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Azaroth Species Sheet by ARVEN92 Azaroth Species Sheet :iconarven92:ARVEN92 736 136 DoD parody by SleepySundae DoD parody :iconsleepysundae:SleepySundae 184 26 Requests Batch #1 by Tephra76 Requests Batch #1 :icontephra76:Tephra76 9 6 Boop by ARVEN92 Boop :iconarven92:ARVEN92 1,549 196 RUN FASTER MUGMAN by Rile-Reptile RUN FASTER MUGMAN :iconrile-reptile:Rile-Reptile 911 89 Beppi the Dancing Clown by killb94 Beppi the Dancing Clown :iconkillb94:killb94 948 150 July Stream: The Sequel by Songdog-StrayFang July Stream: The Sequel :iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 22 11
Worldbuilding Questions Answers
This is ARVEN92, and I'm here with a new blog entry regarding Azarian Stories.
I'm really sorry that this project seems to be getting kind of forgotten, but I'm in no way going to abandon it. In fact, I'm constantly working on it, on a regular basis, but many of the works I make contain spoilers, so I'm scared to show them.
So instead, I will be writing about the universe in which this story takes place. And while some things might end up being spoilers, I'll do my best to deliver as much information as I can without revealing plot-related stuff.
Now, since I'm still developing the world as a whole, I'll be really glad to answer your questions! This will give me a chance to work on the worldbuilding more, since questions will help me develop the culture of my world even more!
As I receive questions, the answers will be featured on this journal!
Feel free to ask away! No limits! (I'll tell you if I can't answer due to spoilers tho ;))
:iconazarian-stories:Azarian-Stories 6 558
Greetings! ARVEN92 here!
Finally, after a long, LONG time spent working on it, the vocabulary from Azarian to English is ready!
I know, this is not nearly half as complete or as good as you imagine, but please bear with me a little longer! More words will be added as I gradually make them up.
Besides, there's a nice bunch of them already, so feel free to check these out!
In order to navigate the vocabulary, follow these simple guidelines:
:bulletgreen: To search a word in the vocabulary, click CTRL+F on your computer's keyboard. A search bar should appear on the top right corner of your screen. Type in the word you're looking for and scroll down to see the results!
:bulletgreen: Spell-check the word you're looking for, make sure it's written correctly, or it won't be found!
:bulletgreen: If you can't find the word you're looking for, try with a synonym! This vocabulary is 100% hand-made, so I'm bound to have skipped some words.
:bulletgreen: Please type
:iconazarian-stories:Azarian-Stories 16 91
OneEyeTongue by Wolfvane14 OneEyeTongue :iconwolfvane14:Wolfvane14 6 1 Wedding of Chaos by Sootlet Wedding of Chaos :iconsootlet:Sootlet 3 1 Vera. by SalkiNeoDucky Vera. :iconsalkineoducky:SalkiNeoDucky 1 1


I love when I say I'm gonna do things and then never be able to get around to doing them x_x  Having anxiety about just how much something can go wrong can do that to people, unfortunately.

Hopefully with 2018 changes for the positive can happen; that'd be very nice.

Some hopes I have for 2018:

*Finish College and get my degree
*Get my driver's license
*Get a job
*kidnap my girlfriend to spend part of the summer with me
*Get back to drawing more.  Seriously there's so much I want to do but then never feel like I have the time to get to it for whatever reason and then it never happens x_x
*Don't feel terrified of uploading stuff.  I do have stuff that I'd like to upload, but I'm afraid the lack of context won't be good to the viewers even when I'm not supposed to care too much about that X'D

Anyway, hope y'all have a great 2018.  May the new year be the therapy we all need after slogging through 2017.


United States


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My, thanks again, I'm honoured you like what I do, and that you have been following it for long! :D
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