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the draft of my map for my novel

my card project for my novel / my draft card will spread my novel,I need an outside opinion to know what to keep, what to change, what to throw (ENG)

link to a photo of my card with better luminosity (the description is in French) Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U!…
 the point of the map 
in pink: the ruins :the squares with a cross are the ruins of the dwarf karak, whether it was abandoned or destroyed
         the square with a line are the dwarf city either destroyed or abandoned
         the x are the northern elf city destroyed in a war with the ancient griffin empire of this race is considered dead 
         the horizontal bar are the roads that are abandoned 
         the + are the cities destroyed either by the holy inquisition or by war or more rarely by natural disaster
         the feather-shaped points are ruins of the ancient griffin empire, but some are more ancient and there is a strange stone guardian who keeps them
         the only 2 squares joined in the north is a fort built by the realm of the snow gryphons but was abandoned by its empire of the holy light

in purple are the foreign city of the holy empire of the lumierre and which are not considered as heretics or as future conquests for the moment

in brown are the roads

in red : the infrastructure still inhabited and use 
         the + are cities of the holy empire of lumierre or future conquest
         the 2 squares are fortifications of the holy empire against the caotic otters of the  seas of the south sea or outposts to start these conquests on the kingdom of the griffon of the savannah
         the cross with two 1/4 of a circle at the top left and bottom right ends is the ancient historic capital of the kingdom of snow gryffons which was the last cited to fall facing the holy empire during
the first holy war of the saint empire of the lumierre
         the cross in the circle with brown dots is the holy capital and seat of the holy counsels direct the empire of the holy lumierre and the seat of the holy inquisition and 
the old capital of the kingdom of the snow griffins (although it was not their original capital and that there are them in their possession by marriage of their last king and the queen of the griffins 
kingdom of the plain)
the cross in the circle are the capit (the capital and administrative capital for the griffons of the marshes because they are nomad) of the free griffon which still resists the holy empire of the lumierre 
         the square with a cross are the karakh (dwarf fortress is siege the much power full dwarf king of the region although its king must take orders from the high dwarf king and pay him taxes)
         the square with a bar are the koldri or koldry (which in dwarf language means market town)
         the only 2 orange dot square is a fortress built by the rebels led by the adopted son of the former king of the snow griffin (who according to the holy empire was a warlock) to damage the road lead to
the central continent (name give by its guests) to stop the trade between the cities of the Central Continen and the Holy Empire

in orange ar the rebelle : with a cross are the high places of the rebel from where he launches attacks on the armed and cities of the holy empire
                          with a cross and red points is the captial (and only fortress) of the rebels from where they prepare the liberation of the kingdoms of the plains gryffon and kingdom of
the snow griffon against the fanitic empire of the cormorated light

description of this part of the continent

in the West there are 3 city states which contests against neighboring the holy empire which were once in the same empire which had for name val hir ia (land of the dragon rider if the translation is correct)
which has disappeared more has an explosion of a volcano and its capital

to the east live the hippogriffs (cousins ​​away from griffins although he can no longer breed with each other), bloodthirsty nomadic barbarians who destroy all the cities that are in their steppe although the orca
that a large-claw appears he crosses the big gap and shaves the cities of their cousin griffon and men

between the hippogriff steppe and the cold sands of the savannah griffins is the scar of the continent, no one knows how to create it but the dwarves call it the devourer of cities because one of their trading
city was engulfed in the fault as well as 70 % of the dwarf kingdom of the steppe mountains which are now called  by the dwarven the sunken kingdom 

between the kingdom of the savannah griffins and the sea of ​​the caotic sea otters is the griffin's kingdom of the same name, they have an aligator and eagle patie although whatever clans we have an otter and eagle
patie just like the river griffins although those who are in the marshland are larger, the diferent clan of this kingdom are nomad bian that there is a clan which has settled down but was massacred
by the big claw  "peruche tore off the wing''

in the north of the kingdom of the griffins of the marshes is the cold desert of the griffins of the savannah also call the griffins basic or sand griffins, they have a lion part and an eagle part although in
this kingdom there are also river griffins in the the only river in the kingdom, is the second kingdom to have the most ruin in its land, to the north east is the empty mountains which one to remove them)
was the last place according to the legend of the griffin or a pure griffon (100% eagle but always with 6 member which are 2 arms, 2 leg and 2 wings) although the griffon of the swamp refutes this legend say
that last clan of pure griffin to change is in the little mountain range in their swamp, but as a man has never seen his mountains, no one believes them, and no one ever believed them

to the east of the grand marsh is the port city of the holy empire, although it is sheltered only by sea otters who flee their compatriots more than abandoning their faith in holy water and the holy moon, share
their religion its inhabitants of the empire are eretic and should be massacred by the inquisition but it does not do anything of it, they rumor they let them live because they fight against their brothers the
caotic sea otter and therefore protects the litoral, the coastal fortifications are a fact of their day

for the north and the lands of the holy empire you will have to read my novel
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