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FunSizedMeanie - Anthro Plushie

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Hello Wolfhome fans!

This wonderful piece of work was created by FunSizedMeanie on Wolfhome (wolfhome.com). This artwork was created free for use on Wolfhome and Chatlands.

Please go give them a huge watch if you like their work: awkward-ctrly.deviantart.com/

Check out more of their freebie work on our forums! forum.wolfhome.com/viewtopic.p…

Wolfhome is a PG-13 2D avatar chat that has an active art sharing and market community. It's free for everyone to join so if you want to check it out head over to wolfhome.com

Please do not use this piece of work outside of Wolfhome or Chatlands without having express permission from the artist, and don't forget to check out their pages for more!

- Wolfhome

Quick Stats:
Created by: FunSizedMeanie / Thole / Grotesque
Allowed on: Wolfhome and Chatlands
Rules for this piece: Light modifications, accessories okay
Species: Wolf / Canine
Image size
670x500px 168.02 KB
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Using as Thornstar2!
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using on wolfhome Maya-Chan

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Awkward-CtrlY So sorry for @'ing you here, but could this pose be allowed on Wolfing? It's a non-chatlands chat site but the ART is strict and no art theft gets through.
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may I use this on wolfing please