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SGA: John Sheppard on Pier WIP



Acrylic on 16X20 canvas paper. The progression of my painting of a frame from my fave scene in the entire series of Stargate Atlantis. From the episode "The Shrine": After his best friend Rodney McKay has something of a meltdown in the middle of the night (he's got a parasyte in his brain that's making him lose his memories and degrading his intelligence), John Sheppard brings Rodney out to the pier for a beer. Rodney wants to say his goodbyes while he still has his faculties, but John refuses -- he simply won't accept the possibility of losing Rodney. I'll be giving this to Joe Flanigan (Sheppard) when I see him at Dragon*Con.

You can see a larger version of the finished work here: [link]

I started out using a grid, but I got something off, and didn't want to start over, so I scrapped using the grid and just eyeballed it. You'll note that I took Rodney out of the image as well. (Don't worry, he'll be getting his own pic!)

Top image is a cropped screencap from "The Shrine", © MGM/Acme Shark. Joe Flanigan © himself.
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