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Ellis Lorentz and Adolpha - By PMoss by WolfDragon69 Ellis Lorentz and Adolpha - By PMoss by WolfDragon69

Here again we have my newest character, Ellis Lorentz. This time standing shoulder to hip with his girlfriend Adolpha.

This is a wonderful commission I got from Pmoss on her Weasyl of: and from her FA of:

Seriously folks, attend her streams and commission her! She is totally awesome to work with and has high caliber work!

He is normally in a suit of power armor or a robot (either would be made of Techno-Wizardry, a blend of magic and technology) while she is a ground pounder style commando who loves her some big guns.

Her gun is a large plasma round cannon while his simple pistol unleashes wood rounds infused with silver and fired by magical telekinesis. They both work, or rather worked, for an arm of the black market in Rifts (A Palladium series tabletop rpg) known as the Immaterial Hand (Dealing with magical items and effects).

Clothing wise he is wearing some "Elite Mystic Soldier" armor while she is wearing some super material cloth and impact armor.

He goes for the Techno-Wizardry stuff while she goes for straight up tech weapons and armor.

He is, out of his armor anyways, 5' 9" tall (Roughly 1.75 Meters) while she is an even 9' tall (Roughly 2.74 Meters).

The two are in love, having had quite a few adventures together. From his perspective "Her hugs are awesome!"

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March 22, 2016
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