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Inktober 3 2017 tiny Dean's messed up hair

Inktober 3 comes from a future Brothers Apart Au with tiny Dean getting his spikes all out of whack.

This Dean belongs to Nightmares06

I can't reveal who the hand belongs to but I can say that Dean was drunk at the time. :)

If you want to see them all in one place, come on over to Archiveofourown!…
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Lol something tells me Dean is gonna be pissed after he gets over that surprise XD

His spikes though, and I freakin love that perspective!
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I think a good deal of inktober is going to be great... For reasons.
Or scenes from my fanfics. Which is generally gt as well!!
And, yeah, Dean isn't too pleased with the sneak attack. The other pics are for nightmares06 in exchange for a bit more fanfic with dragon sleeps tonight. :D I can't wait! But it'll be up to her when it's revealed since it's for an upcoming story. Might be considered spoilers? 
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XD I'd do inktober but I don't have the time, bit I'm super excited for your drawings! And any gt or scenes from your fics are going to be awesome ;) I'm excited for the next part of The Dragon Sleeps Tonight! That's a cool trade to do! And i guess it could be considered spoilers lol
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I will try my best! so far this inktober has got sooo many new ideas for drawings just coming out of the woodwork! I think you might like the one for the fourth :) There's no real story for it, if someone wants to give it a go sometime? (whistles innocently)
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I can't wait to see it then! And if I had the time I would totally write stories for your drawings, but as it is I have four papers I need to write (and haven't started on because I haven't had time) and need to work on my thesis :( School sucks. 
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DAWWWWW im loving your inktober already sdjfla
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Thanks! It's going to be mostly gt or scenes from my fanfics. Would you like to request something spn ?
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omg i can request something??? ajsdglaslg

honestly all your spn stuff makes me happy, but if you could do a scene from Brothers Transposed it would make my month like the yawn scene

or anything vorish/mouthplay of course, you know that's me always lol
Wolfie180g's avatar
Yeah, not a problem. I jus have to reference some open mouth pics cause I usually suck at them if it's from memory. 
smolstiel's avatar
same. i can do people from memory, but specifics like mouths and hands are hard. 
Wolfie180g's avatar
I used to really suck at drawing people but I think I got a bit better. I just can't put the parts all together on one body an have it proportionate. Arms are never long enough and I never know where to put them! So a lot of them end up with folded arms! Lol
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Great perspective!
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thanks! I wish I didn't shade the underside of the thumb quite so much, does it look weird? These things happen when you're dealing with ink!
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You're welcome!
I think it's fine how it is right now! In my opinion it doesn't look weird at all! :)
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