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Farscape: John + Aeryn

By WolfenM
John Crichton and Aeryn Sun, of Farscape. Acrylic on 16X20 canvas paper. (Look, they're in black and white like Chiana! LOL This is because I'm running out of colour ink in my printer ....) I'm having Ben Browder & Claudia Black, their portrayers, sign the painting at Dragon*Con & giving them copies.

I originally was just going to do a pic of Ben Browder (as I already have an auto of Claudia), bu I couldn't find one that really satisfied me (and wouldn't have been hellacious to do in the time I had left to paint in). Then I ran across an image of Crichton and Sun that I really loved (but not this one), and figured, well, I wasn't really satisfied with the pic I'd had Claudia sign, so why not try again? I went hunting for a version with good resolution, asking my Twitter list for help -- we didn't find one, but ~Wiccanslyr found me *this* one -- which was also too small, really, but I loved it so much I just had to go with it anyway!

You can see the WIP progression here: [link]

Ben Browder & Claudia Black © themselves.
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Beautiful! I love the look of black and white acrylic. Been wanting to try it myself. Fantastic job here :D
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Both from an artistic stand point and an emotional one, I love this. Magnificent work.
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Wow, thanks! :D
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your welcome, you should come see all the awesome farscape art I found! ITS WONDERFUL!
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This looks fantastic! :D
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This looks amazing! The shading on their faces is great :D
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