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Negativity ::MLP FiM OC:: by Wolfer-Z Negativity ::MLP FiM OC:: :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 2 16
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You were started to get freaked out. Every time you, Poland, and Lithuania were in the same room, Lithuania would give you a funny look. If it was just you and him, it was normal, but the moment Poland walked into the room, Lithuania would smile at you or something. You had a feeling he was catching on.
The two of you were sitting in your room, which was originally a quest room. Lithuania was a little quiet. "[Y/N]?"
You looked at him. "What?"
"I know that you have a crush on Pola-" he began, but you interrupted him.
"What? Me? Hahaha, that's funny, Lithuania!" you said all too quickly, laughing nervously.
He smiled at you. "Don't worry, I won't tell Poland."
You looked at the floor and pulled at the covers on your bed. "Thanks."
Lithuania stood up and headed to the door. "I hope Poland likes you back, you're a nice girl, and you're pretty cute."
Smiling you watched your friend leave. And I hope you find someone, too.
:iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 5 12
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You held the chocolate bar up to Poland's face. "Take a bite!"
The nation waved you off, or at least tried to. "No, chocolate makes you fat."
You looked at Poland, raising an eyebrow. "One little bite won't hurt." You pushed it up against his face, trying to force him to take it, but he only turned his head and the candy pressed up gainst his cheek.
"No!" He cried, running away.
You chased him. "C'mon, Poland! I got this from Switzerland just for you!"
Poland ran into his room and hid under his bed. You found him quickly and waved the candy in front of his nose. "It's not gonna make you fat. It's low in fat, or calories, or whatever chocolate has. Just eat it! Everyone loves Swiss chocolate!"
"You eat it," Poland snapped as he came form under his bed and sat on top of it, careful not to mess up its neatly made surface.
You frowned. "But I got this especially for you!"
"You should have known I wouldn't want to get fat," Poland said coolly. "You eat it."
"You..wait. You just said chocola
:iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 3 0
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There was a ringing noise echoing through the house. It was what, four A.M? Who was calling Poland in the middle of the night? Or...morning?
The ringing stopped.
"Hello?" It was Lithuania. He must have answered.
You rolled to the other side and adjusted the covers over your body.
"Wha...! N-No! I...!"
You sat up and rubbed your eyes. What was going on? Lithuania sounded, terrified. Climbing out of bed, you yawned and headed to Lithuania.  You spotted the nation clutching the phone, holding it against his head and shivering, his face a ghostly white. You tapped his shoulder and said, "Lithuania? Are you okay? You're pale...give me that." You took the phone out of your friend's weak hands and walked a few paces away from him. "Hello?" You asked. "Who is this and why are you calling at four A.M? What are you saying to Lithuania?"
"Lithuania will come home, da? I will be coming to get him."
You dropped the phone, and turned to Lithuania, wide eyed and holding your bre
:iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 4 2
Let's Play in the Snow by Wolfer-Z Let's Play in the Snow :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 5 13
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"[Y/n],  what are you doing sleeping in here?"
You woke up, rubbing your eyes. You looked up at the door to see Poland standing there holding a towel.
"Why aren't you sleeping in your room, or at least on something that isn't the floor?"
You didn't have much of an answer for that question, or, at least one that you wanted to tell him. "I was..uh..."
Poland flipped his hair. "Whatever. Get out, I need to wash this." He toyed with a golden lock and looked at you with little interest.
You got to your feet and yawned. "Sorry..."
The man waved a hand airily at you. "It's totally not a big deal."
"No, not this," you said, giving a guilty smile. You wiped it off of your face quickly and said, "For last night."
"Oh. Yeah, that was awkward," he replied, walking to the towel rack to drape the cloth over it without looking at you. "But it's totally not my fault that you're jealous of me. I mean, I am fabulous."
You walked out of the bathroom. "I didn't look at you on purpose...! I didn'
:iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 2 12
Like Totally CH2
What was taking Poland so long? It was two hours ago when you told the man that he had to get ready, and it took you less than thirty minutes to get ready yourself!
"Poland? Are you almost ready?" you asked, knocking on the door of his room. "Lithuania and I are ready... we're supposed to be going to dinner! By the time you're done, it'll be time for breakfast."
"Fabulousness like mine doesn't just happen, [y/n]," Poland said from his room, almost in a sing-song voice. "You should take a few lessons."
You blinked. "Hey! Don't insult me!"
"I'm totally not insulting you," Poland said.
Sighing, you backed away from his door. "Alright, Poland. Thirty minutes. Any more than that and I'll break into your room and drag you out, even if you're half naked!"
"Like, no! Don't!" Poland cried.
You smirked coldly. "Too bad! I'm tired of waiting." With that, you walked off, looking for Lithuania.
Letting out a loud groan, you threw yourself against Poland's door. "Pooolaaaaa
:iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 3 1
Ducky by Wolfer-Z Ducky :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 2 10 Junie ::Hamtaro OC:: by Wolfer-Z Junie ::Hamtaro OC:: :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 13 23 Ducky and the Rock by Wolfer-Z Ducky and the Rock :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 4 43
Like Totally ::ReaderxPoland::
"And I was like, 'No way, you totally can't do that!' Because  I'm right, you know? Like, he was way out of his league."
You nodded furiously at Poland. "Totally."
Lithuania sighed. "Poland, I-"
Poland interrupted his friend, who was an ally of yours and had escaped Russia with your help. He as all like, 'No, you can't tell me what to do, I'm right' an... just what?! Am I right? He is, like, a total moron! He had some nerve!" Waving his hand around and staring off into space, he mimicked the person he was talking about. His voice had gone a little higher as he mocked the guy's voice. He stopped briefly to take in a breath and looked a you. He opened his mouth to ramble on more.
"____, don't you agree with me? Aren't I, like, so totally right?" Poland asked you.
"Of course!" you cried. "That guy had no idea who he was arguing with, or what he was even talking about."
"Poland," Lithuania said.
Poland looked at him. "What?"
"You've been talking about this for hours, and
:iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 6 15
Dexter ::colored:: by Wolfer-Z Dexter ::colored:: :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 5 10 Howdy by Wolfer-Z Howdy :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 8 12 Oxnard by Wolfer-Z Oxnard :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 4 0 Raxinew by Wolfer-Z Raxinew :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 1 0 Skiddy ::Hamtaro OC:: by Wolfer-Z Skiddy ::Hamtaro OC:: :iconwolfer-z:Wolfer-Z 9 15
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Hey, remember, most of my stuff are in the correct folders. Most of the things that are in my gallery in the main part is old crud that needs to be burned with fire. Scratch that, most of the stuff in there is horrible :p I haven't gotten around to submitting my new stuff.



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