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The Wyldrathean Wolf

"How many days and nights did I suffer in my loneliness? I, the outcast, with nowhere to go, with no place to belong. And now in this sad immortality, to this very night which was to claim my destiny, I had no place to go but to one.
Crying out for my wolf mother she was soon at my side. I'd known she'd followed me on my return journey. She was watching out for me, her wolfish child. Only to her was I someone's child... a child who never grew up."

A collaboration between me and :iconwyldraven: This is a scene from my novel 'The Wolfen Nightwaltz'. 
Wyldraven is the beautiful model in this picture. He poses perfectly for the novel's main character :love:
He also created this beautiful picture for my book here… :rose:


wolf: SalsolaStock…
snow log: vivstock…
trees/lightbeam: steamed-pepsi-stock steamed-pepsi-stock.deviantart…
stairs: BreedStock (stock removed?)
castle: wyldraven
male model wyldraven
airbrushing by me
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Love this picture! It paints a great scene and you can feel the dread of a split.  Good stuff!
Also, I wanted to ask, I know I may be a few years late, and links don't live forever, but is there a chance to find this novel somewhere? Google wasn't that helpful. Thanks in advance!
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Awesome, you know i love that hair of yours Beautiful as always, love your work of art...
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I can imagine myself with that wolf...
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you're welcome
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Wolf enchanter, i am writing an online article about feral children. I really love this picture, but wanted to ask you permission to use it first as the title picture. My email is Please let me know if you dont mind me using it or if I can pay a fee to use it.
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Yes, you may use it. I only charge a fee for commercial use, but for an online article is free. Please give credit to ""
i would be interested in reading the article too :)
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Great story line along with image!
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is this off of something? it is beautiful!
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it's a scene depiction from my novel, thank you! :)
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Really beautiful : )) Love it : )
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I agree with xXAirowinWhiteWolfXx, this truly is a beautiful piece of artwork. It has such a great amount of creativeness and feeling. Amazing.
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thank you so much! :hug:
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