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Happy New Years to All

Here is another rather large tweak of the Polar7 params by so nicely shared by :iconhaltenny: from the gorgeous "Winter Sky"

This is for all my dA friends and to anyone else who might view this rather busy fractal. Here's wishing you and yours a very :iconnewyearplz:!!! I hope it's a great year for everyone! Looking forward to many more deviations in the coming year from all of the amazing artists and friends I have met here on dA. Wishing you all the best of everything! :iconpounceglomp:

Made in Apophysis 7X. final, postwork in Photoshop and enlarged using Batch Resizer.

Full view for detail (lots of detail).

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Beautiful work!!:D
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Thats so juicy and liquid!!!!
Reminds me of this Ben Tolman piece.
Wonder what he would do with color. All of his drawings are B&W.
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Oh, WOW! :wow: Thank you for the link! I have bookmarked it. That is some amazing work! I bet it would be absolutely amazing in color. Such detail. You could look at it for hours and still find something new to see! I'm honored that this piece reminded you of his work. I really appreciate the compliment. :iconpounceglomp:
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I took liberties with his stuff and colorized it as an experiment. Check out my Art on Tribe while you are there.
Entheogens by Ben Tolman (colorized by Trance Plant) [link]
Cognitive Transformation by Ben Tolman (Trance Formed) [link]
Lilith "Trance-Formation" [link]
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Those were wonderful!! It must have taken a great deal of patience to pull that off, but you did a masterful job of it! I love them. I have bookmarked that site, too. Thank you so much for sharing that amazing look at Ben Tolman's work He's a man after my own heart, except in B&W. But color really makes the images sing out loud! :sing:
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I'd say each of them took around 36 hrs. Entheogens additional time because I needed to identify the plants then research for correct flower/fruit colors etc. Cognitive Transformations took forever because of all the exquisite detail Ben puts into his work. The LILITH was the first piece I did and actually worked with it a long time ago. She stars in a little mini movie (My first animation almost 3 years ago)
Lilith's Journey: [link] . I look back and am somewhat baffled by my progress over time. I would like to return to the digital collage/animation work at some point. Maybe even remaster the old stuff and put them to music. The early ones grew out of a collaborative art game. Rules: Each player selects a bunch of images and places them into a pool. Each creates a set of 10-20 rmix frames and submits them. Then each person takes the collection of frames of all others and creates another mix. Repeat until exhausted.
These in retrospect are very rough. We were working small and in constraints of ~1M total to submit to My collaborator also had a really wimpy PC so couldn't work at the same scale. In contrast my current Mac is faster with 8X the RAM as the system I was then using.
I need to dig them up and build transitions and string them together with new stuff. Most of the other stuff on my YouTube page has been done using ImageJ and IJ-Macros I wrote to deal with repetitive things like rotations and cropping scaling. Now fractals adds another whole dimension to possibilities. Can't wait to get proficient with Apo and start building some scripts!
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:wow: Wow! Another masterpiece! I love it! The detail is awesome!
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Happy New Year Peggi, and may 2010 bring you much happiness and joy :woohoo: :love:
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Oh my god it's gorgeous!!
BootRecords's avatar
weee, fireworks :D a happy new year to you, too, Peggi :) :hug:
Prelkia's avatar
Happy New Year to you Peggi!:hug:
hallv5's avatar
And a Happy, Healthy, and More Prosperous one to you and yours' also... Lovely piece too... :)
AureliusCat's avatar
What a beautiful piece!! Happy new year Peggi! :-)
Xantipa2's avatar
I like it..wonderful work...:kiss:..all the best in 2010 ..:kiss:
Brigitte-Fredensborg's avatar
A Happy New Year to you too, Peggi!:party:
wolfepaw's avatar
Thank you very much, Brigitte!! I hope your 2010 is absolutely terrific and I look forward to more great art from you and, of course, lots more :iconfracman:!
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Very nice Peggi.
wolfepaw's avatar
Thank you, Roz! I hope your New Year's was a nice one. I hope 2010 is a great year for you. You certainly deserve one.

I don't know about you, but 2009 will go down as one of the toughest years of my life. It ranks right up there with 2005 (Hurricane Katrina). I'm glad to see the back end of it.

Here's wishing you all the best, Roz. I need to send you an email. I know I'm overdue. :hug:s and :smooch:es
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Beautiful fireworks and confetti! Great job Peggi! Happy New Yeas to you too! :party: :boogie: :dance:
wolfepaw's avatar
Thank you very much, Larry!! I appreciate the sweet comment. I'm glad you saw the fireworks! I put it on my desktop and I thought, "This looks festive. Why not make it a New Year's fractal?" So, there it is. I'm really pleased you liked it.

I hope your 2010 is really great, Larry, and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful art in the coming year.
Actionjack52's avatar
You're so welcome! You're always so nice! I hope 2010 is good for you too! :hug:s
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An amazing tweak Peggi! Happy New Year!:D
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