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ST: TOS - Kirk + Spock

By WolfenM
Acrylic on 16X20 canvas paper. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as Kirk in the original Star Trek series. The actors are going to be at Dragon*Con 2009 -- I'm going to have them sign a copy for me, and give them their respective halves of the painting. :)

See the work-in-progress here: [link]

*EDITED 8/28* Made some minor alterations based on suggestions from the marvelously talented *leyna55 -- thanks, hon! :D
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ChristinePresley's avatar
Awesome!! Very well done !!!
sparrowcrazy's avatar
Wait .. you cut it in two? :iconlegaspplz:

I find myself looking through your gallery and finding all my fav fandoms... :XD: I'm neer going to get out of here..:lmao:

This is amazing, I love that you focus on traditional art! :)
Catluckey's avatar
I love this! :heart: Wonderful painting. I loved this original series since it first came out and I was only 14 years old! :love:
WolfenM's avatar
Thanks very much -- for the fave, too! ^^
Catluckey's avatar
linus108Nicole's avatar
excellent painting! I love IT!
dragonflair22's avatar
good job!!! I hope you signed both sides before you gave it to them!
WolfenM's avatar
I did! :) Thanks for the fave! :glomp:
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Ricktw's avatar
Fantastic! They look so much like the original pic at your [link] :omfg:

I need to confess that I don't know anything in drawing and painting (I'm an untutored person, shame on me). But this work is so amazing that it created a great feeling on me.
dontgetanyolder's avatar
I totally didn't set out to favorite like all of your stuff, but it's just so good!
WolfenM's avatar
LOL! Ditto! XD
dontgetanyolder's avatar
DAnnsCreations's avatar
My very first heroes! :love::glomp:
WolfenM's avatar
Glad you like them! Thanks for the fave! :glomp:
Wormnine's avatar
Such a great work! You made them perfectly! :omg: :heart:
miyabiikari's avatar
Incredible and very awesome. From a distance, it really looked like a real photo.
sonstar58's avatar
You do have taste! Obviously similar to mine. I'm a great fan of original Trek. Any chance of a DeForest Kelley pic in the future? ;)
WolfenM's avatar
Truth be told, I had considered including De in this one, but that would have made splitting it awkward. I can't promise it, as I have a list of projects a mile long, but I will consider it. :)
shazam26's avatar
So excellent! I really love the finished product, the tones are fabulous- you can see the difference in pigment between Kirk & Spock.
I especially, especially love Spock's eyes in this- you got them down pat.
I'm sure they'll appreciate the work you put into creating this, splendidly done. ^_^
WyldAngel's avatar
Looks awesome.. I'm about to get bopped but I've never seen the original series...
WolfenM's avatar
LOL, I wouldn't bop you for that! You're a bit younger than me, right? And I was pretty young when the show was in reruns, so there's no reason you would have grown up with it like I did! :) Thanks for the fave! :glomp:
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