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DOTW: Riga (deceased)


Name: Riga

Pronunciation: Ree-gah
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Height: 34”
Weight: 98 lbs
Build: Long legged and lanky, built for running and rough terrain. Round facial features and elegant build overall. A natural beauty.
Blood class: Highblood
Territory: Aryn
Mate: Ragnarok
Children: Minerva, Cybele, Jaegar, Leviathan
Kane (adoptive father)
Eden (adoptive mother)
Ursuline (adoptive sister)
Barin (adoptive brother)

Kari (brief adoptive mother) - NPC

Laska (biological mother) - NPC
Orion (biological father) - NPC
Tony (biological brother) - NPC
Seth (biological brother) - NPC

Rank: Gamma Courser


Kind/Family- Oriented: She is friendly and kind to those she meets, she wouldn't hesitate to put her family's needs before her own. This wolf will use every drop of strength to protect and provide, she will fight and sacrifice herself for the well being of others. 

Introvert/Distrustful: After the incident involving the death of her brothers, she began to keep to herself, she isn't as open and it's not easy to get her to pour her feelings out. Even if she is kind, she is still wary of strangers and it may take a while for her to open up to you.

Allothetic: Like it is implied before, Riga tends to think more about others than herself. She believes that you can make a difference if you fulfill your duty as a pack member. This trait is also inspired by her devotion to "The One".

Keen/Starry-Eyed: Not having much experience of the world around her, she is enthusiastic about pretty much anything. However she often has unrealistic expectations and goals that simply cannot be met. Even when she knows deep down that something cannot be done, she will deny the impossible. She will cling on to such hope until she is left with no other choice but to give up.

Sober/Self-Conscious: Riga always thinks hard about her decisions and the actions she makes, her seriousness is a great advantage and influence to what she not only does but thinks. Every moment in Riga’s life is full of thoughts, she will sit back and think about what actions and words to use in advance in many situations. Her mind is her voice.

Droll: Riga is constantly intrigued with what the world has to offer, she often displays curious behavior that sparks a small but amusing situation. This is a clumsy quirk of hers that her parents doted on.

Fanatical: In Riga's mind, if you are assigned a job you must get it done, a situation has gone wrong? It must be fixed straight away. She has a bad habit of concerning over something whether it's big or small longer than needed. Her more than occasional perseveration annoyed her brothers greatly.

 Pre-Group History:  
It was a beautiful summer morning, the forest was filled with a tranquil silence as a slight breeze drifted and spread throughout the atmosphere. Amongst the dry heat, a she-wolf lay proudly within her den, three small and furry bundles squabbled noisily at their mother's side. The new mother tensed when paws stopped at the entrance of the den, within mother nature, every living thing knew not to disturb one's offspring unless they wanted to face a ferociously protective mother. The he-wolf outside the den knew that very well and waited patiently before his mate relaxed and allowed him to enter. The mother curled protectively around her pups, the father got the chance to see his creations just for a brief moment before his mate became worried and gave a warning growl, the father retreated immediately.
The mother: Laska, was was a loner who descended from an ancient pack which was famous for their silver backed wolves, although the pack was long extinct, many wolves struggled to rebuild it. However wolves went as far as to lie about their lineage in order to bear pups, every attempt that had been made resulted in stripe-less pups. The father: Orion, had come across Laska on a hunting trip, he claimed to be a descendant of the packs founder. Both Laska and Orion knew the risks of breeding without proof of lineage but they took the risk, their mating was not out of lust but of the hope of rebuilding the pack. Thus the conception of their three pups, Tony, Seth, and to their joy: one silver backed pup, Riga. Once the pups were weaned, the small family moved into a more secluded part of the forest, yet things were about to go down a dangerous path for the three pups.
That day the parents had left to find food, Riga had only left the den for a moment, she was only kilometers away when a lithe and dark shadow came upon the den, she was frozen in terror as the fox invaded the den. Riga ran from the cackles and squeals, far away as she could, she forced away the tears and the urge to cry out , she repeated her father's words in her mind which he had told her the day before, "Soldiers do not cry".
It was only when the sun began to set did she realize she was lost and alone. Riga mourned silently until the crack of dawn, she hated herself for not trying to save her brothers, she could of fought that fox and saved them, but she fled like a coward. Yet Riga did the right thing, realistically no pup could of fought off a predator, no less a fox. The she-pups mourning was interrupted when heavy paw steps sounded from mere inches away. When Riga turned around, two pairs of yellow eyes locked. A red she-wolf gazed down at the pup, words were unneeded for there was a silent understanding, the red she-wolf was known as Kari. Kari gently lifted the pup and pushed the recent memories of her own pups from her mind, not long before she had a litter which came into the world, lifeless and cold. The trek to Kari's pack lasted for a few hours before the trio were greeted by a scruffy elder and his grandson, Kari's mate. Kari's mate nor the elder made eye contact as they silently entered the heart of their "pack". A lithe and small male greeted them, tail raised and assertive for he was the alpha, a juvenile no less than a year old. Riga did nothing but eat and rest for two nights, the next morning the pup was being carried away by Kari, no words were said as their surroundings became more green and lush, the air seemed wetter. The smell of foreign wolves hit Riga's small freckled nose and she winced before the felt damp earth on her paws. "I'm sorry, alpha won't let you stay because we have too many mouths to feed..." was all Kari said before she disappeared into the unknown. Riga sat alone with understanding and bitterness intertwined and waited for her unruly demise.

Group History:
+2 bones for joining
+1 bone
Riga finds a home with Kane in Aryn:
It Has Begun
+1 bone
Kane takes Riga in as his own:
It Has Begun art
+1 bone
Sibling MSE
+1 bone
Origin MSE
+2 bones
Dinosaur MSE
+1 bone
Kane introduces Riga to her alphas:
href="…">Family Introductions
+1 bone
Aryn celebrates the union of Riga's parents:
Through Heaven's Eyes P1
P2 coming soon

Total bones: 26

-Art from others-
Starry Eyes
Requests #1


Theme: Archangel- Two Steps From Hell

Voice: Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

Scent: Burnt Jasmine

Howl: High pitched in the beginning and sinks into a deep echo at the end.

Likes: Starry nights, the way her paws sink into the fresh and dewy grass, thinking about her brothers, daydreaming. The One and her pack.

Dislikes: Unkind/dangerous wolves or predators, dust getting in her eyes/nose, being left behind. Foxes.

Fun Facts:

Freckled nose comes from her fathers side.

Likes to "sing"

Shows more maturity for her age

Ancient pack mentioned is known as "Everah"


Timezone: Mountain time (USA)

Preferred RP methods:

•Google Docs
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