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Rodney McKay as The Doctor

A piece for a contest; the ~Rodney-McKay-Club asked for a crossover of Rodney and another sci fi franchise. I know that the actor who plays McKay, David Hewlett, is a fan of the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker); it makes sense to me that Rodney would be too, so I have him cosplaying that incarnation of the Doctor here.

H pencil, coloured in Photoshop elements with a Wacom Graphire 3. Used a photo of David Hewlett taken by Stargate producer Joe Mallozzi as a ref [link] , as well as a couple of pics of Tom Baker I found via google.

Original, uncoloured pencil art can be seen here: [link]

*edited to add* I won! :D Thanks, everyone who voted!

Dr Rodney McKay ©/TM MGM
The Doctor ©/TM The BBC
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Dude this is epic AWESOME!! XD
no-where-else's avatar
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Nice picture, but I think he'd make a *much* better Sixth Doctor, if you're talking about the actual *character* Rodney McKay as the Doctor and not David Hewlett.
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There may be more similarities between the two, but that doesn't mean that Rodney would *want* to dress up as 6. I would venture a bet that 4 would be Rodney's fave, and therefor be the one Rodney would actually want to dress as -- just like Hewlett, whom this was, in part, a gift for. ;)
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That's fine by me. I was just saying...
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This is the BEST piece of fan art ever...that I've seen. The whole concept is just made of Win! <3
TinaCaper's avatar
that you so good
Niklor1's avatar
What a world it would be if Rodney was the doctor.
FatesMyBitch's avatar
-falls out of chair- Holy s***. I wrote a story for SGA called Geek Week and Rodney cosplayed as this Doctor.


He looks so adorkable!! :heart:
Sajina's avatar
Really cool :D
cyrydwynn's avatar

*hands over Atlantis and a TARDIS type 40* You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilawen's avatar
The outfit suits him.

Is it ok if I show this to someone on myspace? I think he would love it.
WolfenM's avatar
Be my guest. :)
elisatsun's avatar
Hewlett would make an awesome Doctor, heehee. Great picture! :)
TalyatheCat's avatar
Wow, that's amazing! GOOD WORK! Favoriting this. The expression is really well done.
emperial's avatar
That is flipping genius! Someone should show this to David Hewlett, I bet he'd get a kick out of it!
agent-sarah6's avatar
Hewlett would love for this to be the real thing...methinks. Great pencil work.
HarlequinDaniel's avatar
I think it's brilliant.
He'd be a great Doctor IMO
asanosandwalker's avatar
Totally made of awesome!
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Nice concept, Wolfie. :)
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Now, about a year ago there was a totally OT thread somewhere on LJ or JF proving that indeed, Rodney McKay was the Doctor. We had a nice theory involving the Tardis and everyone had much fun.

Awesome pic, sweet memories.
SRLucas's avatar
:D sweetmess! Rodney Mckay is perfect for traveling around in a police box!
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That... Is just... To awesome. :XD:
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