The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven:
And I Take What I Find, I Don't Want No More

To say Dean was freaking the fuck out was an understatement. He was loosing his mind from worry. Oz had left with silver plates all over himself, gone to rescue Sam from a damned dragon, and he hadn't heard anything for an hour. He'd made the hole much larger but it didn't get far due to the conjoining walls of the other hotel rooms. He would need a skill saw to cut the thick wooden pillars and the best he had in the Impala was a machete, shovel and a few ax's. Nothing would escape attention for more then one pound against the supports, and he did not need to be dragged off by the cops for destroying a hotel room. To keep the attention off of the room, he'd gone and paid up for the next few days as well to give him time.
He'd propped himself up against the corner, trying to see down the passageways with all of his flashlights aimed inside. There was a slight bend in the walls, preventing him from getting a good look at the room that should not exist. The vent Sam had been talking about did in fact exist, and it does shoot warm air into the mystery room from nowhere at all. Dean could just barely reach that metal with the tips of his fingers. The edges of the metal vent felt tingly to the touch. Like a very mild electric current if he was concentrating hard on the sensation. Dean supposed this is what the edge of worlds feels like so he kept himself from messing with it too much. No point getting Sam back if Sam's big protective brother dies of some kind of space radiation, leaving him alone here at Knights Inn till the day he dies. It wouldn't even be the hotel that Sam had grown up in, the one his family was still at. Dean wiped his eyes and let his head thump the wall behind him.
He had been distraught for so long now. Convinced that the damned dragon not only ate Sam, but got Oz as well. He just sent that little kid to his death. Give Dean monsters and he can face head on, and he would tackle them with all he's got. This? He can't even get over there to fight. Left to sit here. Alone. Miserable. Without any idea how to fix this, or even know what the hell happened. He was just waiting for the moment when that other universe disappears, and with it any hope of ever seeing Sam or Oscar again.
He sobbed again for a minute. Thought he'd run out of tears. Guess not yet. Dean risked leaving his post to grab a few more tiny bottles of liquor from the minibar to re-hydrate before plunking his ass right back down next to the hole in the wall. It was about 3 feet tall and 2 foot wide along his own side that he had punched and kicked in already, with about six inches of busted drywall along the other side of the corner. When he'd tried to open it wider, it was like he his a brick wall a hundred feet thick. It looked like plaster, it might as well have been Adamantium.
He was staring numbly at his feet when he heard a tinny tapping sound coming from the hole. It was soft at first and he wasn't sure if his booze addled mind was just making it up or not. Then it banged a little louder and he heard a scraping sound come from within. Like something small but solid was being scooted along the metal.
“Sam?! Oz?!” Dean flipped around, knees pressed to the wall and his face scrunched against the inside of the next wall, trying like crazy to see who or what was coming. A few more light bangs and scrapes and something was coming into view. Sliding along the vent. Dean knew that his people couldn't possibly move something like that on their own, but just the fact it was coming from that damned room made him riveted to the spot and hopeful. Whatever it was was flat, rectangular and being push pulled along by a long un-bent and reshaped wire hanger.
“What the hell?” Dean muttered as he saw it being scooted along then pause two feet out of his furthest reach. Then it wiggled a bit more and stopped altogether. He stared at the very thin, flat black slab sitting there, and then hit his head jumping at the sound of tinny music and loud rattles coming from the thing that trembled on the metal vent's floor. It lit up at the same time and illuminated the space around it. A phone. It was a phone that was ringing out a tune he wasn't familiar with but he wasn't about to question it for too long before he was scrambling away from the hole, looking for something he could use to pull the phone the rest of the way closer to him before it stopped ring-
It stopped. Dean cursed, dashing back to the hole and staring at the phone. Willing it to start again. His eyes glanced back to his own room and saw one of his rifles and he got up to grab it and returned with it just as the phone started ringing again. He flipped the rifle upside down and used the sight nub at the end of the barrel like a hook and thankfully it was long enough to reach it. He nudged and pulled it carefully along until he was able to grab it up in his fist. Looking it over for a second, seeing the string taped to the bottom. He saw two circles at the bottom of the all encompassing screen and figured 'green means go' so he touched it. A voice came out and Dean held the contraption up at the edges since this phone was nearly all screen that was touch sensitive and he accidentally hit something that made it go to speaker. At least he didn't accidentally hang up.
“Hello?” Dean asked tentatively.
“This Dean?” A familiar yet more distinguished gruff voice asked, and Dean nearly fell over backwards from where he was hunched over.
“Yeah, it's me. So I guess this isn't some trick.” Bobby sighed and continued. “It's really 2006 there where you are?”
“Yeah.” Dean chuckled, so weirded out by this whole confirmation. “And you're from the future. 2017.” He stated and got a grunt of acknowledgment back. Dean's hands trembled as he cradled the strange ass phone. This next question was vitally important to him. Sure talking to someone live in another world was neat an all, but, it didn't matter right now. He sucked in a breath to ask -
“Sam's fine.” Bobby beat him to the punch.
“He's with you?” Dean let out the whoosh of air and held the phone closer.
There was a moment of hesitation. Dean could hear it clear as day through the connection. “Not exactly.”
Dean's mind stopped for a second. Processing this. “What does that mean? 'Not exactly'?” Dean asked, his worry spiking. “What did you do to him? To Oscar?”
“Didn't do nuthin', boy. Calm your jets.” Bobby admonished. “They're tiny fragile people, what do you think we'd do? They're harmless. Don't worry.”
The happiness that he felt hearing they're ok was washed away by a wave of anger that swept over Dean. Wanting to correct Bobby about Sam's capabilities. He counted to five in his head. Don't fight future Bobby. “Where are they?”
“They're with my Sam. They're safe. That little fella, Oscar? He came over here after my Sam had left with your Sam, they went lookin' for you, but I take it they didn't find you yet. Our friend Castiel was taking Oscar and our little Dean over to the Sams to see what's up and they vanished into some woods. No bones about it. Just walked right past a gate and disappeared. I don't think the thresholds by themselves are dangerous. That's the only reason I'm not flipping my shit.” Bobby stated and it actually ended up calming Dean down to hear Bobby was taking this in stride. The old hunter continued, “I would have gone too but then there'd be no one here but Rufus and Balth left to figure out what's what. Now, I am getting all the clues together and I think that every danged door we go through, leads to another world.” Bobby said and waited for a response. At the continued silence he added. “It like that for you too? Every door is Russian roulette?”
“No. I tried to get to your room but it was just a normal empty room for this hotel, the Knight's Inn. Colorado.” Dean explained. “I haven't been to any universe but, well, talking to yours right now.” Dean admitted. Strange is now the new normal. His worry started to escalate for his bother and their small friend who are apparently totally fine with taking a jump to the left in these time warps.
“I'm sure you got loads of questions, so I'll throw ya a bone and answer what I can. Bear in mind that I haven't been to yours or any others, this is all conjecture on my part.” Bobby said and there was only a moments silence before Dean exploded with queries. Bobby had the patience of a saint for dealing with the barrage. Secretly, he had been missing hearing Dean's normal human voice for these long months, even if it wasn't his own Dean and sounding higher pitched from his younger body. If this Dean detected the wistful undertones in Bobby's voice while speaking with him, Dean did not mention it.
They talked for a very long time. Long enough for the future phone Dean was using to start making low battery beeps. “Bobby? The phone is dying on me. What did you want me to do?”
“Get your own bit of string and tape it to the phone so we can pass it back and forth. I'm assuming you don't have the right charger for this model back in your day. Cells didn't go to standard jacks for a few years.” The last bit mumbled as Bobby tried to remember the random history of phone models throughout the years.
“Bobby. This phone's straight out of some sci-fi movie shown on MST3K. There's like only two danged buttons and a port for charging and one for headphones. Everything else is overkill or all kinds of Greek to me.” Dean shrugged, now wondering if Bobby could see the gesture with this thing. If he had the time, and there were no emergencies going on, he would have liked to check out the 'pissed off birds' game that was loaded in, an icon on the screen with several others when he hit the home button. Scared to touch it anymore then necessary. Dean did as instructed with the thread leftover from making Oz's armor. He was still unwilling to give up this tie to the other world. He said haltingly, “Ok, uh, I'll wait a couple of hours then give two tugs on the string, give two back to let me know to keep pulling or let's say, four tugs to leave it alone.”
“Sounds good. If something happens in the meantime, I'll wrangle up another cell. We are kinda in the middle of something over here, so cell phone usage is extremely limited.”
Dean understood. From the sounds of it, from the story Bobby had told and partially confirmed from his dragon self earlier, they were in far deeper shit then Dean had ever been in. Being tracked down by a cell phone was well within possibilities. At least he and his pint sized brother didn't have to hide from a specialized supernatural branch of military, as well as evil scientists and some demon of a man who thinks torture is a good method of animal training. Hoping Sam and he never meet people like that.
“Sending it now. Uh, bye Bobby. It's been great talking to ya. I'll be right here waiting for news.”
An annoyed grunt came after that, “Get some food, Son. I can hear yer stomach yowling from here. Trust your brothers.”
Dean hated to admit it, but he did trust Sam. All of them. A human Sam wouldn't be any different then his pint size Sam. He had to have more faith. “Thanks. I will.” Dean said and hung up. Bringing it back to the vent and laying it down as far in as he could, it was pulled back a minute later and Dean made sure the string on his side went smoothly on over. Easing it along so it would not snag on the jagged edges of the weird boarder between his world and the next.
Now that the call was done, he had to sit and stare at that string. It was a literal tie to another fucking universe. Playing phone tag through space and time. It was ingenious of Bobby to think of it. Glad that apparently, cell service in the future is better then what he has because it was able to send and receive signals down that vent and through walls. Sure that some phone company would want to study the hell out of this anomaly but for the sake of his sanity, decided to leave it be.
Dean sat there for another ten minutes staring at the unmoving string before getting up to order some take out, as well as pull the laptop closer to the hole in the wall. Not wanting to go more then ten feet away from the string and the sole tie to his brother and little Oz. While getting his corner set up, he got an idea and looking up basic Morse code so if worse comes to worse, they could use the strings to send messages back and forth if the phones weren't an option anymore. Once he learned how to say, 'hello' in Morse, he gently lifted the string and tugged at it, sending that five letter message and got one back, that was thankfully slower then usual, so Dean could follow along. 'Idjit'. Dean laughed for a good five minutes. The stress easing a bit.

Sam and Cas brought everyone back across the field towards the motel again. All the while on the lookout for the normal baddies or suspicious people. So far so good. They didn't need anymore stress today. Sam took point, and used his key-card to unlock his room and saw Bobby sitting at the table, at the computer.
“Took you boys long enough.” Bobby grouched but had a gleam in his eye. Relieved to see them back safe and sound.
“Yeah, uh, got a little sidetracked talking to little Wood Sprites.” Sam rubbed the back of his neck.
Castiel came forward and set Dean down onto the table next to the laptop and Dean stood up proud and strong for Bobby's approval. He got it with raised eyebrows and the old hunter took off his cap.
“Well I'll be a squirrel in a skirt.” Bobby breathed, reaching a hand forward and Dean sat still for the large fingers to graze down his neck. “How?”
'Friends in leafy places.' Dean chirped, Cas translated and gave a truncated version of events to Bobby.
Sam reached up to his pocket and held it open for his passengers who got onto the other offered hand. Oscar was timid as ever with so many enormous people around. All of them were practically strangers to him still, so he hung close to his friend. Grateful that everyone more or less let him be. There was no real place to hide up on the table so he opted for looking at everything that wasn't the three humans around the table he stood on. Avoiding eye contact. Willing himself to no longer hear the table groaning under the weight of the old man hunching over it as he got so close to the dragon. Surprised Dean was taking the looming so well. Even shrunken, Dean was so much bigger then he and Sam, and he's still only slightly larger then just one of the human's fists. The trust involved, earned over time. Oscar thought that if he had to stay here, he might build up some trust like that as well with these people. But, of course, hoped he wouldn't stay that long. He missed his quiet home in the safe walls. Where there were no monsters, other worlds, or birds that fly close enough to feel the wings strength. He longed for home, the dark, close, peace. At the moment however, it was bright, wide open, and humans were not even a foot away from him. Surrounding them from nearly all sides. And Sam had no problem talking to these gigantic humans. The other Sam was walking to the corner, shaking the floor and table with his heavy steps. This human was the biggest of them all. Taller then Dean back home, and that was saying something.
Sam had gone to their bags and pulled out and broke apart a pack of plain flavored beef jerky for Dean who devoured it with greedy gulps, barely chewing. Sam then pulled over a piece of paper and poured out a pile trail mix for the small people. Sam polished off the rest of the bag after Sam and Oscar stuffed theirs full of the special M&M's. The shorter Sam commenting on how his Dean thought that pretzels didn't belong in them, and wanted to bring some more 'atrocities' back to tease his big brother.
Castiel went to his own room quietly to grab a granola bar or two from the backpack, all the while trying not to wake his best friend Balth or Rufus. Even if Balthazar had slept longer then anyone there. He returned and tucked into it, watching the others from his spot between the beds. Dean had told him he sometimes doesn't think about personal space, and he was learning what is an acceptable distance.
“While we're here...” Sam started, shifting his satchel around to access his hook and line again. Letting the hook swing back and forth in a easy sway. “Oscar and I could go back to our room and check up on Dean. Make sure he's not tearing the building apart looking for us.”
Castiel was a little tense but then acquiesced to the suggestion. They were not their captives. Even if he only wanted them to stick around long enough to get more information, not about their borrower physiology, but about their thoughts and feelings, what they like to do for fun. Getting to know them as people instead of interesting beings. Castiel hated how he'd presented himself so far, but knew that the time to bond had run out. Making peace with that fact.
Bobby said nothing but still kept an eye on the small people. His thoughts did not show on his face. “Your Dean's doing alright. I sent Balthazar's cell phone down the vent to him using a stretched out hanger and some string. Dean and I had a good chat and he knows what I knew. Feel free to leave if you want. Don't think we're kickin' ya out, though.” Bobby quickly added, folding his hands on his lap, away from the table to give them space. “You boys can fill him in on what happened while you were gone.” He said and pointed to the string and cell that was charging in one of the electrical outlets  nearby.
“So Sam, Oscar, did you two want help getting down?” Sam asked, pulling one of the table's large chairs away from the table. “I could drop you off at the vent.”
“Nah.” Sam waved a hand up at him. “I feel like stretching my legs. You did most of the literal legwork today.” Sam stretched out his arms and shoulders, twisting his back to work out the kinks. Oscar looked excited to be going back with Sam. No one could blame him, but it was a little depressing to think that they did such a crap job of making him feel safe. Like he couldn't wait to escape their evil clutches.
Sam walked to the edge of the table and Oscar was shortly behind.
Dean too wandered closer, peering over the table's edge and whistling at the sheer drop, backing away from it before reminding himself that just an hour ago, he had flown much higher then this. But now, he was looking at it from the smaller people's point of view. This was really high for people 4 inches tall. But, Sam wanted to go, and his nose told him that Oz was freaking thrilled at the thought of going home. Dean's eyes were shining and he nodded a few times.
Dean held out a wing thumb towards the small Sam first. Oscar probably wouldn't want a handshake that involved large sharp claws. The wing thumb, though long and clawed, was closer to their size hand-wise. He could shake with his big hands, but, they were the size of the borrower's torso's splayed out. Claws about as long as their fingers. That would just negate the friendliness of the handshake if he squashed those tiny hands into a ball in his own powerful ones. Previously, he would use his wing thumbs instead of hands when dealing with his human family and friends when he was his rightful size of 30+ feet tall. He had gotten very good at controlling his double jointed wing thumbs with precise dexterity, once he was able to tell his brain that the wings are basically just another left and right hand that just happened to look and act like huge wings. Like it was an added bonus to having extra limbs. Dean knew he was currently fixating on his fingers because he didn't want to face the fact that the tiny people wanted to leave him right away. Get back to the present.
'It's been fun.' Dean chirped then sniffled. He waited, they stood there. He wiggled the wing thumb at Sam who finally understood what Dean's doing once Castiel translated his words.
“I'm not leaving for good!” Sam chuckled, slapping the thumb away with a grin. “Oscar might be staying home once we get there, this isn't his fight. But I'm coming back. Old Sam over here had promised to share his Hunting wisdom with me and I intend to get it. My brother would want to meet him in person too.” Sam said and lodged the hook into the corner of the table, stepping on it to make sure it's anchored. “I'll be back in a jiffy.”
“I'm not old.” Sam huffed quietly, folding his arms, going ignored.
Dean frowned and paced a little. The way he'd left things with the other Dean... he couldn't just stay here. He had more then a few people to apologize to. 'I'll come too.' Dean stated and Sam translated.
“What?” Sam asked, very nearly dropping from the edge, hands clutched tight on the line.
'I can't leave things like I did with your brother.' Dean clarified. 'I accused him of treating you like a pet. And I know that was way out of line. I need to apologize.' He said and flexed his wings. 'Now that I can walk on my own, I gotta be able to stand on my own two err, four feet. Gotta take responsibility.' Dean said and before anyone could say another word, he spread his wings and glided down to the floor, turning in place to locate the vent again from down there. Folding up the wings and looking up at the small people still on the table. 'Well? Come on. We're already 11 years late!'
Sam rolled his eyes and with practiced ease, slid down the line, landing just a few seconds later. Looking up, he watched Oscar come down afterwards. More cautious about his handholds. He knew how to go fast, but it wasn't necessary. The humans in the room already knew he was there and hadn't tried to snatch him up in a fist so he pushed the notion that he's safe around them to the forefront of his thoughts. Each hand under hand, and slide of his crossed feet, made him that much closer to home. His speed picked up, not from fear of being caught, but of eagerness to get back.
Oscar put the sight of everyone's long legs that were stretching out from the table downwards, out of his mind. Knowing that they're all watching him, he kept his eyes cast downwards at Sam below, holding the line steady for him. Once he was on the ground again, Sam pat him on the shoulder and reached up to flick the line, dislodging the hook and catching it with ease. The humans all sounded impressed and Sam blushed at the silent admiration. Rolling up the line around his palm and elbow as he turned towards Dean. The three of them walked away from the table, all the way across the vast floor and made it to the vent. Bobby remained sitting the whole time and Sam sat down in the table's chair next to him. Castiel took a seat on the bed closest to the vent, watching them and giving a small wave when Oscar turned to look back.
Oscar waved up at Castiel and the others before slipping into the comfortable darkness. Sighing out all of the anxiety that had built up since the night before. Finally going home. His friend is alive and safe, and so is the dragon. Oscar was glad it all worked out for the best and he practically vibrated in place as he watched Sam get into the vent next, followed by Dean who took up the most room in the vent, but not all of it. If he wanted to, he could block the whole thing but that would be an awkward pose for his wings. So Dean pulled himself in tighter and followed the two down the way. Watching the white thread disappear down the dark tunnels. Just as they approached the hazy boarder of the vent heading to the Knight's Inn, a rat appeared out of nowhere dead ahead of them.
It blinked red eyes at them and hissed. Hunching up his back, fur bristling, and spitting furiously. There was no time to think about the fact that it was from the uncut half of the vent that still exists in 2017 when all of their lives were on the line. Dean hissed right back, but with both of the borrowers in the way, he couldn't charge forward like he wanted. The rat saw this and advanced. Teeth chattering. Claws scraping the metal in ear splitting screeches.
Sam's knife was out from the start, held up defensively. Oscar was stunned and motionless until Sam reached forward and with one fast move, pulled Oscar closer towards himself as he lunged forward to take Oscar's place, slashing at the rat's nose with his sharp silver blade and ended up pissing it off more then hurting it.
Dean growled and stalked closer, his long head and neck reached up and over Sam, hissing profanities the whole time. Dean kept on walking closer, right over top of Oscar who was now half sprawled on the ground. Dean gently pushed Oscar behind himself and next went Sam with one move of his right hand, shoving Sam to the side and launching himself towards the rat that was even bigger then he was. Claws and fangs slashing at each other. Dean shredded the rat's ear with his right hand before it could dodge. Dean hissed his flammable spray at the rat and paused for just a second. Going through all the possibilities if he ignited it. If it survived the blast, the flaming rat would run down the walls and light the whole damned place on fire. That pause to decide was a blessing because his spray isn't just flammable, its also toxic to people and apparently rats because it threw itself away from them. Squealing with rage and pain. The rat pawed at its face trying to get the liquid off of him, coughing at the fumes.
Dean turned to his side as best he could in the cramped space. 'Go! Go back!' He urged, pushing at Sam's back with his forehead, mindful of the horns at the back of his head. 'Turn around and run!' Dean felt teeth on his tail but one flick and they were gone, it hurt but didn't break the skin. It would be just his luck to be healed of all wounds only to be taken out by a damned rat! The stupidity of that scenario made Dean fight back harder. 'I did not travel through worlds just to let some punk ass mother fucking rat try and take a bite out of me!' Dean roared and leaped forwards, slashing the rat with his hands and feet, flipping it above him so he could have access to its soft belly with his 20 claws. 'Fuck you furball!!' He raged and the rat backed off for a moment. 'You're not gonna make a meal out of me or any of us!'
Dean got to his feet, throwing dust at the rat to piss it off into leaving. Dirt and small debris getting into the rats wounds.
“Dean!” Sam shouted and got his attention. Apparently he'd been shouting for attention for awhile but Dean was too lost in the moment. “This way!” Sam yelled and darted down a side opening he'd pried open with his knife. The vent was thankfully poorly constructed, so he was able to make an opening large enough. Dean wasted no more time fighting. Now trying to squeeze through the small opening, hearing the rat rage on behind him. It ran into walls, clawing at its face. Dean almost felt bad for spraying it. Almost. He made it through and turned just long enough to push the metal somewhat back into place. He didn't look behind him, just followed the scent and sound of the two people ahead of him. Amazed that their eyesight was so good in here. They ran into a wall and felt around. Dean arrived a second later and rammed his horned head into the soft spot Sam was working his fingers at. Ramming at it again and again. Growling and putting all he had into it. Finally it broke outwards and he switched effortlessly from using his head as a battering ram, turning to face the two again. His nose gave a gentle prod to get Oscar and Sam out of the hole first to safety.
The sounds of conversations were muffled but still loud in the space the found themselves in. A long very dark space in the shape of a square with several supports and a short ceiling. They knew they would be relatively safe from being heard, because their entrance was quieter then the room they burst into. Sam held his knife at the ready for whatever was already in the room. Oscar was pulling at the opening Dean made, helping the dragon get through. Once Dean fell down onto his side in the dim light he panted hard. A few scratches, but nothing lethal. He was mostly dizzy from using his head to break through the quarter inch thick plaster wall. Oscar found the bits of the plaster wall and shoved them back into place. All three listening to the silence back inside the wall. The rat retreated.
“I think...” Sam said, taking in their surroundings. The smells that seemed to soak into them. Like a hundred take out places. “We're in a diner.”
Dean had finally calmed down from the fight enough to scent the air and was surprised he didn't detect it before. Oz was plastered to the wall, wide eyed and scared once he heard the dozen or so people all speaking and eating. Dean stretched a wing out towards him to lightly pat at his chest. 'It's alright, Oz.' Dean murmured at him, winking. 'We got this.' He faced outward again and gathered in the sights. They were underneath a bench seat apparently. The wall they busted through indicated it was the diner's outer wall, going by the shadows and lights across from them on the other side. Even though they couldn't understand a single thing he said, Dean couldn't help but comment, 'I wasn't awake when we arrived at our motel, I don't know if this is part of my motel or not.'
Sam seemed to have gotten a little of that going by Dean's body language and tone mostly, speaking his observations as well. “It's pretty busy.” He whispered, now very aware that there were people all around the three of them, including one that sat directly overhead. Since they were so low to the ground in such a loud place, they hadn't been heard yet. They all wanted to keep it that way. They couldn't just turn around and go right back through the hole just yet. The rat might still be there, or had drawn its friends to the commotion. It was known to happen before. One rat taken out and it's thrashing draws another. Sam and his adoptive father Walt, had taken out a few in their time. Hearing stories from the other families. Taking on a rat solo was damn near suicidal, so to have Dean as his backup was greatly appreciated. Oscar too, because it was him that found the alternate exit they could take to escape.
Sam crept away from the set of boots nearby, along the wall to peer up at their owner from past the bottom of the seat. Trying to gauge where they are from the conversations around them. If they were still in Colorado at the Knight's Inn, and this is just a part of the hotel that Oscar hadn't been to in awhile. It was possible. Oscar said he usually sticks to the rooms around his home mostly.
Suddenly, they all heard Dean say in a loud boisterous tone far overhead, “Hey! Tuesday! Pig an a poke!”
All of them went wide eyed and leaned out from the bottom of the seat to see the other set of legs and boots. Sam recognized those knee splayed legs immediately and started walking out of hiding, intent on tugging on Dean's pant leg to let him know that he's there. Dean and Oscar followed right after when they heard another voice thunder out overhead, catching them off guard because they assumed Dean was with someone else. Not...
“Dean. I'm serious.” Sam's voice said overhead.
“Aww crap.” Sam muttered too quiet for the humans overhead to hear. “It's not Dean. Well, not our Dean.” Turning to walk back underneath the bench seat to hide. They listened in to their doubles. Since both were humans, it was less likely that they'd take to seeing tiny people with the grace that they'd had so far. All three of them were at risk of being caught and hurt by these Hunters.
“Dean,” The human Sam said again, irritated. “You're not listening. I'm telling you we've done this before.”
“Done what?” Dean asked, the three underneath the table watched Dean's feet hook at the ankles.
“This!” Sam insisted. “I keep reliving the same day over and over again and... and I can't.”
“What's the matter?” Dean sounded like he was sobering up to the importance of the conversation.
“Every day. You die.”
That got the three to lean out from the underside of Sam's seat, looking up and seeing the distraught look in those hazel eyes as they turned downwards, but not enough to see them on the floor.
“And I can't stop it.” Sam's voice going watery.
'I die?' Dean chirped as quietly as he could. But it wasn't quiet enough. One of the patrons at the diner's bar across from the brother's table spun around in his seat. A middle aged man in a suit that had been eating waffles, in mid pour of some maple syrup. He suddenly turned and stared directly at them. Eyebrows raising up sharply, his right hand lifted slowly and his fingers snapped.
In that instant, everything froze except for the man, the human Sam and Dean, and the three on the floor. “What have we here?”
Sam and Dean at the table turn to him. Startled at the pulse that went though the place. Sam fearfully looked at Dean, half expecting his brother to suddenly die yet again. Dean too was taking what Sam was talking about even more seriously, hand slowly reaching for his weapon behind his back.
The man in the suit gets up from his seat, as casual as can be, and crouches down at their table, intent on getting something underneath it as both brothers squirm away from the intruding man. He emerges seconds later, having picked up two small writhing things that look like people, and a growling creature. Leaning back as far as they can from the discovery that was made under their table. Dashing glances down there to see if there were any more monsters or people they could have been stepping on this whole time.
Sam was stunned that the suited guy kept on ignoring he and Dean in favor of doing God knows what. The guy lifted up both hands that held his captives. “This isn't my doing... Who sent you?” then plunked the three of them onto the table top. Releasing them at the same moment in a heap and moved his head closer to get a better look at them without his hands in the way. They tried to untangle themselves and stand back up after being dumped out like that. The dragon recovered first and hissed at the dude, wings flaring out before curving around both of the smaller men that were only just getting to a stand. Sam didn't even know what to call this. A kidnapping? Standoff? What the hell?
Sam finally jolted at what the man said and is currently doing. “This isn't your doing?” Sam quoted incredulously. This monster is something powerful enough to control time. He instantly puts pieces together, and braces his hands against the table and the back of his bench to push himself up and towards the man responsible for this horrible time loop, but the guy pushed him back with just two fingers to Sam's chest. Pinning him to his seat. Sam can't move. It was like he was glued to his seat. Dean starts to rise next after seeing what he did to his little brother but the man just turned to sit on Dean's bench next to him, scooting Dean into the wall then he too is frozen to the spot. He and Sam can still move their heads but the rest of their bodies are useless to them. All they can do is watch the tiny people and apparently a winged lizard stare at the dickbag that's responsible.
The guy is fascinated with the ones still standing free on the table. Able to move but nowhere to go. They'd be caught again just as fast or faster since this thing in front of them is stronger then anything they've seen before. His handling of them was anything but gentle. Oscar is surprised he didn't break a bone in that grab or the fall moments later. The guy had a childlike awe in his eyes at seeing them. At least he didn't seem like he wanted them dead. But, the thought of keeping them captive was clearly a possibility.
Dean curled his wings around Oscar more then Sam, protecting them. Sam was a Hunter, no doubt about it as he stood his ground and held up the knife. Ready for a fight. Dean angled his wing fingers more fully around Oscar, and behind Sam's back to make sure nothing came at them from behind. The monster would literally have to go through Dean first to get to them. Oscar clutched desperately onto the wing thumb in front of him. An anchor for him. He had no weapon since they were just going from one room to the other. A straight shot there. No one was expecting a rat to trash that simple trip.
Dean snarled at the man that is staring slack jawed and interested at them. A small grin forming on his lips. It would only take a quick notion to go through the monster's head. Going from fascination to desire. Wanting to own them like toys or pets. Dean growled low and loud at him.
'Don't even fucking think about it you sack -'
The guys right hand quickly lifts up, curls in on itself and the large fingers snap.
“ - of shit. Let us go.” Dean says in a rough voice. Blinks a few times. That was not a growl... that was English. “I'm... speaking...” Dean looked down at himself, half expecting to see his human body again. Drauglin's can not speak English. He's tried hundreds of times. It never worked. They can't.
“Speaking very succinctly and eloquently.” The man smirks in a self satisfied way and laces his fingers together. “Well. That's better. Now, what happened?” he looked from one small man to the other, landing on Dean when the others stayed quiet.
Dean gaped at him. “Screw you! Who are you? What are you?” Dean demands.
The human Dean wants to join in demanding answers, but can't. His voice was snapped away just as the tiny monster on the table got his. Dean wondered if it was transferred over because he'll be damned if lizard dude doesn't sound exactly like him. Of course, the voice is a little lower and rougher, but that's to be expected coming from a thing that looks like this poor scaly bastard. If he could get answers, he'd want them from the finger snapping jackass first. Not from the lizard right now, surprisingly enough. It wasn't the lizard that stopped time. Sam is too busy trying to figure out how this ties in with his brother dying every day. If his mind just snapped and this is the result.
The suited man looks thoughtful for a moment. Eye squinting and before the dragon can react, he reaches forward and places two meaty fingers to Dean's tiny forehead. Taking up all of Dean's long head between his horns to the end of his nose. He's frozen still for the instant the fingers touch his head. Memories are flying around his head faster then he can think. He feels Dane staggering sideways in their forest, howling at the sky inside of him, but he can't talk to his other half right now. Forced to watch his life's story flash by like camera film being pulled at 100 miles per hour. Then. It stops. Dean's left dazed and falls to his butt, nearly on top of Oscar who tumbles into Dean's side when the wings drop down abruptly.
“Holy backstory, Batman!” The guy exclaims. Before the others can react, two fingers reach for the tiny people next, one finger on each head and they too are still for those few seconds. frozen in place. The ends of the fingers eclipsing their heads and both Sam and Dean watch on in a mix of confusion and anger from their seats. Seeing these small people as just that, small people. Acting like normal people would when confronted and manhandled like this by some powerful jackass with the bad kind of magic fingers. These little guys are vulnerable and being taken advantage of right in front of them, and they can do nothing to stop it. Soon it's over and both of the small men fall to their hands and knees. Dry coughing towards the ground, and very dizzy. The lizard looks like it wants to do something to help, but is sure that if he moves, he'll just end up falling on them. And no one wants that. The brothers seethe in their seats at this injustice. They can't even cuss this guy out. Reduced to bearing their teeth at him and mouthing the curse words.
The guy leans back in his seat. Frowning deeply at the three on the table like he's figuring out their judgment. “Ok, closing this can of worms right now.” He announced to the table at large. Both hands reach forward and curl around Oscar and Sam first, making them tumble together before they're pinned down against the wide palm. The other hand spreads wide over Dean and his wings start to lift but are forced down and around his body as the hand effortlessly holds him tight. Squeezing the breath out of him. His clawed hands and feet kick about the open air and his head is still too dizzy to find skin he could bite down on. They aren't held in those hands for long before they're all pulled closer to the man's sides, elbows planting onto the table to get up and out of the bench seat again.
Standing up straight, he starts putting all of them into the suit jacket's pockets. Sam and Oscar in one, Dean into the other. Once there, they can't find their way out again. Like the pockets sealed the instant they were clear of the opening.
They hear and feel the strange frightening man reach forward to the humans who are grunting and struggling against their invisible bindings. Both go limp, table jumping from someone's knee running into a table leg. They can only guess that the guy put his fingers to their heads too and the reason becomes apparent after the man turns back around, sits on the round stool at the bar and they hear him cut another bite of food and chewing loudly on the waffles. A loud snap of fingers later and it was like someone had hit play on a paused movie. The sounds and activities around them pick right up where they left off.
The human Sam is speaking as if nothing weird had happened. Picking right up where he left off. “I can't watch you die again. Dean. I can't.” His voice is heavy with sadness and it makes them listen closer.
“Ok.” Dean is saying with all the gravity that a conversation like this deserves. Upset that Sam is going through this, basically alone. Knowing that his little brother is suffering, watching the only family he has left, die again and again. “Sam. We'll figure it out.”
“Yeah.” Sam doesn't sound convinced. Swallowing thickly.
The waitress comes to the table and gets their order. All the while the people in the pockets are trying to figure out what they can do to stop this. The giant monster that has them trapped is making this all happen. Some sick game it's playing with their lives. Dean calls the waitress back and changes his order to sausage and they listen in as the brothers chat some more about theories as to what's going on. Then the food comes and they listen in horror at the sound of Dean choking to death on a bite of sausage. Sam's cries for help and begging Dean to cough it up, to breath. A crash of something at the table and Sam's soft plea, “No...”
Then the world flip flops around them. They feel like they're falling but also like they are standing still. Silence again outside of the pockets and the man shifts in his seat, turning around.
Gabriel watches the brothers disappear back to the start. Back to the motel they were staying at and finding a bit of humor again when that terrible song, 'Heat of the moment' starts up once again. Hoping that this next time, Sam will get the message he's been trying to drill into that floppy haired head of his. In the meantime, everyone else at the diner fades back to their own starting places. Left alone for half an hour before the cook shows up to start the day. Gabriel slowly pulls the small men back out first, setting them onto the counter next to his plate of waffles. Frowning at them in consideration before carefully pulling the small dragon out next so he's not bitten. Gabriel now knows their stories. As strange as they all are, and admits that even he couldn't have come up with something so bizarre.
“You're not from around here.” He states blandly and says, “I'll do you a solid. You say 'yes' to the big question when it comes up, and I'll put you all back where you need to be? Savvy?”
“What happened to them?! You killed them?” Dean shouts, wings flaring as he's looking behind the man at the empty table where the brothers had sat.
“No, just Dean. He's alive again, for now. Sam needs to learn an important lesson.”
“You're a demon! Making deals?” Sam shouts next. Pissed he didn't see it before, but, the guy never flashed black eyes, and there's no hint of sulfur in the air.
“Other side of God's toy box, Polly pocket.” Pointing upwards for just a split second. He puts the finger to his lips like it's a big secret. “I'm in witness protection. Don't interfere with the plan. Wait... You're not just not from around here... You are really not from around here.... No angels in your world? I saw Castiel though...” He's squinting at Dean. Hard. Before frowning again at the others. No Castiel in their memories. He'd figured he hadn't seen the other angels in their heads because they simply hadn't met them yet. But, there was no hint whatsoever of his angelic brothers lurking in their shadows. Watching them. Making sure they follow the plan. Perhaps the angels are staying back for now?
“Stay away from my Cas!” Dean snarled. Just because it's in English, didn't get rid of his ability to emphasize his words with vicious snarls and growls.
Gabriel drops his fingers to Dean's head. Dean flinches away, scared for a second that he's going to be mind-melded with again, but the huge fingers pet him in a demeaning way. Doing everything but saying, 'Good doggie'. The fingers dance along the spiked spine as Dean turns around rapidly to snap at the fingers when he feels the other hand join in the teasing. Going at Dean from both sides. Gabriel continues on like Dean's not trying his best to sever an artery. “Wouldn't dream of hurting my lil bro.”
Dean is left alone when the hands retreat to rest at the edge of the counter top. Dean's panting but jolts to what his tormentor said, “Little bro... Cas has a brother, he told me about him... said he ran away from home. Gabriel?” Dean asks, stills. “You don't look like him. Cas showed me in our dream.”
“Who's Gabriel?” Sam and Oscar are confused as hell. “You two share dreams?”
Gabriel sighs. Morphs into his real form like water rippling. His hair is similar in style to Sam's but shorter and curlier at the ends. He's now wearing a green jacket, black shirt and dark jeans, and they gasp at the sudden change. Backing up from him in fear. Gabriel thinks that if the worlds are this similar... not exact, but close enough, then these little guys might experience an apocalypse as well. The fastest way to end it all is for them to play their roles as well. Gabriel says imploringly to them. “Say yes to Michael and Lucifer.” He poked Dean's chest and repeats Michael's name, then Sam's with Lucifer's. Both of their faces turn white. Dean had already run into a Michael, and the psychopath wanted to chop Dean up for 'science'. And of course Sam has heard the real name of the devil before. Just the thought of seeing Satan himself and needing to say 'yes' to him? Yes to what? What in hell would he say 'yes' for? And by the look in Dean's eyes, and knowing all about the Michael he knew, Dean's already seen hell and is worried he's going to have to go back.
All eyes snap up to Gabriel as he continues on as if he didn't just give them the shock of a lifetime. “Not a peep to anyone else about this boys. Don't worry about this world, I got it covered. Just remember. Say YES.” And snaps his fingers.
They find themselves in a different hole then the one under Sam and Dean's table. This one is beneath Gabriel's seat. They can see the bottoms of those semi-polished shoes he was wearing when he was pretending to be the guy in the ugly suit. Dean sticks his head out just far enough to look up and Gabriel went back to looking like, and pretending to be that random looking man again. Eating waffles. He hears the bell tingle at the front door and then, humans Sam and Dean are strolling into the diner, Sam worse off and tense, eyes darting everywhere while Dean saunters up to the same table they had been at and sits down, looking casually up at the menu over Gabriel's head. Perusing titles.
'Hey! Tuesday! Pig an a poke!” Dean says happily and Sam looks tense.
Dean is about to call out to the human brothers but is pulled back inside the hole by Sam tugging at his neck. He turns and finally notices blinking neon lights all around them inside the wall. Unmistakable big arrows all pointing in one direction inside the walls. No human would ever put lights inside walls like this so they knew without a shadow of doubt that it was that giant monster Gabriel's doing.
They turn to leave the hole, intent on warning the human brothers what this thing is putting them though, but fall backwards when they feel Gabriel's gigantic foot slam down right outside the hole. Making his opinion and will clear as day. They have no chance in hell in defeating him. They stay at the entrance though, knowing Gabriel knows they are there, but that he wouldn't kill them so long as they don't leave the wall. They wrack their brains for how to save Sam and Dean of this recurring fate but come up short. They can't defeat something they don't understand. They'll be killed for sure. Easy as squashing a mouse or rat underfoot. As that stomp so succinctly demonstrated. They'll need back up and information on what Gabriel is, and especially how to defeat him. They can do nothing for now and watch the neon arrows turn to words, 'Good luck'. With a finger peace sign and thumbs up right after. Even though the monster was killing Dean over and over, he said it was to teach Sam a lesson.
They didn't get the impression that Gabriel wanted to kill Dean. But that it had to be done. Gabriel wasn't enjoying it, it was almost like a task he had to do, a mission. How do you stop something that powerful that's on a mission? They reluctantly turned back to the darkness and follow the new path. Hoping that the end will lead them somewhere better then that groundhog day reenactment.
“We'll get some answers, some reinforcements, and get back in there.” Dean said and was glad that even if that world was fucked up, that he got his old voice out of it. To be understood again by everyone and not just those that did a communication spell. Having his words altered here and there because sometimes the unique Drauglin's language can't be easily translated into direct English. His brother and Cas are doing their best, but it's good to have his old voice back. “We'll figure it out.”
Sam kicked at a dropped nail that had been in his way. “Sure.” he muttered. Pissed that they were leaving. That they couldn't help. Oscar stayed silent. Keeping an eye and ear out for anymore rats. After a few minutes, he gave Sam a hug as they walked.
“Don't give up.” Oscar said, making a small fist. Sam wrapped an arm around Oscar back. Silently assuring him that it was going to be ok.
There was a new light ahead. Ambient light that was not like the neon before so they knew it wasn't part of that world they'd just left. The light was soft, coming out of several round holes in the wall in a curve upwards. Like a bowl. Two more holes were horizontal and above the curved line of holes. All of them were uniform in size more or less.
They walked closer to the collection and saw that the light coming from the room helped them see the shape more clearly at this new angle. The holes made a shape that wasn't random. They stared at it.
“Is that a smiley face?” Oscar asked and yeah, it looked like a smiley face. On closer inspection, metal slugs were found embedded into the wood opposite. The face had been made with bullet holes.

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Lol, Bobby calling Dean an idjit in morse code XD

Wow, Gabriel, way to be a dick
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What else would Bobby say? Lol
And I actually like Gabriel! But early on, he was seen as a bit of a dick. He didn't change his tune till after changing channels, when Dean said he was too scared to stand up to his family.
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I agree with you. I do really like him; besides Cas he's my favorite angel, but he was a total dick until after changing channels. I was really pissed when he died :(