The Dragon At Knights Inn ~~ Chapter 10 pt2

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Chapter Ten Part two:

Dean felt all kinds of points of contact on his scales, all of them soft and gentle. Something that had bound his arm and leg was now being taken off, a tugging sensation followed by a tingling of fresh air on his skin. He cautiously flexed his hand and foot, feeling the freedom of motion. He tentatively sniffed the air and that same strange scent was still there. Next he smelled Sammy... and a different Sam scent... and another? What the hell? He inhaled the air again and could tell Cas was all around him, his warm scent calming him down along with his huge brother's presence nearby. His lungs didn't burn when he took a deep breath. Fully expecting them to since they had for so long. His mouth tasted like burnt ash but it no longer stung. Another few deep breaths and he was glad that the first easy breath wasn't a fluke. He genuinely felt better.
“Dean?” Sam said, hand stroking along his neck and it was much smaller then Dean was used to. He lifted up his heavy eyelids and saw his brother's face nearby but frowned when he saw another Sam right next to him. 'Double vision. Perfect.' Dean grumbled, blinking hard to get rid of the sight but was confused as hell when the two images just looked at each other and one came closer to run light fingers along the bridge of his nose. The other Sam wore tan and hung back.
“Is he alright?” A young girl's voice came from the ground and Dean turned his head to see that the small child was laying there on some leaves, breathing hard as if she'd been hurt or exhausted.
'Are you alright?' He asked, worried that he'd somehow hurt her, and turned to see her fully, blinking at the fact that her image wasn't split in two like Sam's was. He heard a loud voice above.
“He'd asking if you're alright Miss. Rischa.” Cas. That was Cas speaking.
'What happened?' Dean asked, sniffing at her for injury or pain but wasn't getting much for feelings. Brow furrowing at that. He can detect human emotions pretty easily but her's were muted. Still there, but, not as strong.
She sat upright and smiled wide at seeing and feeling Dean's concern for her. “I'm good, Dean.” She said informally and someone came up behind her, lifting her up and Dean's eyes went wide when those large leaves she was laying on were attached to her back. They were wings. He blinked dumbly at her and she fluttered them at him. “I'm a Wood sprite who has the Voice.” She explained to the question she felt on his mind. “We healed you.” She continued and reached forward to pet at his nose.
He stilled his knee jerk reaction to back up from the strange girl's approach. Her sweet expression and movements were clearly a kids, and he did not want to hurt some very small kid. Even if they didn't really look human, and were talking about being able to actually heal people. It screamed supernatural but he felt that she wasn't dangerous. Just a kid. So he kept still and let her pet his long nose and up past his eyebrow ridge to curl tiny fingers around his sidefan ears. Scratching behind the folds of his left sidefan, like one would scratch a pet dog's ear, and he twitched them, surprised it felt kinda good but also tickled. He blinked at her owlishly. Movement caught his eyes and he saw several more of the same kinds of creatures right there. Shrinking back he wondered what they wanted from him. Surrounded on nearly all sides. Just because this little girl was kind, doesn't mean they all were.
'What's going on?' He asked again when he definitely saw two different Sam's standing there. Not a double since their clothes were way different. Another short man with wild mouse brown hair, standing behind the one in a tan jacket and bag, while the other Sam had on a green outfit that looked straight out of Lord of the Rings. A sword at Sam's side. He tore his eyes away to see two older men that just screamed authority figures from Rivendell. The urge to insist he's not Smaug was great.
Dean gulped a little at the wave of emotions coming from everyone. Assessing everyone and their motives, looking at the one that was behind the young girl, this guy had crazy green hair and was younger then Sam seemed alright. No sudden moves. The Sam that was wearing the green outfit had a sword and appeared to know how to use it. It made Dean a little nervous since sharp knives and swords could easily get past his scales where blunt forces and fires didn't work so well. If they wanted to take him out, it would be easy. This Sam, just like the other one, was also far younger then he should be. Memories coming back to him of at least the tan jacketed borrower Sam and the short dude, Oscar who were standing a little ways off. Giving the green squad room. His observations cut off with one of the regal dudes spoke up, halting the mean looking leader dude in his tracks when he started to get closer.
“Let him process this, Scar.” He said calmly and when Dean narrowed his gaze on him, the regal dude bowed slightly. The first one to properly introduce himself. “I am Lord Cerul, of Wellwood.” Dean stared at him before realizing he should probably answer back.
'Dean. Of uh, Kansas.' He rumble chirped and heard Cas's voice translate for him over head. Looking up and grinning widely at him, spotting his Sam sitting right there as well. 'Hey guys. So uh, what's up with uh, fairyland?'
Sam gave him a mild bitchface. “Lord Cerul and Miss. Rischa here healed you. You nearly died, Dean.” The rest of it didn't have to be said, 'Show them some respect, Jerk.'
Dean turned back to the small gathering of Sam's and green winged people and said, 'Thanks. For uhm healing me and stuff. I guess I owe you one.' And Sam translated it with slightly more embellishments. Always was better at talking with people.
“Our pleasure.” Cerul nodded and introduced the rest of the group, sensing the continued confusion. “This is Lord Scar, high General of Wellwood, and his Knight's are gathered around us to ensure everyone's safety.” He said to reiterate the point that they were not there to fight. “This is one of them, you might recognize him. Sam Winchester, Knight of Wellwood.”
Dean saw the mixed expressions in that Sam's eyes. Like he hadn't seen him in awhile. Memories of the other borrower Sam coming back saying that he and his Dean had been separated for over a decade, apparently this one hadn't met back up with his brother yet. Dean gulped audibly. So much longing in those hazel eyes. He had no idea what to say to him. The Lord Cerul dude continued on.
“This is one of our honorable patrol sprites, Bowman Leafwing.” Bowman took the opportunity to hold out his hand as introduction, as he'd seen his brother do a few times before, and Dean turned to his side to offer his own huge clawed hand. Bowman marveled at it before grabbing hold of the fore paw that was much larger then he anticipated and shook it using both of his hands. The weight of that one paw was nearly too much for the willowy figure. His wings twitched with strain before he dropped the paw again. Dean huffed a few laughs at that. Turning to the girl as she was introduced next.
“And this is my apprentice of sorts, another healer with the Voice, like myself who helped save your life. Rischa Songbird.”
“Hi!” She chirped at him and did not hesitate to jump forward and hug his neck. He leaned to the side enough to bring a wing around to hug her back as gently as possible. His size alone could overpower her if he moved wrong.
Bowman blushed at his young cousin's behavior and came forward to collect her again. “Birdie...” He playfully admonished and pat Dean's wing wrist before it retreated. “Birdie's always like this.”
'No problem.' Dean chirped back. Playfully nudging her side with the side of his long nose. She was so tiny compared to him. Just a few inches tall. Most of these people here didn't go past four inches tall, and he knew he was about six. So he stayed more or less laying down to be more eye level.
“And I believe you know the others?” Cerul asked and Dean nodded back.
'Oh yeah, we go way back.' He chirped. Turning to the Sam in the tan jacket. 'Sorry I kidnapped you, Sam.' His brother translated overhead and the kid came over to punch his cheek. The next instant waving his curled fingers about in the air because it was a totally dumbass idea to go punching dragons with thick scaled hides. 'Ok. Now we're even?' His head cocked to the side and watched as Sam hugged his hurt knuckles to his stomach. A mighty string of curses on his lips begging to be let out. 'Even.' He grinned slyly and turned to Oscar. 'I don't remember kidnapping you though... I was going to, but passed out.'
Castiel filled in the blank for Dean. “He came to take Sam back.”
'Oh. Well, yeah.' Dean felt uncomfortable, shifting in place. 'Sorry.' He mumbled and lifted up his hand for a handshake with Oscar, but the poor guy hid behind Sam again. 'Right. Gotcha.' Dean felt worse for scaring him. Clearing his throat awkwardly. He hated being the center of attention. It sucked. It was his fault all this happened in the first place. 'I just want to say, I'm sorry. Everyone.' Standing up and folding up his wings tightly to his sides. Seeing everyone take several cautious steps back. Accepting that reaction since it's one he's gotten over and over again. 'So I guess... we should get going?' He asked his huge brother.
Sam didn't have to read his mind to get that Dean was already beating himself up again.
'Don't.' Dean growled upwards. 'I don't need your pity or sad eyes, Sam. I caused this.' And started walking away. No particular direction. Just away. He saw nothing but forest all around. Beyond the first few trees his gaze picked up on several of the Knight's that Cerul guy mentioned. 'Are they going to fight me if I try and leave?' He asked over his shoulder and Cerul came flying over, past the two humans who had remained sitting but turned.
“I can't understand your speech but I can feel what you're feeling.” He said, landing in front of Dean. His hands up in a peaceful stance. “Your human brother explained it to us. What you'd gone through.”
'What I caused.'
“What you tried to do.” Cerul clarified.
Dean huffed at him in irritation and strode past. Dean was able to detect where his brother and boyfriend had came into the clearing, intent on following the scent trail back to civilization. Wherever that is. He had no memory of a random forest like this one near the motel. It was too warm here for one thing. For another, there were all these leaf winged dudes flying around with yet another one of his younger brothers. So, obviously another world altogether. Awesome.
Cerul took to the air again, landing in front of Dean and folding his arms.
Dean bared his teeth for a moment and heard several Knight's pull their swords out. Eyes darting up and around while still facing the sprite blocking his exit. 'You gonna keep me here? You heal me up just so you can hold me against my will?'
Cerul looked upset and sad at the barrage of feelings accompanying those questioning growls. Anger, betrayal, but above all, fear. Dean was putting up a front of pissed off monster but really, he was terrified of being restrained again. It hit Cerul like someone knocked him from the sky. His hands that had been folded covered his heart. He heard tiny fast footsteps coming up behind and was soon joined by Rischa.
“Please don't be scared Dean!” She cried up at his towering form. Bowman was right there a second later, holding onto her arms. Not two seconds later, the green Sam was there as well, holding up his hands to keep him back followed by the tan jacket Sam doing the same. Dean turned to see that Oscar too was debating if he should confront him, keep him from leaving.
Dean was starting to feel cornered and let out a low growl a the lot of them. 'Don't come any closer.' He warned, wings unfolding. Everyone stopped their advance. His wingspan was over twice theirs, no telling how fast he could fly. If he would try and escape them that way.
“Dean?” The Knight said, hands going up again. “It's alright. We just wanted to help. No one is going to keep you here.”
Dean flared his nostrils at him, scenting the air and got a whole muzzle full of concern and worry coming at him. It baffled him to no end. Sure that he wasn't getting that right. He honestly had no idea how to respond to that. Not wanting to hurt this Sam's feelings any more. He's probably looking at this like a rejection. Like his big brother doesn't want him anymore. 'Sammy.' Dean sighed. Head drooping down to stare at the ground before turning to him. 'I hope you find your Dean. I'm not him. I can't help you.' All the while he heard either Cas or Sam helping him translate, the ones on the ground looking timidly up at the humans when they spoke.
Dean folded up his wings again, the ones on the ground folded theirs as well, Dean had no doubt in his mind that since they were born with wings, they'd be far better fliers then him. He was still getting the hang of it since for most of this Drauglin life, it had been the hybrid in charge. He and Dane only recently split up inside the mind, the hybrid dispersing into both, but at the same time, neither of them. Dane was always the better flier. Dean was still scared of heights. He would fly if he had to, but preferred not to. Besides all that, it would be very hard for him to follow the trail Sam and Cas left on the ground while he's flying high enough to avoid running into the many trees, bushes, and grasses. These, sprite guys, or whatever, would surround him before he even got started.
Dean turned to see everyone's eyes still glued on him and he shrugged his wing shoulders. 'Fine. You got me. Now what?' Giving up was the only logical thing to do. Neither his brother or boyfriend were looking like they wanted to leave yet, so he'd have no chance up against all these Knight's solo.
“They don't intend on keeping us, Dean.” Castiel said and reached over to drape his right hand around Dean's side. Thumb stroking along his spine.
'But he wants me to stay.' Dean pointed at the Knight Sam. 'I can't be the brother he deserves.'
“You don't have to.” Cas pet his side some more, angling his fingers to lift him off of the ground and bring him back over to look him in the eyes. “What we can do, is thank them for saving your life. Because none of us wanted you dead.”
Dean felt bad all over again. Ditching those that helped him out. He not only nearly got himself killed, he almost got Dane killed as well. He promised that flame brained bastard that he'd get him home, rescue his mother from the military. They weren't done with their story yet. He squirmed a little and Cas let him back down.
Dean sat still, watching as the group came back over with careful steps. Like anything was going to set him off and running. 'Hey, listen. I uh, sorry I was being a dick. I appreciate you guys uh, saving Dane's life. My life.' He bowed his head at them and stayed like that for a few long seconds. Just to make sure that they got his message. 'I'm just a hot mess.' He admitted to the ground and looked back up again when he heard them get closer.
“No problem.” City Sam said. Instead of punching him again, he just held out a fist for a bump. Sam hoped that in 2017 they were still doing fist bumps, because Dean was just sitting there, staring at his raised fist. He was about to lower it again, cheeks burning when the massive wing was brought forward with that long clawed thumb curled inwards, punching that, the wing opened wide and Sam copied the motion with a goofy grin. Biggest fist bump explosion ever. He turned to pull Oscar forward next who was wide eyed and protesting the whole way over but was propped up in front of the tall dragon. Sam had to gently manhandle Oscar's fist out and Dean waited patiently for it to do it all again, but this time both wings blew out wide and nearly gave Oscar a heart attack.
'Oh you are too fun little dude.' Dean grinned wide and brought both wings forward to hug Oscar's sides who stood stock still like Dean was going to crush him between the strong bent wing wrists. Dean just wriggled him side to side before letting go and backing up before Oscar did.
Dean heard the little girl come up next and hold out her hand flat and Dean chuckled, showing her how to fist bump and he grinned at the Knight showing her how. Hearing the humans amusement above them all at the new method of shaking hands. Instead of doing the normal bump, Rischa jumped into the air and hovered in front of Dean
“Wings!” She cried out, excitedly and Dean lifted his own and held them forward and splayed and she slapped them both with her own a few times while hovering there. “Fly with me!” She said and circled around Dean.
'I'm not very good at hovering...' Dean started but the adorable little girl was already doing loops in the air. Bowman took to the air next and hovered nearby. Unsure if he wanted to either bring his cousin back down or join in. Dean was feeling better and better. The mood going from depressing to energetic. Teasing. He always liked kids and they don't get much younger then these. He opened up his wings and loved the feel of there being no aches or pains there, or anywhere. Flapping a few times he was able to get some air underneath him. Thankfully, since they were all over the coat, there wasn't any dirt or dust kicked up, but the fabric did ripple. Dean landed a second later, after seeing the Knight look up all wistfully at the flying people.
Dean saw Sam's whole story in that one moment. This Sam grew up with the sprites. The only one out of all of them that doesn't have wings. Who couldn't ever fly. Couldn't join in. Well, Dean can do something about that. At least for today. He came over to the Knight and hunched his front half down, pushing the green Knight over to his shoulders with his curled wing. 'Get on Sammy, we got a race to win.'
The Knight was startled at the unexpected contact and didn't have to speak the language to understand what Dean wanted and backed up a step. “Whoa, no that's ok, maybe the other Sam?” Both turned to see the city Sam back up, waving his hands in front of himself like, 'No fucking way'. And Oscar was just plain missing.
Dean nodded with self satisfaction and heard the two Lords off to the side hunkering down with his humans. 'Come on Sammy, one lap around.' Dean wiggled his wings and Sam sighed heavily hair falling in his face. Annoyed but Dean could totally smell the excitement coming from the little green dude. Looks like this Sam's allergic to a good haircut as well. Sam tugged at his waist and Dean was about to say something about it but his brother from another world was just taking off his sword and knife, letting them fall to the ground before hoisting himself up onto Dean's back, sitting on the space between the four shoulders, and his small hands alternating between holding onto the neck or the spikes along the spine. Obviously looking for a way to hold on. Dean trotted over to the borrower Sam, making the Knight bounce along and clutch on tighter.
Thankfully his brother knew what Dean was looking for and pulled one of the paperclips he carries around for makeshift lock picks. Bending it into a good shape and Dean didn't hesitate to slip his head through it.
Surprising the borrower Sam because he remembered Dean's freakout in the hotel with the 'collar'. He felt like he should wait till after Dean leaves to let his human friend know about that part of their initial meeting. The trust these two have... so much like he and his own brother.
The Knight excitedly took the proffered 'handle' and held on tight as Dean wasted no more time getting a running start off of the ground.
Rischa and Bowman were looping around the area and found themselves being approached by a huge flying Drauglin. Both cried out in surprise as the massive wings beat the air down and Dean got some height to the flight. Sam felt the powerful muscles of the wings and back, flexing and pushing the air. Following the air currents and creating his own since he was so much bigger then the sprites. Dean banked to the side in a wide loop and Sam leaned into it as well, helping out. Feeling out the body's motions underneath him and learning how to work with them. A thrill he had never felt before. This wasn't passive gliding, this was going wherever he wanted to go. Dean took to his polite nudgings instantly. Sam turned the handle to the left and they went left, right, they went right. And Dean kept on going, chirping encouragements at him.
When Dean saw Bowman and the girl dart through the trees he turned his head and winked at his passenger. Sam pushed at Dean's chest below him with his heels and got the go-ahead to fly as fast as he could after the two green dots. Catching up to them in no time. Dean pushed himself farther and faster. Loving this feeling. The freedom, the joy coming from this young Sam. Like old times when he and his brother played around. Dean needed this as much as this Sam did apparently, and they dove down with a frightening speed, daring Bowman and Rischa to keep up, banking to the side and back up, following Sam's suggestions and Dean found himself flying better then he had before. The heights became less scary, more thrilling. He'd never go above the trees, but this, this was awesome.
Bowman angled his flight on back towards Jacob's clearing and Rischa followed suit. Dean took a few seconds to find them again and Sam helped him navigate on back. Living with sprites meant that he could spot them in the forest better. Dean was getting exhausted but it was so worth it. Sam pat the wide neck in front of him. “Thanks.” He said and Dean winked and chirped back. They saw that the Lords and borrowers and humans were already talking about something and went to join them. Dean nearly crash landed because he was not used to flying, let alone landing. Sam had a good death grip on the metal loop and stayed on top as Dean's wings beat forward to reduce the momentum. Landing hard and panting harder.
'Oh that was fun.' Dean huff laughed between the fast breaths. He looked to the other Sam and said, 'Gimme a second to catch my breath then we can go.' Getting the same declining answer back. He wouldn't force him but pouted all the same. Sam peeled his hands off of the ring and slid down to the ground. Stumbling on the cloth surface and a grin plastered to his face. 'Had fun?' Dean chirped, mimicking flying and tilting his head so Sam could read the body language.
“That was awesome.” Sam said, wiping his brow and leaning on Dean's side. Helping him out of the metal loop. “So... so awesome.”
Dean closed his eyes demurely, wingtips fluttering like a butterfly, and nodded politely like a southern belle, before flopping down where he'd stood with his legs kicked out behind him, toes curled to the sky. Wings fanning out to cool off. Bowman and Rischa were sitting on the t-shirt that had been his nest and when Dean looked over, they both let themselves fall backwards into its soft folds, laughing when Sam went to go join his adoptive family. How many times would they get the chance to jump around in such a huge soft nest? 'Little punks stole my bed!' Dean said, utterly affronted and snickered at the muffled laughter.
Dean aimed his attention to the others who all but ignored the goofing around. Cas was glad Dean had some fun with the younger ones. 'What's up?' He chirped and Cas made sure there were no small people in the way before he scooted closer to Dean. Everyone stopped talking for those few moments, staring upwards at the giant who shook the ground and put them all into shadow for that short time. Cas didn't seem to notice, putting all his attention on not moving the coat nearly everyone had claimed as a picnic blanket or rumpus room. It's gonna need a good washing to get out the grass stains and tiny footprints. The scientist side of him looked at all of the evidence of the tiny people but shrugged internally. There was no point saving evidence if it could put them in danger of being discovered. He'd wash it the second they're back home.
Now sitting next to Dean again, Cas stroked his spine, using his index and middle finger to massage the wing shoulders and upper back. Dean groaned at the ministrations and his brother hid a blush, knowing full well the relationship they'd had established. Cas informed Dean that they were once again discussing the differences in their civilizations and he'd found it very fascinating, the sprites too got some good ideas for irrigating crops if they wished and harnessing waterwheels for the streams natural power. Sam had tried to describe other innovations they could use and the sprites were trying to explain their own methods of handling problems. Mainly using magic that was gifted from their spirit. That opened up a can of worms where the Sam's were talking about how it is or isn't like their ideas of spirits and elementals. Finally, Scar had to put an end to the talk or they'd be there forever. Cerul conceded defeat, if left to it, he could talk to the new humans for days. But, their Knight's still in hiding probably want to get back home at some point.
Oscar spoke up, “I'm still trying to wrap my head around an entire village of people our size out here.”
Cerul and Scar looked at each other, considering but deciding against it for the moment.
“We would invite you all in, but I'm afraid our citizens might be a bit overwhelmed with so many new people.” Cerul said diplomatically. “Perhaps if you come again, we could show you around.”
Oscar waved his hands in front of himself. “That's ok! I'm good... this is already, uhmmm. Not to be rude! But this is more people then I see in... well, ever. I'll be fine here. Or home. Home's better.” He mumbled, wringing his hands on his simple clothes. Reminding him of something they'd talked about earlier. “Oh! Uh, Sam?” He looked up at the human who leaned in closer to hear the timid voice clearer. Oscar shrank back a little before finding his courage again to address such a huge giant. “The armor? We need to uh, Bowman said...” He stammered trying to find the best way of saying, hand over the silver. Without being bossy about it.
Thankfully Sam got the basic idea and pulled out the silver plates and tiny bent sheets along with the sword and knife. Oscar still had a sliver of one knife that he held in a very loose grip so they wouldn't think he was threatening them with the tiny shard. Sam placed it in front of Oscar who then handed over to Cerul. “These are a thank you. From us for helping out our friend. I feel responsible for this because I was the one that intruded into their room first. I hope the metal helps.” He was able to say without stuttering or shaking too much. Hoping that with their expertise, they could form them into proper swords and knives. He would have handed it to Scar directly but he was quite imposing. Cerul felt Oscar's fears and casually handed it over to his friend. Grinning appreciatively at Oscar for the generous gift.
“These are amazing.” Scar said, holding them up to the light. “It would have taken years to smelt this much metal from rock.” Handling the crude sword. It was far heavier then what he was used to, and he knew it could be remelted into a better shape. Putting it to good use. Probably making even three smaller thinner swords from this one piece of metal. “We could make at least two dozen very fine blades from all of this metal.” Looking up to Oscar with a wide grin. “Thank you Sir Knight.” Bowing down to Oscar who went wide eyed and red cheeked at all the attention.
“No..n-no problem. G-glad to help!” He stuttered out and fingered at the buttons and straps. “Could you use these too?” He slipped off his button armor and got some impressed sounds from the others, shedding them eagerly now that he knew that these people could use them more then him. Buttons were actually easier to find since people were always loosing them in the rooms. Overstuffed bagged luggage popping the buttons, or from old worn shirts. Oddly enough, they were never in short supply. “They could be melted into other things... I find many uses for them just like they are.”
Sam had met sprites before in his own world, dealing with a Lich and zombie wolves, so he knew all about Wellwood and it's inhabitants. He didn't mention his previous visit because they were already tense about strangers and might get the wrong idea. That he had been some kind of spy. So he kept it to himself, and knew that since they were so isolated out here, that they hadn't been exposed to too many human inventions. Only what Jacob had shown them. That visit happened in these two worlds, he wondered briefly if Jacob was always destined to meet Bowman and himself, and if the colossal Jacob from the Impala visit would even be able to see Bowman in his forest. A spike of fear at the idea that that was Bowman's forest the giant was stomping though.
Sam shook out the thought. It might not have been... he hoped. Coming back to the conversation since that Cerul guy was giving him some serious stares. Right. Empath. Can sense he's worried about something so he goes right back to explaining what these round disks are with holes in them. Handing over one of the buttons Oscar had shed while his mind was worlds away. Sam informed, “These are called buttons, humans use them to close their clothes.” Pointing up at Sam's flannel over shirt that hung open. “Well, usually. I know some people back home that use them as wheels to help move things. Sturdier and smoother then ones we made ourselves out of wood.”
At seeing how much the sprites oohed and awwed at Oscar's small amount of silver and hearing how much the metal would help with defensive weapons, he wanted to assist as well. They healed his brother for crying out loud. Brought him back from near death! He owes them everything. Sam used a discrete finger to get the head sprite's attention. Cerul flew up and landed on Sam's shoulder, and that would never be normal for either of them, to help keep this chat somewhat private while Castiel talked to Scar about what chemicals can be found in nature and what they can be used for. Sam whispered out of range of the ones still on the ground. “I have some change in my pocket I'd like to give you too, but I don't want to steal Oscar's thunder.”
“You can harness thunder?” Cerul stepped back and gaped at that bold proclamation.
Sam gave a surprised snort. “Figure of speech.” And dug around his pocket, waiting for the ones on the ground to all look away before opening up his hand and showing off the handful of nickles, quarters and pennies. “The silver is better, can be used against were's of all kinds and other monsters. These are just regular coins. Sam can tell you what each ones made of, I hope they help.” And being careful not to make the change clink against each other too much, he put the handful of coins at the base of the tree he was sitting against, winking at Cerul who was at a loss for words before composing himself and gave a deep respectful bow.
“Wellwood is grateful to you.”
“I'd totally give more if I had it. I don't think Cas has any metal to speak of.” He didn't mention the ring of keys to the Impala. They needed those. Even if the car's door led to a land of giants at the moment... Eventually, they'll be able to drive baby again.
“That's more then enough. We would have helped anyway. Sam is an honorable Knight, as are you.”
Sam rolled his eyes at that and Cerul gave a stern look. “You doubt your own self worth.” He stated. Sighing. What is it with Sam's (plural). Looking down at the others from his shoulder perch. “You are all honorable, brave warriors. You deserve good things.” He said and flew back down before Sam could protest the statement.
The sun was setting and everyone had a long trek home. So Sam stood up to his impressive six foot four inch height and popped his back against the tree he'd leaned against. He hid a grin at the murmurs all around them from the circle of Knight's that would surely split up to make sure that these guests made it safely back to the gate. Sam and Bowman debated if they wanted to say their goodbyes here or at the gate. They had traveled far that day but what's one more trip? How often do they get visitors here? Besides, they never did get around to reading that sign on the other side or inspecting their section for weak spots like they were supposed to. So Knight Sam prepared his glider, aiming towards the gate again. Sam offered to be a drop off platform once again and got the city boys back into his shirt pocket. Cas threw on his trench coat instead of having to carry it. Having both humans standing made Cerul and Scar feel slightly intimidated when they remained standing on the ground so they took to the air and hovered around the human's heads.
Dean dismissed the offer for his mate to carry him back, stretching out his wings and his fully healed legs. Completely ready for round two. 'Sammy.' He chirped upwards, 'Gonna show little Sammy how it's done.' Was all the warning anyone got when the Drauglin took off on a run, flying in a wide loop around the clearing and Bowman took off after, laughing at finally having some worthy competition. Now that Dean didn't have to worry about passengers, he was able to flip upside down and around as well. The dragon was much larger then the sprites, and the wingspan stretched far wider, but he was no match for Bowman's speed or accuracy. Teaching the dragon a few tricks while Sam got to his glider in a hurry, waving for the human to get him up into the air before he was left behind. Human Sam bent down and lifted up the Knight as high as he could and got twin shocked expressions from the Lords at the swiftness of it all, and trust that the Knight had in his human counterpart.
“Go Sam!” Sam shouted and with his large thumbs on the sturdiest parts of the glider, he shot Sam forward to give him that needed boost of speed. The glider hovered and wobbled at the unexpected launch but Bowman was right there a second later to hoist his older brother back up into the right air-stream. Dean was flapping hard to get underneath him to glide at the same pace, forming a mirror image like Sam was going over a lake.
Scar and Cerul looked on in amusement. Scar spoke up to the ones within hearing range, “May the Spirit smile on your journey.”
Castiel bowed his head respectfully and said, “And you as well.” Because he had no idea what was acceptable for a parting phrase but that seemed alright as the two Lords turned and left, taking with them an impressive amount of knights who appeared out of the woods and all flew in silent rank. Cas's eyes boggled at the discipline and number of them. Grateful it never came to a fight because they obviously had the advantage. He pat Sam's shoulder who turned as well but they were all gone. Every green soldier dissipated entirely into the woods. “Let's go home.”
“Right.” Sam agreed.
Rischa giggled and played tag with her brothers and Dean, as Sam and Cas started walking, watching and enjoying Dean having fun with people closer to his size and showing him the ropes on how to fly. After they were tuckered out and panting from races and agility tests, Sam landed the glider and noticed that they were already nearly at the fence. Sam lifted up his shorter self, glider and all and carried him along while Bowman landed on the shoulder. Castiel bent over to pick up Dean and carried him in his arms as they headed home. Dean was panting but grinning sidefan ear to sidefan ear. Happy to be healthy and to head back home.
They reached the gate and had to make their goodbyes quick so Sam, Bowman and Rischa could make it home before it was too dark to see. It would be too dangerous to try flying at night, attracting owls and night predators. Thankfully, resting on the humans gave them their strength back for the trip home. And they could tell that they weren't truly alone when Sam spotted a few of his fellow Knights still in hiding. The sun was lower then expected so he'll have to come back later to do his inspection, if it hadn't already been done by the other Knights.
Sam was carefully launched back into the air now that he was rested, and looped around in the glider, clearly sad to see Dean go, even if it wasn't his Dean. At least they got to spend some time with one version. He hoped to see his brother again. He waved them goodbye as he angled the glider back to Wellwood. Bowman gave the giant Sam one last teasing tug of his long hair before heading back as well.
“Don't be strangers!” He called back but they all knew it likely wouldn't happen. It couldn't be helped. None of them would see each other again once they got the alternate reality portal thing sorted out. This time spent was fun while it lasted.
Sam stepped towards the fence and before he even got there, felt the air shifting around him, getting cooler out. Two steps for him were all it took to pass through the invisible portal, and run right into the short fence that belonged to the playground, opening it up and leaving the fenced in area of the dog park, turning just in time to watch Castiel and Dean pass through a few seconds later, holding the short gate open for them. Sam closed it firmly and looked back into the lightly wooded area. Kicking himself for not showing Sam Vellum tracks that whole time. Shaking his head in disbelief. Well, he could just try again with some trees that did not have any kind of gate or door or pathway leading to them. Avoiding the alternate universe where they are all some kind of animals or something.
Castiel heard some children playing at the park close-by and realized that it was still daylight out, a few hours had passed in 2017. Concurrent to the time spent in that other world. He wondered if it was the same for the Wellwood residents after they'd left. If that world had reset back to the moment before Sam and he intruded into it. If that was the case, those sprites wouldn't even know they'd been there at all. Forgetting now that they're gone. It was a sobering and sad thought. He wasn't about to go back to see if the idea was right or wrong. It might just lead them to some other world, or have negative consequences. It wasn't worth the dangerous risk. Even though Castiel was still buzzing with all new questions, he kept them mostly to himself, holding Dean closer to his belly, covering with the coat, to keep the chill off of him.
Sam led the way back to the motel, tired and hungry. Sure that Cas and Dean were the same. They'd need a good meal in them before they tried any more alternate universe hopping. After all, the day's not over yet, they still need to find the Knights Inn.

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Yay! Dean is better! And we've finally cleared up the kidnapping thing (took them long enough). 

Aww, Dean giving Sprite Sam a ride. How fun! And Rischa is as adorable as ever!
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I liked the flying and goofing around. needed a bit of fun in this piece!