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Inktober 4 2017 Cas Finds Dean At A Pet Store

Poor Dean! Cas! You gotta buy that little guy and get him out of there!

So this is kinda sad and hopeful at the same time. lots of time went into it, and there's a couple hidden things in it that boost up the angst!
I hope y'all like it!

I take requests! someone send me something! cas's face was referenced from a picture i had saved on my computer but now i cant find the source or what episode. anyway he's leaning over like this but in the screenshot he's looking directly at the camera so i had to change his eyeline a bit

If you want to see them all in one place, come on over to Archiveofourown!…
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Save him, Cas, SAVE HIM!! Waaaah!

This needs to be a fic like yesterday. I need a happy ending!
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I'll be putting it in my fic, Soul Survivors in a few chaps. here's the pic colored in :)
The Pet Store by Wolfie180g
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i may have to write this jkaldglaeg
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OMG yes please! You gotta send it to me when it's done! 
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Make me cry. I want tears.
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i'll do my very bestest
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if you write this, you need to call it "a new leash on life"  !!! get it?! get it?! leash!
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........I’m so done XD
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So I'm thinking of incorporating this into soul survivors later on but I still wanna see the story that you come up with! I can't really do it justice lol my story doesn't have room for the full angst. 
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Holy shit the angst in this one! *whispers*the bottom left corner, whyyyyyy

You gotta take him home Cas! The lil guy doesn't deserve this. And find Sammy! 
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Yeah I hear ya about that corner... Water stains are a bitch to get out. And his beer bottle cap has seen better days. 
Oh! You meant the hopeless bleak dispair! Why didn't you say so?

Don't worry about Dean, Cas will have a sweet birdcage for him all ready to go at home! Then he can hunt down Sam to complete the set! Angels all around would love to see the hunters on display! A rare one of a kind find, very very valuable. And together, they're so cute and fiesty too! Sure to be a great conversation starter that's for sure!

( I'm going to hell)
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Ok, now all I can think about is Dean and Sam in one of those cages for like a cockatiel or budgies and Cas trying to be a good smol owner and naming Dean Sam and Sam Dean because that's what they yell at each other all the time, which of course pisses Dean off until he realizes why and then starts screaming his own name so that Cas figures it out. Cas finds out quickly that a bored Dean is a destructive Dean, but also that anything food related will draw his attention, so he gets one of those climbing food things, like the ones for birds that hang on the sides of the cage, and Dean hangs from that shit like a monkey to gnaw on it, while Sam rolls his eyes. Cas also finds out the Dean has an obsession with pie, and will let Cas do pretty much anything as long as he gives Dean some. Sam is a bit harder for Cas to figure out. He's a lot quieter than Dean, and does not have the same fondness for destruction or food, but after Cas sees him running laps around the bottom of the cage, he gets him one of those wheels, kind of like the ones for cats but smaller, so he can run and Sam loves it, even though it's kind of demeaning but it works so well. And Cas finds out that if he doesn't want to have frantic, panicking smols he should not separate the two, ever, so he takes them out of the cage together for the required enrichment time and Sam nearly gives him a heartattack when he starts climbing down shit to explore (but Dean's not having any of that because heights) and Cas ends up realizing that they're spending too much time in the cage so he takes them out more often and then somewhere along the line during these times he finally figures out that Sam and Dean are intelligent and sentient and realizes that he essentially trapped two small people in a cage for however long and is oh so sorry and does his best to make it up to them. But Sam and Dean are pretty chill about it because, yeah it sucks to be treated as a pet but Cas was good to them and never harmed them and they become good friends and shit I should write this. Sorry for word rant XD
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So I'm thinking of incorporating this into soul survivors later on but I still wanna see the story that you come up with! I can't really do it justice lol my story doesn't have room for the full angst. 
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I wish I could write it, but I wasn't kidding about being bogged down with school work. I have several major papers that I need to write before the end of the semester so all of my writing has been focused on that, and the truth is, school is draining the life out of all of my creativity. When I do have the time I don't have the ambition. I'm really sorry, but the chances of me actually getting to write this are pretty much zero, at least while I'm still in school :(
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No worries! I completely understand about school life. It has been since 2002 since I was in college, and I remember being tired all the time. I got this :) and it looks like smolstiel might get a crack at it too, that's why I sent them the same message. I jus love spn g/t! Anywho, I don't want to guilt you into anything at all. I hope you do well in school but mostly I hope you're doing alright yourself! Have a good one! :)
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If smolstiel writes anything we know it's gonna be good XD I only have a semester and a half left and then I'll (hopefully) have my Master's and then be done with school for awhile, maybe then I can get back to writing and my art. If I somehow do get time and ambition to write any spn g/t, you can bet you'll be one if the first to know ;)
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Yey! Stay in school kids lol. I didn't even start writing until 07, which is years and years after school but I learned how to write from there. I was jus busy with other art forms. I do nearly every kind of art and each one usually takes me awhile to get sick of it and move on.
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if you write this, you need to call it, "a new leash on life."  get it?! leash!
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I've read this several times and I recommend it for the accuracy of having bitty humans as pets to things that can't understand them. When it gets to chapter 8, read the first of rescue, then I believe the two stories go concurrently. It's still being written so I check back often :)
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Yeah, I've read this as well and I really enjoyed it!
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Never apologize for greatness! And yes you need to write this! Every pet aspect possible! Going to the vet, taking them for walks on a leash in a backyard, play dates with other tinies. Giving them tidbits for doing tricks... Everything!!
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We'll have to see if I ever get time to do so XD
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