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Celebrating Elfquest: 30 Years



The comic Elfquest is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary this year, at the San Diego Comicon, and WaRP Graphics, the publisher, out the call out to fans to contribute to a special fan-art gallery their putting together online. Elfquest was extremely influential in my life -- I've been a fan of the series since I was seven years old! Recently, WaRP announced that EQ has been optioned by Warner Bros -- the film that I have been waiting for since 1982 will finally be made!!! :w00t:

Pictured here: A wolf (to represent WaRP's logo, trademarked to them of course), the Palace of the High Ones, Blue Mountain, Winnowill, Cutter, Skywise, Petalwing, the Bridge of Destiny (with Picknose, as if he were coming out of one of the Troll tunnels,) Leetah, and Skywise's Lodestone -- all © WaRP Graphics, Inc. I looked to multiple images for all of them, but: Leetah, Cutter, and Petalwing were heavily referenced from images in the last chapter of The Quest Begins; for the bridge of Destiny I used a panel from the opening shot of the final challenge in Fire and Flight; and for the Palace I used the panel towards the end of Quest's End.

Acrylic on canvasboard (with some small touch-ups/clean-up/colour adjustments in Photoshop Elements). Took about three days-worth of time, spead out over about a week & a half. Wish I'd had more time to work on it (and that I'd decided to do it digitally, but I'm on a total acrylic kick these days), but, well, I've been pretty swamped of late. I really need to do more EQ work!! I'm not happy with Leetah or Petalwing, really, and have some issues with the composition, but I think Skywise and Cutter turned out pretty well .... I really need to do more EQ fanart; I've hardly done a thing since high school! XD
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Aww, you even included Picknose, he's one of my favorite characters! :D
The whole thing looks great.