met. This couldn't get much worse. But he had to deal. Keep a level head. “Ok, uh, we can try something to find out what happened, right? Tell me how to record video on this thing and slowly pull it back, we will see what the tunnel looks like, see what happened. I'm gonna attach some flashlights to give the camera some light to see.”
Sam didn't hesitate to instruct the younger Dean how to use the cell's features. Half of the words meant nothing to Dean but he got the gist of it. Writing down the instructions in case they had to do it again. He wasted no time at all constructing a holder for the phone to keep it upright with all of his markers, pens, pencils, and string. Turning it into a rough box that wont be knocked over easily. It took a good 10 minutes to construct and test drive on his floor before he pushed it into the hole, calling Sam back briefly to let him know to start pulling in exactly one minute. The phone was turned on, video rolling, with the flashlights weighing down the bottom, keeping it upright and lighting the way. It looked like a car to Dean and he prayed it would catch something on film. He was to pull it back in 15 minutes after Sam and Bobby had a chance to download and review the video on a larger computer screen. Then turn the phone the other way to record the path towards Dean's room. Different angles will reveal different clues.
Barely five minutes later and he felt the string tug so he pulled it back eagerly. Answering almost before it started to ring.
“There was another opening. I'm sure it wasn't there before. None of them mentioned it and it looks recent.” Sam started right in. “There's traces of fresh blood on the edges and scratch marks all around. Bobby's looking over the footage again and we think they ran into trouble. Probably a mouse or rat.”
“Fuck.” Dean hung his head, trying to keep it together. “What else did you see?”
“No bodies at all, whatever happened, they got out. Probably through that opening. They are either waiting for the rat to move on, or got stuck somewhere else. God only knows where.” Sam sighed, in the distance something banged and broke. Sam or someone was muttering something about Vellum bullets and alternate ways in, when Bobby's voice came next.
“Dean.” Bobby greeted gruffly. “Your brother and my boy are competent Hunters. They'll all come back.”
Dean was about to use some colorful language, but that wouldn't help anybody. He heard Sam in the distance and Bobby told him what they were doing. “Dean? Sit tight there. Don't go anywhere at all. Sam's already out the door. He's going to try opening every door we have on our side to find them, he may run into you. He wont be able to find anyone if you're outside. Unless your current residence is outside, like with the Wood sprites. Best bet is stay there, wait for the boys to come back, or Sam to show up.”
“You want me to sit on my ass some more?!” Dean shouted. He wanted to kick something. “It's all I have been doing!”
“If they get to your room and you're not there, they may move on, try and find you in some other universe. Think that you somehow managed to jump to the next one like we do. We need you to be ready to treat their injuries if they'd gotten hurt. There was blood on that entrance, Dean.” Bobby said sternly but there was also a definite undercurrent of concern there too.
That gutted Dean. He nearly lost balance as he abruptly stopped his verbal rampage that had been bubbling up. If they'd been attacked, they would need him to patch them up. He nodded a bunch of times at the phone before saying in a thick croaking voice. “Yeah. Fuck... yeah, I'll be ready.” And made several purposeful strides to the first aid kit and started dumping it out, sorting the supplies. He quickly realized he'd need two hands for this and didn't want to waste the battery on the phone just staying on the line. “I'll call when I see them.”
Bobby gave a grin, hearing Dean go into planning mode, which was far better then tear-the-world-apart-because- my-brother-is-in-danger, mode. He'd seen the latter more often lately but it had been amplified since his Drauglin Dean had better equipment to burn down every obstacle without even touching it.
Sam put his gun filled with silver rounds behind his belt, the ram's blood coated coral bullets made especially for Vellum monsters into his back pocket, since he's sure that's what the other brothers are hunting. His silver and iron knives in other pockets before he double checking to see that he had everything he could take on his person. He then burst from their room with powerful determination in every step. He knew the worlds that the neighboring doors went to, and skipped them over, heading down the line. So far, they needn't travel very far to reach these worlds that were so similar in theme. Always something to do with either shrinking or growing. If he went across town, he could be accessing worlds where the differences were more varied. Worlds with them as different animals or worlds where humans are considered monsters. Who knows. What matters now is working from the center on out. There seemed to be a theme with some of the doors. The Impala's door led to the Impala, the fence gate led to a taller fence gate, the hotel rooms led to hotel rooms. It was a working theory so he kept to the motel doors first. Picking the numerous locks was so annoying but he couldn't just kick them down without drawing even more attention. It took a few minutes per door and he had to stop frequently for people to go away so he could finish.
Once he got into steady pace, it became almost cathartic. Unlocking, opening and shutting doors all around the building. Every one of them went to a different universe, but he didn't stay long to chat at all. Just open, look inside, no distressed human Dean or tiny dragon Dean, shut door and move on. He knew he was probably creating quite the confusion in every world, but he didn't care. Not only was his brother gone, but so were Sam and Oscar. They could be anywhere. Anytime too, for that matter.
Finally, after opening up 20 different rooms and nearly being shot a dozen different times, he came to the last door. It had ladders and things leaning against the door due to lack of regular use, where they probably stored supplies and outdated decorations. Sam pushed it all aside before trying that lock, praying it was the right one because it was the last motel room door left besides the lobby. He'd have to move on to other buildings further out. Please let this be the right one, Sam's desperation was making him tremble and sweat. His fingers fumbled with the lock picks. Pleasepleaseplease...

Dean was sitting against the far corner wall, pressed close to the biggest hole he'd created. The other holes that were made pockmarked along the bottom. The door opened. To Sam, just Dean's head was visible where the Hunter was leaning a little to the side to see the sudden intruder to his room. The engraved gun had been flicked up from where Dean was on the floor, and not for the first time, Sam had his up and ready as well. It had been out from the start the moment he got the lock done, but with the safety on, since he really didn't feel like shooting a different version of himself, Dean, Jacob, Bowman, Bobby, or his dad or any of the other people that he'd glimpsed when he was opening up all the doors.
Dean and he had a tense standoff while Dean lifted himself up from the floor slowly to get a better look at who the stupidly tall dark silhouette belonged to. A grin forming on his face when he saw who had finally showed up. His gun dropped down and Sam's did as well a second after. The beard caught him off guard and he stared at Sam for a moment across the room. Taller then him, reminiscent of the vision that wood sprite Bowman's Spirit had shown them not long ago. But at least, with the Sam standing before him now, it wasn't weird in that, older-brothers-should-be-taller way, Sam was the older brother in the room.
One look at the walls confirmed to Sam that he finally had the right room. No doubt about it. Holes were punched through in all the places against the wall where Dean said they were. And this Dean wasn't trying to kill him on sight for being an impostor Sam.
“Hey.” Sam greeted, tucking his gun away and walked up to Dean, shaking his hand firmly. Dean had the same reaction that Sam had seen so very many times before, so it was completely ignored. He did sympathize with this Dean, he hadn't seen Sam at the same scale in so long. But at least the cell phone chats helped smooth this meeting over. Sam was relieved he didn't have to info download onto anyone else that day. He had started to fantasize about writing a cliffs notes booklet and just hand them out to save on his vocal chords.
Dean led him straight to the wall, knowing Sam had to see inside the holes for himself. Watching Sam move around the same way as his tiny brother but so big and huge like this... it was strange to say the least. Hair's longer, gait is more determined. His little brother always walked carefully, and for damned good reasons. Guy was built, but in a slightly different way then his little brother. He did recognize that jaw clench when his younger brother was working out a problem. It helped Dean cope with this Sam/not Sam. The scruff also made him look older, in control. Dean had to admire the way this Sam seemed to take charge the second he entered the room. He was no lightweight in that department either, but having small people riding around in his pockets made his movements more careful. Smooth. He had to be, lives depended on it.
Dean was a bundle of questions that Sam had no ready answers for. Sam had some of his own.
Sam checked his watch. “They left an hour ago. Never showed up here?”
Dean realized he was staring and answered, “No. Nothing. Where could they be?” Dean asked, looking at the many holes as well.
“Literally any where, or any time. Fuck!” Sam punched the table nearby, getting a glare from Dean for the burst of anger. Acting out like that terrifies small people. Sam missed the look, assessing the room, picking up potential clues as to what happened before he got here. The first aid kit was in the center of the table, everything out and lined up ready to go for three small beings. Seeing it was just another reminder that their guys could be hurt.
Dean saw how Sam was taking this, guilt clear on his face, and stepped in front of Sam, looking up at him. And that alone would never be normal. When did Sam get so tall? He put a hand to the shaking shoulder to get Sam's full attention. “We'll find them. You can take me with you right? We're going to search together.”
“I don't know how this thing works but yeah, I think once one of us from our 2017 world opens up the door, it creates the new portal. So you should be able to travel so long as it's with one of us. I'm guessing. I don't fully understand all this.”
“You and me both, Buddy.” Dean laughed, looking Sam up and down. “You're like, way ol-”
“Don't say it.” Sam's brow lowered in warning. “Don't. 34 is not old.”
Dean's hands went up. “Touchy.” He muttered to himself and backed up a step. Damn this guy could put out scary vibes. He narrowed his eyes at Sam, looked hard. “You really have been to a lot of places.”
“So many.” Sam said in a surprisingly quiet, weary voice. Looking Dean straight in the eyes and finally saying, “Our lives are weird.”
“Tell me about it.” Dean huffed a laugh before turning back to the wall. They stayed standing there, staring helplessly at the numerous holes. Dean finally broke the silence. “Bobby told me that you wanted to see me.”
Sam blinked a few times before nodding. “Yeah.” He sighed and said, “I'm going to use the phone and text him that I found you.” Sam said and had his hand outstretched and Dean handed it over. Sam worked it easily and Dean wondered if he'll ever get used to those flat phones.
Sam turned it back to sleep mode after getting a relieved text back, saying that they hadn't seen them either. Sam sighed, that had been a possibility. He addressed Dean again who was still looking at him with a mix of joy at seeing a Sam his size and sadness that it's not his brother and that they still don't know where they went. Nothing to do now for that, the least they could do is what Sam promised his little self. “Your Sam and I got to talking and I wanted to share our experience and knowledge of monsters with you. This thing you came here to hunt, I think we can figure it out, fill in some blanks. Not just on this one hunt. Dean and I had hunted nearly everything under the sun, so this advice should be useful. I stole my motel's notepad to draw out some sigils for you guys and some Hunter friendly spells. Ones you don't need to be a witch or sell your soul first for the power to activate them. They might work here, they might not. But, if it will save lives, I think we shouldn't waste this time staring at walls.” He said and a part of him cursed him out for doing things besides being vigilantly waiting, or actively searching for their missing family. Sam had been to enough universes to know that there's probably billions more, all with slightly different circumstances making this a search of three needles in a stack of needles.
Sam reassured Dean, “Their job is much easier then ours, they just have to go back through that new entrance they left from. At least that fact had been true so far. Whatever door we go though, we can use again to go back, it doesn't suddenly make that door lead somewhere new. Dean and your Sam would have been lost forever to both of us the second my brother took Sam back into the walls if that were the case.”
It was a sobering thought and Dean felt sick for a moment. Suddenly grateful for the sliver of hope. They hadn't seen any rats coming or going from either wall sections so it was just a matter of time before they make their way back. Doing this with Sam now, it will save lives. Dean had to focus on that or go insane.
Sam started with the simple sigils, jotting down notes for what they are used for, and what materials they need to draw them out. Most of them required something simple like any kind of normal drawing implement, but some required blood, which, while less favorable to a permanent marker, was still easier to access then some of the suggested substances.
“You're kidding me. Where the hell am I going to get unicorn spit?”
Sam gave him a blank look, “Where do you think?”
“Unicorns? Really?” Dean lifted and dropped his hands in exasperation. “Awesome. What's next?”
“Sam's favorite drawing.” Sam had a smirk growing on his face. “The 'stay put' sigil. Works on literally anything. Well, anything with a corporeal form. It can't trap ghosts or stuff like that for example. It will make the thing stick to it. The intensity is adjusted by these lines here in gradual increments. Making it go from someone simply being stuck to it, to making everything stay still; heart, lungs, everything. You could kill with this, so be very careful. It's most effective if it's drawn on something with some weight to it comparable to the thing. A werewolf would need a sigil drawn on a big rock or tree. A hummingbird would only need a sheet of paper. The thing can't destroy the sigil by itself, someone else has to break a line. Usually we have it as an all purpose sigil, keep creatures from going anywhere while we figure out how to take them out for good. Or hold them down for questioning.” Sam had looked abashed after admitting that, but Dean didn't notice so he didn't mention that he'd used it on Sam for that very reason.
Dean whistled, duly impressed with it and trying to commit it to memory as they moved on. Dean asked Sam how to do the shrinking spell that they performed on Dean, and how to make him big again. Sam explained that the one they used was adjusted for Dean's unique situation. However small humans were to the dragon, he would be that small to people. Dean tried to imagine a dragon that was big enough to view people as the size of rats. Holding regular humans in one of those clawed hands. Looking Sam up and down again, this time searching for scratch marks where the dragon might have got him, but found none. Dean was careful with his little people. They had that in common.
“So if Sam and I did it, then I'd fit in his hand?”
“Yeah. You'd be less then a few millimeters tall.” He said and leaned forward. “I would not recommend it.”
Dean's eyes went wide and he shook his head repeatedly. He'd be out sized by the crumbs of food Sam eats.
“It's not permanent, or at least, the spell we did is temporary, there might be ones with longer effects. We can end it early with a verbal command about a paragraph long. But we need him to stay small till solstice when we can do the spell to change him back into a human and Dane can have his body too.”
“Dane is the Drauglin side. Dean's the human side. They'd only split completely from the hybrid mind fairly recently. Dane's cool, just, watch what you say and do. He's not exactly uh, used to people.” Sam left it at that. “If he comes out, he'll see you as Dean and probably be difficult to deal with. Just ask to speak to Dean or that I'll be right back.”
Dean didn't know what to say to that. Grateful that it wasn't the dragon side that they first met up with otherwise this could have started and ended with him killing the little dragon. “Got it.” He said instead of what was going through his head.
Sam went right back to drawing out spells and listing monsters and their major weaknesses, Dean confirming or denying what he'd experienced himself and Sam made his own notes on the new Intel that he put into his pockets for Bobby to peruse later. Time passed fairly quickly when they heard a scurrying in the walls. Freezing on the spot and quickly turning their attention to the holes.

Flower was overjoyed to see her kid again, nuzzling him all over and scenting so many different smells coming from him now, chittering excitedly. Her pups swarmed over her kid and he laughed that kind of laugh that made her want to join in. The other standing mouse was seen a couple of times around her kid, so she let him be, but the gigantic thing was what made her nervous. It didn't smell like anything she knew and its scent was all over her kid. He wasn't scared of it being so close, but she kept her pups from getting too close to it. Planting herself between them the whole time. Standing mouse held out his hand and she came closer to him, eyeing up the giant thing before giving standing mouse a tentative lick before going back to keeping her pups in line.
Standing mouse pulled out some food and she wiggled with happiness until it was handed over to the giant thing who accepted it with a bat wing.
“Sam? What do you want me to do with this?” Dean asked, trying to keep himself back from the activity. They could barely see Oscar underneath so many young mice. The mother looked like she was wary of him and he didn't want to spook her. Not when she's got teeth strong enough to cut through metal and Sam and Oscar right there in striking range.
“This is one of Oscar's mice. He knows all of them in this part of the hotel. Give this to her and she'll like you.”
Dean rolled his eyes. Waving the bit of cookie in the air. “Dude, she's a mouse.”
Sam just shrugged and crouched down to pet one of the pups while the mouse eased around him to block Dean from Sam now too. Fur bristling and flattening, like she couldn't decide what to do.
Dean sighed and thrust his wing forward with the crumb held awkwardly in his wing thumb and she startled back from the surprised movement and hissed at him, chittering her teeth and her tail swung about, knocking into Sam behind her. “See? Animals don't like me. Here, you give it to her.” Dean held it out again and pulled back when it looked like she was seconds from biting his wing. He tossed the bit of cookie in her direction and retreated a few inches. “Happy Mrs. Brisby?” He snapped and sat down with a heavy flop.
Sam stood back up, shoving a nipping pup off of his lap and the one from his back, and pulled out another cookie crumb, passing Flower on his way back to Dean. Handing it over again but Dean pinned his wings to his side and he lifted his head up and back.
“No way. It doesn't like me. Can we just go?”
Oscar sat up and frowned at Dean. Sad that he's not being welcomed by his mouse friends. It was a short walk to his home, then through it to get to the side where Dean's room was at. “Y-yeah.” He whispered, looking down at the ground.
Dean saw how much it upset Oscar that he and the mouse weren't getting along, and wanted to make the little guy feel better. “It's not these guys. It's all animals. They just know I'm not normal.” Dean explained, standing up again to step forward. “It's alright. Really. I'm totally used to it.” He gave a grin and tried to see if there was a way around this mouse family inside the tight walls. Unless he climbed up the sides, they were blocking the way. He was considering going back and finding another path but that might lead them to another world.
Sam wordlessly held out the cookie crumb and mouthed the words, 'behave' up at him. Dean shrugged his wings at him. He is behaving. Sam gave him a bitchface back and pushed the crumb towards Dean's wing thumb again.
Dean mouthed the word, 'fine' at Sam but with his mouth it wasn't exactly easy to read, so he bobbled his head instead and accepted the crumb and stepped forward, Sam stood to the front side of Dean to be nearer to the mouse. Assuring her that he was fine. Dean went slower this time, holding out his wing thumb and crumb with slightly trembling movements. He really didn't feel like getting bitten again.
Flower sniffed at it and danced foot to foot nervously before opening up her mouth and as slow as anything, she gripped it in her teeth and pulled it quickly back from Dean who pulled his own wing back just as fast. She dropped it to the ground and Dean was about to say something but she started eating it, sharing with whatever pup was closest. Sam handed over another crumb to Dean and the process was repeated again. The fourth time, Flower was sniffing eagerly at his wings, looking for more.
Dean risked touching the top of her head with his thumb and found the fur warm and soft. She squeaked in surprise at the contact but soon warmed up to him. He sighed in relief and pet her gently again. One glance upward showed Oscar beaming ear to ear. Flower never begged for more then they were willing to give since she knew that her kid needed it as well. She chittered at her pups who finally climbed down from Oscar and crowded around her. She stepped closer to Dean and he pushed himself against one wall so she could squeeze by on his other side. The pups weaved around his legs and he kept his feet down for fear of scratching the little things on accident. Their soft snuffles and squeaks disappearing down the way.
Dean closed his mouth, apparently he was smiling with it open and he avoided Sam's know it all look. He cleared his long throat and started walking, pushing Sam with his chest towards Oscar's house. Oscar jumped up from where he was sitting on the ground, dusting off his clothes, and led the way.
Oscar's house was the very definition of sparse and Sam's heart sunk at how little was in his pantry. A dried pimento from an olive, and bits of cracker. The raisin and peanut from Dean's room and one of the M&M's. It would last him a couple days. Tops.
“Oh, Oscar.” Sam said. Oscar detected the note of concern and waved it off.
“It's fine. With what we gathered today, I'm good!”
It didn't convince anyone. Dean was at the entrance to the house, looking down at the tiny door. He figured he could fit, but, it wont be graceful getting in and out. His head and long neck went inside and he saw a chair made out of a ring box at a table made out of blocks of wood. Fabrics laid in piles, some were in the process of being de-threaded apparently and others lined the walls, likely for warm insulation. It was very dark in there, the only illumination from a crack in the ceiling, letting in light from God knows where. Dean had to plan out his path through the place ahead of time so he wouldn't mess up too much. He used his head to nudge aside a pile of threads and Sam came over to help clear a path.
Oscar saw Dean's predicament and grew concerned. A realization hit him and he shoved at Dean's nose from coming in any further. “Stop!”
Dean stilled and he looked cross eyed at Oscar who was at the same height as his head. “What did I break?”
“No, it's not that. Uh, you're about to come through a door.” He said and gestured at the makeshift door. Then it clicked.
“Fuck.” He cursed and saw Oz flinch, watch the language. He said, “Doors. That's right.” Dean pulled his way back out again as carefully as he went in since his horns aimed backwards he didn't want them catching on anything. Standing outside the doorway. Only his forelegs visible at the entrance as he addressed them inside. “What do I do?”
Sam followed him out. Rubbing his neck while he looked up at Dean and around. “We know that you and your family activate the doors you go through. It was the reason my Dean couldn't go to any other universe. Oscar and I belong here, so we are good here.” Working it out in his head. “I think, if you go another way, it should be alright.”
Dean nodded but realized they couldn't see him so he ducked down again to repeat the gesture. “Someone wanna tell me which way doesn't involve new entrances?”
Oscar jumped back up and came over after he transferred his few belongings from his old bag to the new one. The food was quickly stashed away that Sam had stored for him in his own bag. Sam saw how they barely filled half of one shelf, and vowed to stuff Oscar's pantry before he and his brother even think of leaving the Knights Inn.
Dean watched from the doorway, waiting patiently and looking around at what a borrower's house looks like. Cleaner then most places he's been, that's for sure. A little chilly, but there was a bed of piled cloth just visible in another room so he was glad Oz had that at least. The little guy's scent was permeating the walls and Dean felt bad that half of them had a touch of sadness attached. Dean could detect current emotions via pheromones and stuff, but apparently old feelings too, if they were this concentrated and repetitive. Oz was lonely. Lonely and sad for a long time. It hurt to think about, he couldn't help because he couldn't even enter Oz's house. He was detecting the same sympathies as Sam looked around too. Sure that they would help him out. It eased Dean's mind a little.
Oscar and Sam came back out carefully, worried that it was going to turn into another world anyway and all let out a collective sigh that it was the same as before. Dean hadn't activated it on accident. Oscar led them around and above his house to Dean's. Updating them that it is the same hotel every few feet of the way.
Dean was getting a workout today since the others were well adept at climbing like this. His body was nearly too big for the tight squeeze but made it without getting scraped up, or having more plaster fall on him, so he counted that as a win. Light flooded the walls ahead and all three of them were very excited. Bolting for the nearest one, they heard two very familiar humans in the room stop talking, and wasted no time at all jumping out of the nearest hole.
The second they were in view, they saw the two humans jump from the table they'd been at and dash over. Sam reached for his small brother while Dean reached for his own and Oscar. None of the smaller men had any qualms about being lifted up and embraced by the humans.
Dean was more in tune with the sounds of smaller people walking around walls to know that this was no rodent. His heart beat faster and his eyes wide open, eager to see who's there, but also afraid to see if someone didn't make it. Halfway between those two possibilities he found himself frozen to the spot right up until he saw the three small figures jump down from the first original hole he'd kicked into the wall in what seemed like a lifetime ago. Sam had his arms up in anticipation for Dean's hands and Oscar too looked happy to see him.
Only the softest of grunts from the impact of fast fingers that circled around the two of them. One per hand as they were pulled up and towards Dean's wide chest with his head ducked down. Tears sprouting to the squinting green eyes above, landing past the loose trembling fists they were being held in. “Thought I lost you, kiddo.” Dean muttered quietly.
“Dude, you have no idea.” Sam said back. Oscar was quiet but it was the good kind.
Sam had reached for his Drauglin brother and was also careful about picking him up and bringing him close, checking him over and spotting the soreness in his brother's limbs. “What happened?” He asked his brother and Dean wiggled in his grip a little to look up at the face overhead.
“Well, after a rat attacked us -” Dean started but was jerked outwards suddenly to be seen easier. Sam's expression changed several times.
“Ok, I'm either crazy... or...” Sam said, looking at the human Dean and saw he too was gaping at the Drauglin in his hands.
“Oh right. Some crazy powerful monster dude snapped his fingers and now I'm suddenly speaking English. And not just in my head.” Dean actually forgot about that factoid. “I don't think it was for my own sake, I think he just wanted to know what smack talk I was growling at him.”
Tiny Sam pushed at Dean's fingers so he could see Dean better, adding to the story. “He made that world's Sam and Dean relive the same day over and over, killing Dean each day. They'd must have gone through that at least a half dozen times.” Looking up at his brother with clear worry. “We couldn't stop it. I have no idea what it was, but it's the strongest thing I've ever seen. Power that great... I think it was a god. And for some reason, it had a vendetta against that Dean, or maybe Sam since Dean never remembered the repeated days, just Sam. When you think about it, what's worse? Being killed every day and not remembering, or being the one reliving your brother dying over and over.” Sam thought they were both horrible options. “He kicked us out of that world and we were forced to leave a different way. Nothing we could have done would save Dean.” Sam whispered, not even sure the humans could hear him but he couldn't bear to say it any louder. It ate at him. He felt Dean's thumb at his back, stroking it before resting lightly on his shoulder.
“It's not your fault. Any of yours.” He lifted Oz a bit to include him and Dean over there appeared to agree with him.
“That was the only world where they didn't have any giants or small people like us at all. One of the worlds Sam and I went to had Jacob as a giant who was carrying around the Impala with us in it like it was nothing.” Sam said and that just proved that there were more universes out there then just the ones that dealt with his curse.
Dean let out a chirp for attention without even fully realizing he did it before saying, “Yeah, and, you'll get a kick out of this one, Sammy,” He turned his head upwards. “Ran into Sherlock Holmes.”
Sam gave him a flat look but the other two men didn't deny the claim.
“And he was a dick.” Dean announced, turning to Sam who was shifting uncomfortably in Dean's grip. “Tortured Sam over there before Sherlock figured out they're innocent. Just in the wrong world, wrong time.”
“He didn't torture me, Dean.” Sam shot over to the dragon. He found himself rising with Dean's hand to be level with his brother's green eyes again. Fingers opening and he knew that look. The, 'make sure Sam's fine' look. “Dean, he didn't hurt me.” He reassured, pushing aside the curled finger that barely touched his leg. “I'll tell you about it later. All of it.” He promised and that seemed to get through to his big brother. When Oscar was lifted up next he quickly said, “He didn't hurt Oscar either, right?”
Oscar shook his head. “P-picked me up a c-couple of times. I'm... ok.” He got out before nerves shut his mouth.
Sam lifted Dean higher, examining the sore spots. Dean pat the hands underneath him with both wings. “These were from that damned rat. Sherlock was an ass, but he didn't do this.”
Still, the humans were seeing red, glaring at the walls as if they could go there themselves.
Dean pat the hands again with his wings. “Bigger fish, Sammy. We are ok now. Man it's good to be back.”
“You're telling me.” Tiny Sam said turning to Oscar in the other hand.
Sam counted to ten, still was pissed as hell he couldn't be there, but his anger was more manageable now. “So, what bigger fish.”
“For starters, we can help these guys out on their monster hunt, then figure out what to do about our problem.” Dean said and saw the papers and things on the table. Grinning in approval that Sam and Dean already got started on that. “I don't know if when we leave through the door here, if it will be to our world or not.” Dean was trying to figure out how this thing worked. It seemed to be random but also had some vague structure to it. “So, we got, walls, tunnels, doorways, gates and my Baby's backseat doors. Anyone try windows?”
Head shakes all around.
“Worth a shot.” The human Dean said and brought Sam and Oscar with him to the front door. “I wanna try something. Oz, you wanna stay here or go monster hunting with us?”
Oscar felt on the spot. He didn't want to seem like a coward but Sam was giving him a grin, answering for him. “Oscar should stay here, hold down the fort. We got double the people we need for this Hunt already.” And saw the tension leave his friend's slim shoulders.
Dean agreed and lowered Oscar down to the nightstand where Sam's things were set up. “The cell to talk to Bobby in 2017 is next to the corner over there, he's a good guy, just sounds scary.” Dean smirked. “Push the green button to talk to him then the red to hang up. We shouldn't take too long. If we don't show up after 24 hours, tell them the forest we're going to is called Wolf Creek. He knows how to get here and where to go from there.”
Oscar stepped back from the hand, facing Dean and gave a thumbs up. He watched as Dean stood up again. Oscar barely came up past the toe of his boots and he backed up a healthier distance away. He felt better knowing he was needed in the room to call for help if it's needed. If they all went and were attacked, no one would know. The human Sam wrote down his cell number and said it will be able to connect with that phone in the corner and explained how he knew that, but it went right over the borrower's head. He nodded like he understood, and watched the two humans move over to the bag-o-guns that Dean had on the other side of the room.
Sam was brought over to Dean's shoulder, climbing over to his normal spot and settled in with one of the flannel collars over his legs as he sat close to the warm familiar neck. Leaning against the skin there and feeling like he's home. As nice as the other humans he'd met were, there was no replacing his brother. He had to resist the urge to just slouch down and sleep for a hundred years.
Dean went to the front door, and held up his hands for Sam and Dean to stay back while he opened up the door and with his feet still inside the room, he saw the same secluded walkway that belonged to Knights Inn. He stepped out and unlike before, it changed into a different view. So Sam had activated this entrance. Perfect. He stepped back in, and was relieved to see that it was not the closet he first saw, but his room with Sam standing there with dean in his hands, frowning at him when Dean was outside and clearly reacting to the new view courtesy of 2017. “Well that didn't work.” Dean said and looked back outside again. He was just in 2017... holy shit. He shook himself out and closed the door again, locking it after making sure the Do Not Disturb sign was still there. He could lean outside, and still have it his own world, but the second both feet were beyond the door, bam. Someone skipped forward a dozen chapters in a different book.
“It's probably because we're still here. Once we leave, it should go back to normal.” Sam said. “None of the other universes came after me once I shut the door behind myself. Of course, that doesn't explain how Oscar came to our room, twice.” Sam pondered aloud and all eyes went to the small man who shrunk back underneath the bed now. Sam could see the fear start to bubble up in the small guy, worried they were going to think the worst of him but Sam gave a place-marker theory to ease his mind. “I bet wall entrances don't count. They aren't traditional doorways.”
Oscar shrugged from the shadows of the bed. Starting to wonder how he was able to get to 2017 not once but twice by himself. Neither brother was in his hotel either time. Shoot, he was the first one to travel to another world. What if this was somehow his fault all along? It couldn't be... could it? He was about to shout up his concerns but the humans were already too far away for his voice to be heard. Wringing his hands as he saw their shoulders and heads beyond the tall bed, both were at the window trying to open it.
Dean walked past Sam and opened up the window which was one of those large emergency exit ones and it popped out with a bit of loud creaking from disuse. Lifting one leg after the other, he exited and was relieved it was still Knights Inn. Giving double thumbs up to prove that he recognized it to Sam and the dragon still inside.
“So far so good.” Dean said and made sure his tiny brother was still secure up on his shoulder. Then he reached for the very tall Sam to come closer so he did. On the way, Sam brought Dean's body closer to his stomach and half covered him up with his jacket while holding him like a football out of view. With his free hand, he held onto Dean's outstretched one to tether him to his 2006 world. Dean helped him keep his balance as he led the way out of the room through the window.
There was a faint popping to the air and somehow Sam was now standing with the other human outside of the Knights Inn. The scenery outside looked the same so he was pretty sure they didn't hop universes or time lines this time. Feeling dizzy all of the sudden and Dean too felt a little wobbly in his hand.
Sam's free hand went to his forehead, “I sure hope we can get back to our own universe after that stunt.” Then rubbed his face down. Willing his nausea to fade. “I guess that proved it. Windows aren't considered as doors to the thing that caused this.”
Dean used his wing to open up the jacket to address his human self. “You knew that would happen?”
The human shrugged and stopped when he felt his tiny brother hold on tight. “It worked didn't it?”
Dean gaped at him and bared his teeth. “When this is over, I'm biting you.”
Dean smirked at the small Drauglin and brought his hand down to him and wiggled the end of his index finger on top of the small horned head where the black spine spikes started. Pulling back before the dragon made good on his promise. “So the woods that all this crazy crap is happening in, is a few miles out of town.”
Both Sam's froze at that. “We have to drive?” Sam asked next to Dean's neck.
“I'm not walking 20 miles, Pint size. I'm sure you don't want to either.” And started for the Impala. The other human stood at the hotel room. “What's the hold -? Oh right. You two ride on the hood of the car. Tie you down real good.” He snickered. Changing gears, “Or did you want to try the window?”
There was nothing for it, they had to get this thing before it took any more people. They'd already lost a day dealing with this whole mess. Who knows what happened in the meantime, if someone else was attacked and killed. Sam held Dean close and stepped unwillingly up to the passenger side door. Looking over the roof of the car at Dean and having a jolt of nostalgia at the sight. Seeing his brother about to get into his black classic car and drive to a hunt. Memories of this a million times before. He thought he'd never see it again, but of course, it was not the same.
Dean felt his tiny brother nudge at his neck so he turned his head slightly to let him know he felt that.
“We should do the thing we did before.”
“What, get in through the windows?” Dean asked incredulously but it worked last time. The tall Sam stood there looking down at the Impala's windows and sighed. The last time he climbed in through the window he'd been playing with Dean and they were children. And he got a stern talking to by their dad. He's a bit bigger then when he was 6...
A thorough scan of their surroundings showed that there was no one in view so Sam put his brother on top of the hood of the car and the other human Dean got behind the wheel, scooting over to roll down the window for Sam and held out his hand to act as the tether to his world so they don't go skipping off to giant Jacobville. Sam put a foot to the windowsill and gave a mighty bitchface at the Dean inside the car for scowling at his dirty shoes. He didn't exactly have time to spit shine his sneakers. Stepping though the window while still feeling Dean's hand on his own, Dean opted for touching his leg instead, not grabbing, but being connected through touch. Sam shimmied his way inside through the window, with the car rocking side to side with the movements.
The dragon on the hood instinctively dug into his smooth shaking platform with his claws as he tried not to get thrown off with his big moose brothers bucking. Wincing at the scratch marks in the paint close to the wiper blades and tried to rub it off with a clawed finger, making it worse. He consoled himself with the fact this wasn't his Baby, but was still upset at hurting her. His thoughts stuttered when Sam's gigantic hand came reaching out for him before his brother was fully inside the car, lifting him up by his middle and swinging him out and inside the Impala to join everyone else.
“Ok. That was awful.” Sam said, adjusting himself in the seat and rubbing at where he banged up his knee on the top of the window frame. “You good?” He asked his small brother who was set down onto his lap.
“Peachy.” Dean gave double wing thumbs up. Peering out at the surroundings. “Still at the right hotel. So far so good. Let's get out there so I can laugh at Sammy's Sasquatch butt leaving out the window.” He grinned his sharp toothy maw up at his brother who rested his heavy hand on the dragon fully, squashing him into the lap just enough to tease right back.
“Heavy Bitch.” Dean's voice was slightly muffled and the hand retreated.
“Fly weight Jerk.” Sam angled his hand to work as a seat belt for his brother.
The other Sam migrated to the left shoulder to see the other brothers better. “Hey Dean! Wanna check out my room?” He asked and Dean watched the small man climb down Dean's leather jacket to land on the seat inbetween the humans, then swing down to the floor using a barely visible thread trailing from the seat on down. Sam moved Dean down directly so his claws wouldn't catch on the leather and both Dean's were grateful for the consideration. Sam led Dean underneath the bench seat and like Oscar's house, Dean could only fit in his head and long neck but he settled outside of it and watched Sam show off all the cool things his brother integrated into the Impala to make his life easier.
Dean drove out of the town and headed towards the most recent sightings for their monster. On the quiet road, he kept catching the other Sam looking at him and turning away. “What?” He asked after the fourth time.
“Sorry, it's just that... I uh. Yeah.” Sam tried to find the right words to not sound like a creep. “My Dean drives just like that. I'm having uh, flashbacks.” and Sam leaned against the door, looking out at the scenery fly by.
Dean felt like a jerk for snapping. Of course this Sam would stare. His brother hadn't driven Baby in months. He may never drive again. Dean shifted in his seat, angling his body more towards his passenger. “Sorry, man. This is weird for me too. I mean, Sammy hadn't been in that seat since he was 10. Dad let us pretend drive a few times...” He trailed off. Old regrets. His brother rarely spoke about his longing to drive, so it was easy to forget that he might never do it if they can't find a cure to the curse. He felt like he could open up to this old guy, “So, I think, this is what it would look like, if neither of our brothers were cursed.”
Sam turned to look at Dean and regarded him. Dean had changed plenty over the years, but that sight of him behind the wheel felt right. He'd give anything to get that back.
The rest of the drive was even quieter. The woods looked like any other, and Sam didn't wait for his small dragon brother to come out and watch him struggle out of the car. Thankfully, the human Dean was already outside of his door and giving him a hand. Tugging the big body out of the window by his pits in a much smoother move then it had been getting in. The dragon and small Sam pouted, missing most of it but not all, since Sam still had to pull Dean out of the car while human Dean had a hold of his jacket.
“Next time, we'll get Dean's phone camera going to catch it.” The small Sam whispered into the dragon's ear. Both conspiring against their brothers. Felt good. Sam climbed up onto the seat too when his human counterpart kept a hand in the car and lifted up the two of them, Dean, somewhat laying down in the palm, Sam holding onto the wrist and Dean's long neck. When the hand started lifting, Dean bit onto Sam's jacket for added security.
Sam handed Sam over to Dean and held the dragon close to his stomach again. Dean was never that great with heights so he wouldn't want to ride around on a very tall shoulder like the small guy was doing. It was out of his control where Sam walked. Flying was one thing, Dean could control that, this felt like he was riding a building that shook and swayed with every step. Being held at Sam's core was the best in his opinion since his stomach didn't move a whole lot compared to riding up high or down low. It was easier to keep his head on straight when it was more or less a forward motion instead of bouncing around.
Dean was at the trunk, handing over a machete to Sam that clipped onto their belts till they needed them. Sam's gun was loaded with silver rounds, but he also had the clip with the special ram's blood coated coral bullets that are meant to take down a Vellum. He'd already talked at length with Dean about the possibility of this monster being that, so he was prepared.
This fugly was going down.

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What if it is another dragon?
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man... that would have been cool! i honestly didn't think about that. I've got the next chapter up and it is all kinds of weird :)
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Maybe a alternate universe with everyone being dragons but dean got turned into a human? (Entered through a door not a seperate series)
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