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Chapter Ten:
You'll Forget About Me After I've Been Gone

Bowman took the lead after getting the go ahead from Lord Scar, since the humans had already met him and trust him. None of the sprites wanted the group at the clearing to feel like this was a trap. Even if they appear to have prepared an ambush for them... Bowman put out a little extra burst of speed and saw the Knights circle around in the thick foliage. Worrying his lower lip if they were discovered and the humans thought the worst. The gravity of this meeting hitting home as he broke through the thick leaves and looped around the clearing, circling everyone and making sure that they too weren't hiding anything before his cousin and the Lords came out. Glad that his brother was alright, and waving for him to come on down and join them.
When Bowman got closer and landed a few feet away, between the two small groups. He gave a respectful nod to the humans then the sprite sized people. “Spirit shine upon you.” He started with the formal greeting since the Lords were watching and listening in and he didn't want to seem rude. Bowman was going for the most diplomatic voice he could muster and got a head tilt from Castiel and dead silence from the others. “I have brought two of our most respected an noble Lords to assist you this day.”
“Bowman? What the Spirits dance are you...” Sam started to ask but saw Lord's Cerul and Scar fly in with Rischa at Cerul's other side. He stood up straight and brushed off his outfit quickly. Bowing deeply towards them.
The amount of pomp and circumstance these two were displaying for the newcomers had Sam and Cas straighten up as well, even if it made them even taller sitting there on the ground. Oscar and Sam saw everyone else doing it, so they did likewise. Oscar had never met a noble Lord before and was nervous for the first meeting. His friend staying close by for moral support.
Cerul was nearly beaming. Already sensing out everyone here and the nervousness at their arrival. The honest desire to impress, and the care taken on their part not to insult them. He flew closer and Scar was just a hairs breath behind, landing at the same time. Rischa landed behind Bowman, peering past his wings shyly at so many new people. New feelings coming at her from foreign minds. Everyone keeping at least one eye on the two humans. Bowman folded his wings a bit more to show her a better sight of them. Patting her side behind him to assure her it was truly alright.
Cerul bowed to the mixed group in return, and Scar just nodded his head for a few seconds.
The Knight hesitated for just a moment before coming forward and greeting them. “Lord Cerul, Lord Scar. This is Sam Winchester, Castiel Novak.” He gestured upwards to the humans who relaxed their posture and waved politely as the Knight went on. “They are from another world, where it is 2017. There are many other differences that we were just discussing.” Sam said and turned to the other one his size. “And this is also Sam Winchester and Oscar. They are from a different world entirely, and it is 2006 for them.” The other Sam waved and Oscar swallowed hard and lifted a hand for a fraction of a second before disappearing behind his friend's back again.
Cerul felt the fear coming from Oscar but quickly understood, this was a common thing for him to feel, so he didn't take offense. He knew that this was all very very new for him in particular, so made it a point to nudge his fellow Lord into toning down the stoic guardian warrior, a little with just a few imploring looks exchanged between them.
Scar sighed under his breath and made an effort to smile widely at everyone. Lips pulled back to show all of his friendly teeth.
It terrified his young Knight, Sam and younger Patrol sprite, Bowman. Usually Lord Scar would only smile like that in battling a formidable enemy. Relishing a good challenge to hone his impressive skills. “There is no reason to fight these people!” Sam blurted out and caught himself. “They came here for help. I was hoping we could lend them some of the spirits healing strength for... for Dean.” Sam said and turned to the side to indicate that they could follow him closer.
Cerul shot a scolding look at Scar for going overboard and Scar shrugged back, putting on his neutral, vaguely disapproving, expression again.
Cerul spoke up. “We know, Sam. Bowman filled us in. Let's see what we are dealing with.” And started forward with a casual gait, patting his brave Knight's shoulder as he passed.
His kind and blunt words and actions helped relax everyone. Cas unfolded the shirt nest to expose more of Dean's body to the shorter people. Gingerly lifting him up and setting him down again on the trench coat that was covering the ground. The Lords looked down questioningly at the tan fabric and stepped on, sinking a little into it because it was being partially supported by grass. It made Scar stumble, expecting a solid surface. Rischa dove right on. Giggling at the slight bounce in every step, wings fanning to keep her balance on it. Bowman wrapped an arm and wing around her to keep her from darting ahead of the Lords. Sometimes she acted just like a curl winged nestling.
Dean whined through gritted teeth when he was moved before pursing his thin lips together. Breathing out of his nose to keep himself quiet and shifting into a better position. Wings trembled and fanned out to lessen the weight on his sides. Getting rid of the slight heaviness around his ribs. He was breathing even harsher now then before Bowman left, and his eyes less focused in just that short time.
The Lords came within a foot of Dean who's nose started twitching, inhaling and sniffing at the air. 'Whole salad bar.' He huffed a laugh that turned into a harsh cough, angling his head away to keep his flammable spray away from the short people. The coughing turning even more violent, wracking his already hurt body with the full throated hacks. A short flame burst out when his sparker teeth accidentally clacked hard together, and everyone jumped back, Scared. Another short fireball burst followed right after with the harsh coughs. Dissipating before it settled anywhere to do any damage, but it still terrified all of the short people that had no idea Dean could do that!
Oscar tripped over himself to get away and Sam nearly joined his friend. The Knight went for his sword on instinct, grabbing the hilt only, keeping it sheathed as his eyes were still trained on Dean's smoking mouth. The stench of smoke in the air wafted around them.
Scar raised up his hand high and Bowman darted a frightened look all around them.
“Don't!” Bowman shouted in panic. “I don't think he wanted to do that!” He didn't think, he just spread his leafy wings wide to block Scar's view of Dean protectively.
Castiel noticed slight movements to his left, a tiny glint of light reflecting off of something in there. Eyes going wide when he saw a different sprite holding out a sword in front of herself. He brought his hands down around Dean who had just worked the coughing fit out of his system before being covered up by two huge hands. Cas's eyes darted all around at more glints of metal swords. They were surrounded. “This was a trick?” Castiel looked down at the group on the ground. He turned to his friend. “Sam, they're all around us.” He frowned, brows lowering. “You brought them here to attack in an ambush?” He aimed his ire at Bowman who shot his hands up.
“No! We just... it's!” He stammered. It was not his place to question the Lord's decisions. He could feel the peaceful meeting turning south in a hurry if they didn't say or do something right now. Turning to his leaders, “He didn't mean to!” He gestured to Dean while speaking to Scar. Hoping that it really was an accident. Bowman could bop those stupid humans! They could have warned him that Dean can make fire out of his mouth! That should have been one of the first things disclosed!
“We trusted you.” The human Sam leaned over towards Dean. Hands going to large fists on the ground. Oscar and Sam didn't know what to do, side with the sprites or with Sam and Castiel who never said anything about Dean being able to set things on fire. What else did they lie about? Keep hidden. Both of them looking up and around at all of the tense faces. A fight itching to start.
Lord Scar still had his hand up. But the way that human was speaking... they had not been readying for a fight? The one Bowman called Dean was clearly sick and in great pain. The fire probably was an accident for its kind. Who here could control a cough or sneeze? If Dean intended harm on anyone, he could have just left his head laying down facing the sprites instead of turning the coughs away.
Rischa was just as scared as everyone else, hugging tightly to Bowman's side as his wings were still raised, blocking Dean from what he perceived as an enemy. That gave Scar pause. Bowman was clearly not wanting to fight Scar, but also not wanting Scar to fight Dean or the others. Cerul was just as tense as he was but it was due to what could happen in the next few seconds if this escalated unjustly. At the moment, everyone was silently waiting for someone to make the first move. Lord Scar looked all around at his circle of men. All were poised and ready, eyes on him for the command to start. The humans did not move besides turning to face their potential attackers. The human Sam brought over his hand to block the small Sam and Oscar from view as well. Keeping them from being attacked, without grabbing them in a fist. Using his hand as a shield instead of a weapon.
“Scar.” Cerul said quietly and the other Lord got the subtle meaning loud and clear. Scar raised his other hand and with deliberate clear movements, gave the signal to stand down again. All of his Knight's put their swords down and away, hovering in place.
Scar stared at the monster who was whining and moaning even more now. From this distance away he could see the small drops of blood that had sprayed out of the mouth onto the tan fabric below. The coughing fit must have hurt with the addition of that strange fire. Wondering why it's own fire injured it. “Explain what happened.” He said loudly in a stern voice.
Castiel refused to remove his hands from Dean who wasn't complaining about the warm safe cave. Dean's nose was plugging up with all of the mucus and some blood, but he could still tell that everyone was anxious and angry. It killed him to know that he was the cause of it, but could do nothing to stop it. It hurt to do anything in any case. Even thinking hurt his throbbing head so he let Cas take care of him. Trusting him and his brother with his life.
Sam cleared his throat, and saw all of the small people look at him expectantly. Even the little borrowers were looking scared as hell from Dean's tiny fireball. Sam kept his voice calm, “Dean is a Drauglin. Where I come from, we come from,” He gestured to Cas and Dean as well, “They are generally called dragons. Our society and world thinks that dragons don't exist in anything but fairy tailes. However, they do live and breath, humans made them out to be evil monsters but they are anything but. They are intelligent. Usually peaceful.”
“Usually.” Scar narrowed his eyes, fingers tapping on his sword handle.
“Yeah. Like in any group, there's good eggs and bad ones.” The terminology made them confused so he clarified. “Just like how not all people are good, not all dragons are, but in their case, all of them were judged on the bad ones. They were and are still being hunted down by Hunters, and punished for the acts of a few. There are rampant misunderstandings about their roles in nature. They are actually caretakers of the wild. Different kinds of Drauglin's evolved for different locations. From what we've learned, is that there's some that live in the ocean, making sure there isn't one overpopulated group decimating their food stores. There are some that live in the mountains, the deserts, the valleys, and those like him, are ones that live in the forests that make sure that predator and prey populations of animals are balanced. Not only that, but help stabilize environments.” Sam explained and was glad that he had everyone's ear. That the general mood was calming down. “He can set things on fire, that's true, but this time it was an accident. He sometimes grinds his sparker teeth when he sneezes, or in this case, coughs too harshly. He can usually control it. If he wasn't so weak, and something caught on fire, he could put it out before it does any real harm. But, that's uh. That's when he's his natural size. We had to shrink him down from 30 feet tall, to this size so we could transport and hide him easier. Since his skin is thinner, he hurt himself by causing that little fireball. It burned his mouth.” Sam was depressed that on top of everything, Dean had to deal with burns. He and Cas slowly uncovered Dean with the tempers calming.
Cas picked up the explanation next. “This specie of Drauglin produces flames because some old growth forests need fire to take down the elder trees that had gotten too large or diseased, making way for new healthy trees to take it's place. Pine cones need excessive heat to open up the seeds and the ash created from the burnt trees gives them nutrients. Your forest is old, but it's still good for another few hundred years before it needs resetting.” Cas noted, looking up and around if they were worried Dean was here to burn it down around them. “Drauglin's only take care of their own sections. And do not destroy needlessly. They need these natural defenses because sometimes, there is an overpopulation of predators in an area that lacks their own natural enemies. Bears for example. These creatures evolved to be able to take out anything harmful to their woods. Anything threatening to upset the balance. Sometimes the threats includes monsters that go after humans.” Castiel was glad to see that apparently the Knight Sam knew about monsters and he'd shared that information to the leaders he'd brought here. Giving common ground. “Not all Drauglin's are born of Drauglin's. Since they are so rare, the females are able to make new offspring by swallowing an animal whole and alive, laying an egg with her genetic makeup mixed with the new. This is why Dean looks the way he does. His Drauglin mother, for lack of a better term, looked very similar but she was midnight black and sleeker. Dean had freckles and was Caucasian like us, and had green eyes and bowlegs. I know you can't tell from him laying down, but he kept the bowlegs.” Cas found himself rambling, turning to Sam.
“Dean and I are monster Hunters, and we were on a hunt for what we thought was a vellum – a nasty monster that kills anything in its territory, but it turned out to be the black Drauglin. I was ignorant of the Dragulin's role and took out her nest. She saw it was a total lose so she took Dean instead to start anew. I only saw a monster and I regret every single one of my actions that day. Our old friend Bobby and I found Dean again but it was too late, he was a toddler Drauglin back then, about the same size as a small horse.” Seeing the confused expressions. “Right, you don't have horses. Uh, a large buck. Four feet tall at the shoulder. Anyway. We brought him home, started to raise him but he was kidnapped, tortured and nearly killed several times over. We were able to rescue him from a cage, from people that wanted to kill him for study, and been on the run since. We stopped at a hotel and something happened overnight. Now, any doorway, or gate, we go through, apparently leads to another world. Like yours for example, and theirs.” He gestured down at Sam and Oscar who had heard this story before and their feelings on it helped Cerul and Rischa believe and sympathize. They could also tell that this wasn't the first time Sam had to explain things out but it was their first time hearing it and were glad for it.
The voice rumbled on, “So, Dean found their world first, and thought that Sam here was in trouble and brought him to our room. He had been injured on the way there when some plaster rocks fell on him, aggravating an old wound into bleeding. He was never in top shape since we escaped with him from the cage. I'm scared he's...” Sam trailed off, clearing his throat and going back to his story. “Oscar came to fight him to get his little friend back, but well, fighting is not necessary.” Sam winked at Oscar who was blushing like mad. “I was talking with Sam after visiting several other worlds where we met other versions of ourselves and other versions of Dean. Giants, tinies and us when we were kids but Dean was the shrunken one. Every world so far centered around my brother and me. I never intended to come here, I was going to show Sam here what vellum tracks look like, how to see clues of their presence so he could learn to find them in his world. When I walked us through a short fence to a lightly wooded dog park, and wound up here instead. Cas followed with Oscar and Dean right after. And I assure you, we can leave the same way. We did not mean to barge in on your world. But, now that we're here...” Sam glanced down to the Knight and Bowman to help him out.
“Like we said,” The Knight turned back Cerul and Rischa. “He really needs your help.”
Rischa had tears in her eyes. Feeling the pain the two humans and especially Dean were experiencing. Reliving their story. She pushed Bowman from his blocking her, and ran to Dean's side. Hands laying flat on his neck. Dean startled at the sudden contact and turned his head to see.
Bowman had been hot on her heels with the Lords following right after, shocked into action.
With her hands on Dean she could feel it all. She gasped and the tears flowed harder. Such pain. Torment. She'd never experienced so much in one single body before. She opened her eyes when she felt Bowman's hands on her own shoulders realizing that she was hugging the wide neck, half curled into Dean. Cerul was there and laid a hand on Dean's wing shoulder next. He too felt almost overwhelmed. Surprised that this Dean wasn't screaming from the intense pain. He was holding it all in, using all his strength to keep it from showing. His other hand landed on the skin just above the bandage around the foreleg. A soft glow emanating from under his hands that spread under the scaled skin.
Dean whimpered, starting to thrash weakly away from them, away from the strange feelings, but Cas lowered his hand to keep the large brown wings from knocking anyone over. Finally he let out a yowl the same time that the veins lit up under his skin and flesh.
Sam leaned over him as well, casting everyone in shadow. His hand came down in front of Dean's muzzle. “Bite down on this, Dean.” He urged and brushed his finger against Dean's nose and winced as the sharp teeth clamped down around the finger, drawing a small amount of blood. It helped transfer some of Dean's pain into Sam. “That's good. You're doing good, Dean.” He assured, using his other fingers to stroke along his neck, but keeping free of the sprites that were pouring the strange light into him. He could see Dean's veins light up under the scales, trailing up and down the contact points all over his body. Tracing the path to his wings, tail, legs, everywhere. He prayed that they were doing the right thing. That this wasn't some kind of mercy killing he was witnessing them perform.
Bowman was behind his cousin and his brother came up next. Helping her stay on her feet since all her attention was being put into chanting and praying for the Spirit's healing powers. This was far different than healing a fellow sprite or animal. Dean had been through so much, so many different kinds of pain. They could only heal the physical and it was obvious that Birdie was trying to heal the emotional as well.
Cerul felt it too, and slowed his flow to address her, “Rischa.” He said gently, eyes still closed but he faced her. “It's not for us to heal that.”
She nodded a few times and squinted out more tears. “I just wish I...”
“It's alright. We just need to make him well enough to heal on his own.” And lifted a hand to pat her shoulder. She reluctantly pulled back and concentrated on the blood flow. Boosting the body's ability to produce more from the bone marrow. The physiology was similar enough to an animal's so it was easier for her to find Dean's life force and help it along. Surprised to see that Dean wasn't the only one in this body. Another consciousness was rousing. Now that she was pulled away from his emotions, Dean relaxed a little.

Dean felt the intrusion on his mind and memories, and the Drauglin side was starting to stir. Dean found himself somewhat more lucid then before, still in the dream-state but he could now see his Drauglin laying there under the large tree in their shared Dreamscape. The vast land that used to be their combined forest and cabin playground, had been reduced to one small sad scrubby hill, with a single wilting tree. Their shared favorite tree that was where they met to talk or exchange control over the body. Dean was standing there, in his preferred human form, wearing the same clothes he had when he was taken, and walked over to Dane who was his own preferred size of just 15 feet tall instead of the normal size which is far larger. Dean was grateful his Drauglin half was being considerate to appear more approachable this size, even if Dane had been in some kind of coma this whole time since the hotel.
Dean had to go slow, stumbling on the grass and collapsed next to Dane's side. Watching as the tail of his Drauglin side thrash about in the plants behind it. Dean laid a calming hand on Dane's chest next to him, to reassure him. Dane curled his head around his human counterpart and grumbled.
'Dean? That you?' Dane squinted an eye open. Brow furrowed. Everything around them was narrowed down to this one spot, and nearly black and white. Hardly any color at all.
“Yeah, it's just me, Flame brains.” Dean grinned, stroking Dane's foreleg that was injured out in the real world.
'What is going on?' Dane looked up and saw that the sky overhead had arcing streaks of light that glowed like a tree and its numerous thick branches. Not like lightning at all. Hazy around the edges and it pulsed along the same invisible pathways. The forest had been wilting and drab but now started to grow green again.
“I don't know... I think... someone's helping us.” Dean watched the pulse get stronger, feeling the air pick up from its stagnated state to allow a nice breeze. The area sprouted trees again, slow at first, like saplings in spring. The air like a gray fog lifting from their vision to reveal their shared forest. Expanding in every direction. Dean lifted his hands, flexing them into fists and back. “You feeling that too?”
Dane curled his long neck around to see Dean better. Spreading the wing that wasn't up against the tree out to shade Dean. He rumble chirped, 'Yeah. It is... not hurting anymore.' And flexed his left leg out along the ground, his left arm going next. 'Get off of me, you heavy biped.' Dane growled and nipped at Dean's leg for the human to stand.
“Keep your pants on.” Dean grouched but it sounded teasingly enough to the Drauglin.
'I do not wear pants.' Dane chirped and now that Dean was far enough away, he rocked to his stomach from his side, and got his four legs into position. 'I feel like I hadn't stood up correctly in ages.' He admitted and lifted his front half up first, waiting for the pain to spike up his arm but it didn't come. He looked up at the sky and the pulsing light trails were pounding hard now. The yellow light branches mixing with the now bluing sky and turning it into dazzling rays of light. Dane wasted no time in lifting up his hips next and was standing on all fours. Wings had been draped to either side in case he fell, but he was able to lift the wings up and fold them naturally. Towering over Dean who started laughing joyfully. 'Son of a bitch.' Dane breathed.
“You stole my line!” Dean crowed and came forward to hug Dane's chest. His head not even making it to the Drauglin's shoulder but neither cared. Dane brought over his right arm and held the small biped against himself. Bowing his long head and neck down in their version of a hug.
The sky's light show slowed and they both looked up. A rumble of thunder in the blue sky. The pulse familiar now that the light tree had gone from the vibrant blue sky.
Dane turned his head to the side, his side fan ears spreading at the next rumble and looked down to the short biped. 'They're asking for you.'
Dean looked up past Dane's long muzzle and frowned. “But.. are you...?”
'I will be fine.' Dane let go of Dean and sat down again. 'I do not know who is out there, and I think I do not want to know just yet.' He chirped sniffing the air. 'Smells... weird. I do not know what those are, but it is like... plants and earth and people all in one.' Dean furrowed his brow. One of Dean's memories filtered through their shared head and he knew Dean would find it humorous. 'Have fun with Treebeard and the Ents. And make sure they know that we didn't mean to set their kin on fire.' He growled seriously and motioned to the woods around them. 'Good luck.' he chirped playfully, and pushed at Dean's chest with his nose. 'Tell them Thanks, for me.'
“I will.” Dean promised and stepped back from his Drauglin half. “I'll make sure to let them know that it's your fault we can only eat meat. I'm sure those vegetarians will love hearing that!”
'You stupid biped, we share the same body!' Dane called back to Dean's retreating form. 'You eat more meat then I do!'
“What? I can't hear y-” he called back with a smile on his voice till he dissipated backwards out of the Dreamscape and into the waking world.
Dane rolled his eyes before standing to stretch again. Flapping his wide wings in the strong winds that he wanted to face. He bared his teeth at in in glee and took to the sky. Flying hard and fast and crowing with thanks to the helpful beings above.
Nightmares06 made me do it!
They just had to write a couple of lines in 'Garlic and Cold Spots', talking about dressing Dean up as a dragon. Just *had* to do it. Sigh, welp, here's Dean as a dragon in Oscar's hotel, The Knights Inn.

It takes place in my story in chapter 31 for Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights. So Dean is 6 inches tall and injured. But this time, he doesn't stay asleep. Soon as Sam and Bobby drift off, he's wide awake and worrying. He decides to take a walk around the motel room to wear himself out when he sees an impossibly small person slip into the room through the heating vent and steals a couple of peanuts and M&M's from a bag of trail mix. Dean follows the mousy guy out and gets stuck in the walls in a pile of plaster pinning him helplessly down. He fears he's going to die in there when suddenly there's a familiar face walking towards him with mousy guy in tow. It looks like Sam but that's impossible. The guy is 4 inches tall and 10 years younger then he should be, and he doesn't recognize his brother at all.

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'Whole salad bar' oh, Dean XD

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Dean may be near dead, but he is still up for some lame jokes lol.

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