Dragon!Dean is still scared of Heights! Ch 31 pt 1

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Chapter 31
The Renegade in the Sticks

“Ok, good news, bad news.” Bobby informed as he got another text. The others were silent, not sure which one they'd want to hear first.
Rufus and Sam were with him next to the Impala, while Cas, Balth, and Dean were driving around in Rufus's truck, trying to find the hotel that must be in the small town. Rufus's memory of this town had changed since the last time he went through. Their cell phones wifi was spotty at best so they couldn't just do an internet search. They doubted a town this small would even have their motel listed online. At the moment, they'd be satisfied with a run down roach motel. Rufus vetoed the idea of camping out in the woods again for a number of reasons. First one being that, he just didn't want to. And rather then split up the group for the night or argue the matter, Balth volunteered his services for bed hunting, and Cas and Dean wanted to tag along for the hell of it.
In reality, Dean felt a pull to the woods, he remembered hating camping when he was still human, too much like the training days his father forced on him and Sam when they were barely double digits. But now, the woods had their own charm. He couldn't pinpoint why, probably something in his new body's nature. He tried not to over think it. If he stayed too long in the woods, he was worried he'd loose himself over to Dane. Who wasn't all that bad per say, but he liked being the one in charge of the body. Dane didn't comment on the matter, and no one had heard from the hybrid for days. It was starting to look like that side was gone. For how long, or if for good, no one knew.
While the Drauglin side was more comfortable in the woods, Dean's human side had been bored to death of sitting and listening to Bobby talking to a half dozen hunters on the phone. He still felt very wary about other hunters knowing about him and inexplicably, his Drauglin mother. He wants to protect her, Cricket, but also, Dane. They didn't ask to be what they were, and he wondered if that thing Bobby was going on about earlier would affect Dane as badly as well. Dean shivered. That 'Plan D' of Bobby's was a hell of a thing that he was all to happy to shove aside for the time being until he had a moment to really think about it. There was no rush to decide, but he did give the tentative answer of 'yes', but only if that was the very last time they could discuss the matter. After-all, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow.
Thankfully, hunting down motels in small towns was a talent that Dean never lost, and helped Balth and Cas suss out a decent one, and then helped them pick out the right rooms to use. 'Ground floor, farthest from the manager's office, quickest access to where we're going to park.'
Castiel translated and Balthazar was sent in to book two rooms, four queen beds and a cot. There were just too many of them for one room and booking three rooms would attract more attention. It was likely that one of the hunters would take a watch at a time, so the cot was partly just for show.
“How are you holding up, Dean?”
'Awesome.' Dean mumbled.
“What's the matter?”
'Nothing... just what Bobby was talking about. Something that I hope we wont have to worry about.' he looked up at Cas's concerned face hovering overhead and waved his good hand dismissively towards the topic. 'Nothing to worry about yet. I'm so tired right now, otherwise I'd lay it all on you. But honestly, I don't really wanna think about it.' Dean sighed heavily and patted Castiel's hand that was acting as a protective wall.
“Ok, Dean.” Castiel said quietly. His curiosity burned but he knew that it was up to Dean to tell him when he wanted to, pushing might make his boyfriend clam up entirely. His nerves were eased a little bit, knowing that Dean will most likely talk about it in the morning, and that it wasn't that bad if Dean was acting this nonchalant about it. His feelings were muted, most likely due to exhaustion. He was still injured and recovering must take a lot out of him, even if the medicinal cream was helping him heal faster. It's still Dean's body doing most of the work, but now it's being forced to do it faster then nature intended. “Rest.”
Dean yawned and rumbled, 'Don't have to tell me twice.' and settled back down, enveloped almost entirely by the Henley shirt nest and Castiel's soothingly warm hands. If he were more alert, he'd be aware of the fact that Cas was stroking his wings very carefully and slowly, massaging the muscles along his spine and then down to his tail. It felt amazing and he was asleep before Balthazar came back to the truck with two motel keys in hand.
Cas freed one of his hands and texted the others the motel's address and where their rooms were so that they could park the much more recognizable Impala in the back. They showed up less then ten minutes later with thoughtful expressions.
“What's going on?”
“Best discussed inside, where are the rooms?” Bobby asked, already headed to the trunk to grab a few things.
“13 and 14, this way.” Balthazar said and opened up the two doors for the gear laden hunters. Cas waited just long enough for the 'ok' signal for he and Dean to enter. Cas cradled Dean close to his chest and used his trench coat to hide him better, glancing nervously left and right as if the enemy was waiting for that moment to strike.
He claimed the bed furthest from the door and situated Dean's shirt-nest close to the headboard. “Nice room for the price.” he commented, nearly everything a shade of avocado or orange, a simple bathroom, with a tiny tub he noticed now that he entered the small room, and complementary shampoo, conditioner, body wash and note saying that they will have to call room service for no more then three towels, or other amenities. “Must have had problems with people stealing towels.” he read more, “They require that all towels be placed in the laundry chute before we leave, otherwise they,” at this, Cas nearly laughed, “they actually call the cops. For towels.” Castiel turned the card over, “More information on rules and regulations.”
“Pity, I was going to add to my extensive skevy motel towel collection.”
“I’d laugh, but I’m pretty sure you're not joking.” Sam said dryly and got a wink from Balthazar for that.
“I actually tell the truth quite a lot, people just don't believe me.” he gestured to himself, “Conspiracy theorist. Why wouldn't they believe me?”
“Alright kids, we got everything? Salt and cat's eye shells at the openings?” Bobby asked, using a grease pen to make a few temporary protection wards over the door and window. Keeping out the supernatural, one of the humans would have to break it to let Dean out again, for now, he's stuck in the room.
“Just about...” Sam said from his position at the window, adding his own sigils to ward off evil intent. It wasn't a 'cure all' sigil, just one to keep out those that intend extreme bodily harm. There should be no reason for one of their own to want to hurt any of their group, so it was aimed at anyone outside of their group wanting in. Of course, the backfire situation is, is that they wouldn't be able to harm the enemy either. If someone was simply stealing from them, they couldn't act with violence unless the sigil was broken by someone else that was non-violent at the moment. Sam looked over their group and explained it to them, knowing that Balth was most likely the most pacifist one among them, asked him to destroy it if shit went down.
“Proud to be of service.” Balthazar grinned and bowed slightly.
Once everything was settled, they stayed in the room that Balthazar, Castiel, and Rufus would be staying in. Sam and Bobby in the other room. Dean could choose for himself which room to bunk in, since he's small enough to fit on a table or nightstand and still have plenty of room in his nest. Even though Cas wanted Dean to sleep on his bed, he knew that it would be just too dangerous, like before. He could see that Sam and Bobby also wanted to spend some time with Dean, and rightly so, so he wouldn't put up any protest if Sam or Bobby took Dean to their room for the night. Cas had enough time with him as it was, and the others might like to hang out like old time's sake. His and Balth's chat in the woods helped clear Castiel's mind a little, how he was getting jealous to the point of panic attack for Bobby just wanting to chat with Dean in private. Cas knows that if he doesn't loosen his grip on Dean now, he'll just end up upset whenever Dean wants to spend time with his family. Maybe even resenting Cas for keeping him away from them. Castiel knew that it should start tonight, he will simply hand Dean over to Sam without a word so there's no drama or inner debate with himself. Baby steps. He can be close and intimate with Dean, but that's only if Dean's ok with it. Not guilt-ed into staying, or anything like that.
Castiel wondered, not for the first or last time, if he'd be feeling like this if they didn't do the communication spell. The best way to lessen it's effects would be to insist that Dean stays in the other room, at least for that night. Clearing his head. Besides, it's not like they can do any hanky panky with Rufus in the same room... Rufus is the one that will be staying up most of the night anyhow so sneaking around wouldn't work at all.
Since Bobby was up most of the night along with Sam, Rufus was the hunter to take the first watch. All that coffee he drank is still buzzing in his system and despite driving all day, he knew he'd be awake half the night anyway so might as well take first watch. Rufus's cot was set up at the only free space in the room, close to the door and kitchen area. He hunkered down and cursed out anyone that implied that he couldn't be on his toes while propping said toes up.
Sam noticed the empty space and settled down next to Dean, checking up on his brother since it seems as though Castiel barely let him out of his sight. He had started getting worried that they are getting too close, distracted with each other. He knows that being close isn't a bad thing, especially since Dean is basically helpless like that, but he also knows that getting attached that much can cripple someone in battle. Cas needs to be able to fight and not worry about if Dean is safe because if he splits his attention then neither of them will make it. Dean already knows what his limits are, and that his best chance of survival if they're ambushed that badly again is to hide, fly, or run, and let the others handle it. Dean wouldn't like it, but he'll have to do it.
Bobby was on the other bed with Cas and Balth sitting on the other side. Sam noticed Cas send some quick glances at his tiny brother, but not as much as before. Sam wasn't sure if Cas could have put Dean out of his mind for five seconds, let alone five minutes of fighting. But now it seems as though he's making an effort to change that. His hands are fidgeting a little, like he wants to hold something but is clearly restraining himself. Sam made a soft sound of realization to that fact. Sam's not saying that he can forget all about his own brother just like that, but they've been hunting for so long, that there is a switch in a hunter's mind that gets flipped to get the job done and then when the threat is gone, tend to his partner if he needs it. It saved both of their lives more then once. They never stop caring, but they do have to prioritize their actions if they want everyone to live. Proving they give a crap by taking out the threat for good.
With everyone settled in, they talked about what they could do now. Balthazar insisted that they could trust his friends, Wes and Brandon, with putting pressure on Michael's men to end his hunt, by giving him bigger problems to worry about. Namely the FBI, when they plant some incriminating evidence pointing to his group being responsible for home grown terrorist acts. The burned down airplane hanger would be used as proof that he was working with explosives and operating under false pretenses. Whatever he claimed to be doing with all of the fringe scientists, could be used against him if it were rumored that he was figuring out a way to build a better bomb. And that he hated the United States for some made up reason that Wes or Brandon could come up with. Dealer's choice. With most of Michael's resources down, it would be easy to slip into his personal computer to upload some damaging evidence and then blow the whistle on him. Have the 'leak' be someone from the inside that 'changed their mind about bombing the buildings'.
It was a good plan, but at the moment, Michael was already being thwarted by the descent Ellen and her daughter Jo inspired in the group. They were with the group for so long, that they earned the respect from Michael's hunting party and pointing out that they were taking all the bullets for a man who slept safe and sound far away from the actual hunt.  
Bobby went on, “So now Ellen's busy making sure that the huntin' party Michael sent out thinks that he never intended to live up to his end of the bargain. That once the dragon was found, Michael had no use for 'em and intended to cut them off. That all he'd need were the scientists. Generally, eggheads aren't too keen on fighting like soldiers.” Bobby elbowed Cas and Balth in one move, “Present comp'ny excluded.”
Balth bowed a little, Cas hid a grin. He enjoyed sparing with Sam the other day, and already felt up to another training session in the morning. Praise aside, he knows that he needs more practice and lessons before he can consider himself even a decent fighter. Ever since the first sparing lesson, he'd been thinking about what he knows of anatomy and adapting one with the other, what nerve bundles in a persons body he could strike with enough force to bring them down. Pressure points he could seek out specifically. It would be hard for his opponent to raise a fist to him if they can't feel their arms.
Bobby reached for his cane and said, “Welp, can't do much more about it tonight.” he slowly got to his feet and turned to face Balthazar, “Unless anyone's got a problem with it, I think it'd be alright if your Tecky friends helped us out.” Bobby lifted his eyes from Balth to the others, waiting for an objection. “The ay's have it, just keep the dragon's info on the light side. They don't need to know everything.”
“What can I tell them?” Balthazar asked, already reaching for his phone. Bobby lightly bopped Balth's knees with the head of his cane for him to stop.
“Not yet ya Brit-jit. Gotta get a script for ya. This has to be done carefully. Understand?” Balth nodded and put his phone on the nightstand. “You can tell them you found a dragon, and that you want to help it get back to the wild. That it isn't dangerous to anyone, harmless as any other big dumb animal. That it's nice and what the bad guys want to do with it is simply too cruel for words. Hell, just list off some of the things they did to Dean in real life. That aught to get them on our side if they are as good as you say they are.”
Balth kept on nodding, “They are, my blokes are trustworthy and would never give over. They hate cover-ups for crimes above all, and this is a doozy of one. I think, that if they knew the dragon was once a human, it will set a fire under their arse's like no other. They can't stand to see people get caught up in things that might end up killing them and having the public never know about it. Bad enough bad things happen, but when it's on purpose and hidden? That the victim isn't even acknowledged?” Balthazar let that hang in the air as he felt his face get hot. Old raw wounds. He felt Cassie lean into him for wordless support and Bobby lay a hand on his shoulder. One look around said it all. Everyone here was perfectly fine with trusting Balth and his friends with more of the truth.
Bobby squeezed the trembling shoulder briefly and hobbled towards the door. “Got my phone on vibrate so I might not hear it. Just knock on the wall if you need us.” Before he opened the door he looked over to Sam who nodded back. After a very long day of nearly constant driving, they all were ready to kiss a pillow. Sam wordlessly gathered up his still sleeping older brother in the shirt nest and situated him so that he was partially covered with a few layers of his long flannel shirts for the short walk to his room. Dean practically snuggled into Sam's still warm shirts, giving a contented sigh in his sleep. Sam paused for a moment, heard no objections or last minute comments, and left the room with Dean quietly.
Castiel and Balth followed the sounds through the thin walls of Bobby and Sam entering their room and someone getting into the shower, the other hunkering down for the night. Rufus pulled over his shotgun and frowned at the two. “Well? Going to sleep or what?”
Balth startled a bit before shoving Castiel off of the bed. Cas thought that a shower did sound pretty good and gathered up his borrowed cloths and headed towards the small bathroom. Balthazar opted to wait till morning. A small motel like this likely would run out of hot water, and he was usually an early riser for showers. Balthazar waited till the water started running before saying anything. A wry smile crossed his lips as he undressed down to his boxers. “Oi, Rufus, if that cot's not comfortable enough, we can always share. I'm not too knackered to deny you a wicked romp.”
Castiel could just hear his friend's chiding past the weak rush of water hitting his sore back, and knew Balth was just messing with the older hunter, and Rufus must know it too because he replied with, “There's only a few men I'd go gay for, and you're not one of them.”
“Oh yeah? Who?”
“Not you, that's who. Go to sleep.” Rufus adjusted the shotgun to a spot a few feet to Balthazar's left.
Balth raised his hands and made a show of lifting up the covers and slipping inside. “Offer stands when Cassie falls asleep.”
“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.” Rufus rolled his eyes and angled the shotgun back towards the door. A few minutes passed in relative silence, Castiel slipping out of the bathroom again, dripping wet because he forgot about the towel fiasco, opting to get the worst of the wetness off with his dirty cloths. He sighed heavily. The shower was nearly pointless. At least he got the majority of the grime off and the fresh-ish clothes felt good. They'd need to do some shopping if he and Balthazar were going to wear more then borrowed clothes all the time. In the morning. Sleep now.
The room quieted down and Castiel turned restlessly a little before finding a good position to sleep in, wet hair splayed out on the pillow would no doubt leave terrible bed head but he gave approximately zero shits. Using his discarded over-shirt as a dragon nest replacement, he wrapped his arm around it out of sight of the others. They didn't need to know about his teddy-bear-like hugging.
Ten minutes later in the silence, he heard Rufus mutter nearly inaudibly, “Dwayne Johnson.” and Cas smirked to himself. Yeah, 'The Rock' is a good choice for a straight guy's first homo-crush.
Castiel choked back a laugh when he heard Balthazar say, “Knew it.”

Sam was unsure how to go about setting up Dean's sleep space. It was always Cas who slept next to the tiny version of his brother. He was still standing there, next to his bed with Dean's nest snuggled in his arms. Bobby stole the shower first so he was basically left alone to figure it out. Something so simple shouldn't be so hard. Sam walked towards the table and hovered the nest over it before shaking his head. Too far to reach if trouble came knocking. He then moved it towards the floor between the two beds so he'd be flanked on both sides with hunters and furniture, but abandoned that idea quickly when he saw how big his discarded boot was next to Dean's curled form. Sam's pretty sure that stepping on Dean would be far worse then anything his brother had experienced thus far. So Sam stood there, clutching his brother to his chest, heart pounding a little harder as he looked around the unfamiliar room at all of the dangers that could happen effortlessly and without thought. His gaze drifting around the room, searching for just someplace to put him for a few hours.
Sleep pulled at Sam's mind and he caught himself swaying a little despite his heart pounding out a worried beat. He was half asleep during the drive here, jerking his head and trying to focus on the road as he felt his head get heavier and heavier. Even though he and Dean had practically grown up on the road, Sam still sometimes gets road hypnotized. It's why Dean is usually the one driving. Having a conversation going usually helps keep his mind active, but with just Balth and Cas in the car with him, it wasn't the same. They kept quiet for the most part, making sure that they were paying attention to their surroundings, that no car or truck or damned helicopter was following them.
Sam heard the shower turn off and jolted to the fact that he had been just standing there the whole time. Bobby opened the door, and left the bathroom wearing a white t-shirt and flannel pants. One stern look was all it took for Sam to keep his mouth from commenting on the fact that Bobby was dripping wet. Oh right. Towels. He's glad he wasn't the first in there. He glanced at the laundry chute and wondered if a towel managed to get stuck mid-way and how badly he'd want one if he showered. He hated motel showers, the sprayers were never high enough for his extra tall frame. Usually meant for someone only 5 ft 4, he had to basically fold himself in half to get his hair washed and at the moment, Sam wasn't sure if he could bend that way just yet. Sleep first, room service towels first thing in the morning.
Bobby shook his head at the semi-glazed look in Sam's eyes as he stood there. Bobby reached forward and pulled Dean's nest from Sam's hands and nestled it in the crook of one arm, hobbling over between the beds and opening up the large drawer to the nightstand. Setting it inside, he closed it just enough to give the dragon a little room to get out if he wanted, but also keep him hidden if someone uninvited comes to the door. “Go to sleep, Sam. He'll be fine.” Bobby said with a hand on one shoulder and a gentle shove to Sam's bed. Sam nodded absently and practically collapsed into his bed, springs creaking and protesting the sudden weight. He turned to face Dean's drawer and his eyes drifted closed. His brother is sleeping in a drawer. What if he himself were that small... Sam got to thinking about that old book and movie series about small people hiding in houses. Borrowers? Littles? He's going to have to re-read them and maybe get a little better perspective of everything from Dean's point of view. What if Dean turns human again while he's still small? Then they'd all have to worry about him even more since Dean wouldn't be able to get around nearly as easily as flying by himself. Far more vulnerable without his hard scales, claws, fangs and spikes. A frail tiny human in a huge world.
Sam frowned as he drifted off. Dean shouldn't be small anymore.
As he drifted off, he thought of that spell that they used to shrink Dean, and the verbal reversal for it. Thankfully, they wont need another circle or ingredients to bring him back before it wears off. They might have another few days with tiny Dean, but if something were to happen, either he or Bobby would be the ones to say the reversal incantation.
What was it again? Sam's eyes were closed and his mind replayed the words, mouth moving along in a barely audible murmur. A soft glow emanated from the drawer but no one was awake to witness it.

Sam's eyes were still heavy but he felt a sharp pinch on his arm, he shoved it away and heard an annoyed huff and felt the bed dip a little closer to his face. He scrunched his eyes closed tighter, feeling the light of dawn starting to peek through the closed curtains.
'Sam! Dammit! Wake up!' A growl that was a little louder then normal and a nudge from something blunt with fabric coming undone. The ends of it tickling his nose as the blunt thing pushed at his slack cheek. After a second the slight pressure left and he felt it again below his eye and semi-sharp points at his eyebrow, clearly trying to be careful at opening one of his unfocused eyes.
Sam's muddy mind caught on one thought at a time as he figured out who was trying to wake him that conscientiously while using sharp things. His brother could only use the fingers he had, and it's not as if he has a choice in the matter, so he decided not to berate him on using claws so close to his eyeball. “Go back to sleep.” he grumbled at his brother as he simultaneously opened up that eye so Dean wouldn't just poke him with one of his claws in the pupil. “Dean.” The name heavy with tired reprimanding. The eye was released and Sam squinted, “Or Dane. Whichever. Go back to sleep, Dude.” He jerked his head away, letting the dragon fall onto his pillow and he turned over, mindful of the little guy so he wouldn't fall off the bed with all of the huge movements. He groaned loudly as he felt the sharp edged body scale up his shoulder and Sam paused his thought processes when he realized that it was heavier then it should be. Both eyes opened and looked to the side at the dragon perching on the side of his torso and slumped forward shoulder. The dragon settled a little more so that fewer claws were needed to keep steady. Laying down on the bend of his younger brother's shoulder and dipping his head down to the slightly upturned face below.
'Sam. We got a problem.' Dean stated. A cross between a fall and a jump and the dragon was about a foot in front of Sam's face, aiming the other way before turning around with some difficulty on the mounds of moving bedspread and his unwrapping bandages. Dean wriggled his bound hand a bit and nipped at the edges of the bandage that looked too tight on his forearm and hand. Finally getting a few sharp fangs under it, he was able to loosen it just enough to bite through the fabric. As more fabric shredded against his fangs, he was sighing with relief as blood flowed back into his nearly healed hand.
Sam blearily looked on as he watched his brother now lean to the side and struggle with the bandage on his hind leg. Dean couldn't fold his body well enough so Sam shifted onto his elbow and reached forward with his hand, now seeing how Dean was larger then it. He hesitated his reach as his hand got smaller when up against the small dragon.
Dean looked up at it and grinned. 'Thanks, Man, I can't feel my leg - this thing got so tight. I think it's healed well enough. Just get it off so I can think again!' he shuffled sideways, angling it towards Sam as his human brother pushed his body up towards the headboard to free up his other hand. As Sam worked, his mind cleared and he finally realized the reason the bandage was so tight is that Dean actually grew overnight. Once it was off, he gently held it in his hand, moving the clawed foot up and down, side to side and checking to see if it really was better.
'I'm fine now, Sam. It's just sore.' Dean rumbled, relieved. 'Ok, problem.' he looked up at Sam and said, 'See anything new?'
“You uh... you're...”
'Growing. Yeah. You know why? 'Cause I thought I was supposed to be pint sized for a few more days. Don't get me wrong! I'm actually thrilled that I’m getting bigger, but uh, this might be a problem. Right?'
Sam blinked at Dean, mind trying to process why the spell is wearing off early, and why Dean didn't grow to be his normal 30 foot height. “Uh yeah. Are you alright?”
'Fine. Fingers and toes are still tingling with the blood getting back into them, but other then that I feel fine.' Dean chirped and walked away a little so that Sam could get up. 'Wanna do me a solid and wake up Bobby for me? So we can figure this out?'
“Yeah.” Sam said distractedly. Part of a memory coming back to him. Just as he was drifting off he was thinking about tiny people in the walls and Dean's shrinking spell and he stopped stone still as he remembered the reversal. He must have said it out loud instead of in his head. “Fuck.” he hung his head and flopped back onto the side of the bed, making it jump a little and hearing Dean bounce and stumble.
'Bitch!' Dean cursed and righted himself again. He strut angrily over to Sam's side and looked up. 'Little warning next time you do that?'
“Dean, this is my fault. I said the reversal.”
Dean stared at him for just a few seconds before shouting, 'Why on earth did you do that?'
“It's not like I did it on purpose!”
From the other bed they heard a sound similar to a grizzly waking up. “You idjits wanna keep it down?”
'Bobby, Sam's the idiot!'
“He can't understand you, Dean.”
A pause, “But I can tell that that boy is louder.” Bobby threw his covers off and sat up, glaring at Sam. “Mind telling me why your brother is the size of a duck?”
'I'm not a duck!' Dean squawked. Wings curtly snapping out with disgust.
“Sounds like a duck.” Bobby barely concealed a smirk. At the looks he was getting he shrugged. “Sam.”
Sam ducked his head and fessed up, “When I was falling asleep, I may have said somethings.” Eyes going anywhere but the older hunter. Dean climbed over the blankets to slap the bare part of his leg, leaving tiny scratch marks. “Ow! Fuck, Dean?”
'Sam. You suck.' Dean stated and opened up his wings to fly over to Bobby's bed. He landed a little rough but was relieved that Bobby didn't coddle him as he got to his feet again. Wings flapping a little to regain some composure. His body is heavier now and his wings would need to get a bit stronger. He saw the hurt look in his huge little brother's eyes and amended the Winchester way, 'Sam, this just means I get to eat your half of breakfast.' another curt wing flap. 'I am a growing boy.' with a smirk. Sam wasn't taking the bait. 'Look, shit happens. How do we fix this?'
Sam knew that Dean was trying to make light of the situation for his sake and it made him feel just that much worse. He screwed up. He fisted the blanket in his hand and took a breath. He heard the others in the neighboring room start to stir. Crap. He's going to have to admit his mistake to everyone now.
'At least I'm not so fragile as I was. Damn it feels good to be bigger then a damned rat.' His wings flapped again for balance as Bobby stood up and went to his duffel. 'Wait, how fast am I going to grow? Is it going to be in spurts or gradual?'
Bobby turned and squinted at him as he pulled on his pants. Sam getting the hint to get dressed as well as he translated all that Dean was saying. They were going to have company pretty soon. The shower will have to wait.
Bobby asked, “When you woke up, were you still bite-size?”
'No, I was this big. I think. And who'd brilliant idea was it to shove me in a motel drawer like a dirty magazine?'
Sam pointed at Bobby and snickered. When he saw Bobby roll his eyes at the childish behavior Sam said, “It was either that or the table. Couldn't really put you anywhere else or else real rats and things could get you. The floor is out of the question, along with the bathroom being out of reach if someone broke in, and on top of the nightstand is too small for you. Already had the lamp, phone and alarm clock and enough room for like, maybe, a matchbox. Unless you wanted to sleep in one of our duffel bags...” Sam offered.
'Bitch. I'm not some purse pet.'
“Never said you were.” Sam grinned, happy to see that Dean was happy to be bigger, even if he was roughly the size of a toaster with a long neck. … well, technically, he is a 'toaster' with a long neck. Sam chuckled and had to leave the room. Sam ducked back in after just a second to retrieve the Impala's keys for a food run.
'And I want the maple kind of bacon this time!' Dean shouted. Bobby was at the table, looking over the local map they got from the motel lobby. Dean tested out his sore leg and hand, walking around the beds' disheveled blankets and getting a feel for his formerly injured leg and hand. It could hold some weight. He remembered the warning Bobby gave Dane, overhearing bits and pieces when the dragon was taking the helm, but disagreed with it somewhat. He shouldn't have to rely on everyone to cart him around like an invalid anymore. The reproachful glare he got from Bobby for just that short flight between beds was unwarranted. It was just a couple of feet, a few body lengths now. He barely had enough air time to stretch his wings. Dean judged the distance between the bed and table and hoped that he wouldn't end up injured in front of Bobby as he readied himself for flight.
Bobby's back was still turned when he said sternly, “Boy I know what you're doing and you better knock that idea out of your head right now.”
Dean stumbled a little and straightened up again. 'I wasn't doing anything.'
“I don't need to know what your saying to hear you lying to me.” Bobby turned his head just enough to send the message of, 'don't even think about it.' at the little dragon with just the corner of one eye. He nodded when Dean laid back down and pouted.
'It's just the table Bobby, not like I was planning on crossing the ocean Amelia Earhart style.' His wings ruffled and laid at his sides.
“It's just temporary, Dean.” Bobby sighed and went over to the bed and before Dean could protest, he slipped his hands underneath the scaled belly and lifted him up to his chest. One hand supporting the body while the other held the feet to keep them from dangling, and Dean from feeling like he's flying out of control. Dean was placed on top of the table and Bobby angled the map so that Dean could see it easier. “There's a few cabins for rent to the north. We might be able to break in. Which one do ya think would be best?” Bobby's hand indicated the few that were a bit further from the town.
Dean stared at the map for a second while he processed what he was hearing. He was getting so used to being carted around that he simply stopped worrying about not having much of a say in where they all went. Being reduced to something this small can do that to a person. He stood up and walked onto the map, looking at the areal features of it, and briefly wondering if he were his old size, if this is a sight he could actually see. The map was half areal photo with the roads and paths marked in different colors overlaid on the blown up photo. He unconsciously opened up his wings and flapped them a few times as he walked along the path the road took into the small wooded area.
His wings folded back in and he sighed. Like he could get over his fear of heights when it was dealing with actual heights. An elevation that is reserved for proper birds, airplanes, and Superman. Dean smirked and thought that Batman was more his style of superhero anyway. Now in more ways then one if he's talking about literal bats. His bat-like wings twitched and he got back to the present when Bobby shifted his position a little. Dean got back to business and walked along the map some more, reading the descriptions of the different cabins and features. He shook his head.
'No more cabins. They'll be expecting us to go to another one.' he said and using his claws, marked and 'x' over the word at the top, and walked off of the map again. He nosed around the table, seeing more pamphlets for the area's attractions and huffed a laugh at one of them. 'This one. If I don't stop growing up from fun size to actual fun size, then we are gonna need a bigger boat.'
Bobby slid it out from under Dean to read the cover. “Crystal caves?” Bobby shrugged. “You're the boss.”
At that Dean grinned before catching himself. 'Ok, so. Breakfast first, then we head to my new man cave.' he tugged on the bottom of the pamphlet for Bobby to put it back down and Dean struggled a little to open it up all the way while standing on half of it. Bobby was about to help, but Dean just waved a hand at him, he's got this.
A few minutes later they hear some sirens start to wail down the street and getting louder. Bobby limps to the window and nearly gets a face full of Sam as the tall hunter rushes into the door. Sam slams the door shut and eyes immediately go to Bobby's bed and then scan the room. Bag of breakfast dropped to the ground in his haste. His eyes land on Dean and the dragon stiffens visibly as Sam strides over.
The group finds a motel to bed down in for the night and Dean wakes up a little differently then when he went to bed. Before they can examine the affects too closely, sirens are heard coming for them.

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